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Succeeding in your First Year at Law School
Studying in a law school is quite challenging especially in the first year as students don’t have much of an idea about how to go about
everything-studying, preparing for exams and more. The article aims to provide the law students with valuable tips that will help them
get through the first year in the law school, which is the most crucial year in their legal career.

Those who are in their first year of law school must be aware            disarray your focus from law school examinations. Do not
of the fact that they are in the most crucial stage of their             worry much about your class performances. It is generally
legal career. The 1L grades are determining factors for your             the quiet ones in class that end up with an A+ on their lap.
entire legal career. If you dream of joining the most elite              Maintaining a positive view of life is very important. The law
legal institutions in current day society, ensuring that your 1L         school students in the first year must avoid competition to
scores are commendable is the first step. The law students               ensure that he is not freaked out before the examination day.
must consider their semesters very seriously. Apart from                 Useless competition will only make you weary and exhausted.
studying hard, you must also study smart.                                It could also throw you off track and make you lose the focus
                                                                         of your aim. Instead direct your energies for generating more
A point to be considered is that reading entire textbooks will           fruitful results.
not help you to move forward in your studies. Try to get the
essence of what you are studying. Keep a note of the main                Law school students need to cultivate their motivation from
points and principle factors before examinations and make                within. The students must recognize the fact that the first year
your own notes revolving around these points. Skipping                   in their law school could very well prove to be the deciding
classes would not be a good idea at this stage. Pay attention            factor in the summary of your life. A good interview and job
to how things are being phrased in the class. Keenly watch               openings depend a lot on your first year grades. The first year
the words that are used by the professor during the power                grades could open up several avenues in your legal career.
point presentations. Make sure that you retain those words
and not supplement them with any other words of your own.                The students must read outlines carefully. The outlines when
The lectures you attend help you to get a better hold of the             read carefully help you to summarize the points of the cases
subjects. Do not hesitate to ask for clarifications from your            better. Go through the legal treatises that provide you with
professors in case you have any doubts in your mind. If you              ample information on the legal matters. Learn from your own
are considering taking up studies seriously, try and study on            mistakes or from the mistakes of others and make sure that
your own. Group studies should be avoided for they often are             your mistakes are not repeated. Try to perfect your outlines
a waste of time. Seek help from a professor in case you find             and make them more concise. Look into others outlines as
yourself stuck and unable to move forward in understanding               well. Outlining is one of the most efficient methods of learning.
your case studies.                                                       Go through the trial cases and court proceedings to get an
                                                                         idea about the happenings of the case. The law students must
Another important piece of advice for the law school students            be able to figure out the different techniques and skills to be
in the first year are that they should stay away from the trap           applied for different cases. Students are expected to develop
of unwary law students. The Socratic Method would only                   and sharpen their skills for analyzing factual cases.

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