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					                                 New Graduate Degree Program
                                 Proposal Information Form

New Degree Program Proposals require the completion of this form as well as the following items. Make certain to you match your actual proposal
with the data you provide below. Routing is below; For USF-Tampa, one copy of the entire signed packet is emailed to and one
paper copy is sent to the Graduate School in ALN226.

           Full-proposal, following the required format (
           Tables for Full-Proposal (

           A letter from the College Dean indicating how the College will provide all the resources needed to support the new program (this may be
            scanned and emailed)

           Electronic Copies of the faculty vitae

CIP Code*         Degree Designation                  Degree Code                          Program (Major) Name
                  (Master of Arts, etc.)              (M.A., M.U.R.P., Ph.D., etc.)        (Biology, English, Public Health, Etc.)

*Are any other USF Programs offered under this CIP code?               N/A                Other Programs


Does this Program have formal Concentration areas?                     N/A

USF Institution                            College                                    School (if applicable)                         Department (Or equivalent)

Proposed Date for first Admissions         Major Research Areas (Keywords used for search engine)

Program Description:

Should not include specific
requirements, but include information
and highlight the program (used for
Catalog Copy)

Helpful Resources:
Degree Designation and Degree Codes:
    Make sure to note if the program is a stand-alone degree (e.g. “M.S.”) versus the degree in the subject area (e.g. “M.S.R.E.”)

Program (Major)
    This is the subject area (also known as the “Major”) and may or may not be part of the degree designation (e.g. M.A. in “English” versus
    Master of Science in Real Estate in “Real Estate”). This is not the Department, although sometimes the Department and Program name are
    the same.

CIP Code:
     For current USF codes, go to: or check the
     individual program listings in the online Graduate Catalog:

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Admission Deadlines:                                    Fall                             Spring                                  Summer

Domestic Students
International Students
Living Outside the U.S.
If admission applications are only accepted in one semester, put “none” in the other semester boxes.

University Minimums:

  1. An Applicant must have one of the following:
     o A bachelor’s degree from a regionally accredited institution and satisfying at least one of the following criteria:
          “B” average or better in all work attempted while registered as an undergraduate student working for a degree, or
          “B” average or better in all work attempted while registered as an upper division undergraduate student working for a
             baccalaureate degree.
     o A bachelor’s degree from a regionally accredited institution and a previous graduate degree from a regionally accredited institution.
     o The equivalent bachelors and/or graduate degrees from a foreign institution.

  2. Submission of standardized test scores is at the discretion of the graduate program.

  3. All specific and additional requirements of the graduate program to which admission is sought (including requirements to submit
     standardized test scores) consistent with the above Statement of Principles. (See Catalog for Statement of Principles)

Programs must meet the minimum University Requirements. However, Programs may have additional or more restrictive requirements. Note
that the Program Admission requirements apply to all students, including those in formal Concentrations.

DOES THIS PROGRAM REQUIRE A HIGHER MINIMUM GPA?                            Yes      No       If Yes, what is it?
DOES THIS PROGRAM REQUIRE A GRE?                                           Yes      No       If Yes, what are the preferred percentiles?
                                                                                               GRE-                 GRE-                GRE-
                                                                                               Verbal               Quantitative        Analytical

DOES THIS PROGRAM REQUIRE OTHER TESTS?                                     Yes      No       If Yes, what is it?

                                                                          If yes, list the tests and required/preferred scores

DOES THIS PROGRAM REQUIRE ANY OF THE FOLLOWING?                                                        If Yes, explain requirements.
Interviews / Auditions?                                                    Yes      No
Personal Statement                                                         Yes      No
Writing Sample                                                             Yes      No
Other                                                                      Yes      No

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Glossary for the required information:

Program Name                                                  The Degree and name of the Program (a.k.a. “Major”) – M.A. in English

Total Minimum Program Hours                                   The minimum hours required to have the degree conferred. Dependent on the
                                                              curriculum taken, most students will exceed the established minimum. If for a doctorate,
                                                              please indicate minimum hours post-bachelors and also for the doctorate itself (e.g. 90
                                                              hours; 30/60), including dissertation hours.

Program Core Requirements                                     This reflects the foundational requirements that all students must complete. These
                                                              requirements will span all concentration areas..

