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					                                               THE               CORNERSTONE
                                           News from the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville

       Volume 3, Issue 1                   A Message from the Interim Department Head
       November, 2005                      This is a dynamic time in                                                2004-2005 Departmental Profile
                                           the Department of Civil                                       Number of Faculty Positions                   21
                                           and Environmental Engi-
                                                                                                         Number of Undergraduate Students             250
                                           neering (CEE), with two
                                                                                                         Number of Graduate Students                  140
                                           new buildings in the early
                                           design phase, the arrival of                                  Research Funding per Faculty              $300,656
                                           three new faculty members,                                    Refereed Publications per Faculty            2.8
                                           and a strong performance                                      Percent of Passing FE Exam                   95%
                                           by our students, faculty and Dr. Eric Drumm
                                           staff, all accompanied by a temporary change in               nationally, and our graduates continue to be in
Jane Taylor, Principal Secretary for the   department leadership. As a result of his effec-              demand by employers around the country. We
CEE department (center), was presented
the Universityʼs Send Roses Award for      tive leadership for many years as the department              are attracting increasing competitive classes of
October 2005 by UT Knoxville Chancel-      head of CEE, Greg Reed was asked by University                incoming freshmen to the college, with average
lor Loren Crabtree (right) and Execu-
tive Director of Human Resources Alan      Chancellor Loren Crabtree to assume the position              ACT scores increasing from 25.8 in 2003 to 26.3
Chesney (left). Janeʼs courteousness and   of Interim Dean of the College of Communication               in 2004 to over 28 in 2005.
positive work ethic inspired her nomina-
tion by co-workers. She will get her own   and Information Sciences. Until Greg’s return on                The reconstruction of Estabrook Hall, which was
reserved parking place for the month.
                                           July 1, 2006, we have continuity provided by Asso-              initially constructed in 1889 and is the second
                                           ciate Department Head Dick                                                            oldest building on campus,
                                           Bennett and the departmental                                                          received approval for $16.6
                                           staff, and I will serve as the                                                        million dollars in funding from
                                           Interim Department Head.                                                              the state legislature. The new
                                           We are excited about the                                                              facility will provide about
                                           arrival of three new faculty                                                          48,000 square feet of classroom,
                                           members this fall (see page 2                                                         laboratory and office space.
                                                                           The updated Estabrook will keep its classic facade
                                           for profiles), with doctorates   while having its interior replaced with state-of-the- When complete in about three
                                                                           art classrooms, research labs and offices.
                                           from the University of Illi-                                                          years, the Department of Civil
Dean Way Kuo (left) presents the Allen     nois–Urbana-Champaign, University of Nebraska–                  and Environmental Engineering will be the sole
& Hoshall Engineering Faculty Award to     Lincoln and University of California–Berkeley.                  occupant of the state-of-the-art building.
Dr. Chris Cox (right) at the COE Honors
Banquet on April 12th, 2005.               The department faculty continued their strong                 A second new building impacting the department
                                           record of funded research and scholarship. The                will be the Joint Institute for Advanced Materials
          Good Things                      Center for Transportation Research, where CEE is              (JIAM). The JIAM is a new joint research center
▲ The National ASCE Com-                   responsible for about 35% of the approximately $9             with Oak Ridge National Lab (ORNL), and will
mittee on Student Activities               million in research funding last year, was recently           focus on advanced multidisciplinary materials
awarded a Certificate of Com-               incorporated into the organization of the Col-                research, including transportation materials. This
mendation to the UT ASCE                   lege of Engineering. Other new research activity              research center, to be located on the UT campus,
Student Chapter based on the               includes the formation of the Southeastern Water              recently received $20 million in federal funding
chapter’s 2004 activities. The             Resources Conservation Center.                                secured through efforts of Tennessee Senators Bill
certificate is awarded to the top                                                                         Frist and Lamar Alexander. Additional funding is
                                           Our students are performing exceptionally well.
