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									               How to Save Money on Your Medications
There are many ways you can save money on your medications. Choosing the right Ohio
individual health insurance plan is one of them.

The costs of medications are rising. Here are a few important tips to help save money on
your medications.

   •   Choose your health plan sensibly: If you are looking to purchase Ohio
       individual health insurance, one of your primary concerns should be to find a plan
       that covers your prescription drugs. There are a wide range of plans available and
       as the cost of medications is rising, you should find one covers your medications
       at the lowest copay. For that, look at the plan’s drug formulary or "preferred" list
       of drugs. These are the medications for which your plan will provide coverage. If
       you need a drug for a chronic illness, make sure it is on the plan’s list. Some Ohio
       health plans have restrictions on the quantity of medication they will provide.
       There are also plans that require you to try a less expensive medication before
       they assure you coverage for a more expensive drug.

   •   Speak with your doctor: Tell your physician about your budget constraints. Your
       doctor can help you by prescribing generic medication in place of brand name
       drugs that cost much more. You can save up to 80% off on the cost with a generic
       drug compared to a brand name drug. Many Ohio health plans also instruct
       doctors to prescribe the medications on their preferred list.

   •   Compare prices at various pharmacies: Pharmacies in your area may charge
       different prices for the same medication. So do your research and compare prices
       to get your medication at the lowest possible cost. A pharmacy near your home
       may be prepared to offer you the prescriptions you need at a lower price to get a
       loyal customer! You can also get generic drugs at a lower cost at many local

   •   See if you can split pills: Pharmaceutical companies sometimes charge a similar
       price for different doses of medication. You can save cost by purchasing a larger
       dose than prescribed and splitting it. However, not all drugs can be split, so check
       with your doctor and pharmacist before you try this strategy.

   •   Shop online: You can purchase prescription and over-the-counter medications
       very easily and more cheaply from an online pharmacy. This is especially helpful
       if you are homebound and cannot go out to purchase your medication. Just make
       sure that you purchase from a reputable store which has safe online payment

Understanding Ohio individual health insurance and how to save money on your
medications is a lot easier with professional guidance. So contact a professional licensed
Ohio health insurance broker to purchase a plan that help achieve your goals.

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