NORTH DAKOTA
 application for admission and housing contract / 2011-2012

applying for admission                                                                  applying for housing
This application may be used to apply for undergraduate freshmen, transfer or           WHEN AND HOW TO APPLY
nondegree status as well as early entry status. See pages 6 and 7 for descriptions      1. To apply for a residence hall, complete the contract found on page 3.
of different application types and requirements.                                           The contract requires a $50 room reservation fee. You also may
                                                                                           find the application online at
WHEN TO APPLY                                                                           2. You may complete your contract at any time, but early application is
Although NDSU does not have an application deadline, incoming freshmen are                 encouraged. You do not need to be admitted to the university
encouraged to complete the application process sometime between September and              prior to applying for housing. All assignments are contingent upon
January for the following fall semester or by November for the following spring            admission.
semester. Transfer students should consider completing the application process prior    3. Although there is no deadline to apply for housing, hall assignments
to early registration in April (for fall semester) or November (for spring semester).      are made on a first-come, first-served basis, according to the date
Please note it may take two to three weeks from the date all materials are received        you return the contract with the $50 room reservation fee.
to process your application. You can expect an admission decision by mail.              4. Using the provided envelope, mail all application materials to the
                                                                                           Department of Residence Life, NDSU Dept 5310, PO Box 6050,
Submit the application in this packet using the enclosed envelope OR complete              Fargo, ND 58108-6050.
the application found online at
                                                                                        ON-CAMPUS LIVING REQUIREMENT
FRESHMAN APPLICANTS MUST SUBMIT THE FOLLOWING:                                          All incoming freshmen are required to live in residence halls at NDSU. Living on
  1. A completed application for admission.                                             campus increases the chance that new students will achieve academic and personal
  2. The $35 application fee, payable by check to NDSU or via credit                    success. Exemptions from this policy are reviewed on a case-by-case basis. For
     card online at                                             more information, contact the Department of Residence Life.
  3. An official high school transcript. In order to be considered official, your
     transcript must be sent directly to the Office of Admission from your high         More information about this contract and the requirements are detailed
     school and must be signed by a school official.                                    beginning on page 9. Please read these terms and conditions carefully.
  4. ACT or SAT scores (unless the applicant is age 25 or older).
                                                                                        SHOULD YOU CHOOSE NOT TO ATTEND NDSU, YOUR ROOM
  1. A completed application for admission.                                             WRITING TO THE DEPARTMENT OF RESIDENCE LIFE BY JUNE 1.
  2. The $35 application fee, payable by check to NDSU or via credit
     card online at
  3. Official transcripts from all colleges and universities attended.
     In order to be considered official, transcripts must be submitted
     directly to the Office of Admission from the college or post-
     secondary institution you attended. Transcripts must be signed
     by a school official and contain the official school seal.
  4. Official high school transcript (unless 60 college credits have
     been completed at the time of application).
  5. ACT or SAT scores (unless at least 24 college credits have been
     completed at the time of application or the applicant is age 25
     or older).

Using the provided envelope, mail all application materials to the
Office of Admission, NDSU Dept 5230, PO Box 6050,
Fargo, ND 58108-6050.

Upon admission to the university, send official documentation of any disabilities
and requests for accommodations to Disability Services, NDSU Dept 5160,
PO Box 6050, Fargo, ND 58108-6050.
                                                                                                                                                          Student ID ______________________
                                                                                                                                                                            (for institutional use only)

PLEASE READ ALL DIRECTIONS CAREFULLY.                                                                                                                                        Please print in ink.
Mail the Application for Admission and the $35 non-refundable application fee directly to the NDSU Office of Admission, Dept 5230, PO Box 6050, Fargo, ND 58108-6050.

1. Have you previously applied for admission to NDSU?  Yes  No

2. Have you previously attended NDSU?  Yes                        No

3. Will you be registering for courses from more than one North Dakota University System institution?  Yes                                           No

4. Legal Name: ___________________________________________________________________________________________________
                           Last (Surname or family name)                        First (Name or Given Name)                    Middle                  Former (Surname or Family Name) (if applicable)

5. Social Security Number*(U.S. residents only) ______-_____-______
   *Disclosure of this information is voluntary. Failure to provide a Social Security Number may cause delays in administrative services such as financial aid processing and receiving federal
    tax information. International Students: Please provide a U.S. Social Security Number if you have been assigned one. If you are entering the U.S. for the first time, please leave this blank.