10% of the student chapters.                                                                             anticipated from the state of Tennessee to assist
                                           They consistently exceed the national average on
▲ The Steel Bridge Team com-                                                                             with construction and research equipment. This
                                           the FE exam (see chart below), the ASCE student
peted against 44 other schools at                                                                        facility will be used by materials researchers from
                                           chapter has been recognized both regionally and
Nationals on May 27 and 28 in                                                                            UT and ORNL, and several CEE faculty members
Orlando. Congratulations for a                                     FE Performance                        are expected to have research space and equip-
2nd place finish in construction                         100                                              ment in the new building.
speed, and a 3rd place finish in                          80                                              Although there are a number of changes under-
                                            % Passing

economy.                                                 60                                              way in the department, we anticipate that we will
                                                         40                                              continue with another productive year during the
                                                         20                                              2005-2006 academic year.
                                                              Spring 04        Fall 04       Spring 05
                                                                                                                              —Eric C. Drumm, P.E., Ph.D.
                                                                          UT   State     National                             CEE Interim Department Head
THE   CORNERSTONE                                                                         Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering

CEE Department Welcomes Three New Faculty                                        CEE Department Honors and Awards
Dr. Sandeep Agnihotri joined the faculty of                                ▲ CEE Interim Department           ▲ Scott Beaird, an M.S.
the Department of Civil and Environmental                                  Head and Professor Dr. Eric        student under Dr. Tom Ur-
Engineering at the University of Tennessee in                              Drumm received the Peter C.        banik who graduated this past
August 2005. He received his Ph.D. degree in                               Hoadley Award for Outstanding      spring, won first place in the
environmental engineering from the Univer-                                 Engineering Educator at the 18th   2004-2005 TSITE Student
sity of Illinois–Urbana in 2005.                                           Annual Meeting of the Ten-         Paper Competition for his paper
His research areas include characterizing                                  nessee Section of the American     entitled “Signal Timing at Dia-
nanostructured adsorbents for air pollution                                Society of Civil Engineers         mond Interchanges; A State of
                                                 Dr. Agnihotri
control, determining environmental impacts                                 (ASCE). This is the highest        Practice.” He received $250.
of nanocarbons, nanosensors for air pollutants and air pollution           honor presented by the ASCE        ▲ Amit Prashant, Ph.D.
mitigation and control.                                                    Tennessee Section Award            student under Dr. Dayakar
                                                                           committee. Professor Drumm is      Penumadu, was awarded the
                   Dr. John Ma also joined the faculty of the              the first UT faculty member to
                   CEE Department at the University of Tennes-                                                Young Researcher Fellowship
                                                                           receive this prestigious award.    from MIT.
                   see in August 2005. He received his Ph.D.
                   from the University of Nebraska–Lincoln in              ▲ Dr. Dayakar Penumadu was         ▲ Chris Carroll was presented
                   1998. Prior to his current position, he was a           selected as winner of the Best     the “Award of Excellence”
                   faculty member at the University of Alaska              Paper Award for “Characteriza-     at the Annual GT STRUDL
                   in Fairbanks for six years. He is a registered          tion of Rheological Properties     User’s Group Meeting based on
                   professional engineer in Nebraska.                      of Lost Foam Casting Coat-         his master’s thesis work, which
Dr. Ma                                                                     ing Slurries” by the American      he completed in spring 2005
                    His research areas include the behavior and de-        Foundry Society (Div. 11) for
sign of prestressed concrete bridges; mechanics and applications of                                           under the direction of Dr. Ed
                                                                           2005 in recognition of out-        Burdette.
high performance concrete and fiber reinforced polymer compos-              standing contributions to the
ites; and accelerated construction in highway bridges.                     advancement of the lost foam   ▲ The UT student chapter
Dr. Qiuhong Zhao joined the faculty of the                                 casting process.               of Institute of Transporta-
CEE Department at the University of Tennes-                                                               tion Engineers (ITE) won the
                                                                           ▲ Dr. Greg Reed has been       “Jeopardy-Based Traffic Bowl”
see in October 2005. She received her Ph.D.                                appointed to the ABET Engi-
degree in structural engineering from the                                                                 at the Southern District of the
                                                                           neering Accreditation Com-     Institute of Transportation
University of California–Berkeley in 2005. She                             mission. He also received the
earned her M.S. and B.S. degrees in structural                                                            Engineers (SDITE) conference
                                                                           Distinguished Service Award    held April 10-13 in Savannah,
engineering from Tianjin University, China, in                             from the Tennessee Society of
1999 and 1996, and her B.A. degree in English                                                             Georgia. The winning group
                                                                           Professional Engineers at the  was awarded $3,000 toward a
from Tianjin University, China, in 1996.         Dr. Zhao
                                                                           organization’s annual meeting  scholarship for the university’s
Her research is focused on behavior of steel and composite struc-          in Memphis, Tenn., on June 17. ITE chapter.
