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					  Built Environment
 Accessible to All - An
 Overview of Disability
Access Certificate (DAC)
   By Sabrina Spillane
Learning Outcomes
• What is Disability
• What is Accessibility
• Building Regulations of Ireland
• Revision of TGD Part M
• People and Organizations Involved in Review
  of TGD Part M
• Disability Access Certificate (DAC) &
  Requirements, Advantages, Disadvantages
What is Disability?
• “The term “Disability” summarizes a great
  number of different functional limitations
  occurring in any population, in any country of
  the world. People may be disabled by physical,
  intellectual or sensory impairment, medical
  conditions or mental illness. Such
  impairments, conditions or illnesses may be
  permanent or transitory in nature.”
  - United Nations Standard Rules
What is Accessibility?
• There are many definitions for Accessibility this is
  one that suit this lecture.
• “The ease and convenience with which a
  property can be entered by customers, tenants,
  and other users, particularly related to access via
  automobile. Also, building design and alterations
  that enable people with physical disabilities to
  enter and maneuver in the building.”
   – http://www.answers.com/topic/accessibility
Building Regulations of Ireland
• Building Regulation in Ireland - Department of
  Environment, Heritage and Local Government
• Technical Guidance Document (TGD)
• Comply with the TGDs you are in compliance
  with Building Regulations of Ireland
• Building Regulations for Accessibility – “Access
  for people with Disabilities” is known as Part
  M and Part K of the regulations
Revision of TGD Part M
• Building Regulations and TGD Part M 2000 –
  Access for people with disability required
  further guidance to make buildings more
• Commitment given in Outline Sectoral Place
  under Section 36 – Disability Act 2005
• Result – Disability Access Certificate (DAC)
People and Organizations Involved in
Review of TGD Part M
•   People with disability
•   Architects, Developers, Quantity Surveyors
•   National Disability Authority
•   Irish Wheelchair Association
•   National Council for the Blind
•   Irish Council for Social Housing
•   RIAI -
•   National Rehabilitation Board
Disability Access Certificate (DAC)
• DAC made Law January 01 2010
• An architect or other professional prepares
  and submits Application Form per building to
  Building Control Authority (BCA)
• It is required before any work is done on the
  building - Post Planning Review Stage
• It is applied for the same time Fire Certificate
DAC Cont’d
      Application Cost Per Building            E800
      Application Appeal Cost Per Building     E250
      Application Revision Cost Per Building   E800

• 2 Month Minimum process time of DAC approval
• Failure of Approval – Appeal to An Bord Pleanála
• Revision of DAC – Any changes to a building plan
  a revision DAC application need to be submitted –
• Public Offense not to have a DAC for building
DAC Requirements
• DAC Application Form (www.environ.ie (pg
• E800 Fee
• Drawings, in duplicate, including a site plan
  showing the approaches to the building and
  internal layout plans, clearly illustrating (in
  colour if needed) how the building complies
  with Part M of Building Regulations
DAC Requirements Cont’d
• A detailed report which should systematically work through
  Part M and cover the following topics:
   – approaches to the building, including paths and steps
   – access into the building; door widths, lobbies
   – circulation within the building; corridors, stairs, lifts
   – access to the facilities within the whole building
   – that sufficient bedrooms in hotels and guest houses are
     provided for people with disabilities
   – that fully accessible toilets, bathrooms and showers are
   – that audience and spectator facilities make allowances for
     wheelchair users, for example
   – that apartments in a building are fully accessible
• Building Control Authorities (BCA)
• Demonstration on Compliance
  – Approach to a Building
  – Access to a Building
  – Circulation within a Building
  – Use of facilities within a Building
  – Sanitary Conveniences
• Universal Accessibility Symbols for Buildings
Building Control Authorities
• Monitors the accessibility in building
• Refuse DAC - You can Appeal to An Bord Pleanála
  – Appeal Fee E250
• Request further documentation to comply with
  outlines regulations
• Permission to access sites applying for DAC
• Breaches made – power to enforce the law and
  prosecute offenders
• Can’t sell property without a valid DAC
Approach to a Building
Access to a Building
Circulation within a Building
Use of facilities within a Building
Sanitary Conveniences
Universal Accessibility Symbols for
• Sanitary Symbols – Men
  and Women Restrooms
• Building Accessible
• Parking Accessibility
  Symbols and Parking
  Permit for people with
• People with disabilities won’t be able to safely
  and independently access and use of a
  inaccessible built environment
• Unable to achieve quality of life in society that
  all other citizens has pursuing an active life in
• Won’t have equal access to services and
• Exclusion from participating as equal citizens.
• Who monitors how buildings regulations are
  put in place correctly?
  a) Building Contractors Association
  b) Building Commissioning Association
  c) Building Control Authorities
• What does DAC stand for?
  a) Dublin Art Culture
  b) Disability Access Certificate
  c) Downhill Assist Control
• When did DAC come into affect?
  a) January 01 2008
  b) January 01 2010
  c) January 01 2009
• How much does an application for DAC cost?
  a) 250
  b) 600
  c) 800
• What is the Minimum process time of DAC
  a) 2 Months
  b) 6 Months
  c) 3 Months
• Name 3 ways to comply with DAC Regulations?
  1) ______________________________
  2) ______________________________
  3) ______________________________
Class Exercise
• Create a Disability Access Certificate for Dublin
  Institute of Technology (DIT) including
  application form and report. Blank
  Application Form can be found in the
  following location (www.environ.ie (pg 38))
Thank You

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