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					                  Sacramento City College
                        Unit Plan
                       Spring 2004

            Department Name: Astronomy, Geology & Physics

       Department Spokesperson:                      Michael Richardson

                Division Dean: Mary Turner

                              Elements of the Unit Plan:
              Place an X in the boxes of included elements
                          x            Accomplishments
                          x           Three Year Plan
                          x           Action Plan
                          x           Budget Request
                          x           Budget Narrative

                                      Key Performance Indicators

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                                 Physics          Department / Accomplishments 2003 - 2004
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   #                    Action Item                                          Year-End Status and Accomplishments
                                                        other Plans
                                                  Goal 1: Acquire astronomy equipment
        Budget request for SBIG ST-7 CCD Camera                     Campus budget committee funded request; camera purchased
  1b    Acquire flip mirror with TV eyepiece                        Flip mirror purchased
  1c    Acquire observatory computer                                Computer provided by computer services
                                                 Goal 2: Acquire multimedia equipment
  2a    Acquire laptop computer for Mohr Hall1                      Computer purchased
                                          Goal 3: Acquire multimedia database equipment
  3a    Acquire film scanner                                        Film scanner purchased
                                               Goal 4: Hire replacement geology instructor
   4a   Submit request for new geology instructor                   New geology instructor hired
Other Accomplishments:
                                                         3 - Year Plan
                                                      Physics Department