tures, with an emphasis on design issues for earthquake engineer-
ing, blast and impact resistance. She works on application of large-
scale experimental studies and advanced finite element analytical
studies to the performance-based design of steel and composite

   UT Students Shine at ASCE Section Meeting
At the recent ASCE Tennessee Section meeting in Smyrna, Tenn.,
a statewide student competition was held with the team of Paul             CEE honorees at the 2004–2005 COE Honors Banquet included
Karakashian, Stephanie Hargrove, Renee Frei and Wes MacDon-                (left to right): Michael Massey and Joseph Barbeauld, John
ald taking first place and winning $500 for the Student Chapter             Callaway Academic Achievement Awards; Dr. Randy Gentry,
of ASCE. The UT students defeated nine other teams including               Teaching Recognition Award; Dr. Chris Cox, Scholar Recogni-
Vanderbilt University, the University of Memphis, and Tennessee            tion Award; Dr. Terry Miller, Research Recognition Award; Dr.
Technological University. Wes MacDonald also received the Ten-             Lee Han, Service Recognition Award; Dr. Richard Bennett, Out-
nessee Section Outstanding Student Award.                                  standing Teaching Award; Jane Taylor, Staff Recognition Award;
                                                                           and presenter Dr. Greg Reed.

THE   CORNERSTONE                                                               Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering

         Civil & Environmental Engineering Department Contributors
          The society and club memberships are based on a donorʼs lifetime giving to the University of Tennessee.
               Those listed as CEE donors made gifts or pledges from October 1, 2004 to October 31, 2005.

Founders Society                          Mr. Herbert A. Henry and                    Mrs. Patricia Ann Holt and
ExxonMobil Foundation                        Cecile E. Henry                              Mr. Robert B. Holt
                                          Mrs. Ann M. Horton and                      Mrs. Dorothy M. Iddins and
Benefactors Society                          Mr. Mark K. Horton                           Mr. Richard L. Iddins Jr.
Power Equipment Company                   Mr. David W. Jackson                        Mr. Doyle Randall Inklebarger and
Tennessee Road Builders Association       Ms. Debra Lee Moorehead and                     Mrs. Gina Marie Inklebarger
Heritage Society                             Mr. Russell D. Moorehead                 Mrs. Gerry Lee Jack and
                                          Mr. Dan W. Thayer and                           Mr. Sanford B. Jack Jr.
Mrs. Paula R. Ball
                                             Mrs. Mary M. Thayer                      Mr. Eric L. Jenkins
Mrs. Linda F. Scholes and
   Mr. Terry P. Scholes                   Mr. J. Roy Weathersby and                   Mr. Bobby Dean Jobe
                                             Mrs. Lydia H. Weathersby                 Mr. David Lawrence Kuhlman
Stowers Machinery Corporation
                                          Mr. James M. Williamson and                 Mr. George R. Lang Jr. and
Tennessee Society                            Mrs. Sunny L. Williamson                     Mrs. Cecillia Lang
Ms. Carla McDougle and                    Century Club                                Mrs. Deborah L. Ledford and
    Mr. Edwin A. McDougle                                                                 Mr. Terry E. Ledford
                                          Mr. Carl Wayne Austin and
Dr. Gregory D. Reed and                       Deborah Gail Austin                     Dr. Guoming Lin
    Dr. Sandra K. Reed                                                                Mr. James P. McGirl and
                                          Mr. John Williamson Baker and
President’s Club                              Mrs. Mary S. Baker                          Barbara Ann McGirl
Mrs. Cynthia J. Brady and                 Mr. Buford Allan Beavers                    Mr. Andy H. Milligan and
    Mr. Michael G. Brady                                                                  Mrs. Paulette T. Milligan
                                          Mr. Herman E. Best and
Dr. Edwin G. Burdette and                     Mrs. Betty B. Best                      Mr. J. Miller Moore and
    Mrs. Patsy Hill Burdette                                                              Mrs. Courtney Moore
                                          Mr. Darren M. Cardwell and
Mr. Timothy J. Covington and                  Lisa K. Cardwell                        Mr. Wayne S. Moore Jr. and
    Mrs. Christine Covington                                                              Mrs. Deborah H. Moore
                                          Mr. Alan L. Childers and
Dr. James H. Deatherage and                   Mrs. Julia Elizabeth Childers           Mrs. Mildred B. Myers and
    Mrs. Patricia Deatherage                                                              Mr. Russell D. Myers
                                          Mr. George G. Conner Jr.
