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					 Hair Extensions San Diego: Things to Consider Before Deciding to Have
                           Hair Extensions
There are many reasons for why you may be considering hair extensions. To prevent the
hair pieces from looking like foreign objects or create long-lasting damage to your hair
                and scalp, it may be a good idea to learn the basics first.

Hair extensions are a way to try on different hairstyles and textures before making a final
choice on the type of hair longed for. Though hair extensions have been utilized long
throughout history, there have been countless technological breakthroughs to improve the
quality of hair extensions. San Diego hair clinics and salons, for instance, have so many
different methods to integrate hair extensions that they are affordable for just about

Hair extensions are primarily used to add length and body to hair. Extending the hair can
be carried out for a wide variety of reasons such as damaged hair, or simply just for your
best friend’s wedding. Hair extensions can add volume and length to hair, easily allowing
you to change the style and even the texture of your hair. If your hair is thin, extensions
will thicken it. Ordinarily lifeless hair can now be added motion with hair extension.
San Diego hair extensions are usually used to make wigs in addition to lengthening hair.

Hair extensions are available in a wide variety of textures and colors to perfectly match
your hair, or create completely different styles. Manufacturers of hair extensions
generally use a scale to denote the color of the extensions. The scale starts at zero, which
is the darkest black available, and the colors lighten as the scale goes up. There are
around six texture varieties of hair extensions available. Similar to the textures of Asian
hair, Yaki hair extensions are absolutely straight. The deep wave similarly looks more
like a spiral or ringlet, than an actual wave. Wet and wavy hair extensions have a natural
looking wave that is exaggerated when hair is wet. If you want to mimic the natural
straightness of European hair, European extensions are perfect for you. Lastly, the jheri
curl extension looks more like an afro rather than a jheri curl.

Adding extensions to your hair can be done through several distinct methods. In most
cases, hair wefts are sewn into cornrows. Your natural hair is braided, and the wefts
connecting the hair are sewn into cornrows. For instant hair extensions, there are clip-ons
that you can use on the go. Clip-on extensions simply attach to the weft by a snap clip. If
you don’t have time for sewing hair extensions, using bonding glue may be an
alternative, but note that they require more precision to avoid scalp damage. The most
recent and costliest method of extending your hair is the strand-by-strand method that
utilizes adhesive glue sticks. For a more natural look, the sticks are attached to the root
end of the hair extension. San Diego adhesive glue stick methods come with a special
heat iron.

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