              Long Range Plans                        2005 - 2006                          2006 - 2007                       2007 - 2008
     Expand and upgrade physic equipment   Submit budget requests for needed       Submit budget requests for        Submit budget requests for
     inventory                             laboratory equipment.                   needed laboratory equipment.      needed laboratory equipment.
                                             Physics                               Continue to assess the need for   Continue to assess the need for
                                               5 Photo electric apparatus          new and updated equipment.        new and updated equipment.
                                              12 Electrostatic lab systems
                                              12 e/m apparatus
                                               9 Millikan apparatus
1.                                             3 Geiger-Mueller systems
                                               9 Spectrophotometer systems with
                                           prism kit
                                                Compact Combination Thin
                                           Section Saw/Grinder
                                           Continue to assess the need for new
                                           and updated equipment.
     Expand and upgrade astronomy          Submit an appropriate budget request    Continue to assess the need for   Continue to assess the need for
     equipment inventory                   for equipment.                          instructional resources for       instructional resources for
                                               5 GPS Schmidt-Cassegrain            astronomy, and seek the           astronomy, and seek the
                                           telescopes                              necessary funding.                necessary funding.
2.                                             1 Large aperture field telescope
                                               6 sets of eyepieces with carrying
                                               6 sets of light filters
     Obtain technical aide for astronomy   Assess the need for student help        Continue to assess the need for Continue to assess the need for
                                           and/or a permanent technical aide for   astronomy technical staff.      astronomy technical staff.
3.                                         astronomy. Formulate appropriate
                                           budget requests.
                                                             3 - Year Plan
                                                          Physics Department
     Develop plans for a solar observatory.    Determine equipment and facilities      Continue efforts to establish        Continue efforts to establish
     Develop plans for a radio observatory.    needs for a solar observatory.          and/or improve solar and radio       and/or improve solar and radio
4.                                             Investigate the possibility of obseving observatories.                       observatories.
                                               radio sources from our facilities.
                                               Submit appropriate budget requests.
     Develop plans for a campus planetarium.   Investigate existing planetarium         Develop planetariun                 Continue to refine planetariun
                                               facilities. Integrate planetarium into   specifications. Continue to         specifications. Continue to
                                               the campus master plan. Explore          develop funding support through     develop funding support through
5.                                             community interest. Search for special   the campus master plan.             the campus master plan.
                                               funding sources.                         Continue to develop community       Continue to develop community
                                                                                        interest. Continue the search for   interest. Continue the search for
                                                                                        outside funding.                    outside funding.
     Develop plans for a permanent dark site   Search for potential dark site           Continue efforts to establish a     Continue efforts to establish a
     observatory.                              locations. Seek campus and district      permanent dark site                 permanent dark site
                                               help to formulate plans for acquiring    observatory.                        observatory.
6.                                             property for a dark sight location.
                                               Develop plans for dark site
                                               observatory facilities.
     Develop computer-based laboratory         Formulate budget request for initial     Formulate budget request for        Formulate budget request for
     experiments                               sets of data acquisition equipment.      additional sets of data             additional sets of data
                                                  15 laboratory computers               acquisition equipment. Use new      acquisition equipment. Use new
                                                  15 data acquisition equipment sets    equipment to develop computer-      equipment to develop computer-
7.                                                Data acquisition software             based laboratory experiments.       based laboratory experiments.
                                               Use new equipment to develop             Determine needs for additional      Determine needs for additional
                                               computer-based laboratory                equipment.                          equipment.
                                               experiments. Determine needs for
     Acquire audio/visual equipment            additional equipment.
                                               Submit media services request for        Continue to develop multimedia Continue to develop multimedia
                                               audio/visual equipment.                  capabilities and submit          capabilities and submit
                                                  High resolution multimedia            audio/visual requests as needed. audio/visual requests as needed.
8.                                             projector for M-1
                                                  Advanced document imagers for M-
                                               1 and M-3
                                                                  3 - Year Plan
                                                               Physics Department
      Set up a database of departmental            Develop detailed plans for creating an      Continue development of on-line Continue development of on-line
      multimedia resources on the campus           on-line database of the department's        multimedia resources.           multimedia resources.
      network.                                     multimedia resources. Test usability
9.                                                 of network storage provided by
                                                   campus servers. Investigate
                                                   possibility of local storage systems.
                                                   Initiate budget request as needed.
      Develop plans for a scientific information   Formulate budget appropriate budget
                                                   Investigate on-line sources of              Continue to expand user-friendly Continue to expand user-friendly
      kiosk.                                       scientific information and ways of          access to on-line scientific     access to on-line scientific
10.                                                making it accessible to the campus          information.                     information.
                                                   populationg it in a user friendly format.
                                                   Submit budget request when
      Develop plans for new facilities             appropriate.
                                                   Formulate plans for new                     Continue to refine plans for new Continue to refine plans for new
                                                   physics/astronomy/geology teaching          physics/astronomy/geology        physics/astronomy/geology
11.                                                facilities. Integrate facilities planning   teaching facilities.             teaching facilities.
                                                   into the campus master plan.
                                  Physics         Department / Action Plan 2004 - 2005
                                                     Linkage to
#                      Action Item                  Other Plans        Year-End Status and Accomplishments
                                  Goal 1: Acquire needed physics laboratory equipment
1a   Budget rquest for 12 Electrostatic lab systems
1b   Budget rquest for 12 e/m apparatus
1c   Budget rquest for 5 Photo electric apparatus
     Budget rquest for 9 Spectrophotometer systems
1d   with prism kit
1e   Budget rquest for 9 Millikan apparatus
1f   Budget rquest for 3 Geiger-Mueller systems
                                             Goal 2: Acquire astronomy equipment
     Budget request for 5 GPS Schmidt-Cassegrain
2a   telescopes
     Budget request for 6 sets of eyepieces with carrying
2b   case
2c   Budget request for 6 sets of light filters
                               Goal 3: Acquire data acquisition computers and equipment
3a   Budget request for 15 laboratory computers
     Budget request for 15 data acquisition equipment
3b   sets
3c   Budget request for datat acquisition software
                                            Goal 4: Acquire multimedia equipment
     Budget request for hi-res multimedia projector for
4a   Mohr Hall1
     Budget request for document imagers for Mohr Hall
4b   1&2
                                               Physics        Department Budget Request - 2005 - 2006
                                    Operating                                                         New
                                              Instruction                                                    Marketing Remodel   Faculty   Staff   Student Temp
Line #          Description          Budget                 Computers       Equipment     Furniture Program
                                               Supplies                                                      Materials Space      Hires    Hires    Hires  Hires
                                    Increase                                                        Start-up

  1      5 Photo electric
         apparatus                                                      $      9,300.00

  2      12 Electrostatic lab
         systems                                                        $      9,660.00