Dr. William L. Grecco                                                                 Mr. Timothy J. Noles
                                          Dr. Eric C. Drumm and
Mr. R. Neil O’Brien and                       Mrs. Janet H. Drumm                     Mr. Jerry C. Parkins and
    Mrs. Virginia M. O’Brien                                                              Mrs. Johanna C. Parkins
                                          Mrs. Judith A. Dunn and
Mr. Donald E. Savage and                      Mr. Robert E. Dunn                      Mr. Joseph Vincent Peyton
    Mrs. Marian V. Savage                 Mr James A. Durham                          Mr. Joseph M. Polk Jr. and Delores Polk
Mr. Joshua Scott Steelman                 Mr. William M. Forbis Jr. and               Mrs. Norma C. Reynolds and
Mr. Clyde R. Tant III and                     Mrs. Ann Gray Forbis                        Mr. Paul Allen Reynolds
    Mrs. Elizabeth A. Tant                Mr. Gordon L. Ford and Laura Ford           Mr. Ralph D. Richardson and
Mrs. Anne K. Totten and                                                                   Mrs. Rose Hutchison Richardson
                                          Mrs. Carolyn B. Frazier and
    Col. Barry N. Totten                      Mr. Donald E. Frazier                   Mrs. Cheryl A. Rucker and
                                                                                          Mr. Ronald Wayne Rucker
University Circle                         Mr. Donald W. Freeman and
                                              Mrs. Suzanne Hewgley Freeman            Mr. Fred C. Sherrod and
Mr. Daniel L. Berry and                                                                   Katie L. Frye Sherrod
   Mrs. Constance H. Berry                Mr. Robert M. Frye and Melinda Frye
                                                                                      Mr. John M. Simpson and
Mr. David K. Berry and                    Ms. Joan A. Giltner
                                                                                          Mrs. Barbara Sue Simpson
   Rebecca A. Berry                       Dr. David W. Goodpasture and
                                                                                      Mr. Steven Douglas Stethen and
Mrs. Mary E. Blackmon and                     Mrs. Marion W. Goodpasture
                                                                                          Mrs. Susan K. Stethen
   Mr. William B. Blackmon Jr., P.E.      Mr. Gerald L. Guthrie Sr. and
                                                                                      Ms. Michelle N. Swallows and
Ms. Kathy J. Caldwell, P.E. and               Mrs. Donna Guthrie
                                                                                          Mr. William C. Swallows
   Dr. Ronald A. Cook                     Mr. Samuel Lynn Harrison
                                                                                      Mr. Kenneth G. Thomas
Mr. Allan B. Cantrell                     Mr. Richard L. Hodgdon and
                                                                                      Mr. Kenneth Arthur Wilson
Mrs. Sylvia G. Davis and                      Mrs. Suzanne A. Hodgdon
                                                                                      Mr. Charles Frederick Wyatt and
   Dr. Wayne T. Davis                     Mr. Alan Dillard Holland
                                                                                          Mrs. Rosalyn H. Wyatt

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THE   CORNERSTONE                                                                                 Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering

          Civil & Environmental Engineering Department Contributors
Friends of the CEE Department                       Mr. Tony P. Hayes and Mary Martha Hayes
Mr. Curtis S. Allin Jr.                             Mr. Charles T. Hodges and Mrs. Lynn C. Hodges              Making a Difference
AMEC Earth & Environmental, Inc.                    Mr. Michael L. Howard and                                   Through Giving
American Society of Civil Engineers                     Mrs. Robin W. Howard
                                                    Mr. Randall A. Hudgings and                         The philanthropy of alumni, friends and
    UT Student Chapter
                                                        Mrs. Stephani Hudgings                          corporate partners makes a significant differ-
American Society of Civil Engineers
                                                    Mrs. Gayle W. Hughes and Mr. Jerry D. Hughes        ence to the CEE Department. Through the
B B & T Corporation
                                                    Mr. Joshua William Hunter                           years, as the department’s allocation from the
Barge Waggoner Sumner & Cannon
                                                    Mr. David G. Huskey and                             state budget has stayed level or, as in last year,
Mr. David H. Barker, P.E.