Concentration(s) (if any)                                     A Concentration is a formal subset of the Program Curriculum. Concentrations are noted
                                                              on the transcript and the diploma. If a Concentration is available, provide the Name of
                                                              the Concentration, the total hours for the Concentration (not the Total Program hours,
                                                              just for that section of the Program requirements), and the specific course requirements
                                                              for that Concentration. Repeat for each Concentration offered.

Field of Study/Tracks, etc (if any)                           A field of study or track is an informal subset of the Program Curriculum. It is not noted
                                                              on the transcript or the diploma. If a field of study or track is available, list the specific
                                                              requirements for each, with the total hours required for that component.

Elective Requirements                                         If there are prescribed electives, list out the specific courses (prefix/number/title/credits)
                                                              that the student may choose from. If the student may select from any graduate course,
                                                              then a more generic phrase (e.g. Electives – 9 hours; or Electives – chosen in consultation
                                                              with the advisor – 9 hrs) may be used.

Comprehensive/Qualifying Exam Requirements                    Per University Policy a Comprehensive/Qualifying Exam, or alternative method of
                                                              assessment, is required. Please list the requirements for the exam, or what the
                                                              alternative method is.

Thesis/Non-Thesis                                             If the Program has both thesis and non-thesis tracks, list the information for the non-
                                                              thesis -- provide the difference in requirements (e.g. non-thesis must take an additional 6
                                                              hours of graduate coursework) (Thesis requirements will be listed in the next section)

Thesis/Dissertation Hour Requirement                          List the total MINIMUM hours of thesis or dissertation that the Program requires.

Thesis/Dissertation Requirements                              Provide the Program’s requirements for the Thesis/Dissertation (May include
                                                              information for committee appointments, etc.)

Internship Requirements (if any)                              If the Program requires an internship, please list the required course and other
                                                              requirements pertaining to the internship

Other Requirements                                            List any other requirements not previously noted.

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                                                                                  TOTAL MINIMUM PROGRAM HOURS

PROGRAM CORE REQUIREMENTS                                                                   Total Core Hours Required:

CONCENTRATION(s)                                   N/A

Concentration Name:
Concentration Requirements                                                        Total Concentration Hours Required:

Concentration Name:
Concentration Requirements                                                        Total Concentration Hours Required:

Fields of Study / Tracks                                                         Total hours for Fields of Study/Tracks:

Electives                                                                                Total Elective Hours Required:

Comprehensive/Qualifying Exam                                      Total Comp/Qualifying Exam Hours Required (if any):

Non-thesis/Thesis                                                                    Total Non-Thesis Hours Required:

Thesis/Dissertation                                                          Total Thesis/Dissertation Hours Required:

Other requirements (e.g. Internship)                                                       Total Other Hours Required:

            *Make certain hours total to the minimum hours required for the program
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Routing and Approvals
 Department (or equivalent)                               Graduate School                                APPCC (if applicable)
 School (If Applicable)                                   Graduate Council                               ACEAC
 College Curriculum Comm.                                                                                 ACE
 College Dean / Assoc Dean                                                                                BOT
                                                                                                           BOG (only if Doctorate

                                   _________ Degree in __________________________with Concentrations in
Full Proposal Approvals
                                   (ex: M.A. Degree in Applied Anthropology with a Concentration in Heritage Studies)

                                   Name (print or type)            Signature                       Action                            Date

Faculty Name and Email                                                                             Email:

Dept. Chair                                                                                          Approve        Disapprove
Curriculum Chair
                                                                                                     Approve     Disapprove
(e.g. Schools in CAS,
                                                                                                     Signature not applicable
COED, etc.)

College Committee Chair                                                                              Approve        Disapprove

College Dean/designee                                                                                Approve        Disapprove
Concurrence Verification (If applicable – may also be attached)
                                                                                                     Concur        Not Concur
                                                                                                     Concur        Not Concur
                                                                                                     Concur        Not Concur

  USF STPT                                                                                           Concur        Not Concur

Graduate Council (GC)
                                                                                                     Approve        Disapprove
Graduate School
                                                                                                     Approve        Disapprove

                                                       For Graduate School Notation Only:

System APPCC                                   ----                              ----                Approve        Disapprove
System ACEAC
                                               ----                              ----                Approve        Disapprove
BOT/ACE Workgroup
                                               ----                              ----                Approve        Disapprove
                                               ----                              ----                Approve        Disapprove
                                               ----                              ----                Approve        Disapprove

State Approval on:                                                 Effective date of Admissions:

                                                                     Registrar’s office added to
                                                                        Curriculum Tables:

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