         12 e/m apparatus                                               $     33,750.00

         9 Millikan apparatus                                           $     15,354.00

  5      3 Geiger-Mueller
         systems                                                        $      5,820.00

  6      9 Spectrophotometer
         systems with prism kit                                         $      9,972.00

         5 GPS telescopes                                               $     16,600.00

  8      14" Meade GPS LX-200
         telescopes                                                     $      7,750.00

  9      6 sets of eyepieces with
         carrying case                                                  $      3,300.00

         6 sets of light filters                                        $       300.00
         Compact Combination
 11      Thin Section
         Saw/Grinder                                                    $     15,500.00
      15 laboratory computers     $ 16,170.00

 13   15 data acquisition
      equipment sets                            $   43,170.00

 14   Data acquisition software
      site license                $   400.00
      High resolution
 15   multimedia projector for
      Mohr Hall 1                               $    4,535.00

 16   Document imagers for
      Mohr Hall 1 and 3                         $    8,180.00

Totals:                                         $ 370,237.00
                                        Budget Narrative 2005 - 2006

                                             Physics   Department
                                           Total       Priority
Line #                Description                                                         Justification
                                          Amount        Rank
                                                                  An important component we are trying to add to our physics
                                                                  sequences is modern physics experiments that point out the
                                                                  quantum nature of matter and energy. The four photoelectric
                                                                  apparatuses obtained through a partially funded previous
  1                                                               request work well, but we still lack enough apparatuses to run a
                                                                  full sized lab. In order to fully implement this experiment as a
                                                                  standard exercise in our physics laboratories an additional five
         5 Photo electric apparatus       $9,300.00               photoelectric apparatuses are needed.
                                                                  The physics department lacks the resources needed to provide
                                                                  students with direct quantitative laboratory experience with
                                                                  electrostatic phenomena. This tends to leave a weakness in the
  2                                                               students appreciation for basic electrical principles. The
                                                                  requested electrostatic lab systems will allow the department to
                                                                  impement experiments that will fill this gap in our students lab
         12 Electrostatic lab systems     $9,660.00               experience..
                                                                  There is a need for resources in our physics laboratories to
                                                                  support exercises that would give students direct quantitative
                                                                  experience with modern physics concepts. Thompson’s e/m
                                                                  experiment nicely combines principles of electromagnetism and
  3                                                               the physics of the electron in a very obvious and educational
                                                                  way for introductory physics students. A collection of twelve e/m
                                                                  apparatus would provide for this need, and greatly enhance the
                                                                  departments ability to provide a more up-to-date laboratory
         12 e/m apparatus                $33,750.00               experience for our students.
                                                                  The physics department lacks the equipment necessary to
                                                                  provide our laboratory students valuable quantitative
                                                                  experience with modern physics techniques and principles. The
  4                                                               Millikan apparatus provides a powerful insight into the unique
                                                                  aspects of modern experimental physics, and is a perfect
                                                                  complement to other modern physics experiments, such as the
         9 Millikan apparatus            $15,354.00               Thompson e/m experiment.
                                                          Our current collection of six Geiger-Mueller systems serves
                                                          students in several weekly experiments and one semester long
                                                          experiment. In order to provide enough systems for full classes
5                                                         of sixteen students (two per station), and avoid downtime which
                                                          could jeopardize the semester long experiments, an additional
    3 Geiger-Mueller systems                 $5,820.00    three systems are needed.
                                                          Spectral analysis is an integral parl of virtually every field of
                                                          investigation in modern physical science; yet the opportunity to
                                                          study its principles and techniques has been limited because of
                                                          the lack of appropriate equipment. A spectrophotometer for
6                                                         physics education is now available that allows a quantitative
                                                          study of the radiation spectrum of a light source. These
                                                          instruments provide an ideal opportunity to fill a significant gap
    9 Spectrophotometer systems with prism                in the laboratory training of our introductory physics and
    kit                                      $9,972.00    engineering students.
                                                          The physics department is experiencing increasing
                                                          maintainence problems with its aging inventory of telescopes
                                                          that is beginning to have an unacceptable impact on the quality
                                                          of our astronomy lab classes. For that reason alone the time
                                                          has come to replace them.