                                                        Mrs. Jama Kay Price Huskey                      declined, it becomes more difficult for us to
Mr. Donaldson K. Barton and Alice Barton
                                                    Ingram Family Foundation                            strengthen our educational program so that we
Benchmark Associates, Inc.
                                                    Mrs. Emily Catherine Jetton and                     can best prepare our students to compete when
Dr. Richard M. Bennett and
                                                        Mr. James W. Jetton Jr.                         they graduate. Private support from individuals,
    Mrs. Linda C. Bennett
                                                    KCI Technologies, Inc.                              businesses and foundations is critical for giving
Mr. Paul A. Bielicki and Linda Bielicki
                                                    Mr. Stephen Jay King and Mrs. Teresa O. King        us the resources necessary to open these doors
Mr. Bryan Blalock
                                                    Mr. Colin Kinton and Mrs. Geri C. Kinton            of opportunity for our students.
Mr. Jerry L. Britton and Dena Britton
                                                    Knoxville Blue Print & Supply
Mr. Christopher R. Brown                                                                                The CEE Department appreciates the many
                                                    Mr. Oscar Krosnes and Mrs. Ruby C. Krosnes
Mrs. Norma H. Brown and Mr. Thomas R. Brown                                                             annual gifts made by our alumni. Sometimes,
                                                    KSI Structural Engineers
Mr. Brian Dodge Buckberry and                                                                           donors consider making larger commitments
    Mrs. Heather Lee Buckberry                      Lamar Dunn Associates, Inc.
                                                                                                        through outright, stock or planned/estate gifts
Ms. M. Allison Burdette and William W. Sapp         Landwater Engineering, Inc.
                                                                                                        that will have an even longer lasting impact
Cannon & Cannon, Inc.                               Mr. J. Greg Lane and Marolyn W. Lane
                                                                                                        on the department. Currently, we have several
Mrs. Angela Y. Cannon and                           Ms. Allison Marie Lockwood
                                                                                                        areas of particular need for funding:
    Mr. W. Harold Cannon Jr.                        Mr. Malcolm C. Macnaught Jr. and
Mr. Jonathan C. Carpenter and                           Elizabeth A. Macnaught                             ■ Undergraduate Scholarships
    Mrs. Susannah G. Carpenter                      Mr. Richard Macon and Gwynne A. Macon                  ■ Graduate Fellowships
Mr. Randy Charles Casper and Lisa Kerr Casper       Mr. Harry A. Manson and
                                                                                                           ■ Laboratory Teaching Equipment
Mr. Joseph P. Castronovo                                Mrs. Linda Anne Manson
                                                    Mr. Jonathan J. Marston                                ■ Named Faculty Professorships
CH2M Hill Foundation
Charles Blalock & Sons, Inc.                        Mr. Sean L. Matlock and Wanda Eileen Matlock        These gift opportunities can all dramatically
Dr. Daniel D. Christodoss                           Mr. Alan K. Mayberry and                            improve the department’s efforts to recruit
                                                        Mrs. Tammy R. Mayberry
Cloud Concrete Products                                                                                 outstanding students, provide students with
                                                    Michael Brady, Inc.
Mr. Thomas L. Copas and Charmie R. Copas                                                                state-of-the-art practice equipment and attract
                                                    Mid South Paving and Maintenance
Cornerstone Engineering, Inc.                                                                           highly qualified faculty to teach our students and
                                                    Milligan Engineering, P.C.
Ms. Cheryl A. Crosby                                                                                    conduct research.
                                                    Mrs. Vivian S. O’Brien and Mr. Thomas J. O’Brien
Mr. John W. Crowe
                                                    Mr. Jonathan T. Olmstead                            If you are interested in learning more about
Mrs. Masako Crowe
                                                    Mr. Charles E. Outlaw and                           these philanthropic options, please contact
Ms. Susannah C. Culbertson
                                                        Mrs. Dana Lovell Outlaw                         Patty Shea, Interim Director of Engineer-
Mr. Jeff Cutler Esq.
