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					IIHT Fraud Posting are Spam
IIHT is one of the Asia’s top IT training organizations having presence globally with more than 200
Centers. With the great efforts of management and it team IIHT had been successful in carving its
goodwill in the industry. This goodwill we earn not only because we provide training and skilled
manpower in the areas of networking, hardware, database management, storage management and
security management. It is because of the students are taught with latest technology which helps them
to make a mark in the IT industry and send many thanks to us.

We have seen that there are many students have IIHT complaints on web like where they completed the
course like there is no placement facility, faculty is not enough educated to teach them and also they are
not providing them practical knowledge which makes them a well IT professional. Believe me all of them
are fake and have multiple postings. But in actually there is not such case and if a student has problem
then it’s out of frustration as mane students who just take admission and never attend regular classes
and do not try to concentrate on their study course. Some time they choose wrong course and so did
not do good in the same. They just want a job guarantee from the institute, which is not possible
because there is an eligibility criterion for every IIHT student to get the benefit of placement facility.
These IIHT complaints are not having any truth behind them because complaints have been placed by
some of students (you can they have multiple posting) who are not able to give their best to IT courses.
If we look at the global sector of IT training or even collages, the student success is based on his own
performance. Even TOP B.Tech Collage are not able to place them and then they come to us for further
training to enhance their skills.

We understand that competition is there in the market and it very hard for any Institute to sustain so
another major reason of those articles you seen online are institutes who does not digest the fact that
IIHT is among the Asia’s top IT training institute. You know this is the world of business, everyone wants
to be on the TOP, and who are not able to be, they make such wrong articles for IIHT Complaints or
Fraud and populate them over the web to kill brand. We are not blaming a particular company, but yes
there is a truth behind the fact that “Those who are on Top, always face some issues to being on Top”.
So never trust these articles which are written by those rivals and students. We invite all students’
people or just anybody to come close to us and let us know their problem.

The major reason Why I’m writing this article on the behalf of IIHT is that I myself a student of MCA and
then also have done course at IIHT, and believe me I have a good student relationship with this IT
institute. I did this course so that I also can stand out while giving interview for Job and have better
competitive skills than others. The faculties of IIHT are some of the IT professionals who clearly have
idea how to teach students to make them IT professional. If someone gives his/her 100% in completion
of the course offered by IIHT, then definitely they will get guaranteed job in reputed IT companies. But
you just need to give your efforts and time to become IT professional and for this IIHT gives proper time
to each student and guides them well how to perform in IT industry and at last honestly it’s up to the
student to perform well to place in reputed IT firm. I’m saying all this according to my experience with
IIHT. It gives me a great platform where I get a chance to show my IT skills and also guides me how to
work well in IT sector. In addition IIHT has helpline facility for those students who have complaints and
doubts regarding the course and services they offered.

So next time when you read any IIHT Fraud article just consider it as rival strategy as everything you read
online is not always true. Still if someone has problem IIHT Fraud then you can always reach us at or mail us.

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