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                                NEWS RELEASE
          400 University Drive West Bend, WI 53095 
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8/31/11                                                       FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

                 New faculty and staff announced at UW-WC
                       Fall classes begin Sept. 6, 2011

West Bend, WI: A new Assistant Dean for Student Services, Associate Academic Librarian and a

mental health counselor as well as two new tenure track faculty and five new lecturers have been

added at UW-Washington County for the fall semester, which begins Tuesday, September 6.

Dr. Sally Cayan served as the Vice President of Student Affairs at MacMurray College in

Jacksonville, Illinois, prior to joining the UW-WC campus on August 1. Dr. Cayan earned her

doctorate in education policy and administration at the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis.

She received her master’s in college student personnel at Western Illinois University, Malcomb and

her undergraduate work was completed at The University of Wisconsin, Green Bay. As Assistant

Dean for Student Services, Dr. Cayan will manage the Student Services office which provides

academic and career advising services for over 1,100 students who attend the West Bend


Eric Harding is the new Associate Academic Librarian at UW-WC. A graduate of St. Norbert

College and UW-Madison’s MLS (Master of Arts, Library and Information Studies) program,

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Harding had served as the Associate Academic Librarian at UW-Barron County since September


Dr. Inosencia Amarante is the new mental health counselor on campus. Amarante holds a Ph.D.

in psychology and is a licensed professional counselor. She has worked in higher education for

seven years as a hall director and has experience in presenting trainings on college campuses

throughout the U.S.

Dr. Mohan Thapa is the new Assistant Professor of Mathematics. He completed a Ph.D. in

Computational Mathematics at Northern Illinois University, DeKalb. His undergraduate work was

completed at Goshen College, Indiana. Thapa’s most recent teaching experience was at UW-Rock

County in Janesville where he taught Elementary Algebra, College Algebra, Trigonometry and

Engineering Fundamentals.

Dr. Tricia Wessel-Blaski is the new Assistant Professor of Psychology. Wessel-Blaski earned her

Ph.D. in Developmental Psychology from The University of Alabama at Birmingham and her M.A.

in Clinical Psychology from The University of Minnesota in Mankato. Since 2001, she has taught

Psychology courses at UW-Waukesha. Prior adjunct lecturing experience has included Marquette

University, Carroll College and University Lake High School.

Gregory Canard will be teaching Chemistry and Society this fall. A course for non-science majors,

CHE 123 covers basic chemistry concepts in a social context (including explorations of how

chemistry impacts the environment, etc.) Canard holds a MS in Organic Chemistry from the

University of Illinois, Urbana and a MS in Business Administration from Marquette University.

As a Product Development Manager at Serigraph, Canard is able to bring practical experience to

the classroom.

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John Howard will be working as a lab instructor for Zoology 101: Animal Biology. Howard, who

taught science classes at Vincent High School in Milwaukee for 28 years, completed his

undergraduate work at Michigan State University in Natural Resources and Environmental Science

and a master’s degree at UW-Milwaukee in Curriculum and Instruction.

Dr. Gordon McConnell completed a master’s degree in English and a Ph.D. in British Literature

from Marquette University. McConnell will be teaching English 098 as well as English 101 this fall.

Prior to joining the staff at UW-WC, McConnell taught full time at Oklahoma State University.

Dr. Tate Wilson will be teaching Physics and Astronomy classes this fall at UW-WC. Wilson

completed both his Ph.D. and undergraduate degree in Physics from the University of Washington,

Seattle. Wilson teaching experience includes working as a teaching assistant and tutor at the

University of Washington for six years. Wilson will be teaching Astronomy 105: the Solar System,

Physics 110, Physics for the Health Sciences and Physics 201 University Physics.

Christopher Yogerst will be teaching Communications 201: Introduction to Mass Communication.

Yogerst received a M.A. degree in Critical Studies in Film and Television from Regent University in

Virginia Beach and a B.A. degree in Film Studies from UW-Milwaukee. In addition to teaching at

UW-WC, Yogerst is pursuing a Ph.D. in Regent’s Communications program, with a focus on

rhetoric and film.

UW-Washington County has 25 faculty members and 32 lecturers. Over 95% of the tenured faculty

members have a doctorate or terminal degree in their field of study. With a growing curriculum,

small classes and dedicated faculty, students are provided with a high quality education at the

lowest cost in the UW System. For more information about UW-Washington County, visit the

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website at or phone 262-335-5201 to set up an appointment with an

advisor in Student Services.


PHOTOS attached: Dr. Sally Cayan, Eric Harding, Dr. Inosencia Amarante, Dr. Mohan Thapa, Dr.

Tricia Wessel-Blaski,

If you would like photos of the lecturers, please email:

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