                                                    Mr. and Mrs. Wesley E. Patton Jr.                   ing Development, at (865) 974-2779 or
Mrs. Carol Deken and Dr. Louis R. Deken                                                       
                                                    Professional Engineers, Inc.
Mr. Joshua A. Dragan
                                                    Mr. William Anthony Proffitt, P.E. and
Ms. Jennifer L. Duncan                                  Peg Proffitt                                     Mr. A. Leon Smothers
Mr. Eric R. Flowers and Brenda D. Flowers           Mr. David W. Rader and Leslie A. Rader              Mr. Donald E. Stout
Mr. James Richard Foster                            Dr. Danny L. Reed and Judy A. Reed                  Technical Construction & Consulting, LLC
Dr. William Francis Frazier and Mrs. Jean Frazier   Mr. Homer C. Reed Jr. and Barbara D. Reed           Mr. Brent Ashley Terry
Mr. Harvill A. Freeland III                         Mr. Robin D. Roberts                                Tennessee Road Builders Association Ladies
Friendship Sunday School Class Concord              Mrs. Adele M. Robertson and                             Auxiliary
    United Methodist Church                             Mr. Joseph O. Robertson                         Dr. Ronald T. Urbanik and
Fulghum MacIndoe & Associates, Inc.                 Mr. Joseph Lee Rodgers and                              Mrs. Margaret Urbanik
Mr. Clarence E. Gillespie Jr., P.E. and                 Mrs. Susan A. Rodgers                           Vision Engineering & Development
    Mrs. Jane Dudley Gillespie                      S & ME, Inc.                                        Mr. Douglas James Wall and Ann Marie Wall
Mr. Denton E. Gillespie                             Schwab Fund for Charitable Giving                   Mr. Robert L. Whitaker
Mrs. Leona B. Gwinn and Mr. Wendell R. Gwinn        Mr. Clark P. Shelton                                Mr. Stanford E. White Jr. and
Mr. Calvin H. Hall                                  Mr. Charles F. Shipp and Sally A. Shipp                 Mary Alice Thornton
Mr. Craig Michael Hanchey, P.E. and                 Mr. John R. Simpson and                             Mrs. Sharon W. Wilhoite and
    Faith Rawlins Hanchey                               Mrs. Shannon N. Simpson                             Mr. William Scott Wilhoite
Mr. William S. Harworth and Edna M. Harworth        Sizemore Frederick, Inc.                            Dr. Michael Z. Yang and Yongging Mu
THE   CORNERSTONE                                                                             Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering

Husband and Wife Share 2005 Outstanding CEE Alumnus Award
For the first time the Civil and    in the field of                                               Inc. In 1999,     civil engineering by working
Environmental Engineering          anchorage to                                                 Kathy was         closely with the ASCE Student
Department had co-winners          concrete.                                                    named presi-      Chapter at the University of
of the annual Outstanding          Kathy, mean-                                                 dent of JEA       Florida.
Alumnus Award, Ronald A.           while, has                                                   Construction      Both of the co-winners of this
Cook and Kathy J. Caldwell,        had a variety                                                Services, Inc.,   year’s Outstanding Alumnus
husband and wife. Ron received     of successful                                                the position      Award have had exemplary
B.S. and M.S. degrees in civil     experiences                                                  that she cur-     careers in civil engineering,
engineering in 1975 and 1981,      as project
                                                    Dr. Ronald Cook and his wife Kathy Caldwell rently holds.
                                                                                                                  careers that reflect positively on
                                                    (center) accept their 2005 Outstanding CEE
respectively, and Kathy received   engineer and     Alumnus Awards from Dr. Ed Burdette (left)  When she was      our own department of civil en-
her B.S. in civil engineering in                    and Dr. Greg Reed (right).                  a senior in
                                   manager for a                                                                  gineering. We are pleased and
1985. Both of them have gone       number of multi-million dollar            civil engineering at Tennessee,      proud to recognize the husband
forward to highly successful       projects with Jones, Edmunds              Kathy was president of ASCE.         and wife team of Ron Cook and
careers, Ron in academe and        and Associates and JEA Con-               She has continued to contribute      Kathy Caldwell as this year’s co-
Kathy as an engineer/project       struction Engineering Services,           to undergraduate education in        recipients of our annual award.
