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Immigration Paralegals
This article discusses the roles and responsibilities of an immigrant paralegal. They help the foreign immigrants to get a visa or a green
card or citizenship in the United States. This is a very helpful article for people who want to become immigration paralegals.

Immigration paralegals are the ones who work with                      How to become an Immigrant Paralegal?
immigration lawyers and help them perform their duties.
They are the ones who help people get visas, green cards               In order to become an immigrant paralegal you require
and citizenship. This is a specialized legal career in the field       a degree in this special field of law. Various universities
of immigration law. The person requires having a degree to             offer students with the degree of an immigrant paralegal.
execute the tasks of an immigrant paralegal. The job of an             The degree is achieved after pursuing training for two
immigration paralegal involves:                                        consecutive years in college. The degree covers the structure,
                                                                       terminology and workings of the state and local courts and the
   •     Carrying out research                                         government.
   •     Drafting legal documents
   •     for trials that includes immigration, naturalization          Here, you will gain the knowledge required to understand
         matters and citizenship                                       the immigration law related issues that is different in every
   •     relationships with clients and Naturalization Service         country. You can only perform when you know about every
         and the Department of Homeland Security                       little detail of the immigration law that persists in your
   •     Ordering subpoenas                                            country. Along with knowledge, the immigration paralegal
                                                                       should understand the methods and functions of the
The basic requirement of an immigration paralegal is to have           Department of Homeland Security and Immigration and
a complete knowledge of and have a strong background on                Naturalization Service. He should even be familiar with the
the workings of the immigration cases. This knowledge can be           different processes of immigration, citizenship, naturalization
achieved through proper training from institutes that provide          and official pardon process. Other areas that the immigration
the students with courses on immigration paralegals. They              covers are family laws and international adoption issues.
will gain communication skills, organizational capabilities            Therefore, a complete knowledge on these issues is a must for
and diligence. And if one possesses knowledge in a foreign             the immigrant paralegals.
language, the person is very much in demand.
                                                                       The immigration paralegals need to stay up with current
The demand of immigrant paralegals is always on high. This             immigration laws that have changed recently. This will allow
is one industry which never suffers due to low economic                them to help their clients with any query or difficulty in
conditions. Therefore, immigrant paralegals jobs are always            receiving the tag of U.S citizen.
available. They can earn a lot if they have enough experience
and skills. They will be benefited with compensation if they           The best thing you can do is develop your writing,
can give expected performance.                                         organizational and research skills. These are the essentials
                                                                       of immigrant paralegals since their work involves extensive

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research, drafting legal documents such as petitions                     Immigration paralegals need to be in touch with clients most
for citizenship and require handling various things like                 of the time until they receive visa or green card or citizenship.
communicating with the clients, managing hundreds of                     This can make an immigrant paralegal feel very important and
documents etc.                                                           thus give mental satisfaction by helping others.

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