6. Gender:**  Male              Female

7. Your Birthdate: _____/____/______ Place of Birth: __________________________________________________________________________________
                        Month       Day      Year                           Country                               City                                          State/Province/Municipality

8. Are you a U.S. Citizen?  Yes                No       If no, in which country do you hold citizenship? ____________________________________________________

9. If not a U.S. Citizen, are you a permanent resident of the U.S.?  Yes                         No        If yes, give alien registration number _____________________________

10. Are you Hispanic/Latino?**  Yes                  No

11. Select one or more races:**  American Indian or Alaska Native – list applicable ethnic group(s) _____________________________________________

                                            Asian – list applicable ethnic group(s) ____________________________________________________________________

                                            Black or African American – list applicable ethnic group(s) ___________________________________________________

                                            Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander – list applicable ethnic group(s) _______________________________________

                                            White – list applicable ethnic group(s) ___________________________________________________________________

12. Your Mailing Address: __________________________________________________________________________________________________________
                                    Country, (if not USA)         Street                                              Apt #                City                                State/Province/Municipality

  _________________________________ (_____)_____________ Your E-mail Address: ____________________________________________________
    Zip Code               County                                     Telephone

   Permanent Address: ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________
                                    Country, (if not USA)         Street                                              Apt #                City                                State/Province/Municipality

  _________________________________ (_____)_____________
    Zip Code               County                                     Telephone

13. Mother/female guardian name: __________________________ Father/male guardian name: ________________________________________________

   Parent/Guardian Address:_______________________________________________________________________________________________________
                                          Country, (if not USA)        Street                                         Apt #                City                                State/Province/Municipality

  _________________________________ (_____)_____________ E-mail Address: ________________________________________________________
    Zip Code               County                                     Telephone

14. Check the option that best describes your current educational goal at this institution

    Earn a bachelor degree                   Complete courses but not a degree                     Complete undergraduate courses and transfer

15. Indicate delivery method/location through which you will be taking courses (check all that apply):

    On campus                Online                Off-campus site (indicate location): ________________________________________________________________

16. Indicate term you plan to enter?                 Fall         Spring             Summer _______ Year

17. Indicate academic major/program: __________________________________________

   **Disclosure of this information is voluntary. This information is requested for statistical purposes only and will not affect the status of your application.
     This information will not be used in a discriminatory manner.

    APPLICATION CONTINUED                                                           COMPLETE ALL SECTIONS

    18. List the last high school attended: ________________________________________________________________________________________________
                                             High School                                   City                                         State             Graduation Date

                                                                                                                     GED (high school equivalency exam)   Completion Date.

    19. Indicate the completion date (if applicable) of the following exams: ACT ________ SAT ________
                                                                                    Month/Year        Month/Year

    20. List all colleges, universities, and schools attended, or currently enrolled, whether or not credits were earned.
       Include college credits earned while in high school.
                            Failure to list all colleges, universities, and schools previously attended may result in denial of admission,
                                         rescission of admission, dismissal, loss of credit(s), or other appropriate sanctions.
       NAME                                                LOCATION (City, State)                 INCLUSIVE DATES OF ATTENDANCE DEGREE(S) EARNED AND DATE

       ___________________________________________________________________                        ____________________________             __________________________

       ___________________________________________________________________                        ____________________________             __________________________

       ___________________________________________________________________                        ____________________________             __________________________

       ___________________________________________________________________                        ____________________________             __________________________

    21. Do you now or have you live(d) in North Dakota?  Yes         No     If yes, list years (e.g. 1990-present or 1990-2009) ______________________________

       If no, or not currently a ND resident, in what state are you a resident?_____ List years (e.g. 1997-present) _______________________________________

       If you have lived in ND less than one year, in what state did you most recently reside?_____ List years _________________________________________

    22. Are you the spouse or a dependent of a graduate of a North Dakota public institution of higher education?  Yes               No

       If yes, which institution(s)? _______________________________________________________________________________________________________

    23. Are you a Veteran of the United States (U.S.) Armed Services?  Yes          No

    24. Are you a member of any of the following U.S. Armed Services?         Army      Navy       Air Force      Marines       Coast Guard
                                                                               North Dakota National Guard          National Guard
       If so, are you:    Active Duty    Reservist        Dependent/Spouse


    All students making application must answer the following questions. An affirmative response to any of these questions will not automatically
    prevent admission, but you will be asked to provide additional information. The information will be reviewed by a campus officer or committee
    charged with that responsibility. Falsification or omission of information may result in a denial of admission, rescission of admission, dismissal,
    or other appropriate sanction.

    1. Have you ever pled guilty (or no contest) to or been convicted of any felony?  Yes         No

    2. Within the past 10 years, have you pled guilty (or no contest) to or otherwise been convicted of a misdemeanor crime involving violence or the
    threat of violence in any court? “Crime of violence” means an offense that involves substantial risk that physical force may be used against a person
    or property of another. Examples of crimes of violence include, but are not limited to, abuse, arson, assault (including sexual assault or domestic
    violence), battery, breaking and entering, burglary, criminal mischief or vandalism, harassment, homicide, menacing, reckless endangerment, stalking,
    terrorizing and unlawful restraint or imprisonment.  Yes      No

    3. Are you currently required to register as a sex offender in any state?  Yes     No

    4. Have you been dismissed or suspended from a college or university for disciplinary reasons within the last 5 years? (“Dismissed for disciplinary reasons”
    means a permanent separation from an institution due to conduct or behavior. “Suspended for disciplinary reasons” means a sanction imposed for disciplin-
    ary reasons that results in a student leaving school for a fixed period but not permanently.)  Yes  No

    Go to to view the list of NDUS academic programs which require further
    criminal history background checks. These may include nationwide FBI criminal history background checks or a criminal history background check which
    may be a North Dakota BCI check, nationwide check or check of another state or multiple jurisdictions.