After several years at TVA
and five years as an individual                      CEE Scholarships Awarded for 2005–2006
consultant, Ron went to Aus-         Tennessee Road Builders                 Jere B. Ford Scholarship               Shirley Garside Scholarship
tin, Texas, in 1986 to begin         Scholarship Awardees                         Geremy Billingsley                     Hans-Jurgen Johnson
doctoral work. He and Kathy              Patrick Combs                            Jeremy Nafziger                   Jack/Judy Humphreys Scholarship
were married at that time, and           Edwin Deyton                             Stephen Riley
                                         Renee Frei                                                                     Brian Haas
Kathy went from her position as                                              Joshua A. Dragan Scholarship
                                         Stephanie Hargrove                                                         John Milton Snoderly Scholarship
a structural engineer with Lock-                                                 Paul Steele
                                         Wesley MacDonald                                                               Samuel Moore
wood Greene Engineers in Oak             Candice Owen                        John Callaway Scholarship                  Jacquelyn McCurry
Ridge to a position as project           William Ragland                         Sarah Janney
manager with Parkhill, Smith             Kyle Scoble                                                                CEE Alumni Scholarship
                                                                                 Felix Kim
and Cooper in Austin. Three              David Spinks                            Michael Massey                        Kevin Crumley
years later, Ron received his            Kelli Taylor                                                                  Stephen Horne
                                         Andrew Tinsley                      Edwin G. & Patsy H. Burdette              Kacie Flynn
Ph.D. and accepted a position                                                Graduate Fellowship
                                         Tyler Williams                                                                David Marcum
as Assistant Professor of Civil                                                  Benjamin Wooten                       David McMackin
Engineering at the University        C. Bryan Blalock Memorial                                                         Matthew Parker
                                     Scholarship                             William/Pat Grecco Scholarship
of Florida in Gainesville. Kathy                                                                                       Adam Ritter
left her position with Parkhill,         Ross Shaver                              Mary Griffey                         Frank Smith
                                                                                  James Hawkins                        Jonathan Watson
Smith and Cooper to accept a         J. W. Lonas Memorial Scholarship             Rebecca Lind
position as Vice President and           Michael Quarles
Project Manager with Jones,
Edmunds and Associates in                  ASCE Student Chapter Wins Southeast Regional Conference
                                    In April, 39 CEE students              four events: “Balsa Wood Tow-          event qualified the team for the
Since 1989, Ron has gone on         traveled to Tuscaloosa, Ala.           er,” “Environmental Engineer-          national competition, which
to become Associate Profes-         where they participated in the         ing,” “Plan Reading” and “Sur-         was held May in Orlando, Fla.
sor and then Professor at the       ASCE Southeast Regional                veying.” They placed second            Forty-four universities from the
University of Florida. He has       Student Conference. The group          in “Geotechnical Engineering”          US and Canada competed for
been extremely active in the        completed against over 800             and in “Technical Paper” and           the national title. UT placed
area of anchorage to concrete,      other civil engineering students       won third place in “Concrete           2nd in construction speed,
serving as chairman of ACI          from 22 other schools across           Cylinders” and in the “Steel           and 3rd in economy and 17th
Committee 355 as a member           the southeast. The UT student          Bridge” competition. Other             overall. Representing UT at
of that sub-committee of ACI        chapter placed first overall, and       events included the “Concrete          the national competition were
Committee 318, which deals          also placed in one of the top          Canoe,” “T-shirt Design,”              Andy Garrett (team captain),
with anchorage to concrete. He      three positions in eight of the        “Visual Display” and “Concrete         Sarah Janney, Michael Quarles,
has published numerous techni-      12 events in the competition.          Horseshoes.” The third place           David Spinks, Geremy Billings-
cal papers and is recognized        The students won first place in         finish in the “Steel Bridge”            ley and Paul Karakashian.
