Women in the Legal Profession

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Women in the Legal Profession
The article aims to provide detailed information about the contemporary position of women in the legal profession. Women have
managed to come out of their shell and set foot on the same podium as men in almost every sphere of modern life. Sandra Day O’Connor,
the first women judge in the U.S Supreme Court has herself admitted that position of women in the legal profession has undergone a
revolutionary change.

Initially women were mainly entrusted with the household jobs            About 65% of the women are currently in the area of private
on the grounds that they were better suited for the household            practice. About 18% of the total judges in the appellate court
jobs. The women were considered to be inferior and were                  and the U.S federal district courts are comprised of women.
associated with the activities such as child bearing and child           Two women have been positioned as judges in the seat of the
care. The men on the other hand were considered to be more               Supreme Court of the United States of America. The current
able and entrusted with the responsibility of tasks outside              opportunities in the legal field have inspired more and more
the house. It was unthinkable that women would enter the                 women to join the legal profession.
profession of law for practicing. The women were not thought
of as being tough enough to withstand the pressure of arguing            Sandra Day O’Connor was appointed as the first women judge
cases in the court room. Women throughout the ages have                  in the U.S. Supreme Court. She has played a major role in
been considered to be the weaker gender. Women were never                increasing the number of women in the legal profession.
thought to possess a dominating profile with which they could            Though she had a very bright academic background, she found
battle for legal cases.                                                  it very hard to get into any elite legal organization. To quote
                                                                         her, she said, ‘’Couldn’t even get an interview for a job in a
Women today have emerged victorious in whatever field                    private firm to practice law’’. Women found it very difficult to
they choose to be. The survey researches conducted have                  get into the private sector. Women attorneys in public sector
revealed that more than 30% of the lawyers in the legal field            were fraught with comparatively lesser hurdles. Sandra Day
are comprised of women. Even if the law schools are looked               O’Connor has left a mark in history, for she volunteered and
into, one can find that the total number of students coming              supported the building up of legal communities who wanted
forward to enroll in law schools have also increased. Women              to enter into the legal profession or cater to the needs of the
in the earlier days in the legal field had to face problems of           masses by delivery of social services.
discrimination, but today they have an equal footing with men
in the legal profession. Women in the law jobs are treated               The scenario in legal jobs has improved a lot, which has been
with respect and reverence and looked upon with awe and                  admitted even by Sandra Day O’Connor. To quote her, ‘’I have
veneration.                                                              seen a revolution in the legal profession that has resulted in
                                                                         women representing about 40 percent of practicing lawyers
The survey data reveals there to be about 40 women posted                in the country today, and slightly over 50 percent of all law
in the position of chief counsel of Fortune 500 companies.               school graduates currently’’.

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Description: The article aims to provide detailed information about the contemporary position of women in the legal profession, Women have managed to come out of their shell and set foot on the same podium as men in almost every sphere of modern life.
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