                                                          Moreover, because of our urban light-polluted skies, astronomy
                                                          students face considerable difficulties with the manual set up
                                                          and operation of our older telescopes, whereas the automated
7                                                         capabilities of modern telescopes largely sidestep these
                                                          problems.The difficult and time consuming task of finding a dim
                                                          object in a washed out sky with a maunualy operated telescope
                                                          will become a simple and quick precedure using GPS equipped
                                                          telescopes. This will shift a lot of the time students spend on
                                                          manipulating their telescopes to observing activities, and give
                                                          instructors a signficant opportunity to enhance the quality and
                                                          breadth of cousre content.
    5 GPS telescopes                         $16,600.00
                                                           The large field telescope that we currently use as the main
                                                           support for our astronomy field trips (star parties) is difficult to
                                                           transport, set up, and allign. It's almost impossible for one
                                                           person to manage, and must be manually alligned and pointed.
                                                           The department needs a modern large apperture portable
8                                                          telescope that is easier to transport and has automatic
                                                           allighment and pointing cababilities. This will turn an arduous
                                                           field exercise into much more managable process while at the
                                                           same time making possible a much broader range of observing
     14" Meade GPS LX-200 telescopes          $7,750.00
                                                           The astronomy labs currently operate with a minimal collection
                                                           of telescope accessories that must be shared among several
                                                           telescopes. This situation comsumes valuable observing time,
9                                                          and is prone to loss and/or breakage of components. We need
                                                           a compete set of eyepieces with storage/carrying cases for
                                                           each telescope in order to solve these problems.
     6 sets of eyepieces with carrying case   $3,300.00
                                                           Images formed in a telescope can be significantly enhanced by
                                                           filtering out selected components of light. The department
10                                                         would liike to add a set astronomical light filters to the
                                                           accessory kits of each of our telescopes in order to enhance
                                                           their functionality.
     6 sets of light filters                   $300.00
                                                           An important technique for analyzing rocks in a geology class is
                                                           to cut and polish thin cross sections of the rocks for
                                                           microscopic study. This requires a specialized saw/grinding
11                                                         machine. The geology program needs a modern efficient thin
     Compact Combination Thin Section                      section saw/grinder to provide this type of support for its
     Saw/Grinder                              $15,500.00   laboratory classes that is currently lacking.
                                                           Computer-based data acqusition is an increasingly ubiquitous
                                                           experimental method of science and engineering. The
                                                           department needs to add experience with these methods to the
                                                           lab training of our students. Moreover, computerized
12                                                         instrumentation can significantly increase the types and number
                                                           of experiments that can be done in our laboratory settings
                                                           which will further enhance our students lab training. A
     15 laboratory computers                  $16,170.00   complement of 15 computers will be needed initially.
                                                             A vital component of a computer-based data acquisition system
                                                             consists of an interface module and sensor collection. The
13                                                           department will need 15 sets of these to complete the hardware
                                                             requirements of our initial data acquisition systems.
     15 data acquisition equipment sets         $43,170.00
                                                             The final component needed for our data acquisition systems is
                                                             software to provide hardware control, data management, and
14                                                           data display and analysis. We will need to purchase a site
                                                             license for the appropriate software.
     Data acquisition software site license      $400.00
                                                             The resolution of the older multimedia projector used in Mohr
                                                             Hall 1 is no longer adequate to display current high quality
15                                                           images used for teaching astronomy and physics.
     High resolution multimedia projector for                Consequently, a brighter, higher resolution (XGA) projector is
     Mohr Hall 1                                $4,535.00    needed.
                                                             Presentations in astronomy and physics often involve a mix of
                                                             different multimedia sources (book diagrams, slides, overhead
                                                             transparencies, photos, etc.). The department needs high
16                                                           resolution document imagers for Mohr Hall 1 & 2 in order to to
                                                             handle our mixed presentations in a manner that will match the
                                                             capabilities of our high resolution projectors.
     Document imagers for Mohr Hall 1 and 3     $8,180.00
Key Performance Indicators for   Department

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