internationally as an authority
                                                                                                                                              CEE Calendar of Events
                                                                Six students represented UT at the Region 2 ASCE
                                                                Workshop for Student Chapter Leaders (WSCL) in Or-
                                                                                                                                                   2005 / 2006
                                                                lando, Fla, Jan 21 - Jan 24. (Left to right) Mary Griffey,           2005
                                                                Reggie Regenold, Wes MacDonald, Rebecca Lind,                        Classes End.............................. Dec. 6
                                                                Joseph Hull and Rachel Henry attended the work-                      Fall Commencement .............. Dec. 17
                                                                shop which was held in conjunction with the Region 2
                                                                ASCE Meeting, where they received leadership train-                  2006
                                                                ing, information about the ASCE and tips on operating
                                                                a more effective Student Chapter.                                    Classes Begin.......................... Jan. 11
                                                                                                                                     Spring Break...................... Mar. 20-24
Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering Faculty and Staff                                                                    ASCE Student
                                                                                                                                     Conference ................... Mar. 29-Apr. 1
                        Faculty                                 Dr. John Schwartz ..................... Assistant Professor
                                                                                                                                     Spring Honors Banquet........... Apr. 28
Dr. Eric C. Drumm ......Interim Department Head                 Dr. Tom Urbanik................Professor and Goodrich                Classes End............................. Apr. 28
                                             and Professor                                            Chair of Excellence            Spring Commencement .......... May 12
Dr. Richard M. Bennett ........ Associate Head and              Dr. Qiuhong Zhao ..................... Assistant Professor           ASCE Golf Tournament ................ July
Dr. Sandeep Agnihotri............ Assistant Professor
                                                                Betty Chittum .......................Accounting Assistant
Dr. Edwin G. Burdette ................. Fred N. Peebles                                                                          The University of Tennessee does not discriminate on the basis of
                                                    Professor   Annette Costar ............................. Senior Secretary    race, sex, color, religion, national origin, age, handicap or veteran
                                                                                                                                 status in provision of educational opportunities or employment op-
Dr. Arun Chatterjee................................Professor    Marion Dills ......................Senior Budget Assistant
                                                                                                                                 portunities and benefits.
Dr. Chris D. Cox .................... Associate Professor       Sharon Hale ......... Academic Support Coordinator
                                                                                                                                 UT does not discriminate on the basis of sex or handicap in its
Dr. J. Hal Deatherage ..............................Professor   Randy Rainwater ..................... Teaching Associate         educational programs and activities pursuant to requirements of Title
                                                                Larry Roberts............................. Design Technician     IX of the Education Amendments of 1972, Public Law 92-318; and
Dr. Eric C. Drumm ..................................Professor                                                                    Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, Public Law 93-112;
Dr. Randy Gentry.................... Assistant Professor        Lisa Smith .................................. Accounting Clerk   and the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, Public Law 101-336,
Dr. David W. Goodpasture.......Emeritus Professor               Jane Taylor ........Administrative Services Assistant            respectively. This policy extends to both employment by and admis-
                                                                                                                                 sion to the university.
Dr. Lee Han............................ Associate Professor     Ken Thomas ...................... Electric and Instrument
                                                                                                               Shop Supervisor   Inquiries concerning Title IX, Section 504, and the Americans with
Dr. Baoshan Huang ................. Assistant Professor                                                                          Disabilities Act of 1990 should be directed to the Office of Equity
Dr. John Ma ........................... Associate Professor                     Contact Information                              and Diversity; 1840 Melrose Avenue; The University of Tennessee;
                                                                                                                                 Knoxville, Tennessee 37996-0144; (865) 974-2498. Charges of viola-
Dr. Terry L. Miller .................. Associate Professor      Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering                  tion of the above policy also should be directed to the Office of Equity
Dr. Dayakar Penumadu ...........................Professor       223 Perkins Hall                                                 and Diversity.
Dr. Gregory D. Reed ...............................Professor    Knoxville, TN 37996-2010                                                  Publication Authorization Number: E01-1330-001-06
Dr. Stephen Richards ...... Associate Professor and             Phone: (865) 974-2503                                                             Date of Publication: November 2005

     Center for Transportation Research Director                Fax: (865) 974-2669                                                     Produced by the Office of Engineering Communications
                                                                E-mail:                                                          207 Perkins Hall, Knoxville, TN 37996-2012
Dr. Kevin G. Robinson .......... Associate Professor
                                                                Web:                                                            Phone: (865) 974-0533
Dr. R. Bruce Robinson ................. Fisher Professor

University of Tennessee College of Engineering                                                                                                                            Non-Profit Org.
Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering                                                                                                                           US POSTAGE
223 Perkins Hall                                                                                                                                                                 PAID
Knoxville, Tennessee 37996-2010                                                                                                                                           Permit No. 481
                                                                                                                                                                           Knoxville, TN

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