    I understand the information presented on both sides of this form will be used in evaluating my application for admission to NDSU. I certify that all
    statements are complete and true as of this date. If this information changes, I will notify the Office of Admission of the changes and understand
    that my admission status will be reevaluated at that time.

    Signature of Student: __________________________________________________________________                         Date: ____________________________________

 PLEASE READ ALL DIRECTIONS BEFORE COMPLETING THIS FORM.                                                                                  Please type or print in ink
Mail this form to Residence Life, North Dakota State University, Dept 5310 PO Box 6050, Fargo, ND 58108-6050 and include the $50 room reservation fee.
Applications/contracts may also be completed online via Campus Connection. For more information, visit

Legal name ____________________________________________________________________________________________________                                                     Male  Female
                                         Last                         First (no nicknames)                          Middle

Age________ Date of birth ______ /_______ /_______ Student ID No. ________________________________ Major_______________________________
                                Month       Day        Year                                   (If known)

Home address ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
                                Street                                  City                               State             Zip                               Country

Parent/guardian name _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Home phone (______) _______________________ Cell phone (______) _________________________________ Will enroll as (circle) Fr So Jr Sr Grad

E-mail address _________________________________________________________________ Semester intended to move in (circle) Fall 2011 Spring 2012

New transfer student  Yes  No

RESIDENCE HALL PREFERENCE                                                          MEAL PLAN PREFERENCE
Indicate your hall preference by placing a 1 next to your first choice, 2 next     Choose your meal plan by selecting the appropriate choice. A meal plan
to your second choice, 3 next to your third choice, etc. Up to eight choices       is required for all first-year students and anyone residing in Reed/Johnson,
may be selected. (See page 13 for hall descriptions.)                              Weible, Pavek, Seim, Sevrinson or Thompson. A meal plan is optional for
                                                                                   upperclassmen in Churchill, Stockbridge, Burgum, Dinan, Niskanen and Living
MALE HALLS                                                                         Learning Centers only. If you are required to have a meal plan and fail to
____ Churchill (first-year students and upperclassmen)                             select one, you will be placed on the Basic Plan. For more information about
____ Johnson (first-year students only)                                            dining plans, visit
____ Reed (first-year students only)
                                                                                    Basic (unlimited access, 3 guest passes)
____ Stockbridge (first-year students and upperclassmen)
                                                                                    Elite (unlimited access, 7 guest passes, additional Dining Dollars value)
                                                                                    No meal plan
____ Burgum (first-year students and upperclassmen)
                                                                                   LEARNING COMMUNITIES
____ Dinan (first-year students and upperclassmen)
                                                                                   Please mark any of the following room requests that interest you. Visit
____ North Weible (first-year students only)
                                                                          for more information about these options.
____ South Weible (first-year students only)

                                                                                    Engineering and Architecture Community – Sevrinson Hall
                                                                                      (must be majoring in engineering or architecture)
____ Living/Learning Center East (must be at least 20 years old)
                                                                                    Pharmacy Community – Thompson Hall
____ Living/Learning Center West (must be at least 20 years old)
                                                                                      (must be majoring in pharmacy/pre-pharmacy)
____ Pavek (first-year students and upperclassmen)
                                                                                    Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences (AHSS) Community - Pavek Hall
____ Seim (first-year students and upperclassmen)
                                                                                      (must be an AHSS student)
____ Sevrinson (first-year students only)
                                                                                    Wellness Community – Seim Hall
____ Thompson (first-year students only)
                                                                                      (additional substance-free contract required; see Web site for details)
____ Niskanen (upperclassmen only)
                                                                                    Business Community – Sevrinson Hall
                                                                                      (must be majoring in business)
                                                                                    Transfer/International Community – Niskanen Hall
Requests for a specific roommate must be mutual and both requests should
                                                                                      (must be transfer or international student)
be received by Jan. 1 for priority consideration. Requests after this date will
be accepted but may not be possible. Please mail both contracts together.

 Roommate request:
Full Name and Hometown ___________________________________

Accommodations: If you require accommodations with your room or meal plan due to a documented disability, contact the Disability Services Office,
170 Wallman Wellness Center, NDSU Dept 5160, PO Box 6050, Fargo, ND 58108-6050 or phone 701-231-8463 in addition to submitting this License Contract
and reservation fee. Requests for accommodations cannot be assured for students applying less than 60 days prior to the beginning of the term for which
on-campus accommodations are needed. NDSU will make every effort, however, to provide reasonable accommodations.

I hereby apply for accommodations for the academic year as indicated above. I have read and agree to abide by the GENERAL CONDITIONS OF THIS
LICENSE CONTRACT, including the final rate schedule as approved by the State Board of Higher Education, and have included my $50 reservation fee.

I understand that this is a contract for the duration of the 2011-2012 academic year.

Student _______________________________________ Date ____ /____ /____ Parent _______________________________________
          (Student signature)                                              Month     Day      Year                 (Parent signature required if applicant is less than 18 years of age.)

  Student ID# ___________________________________________ Receipt # _________________ Date____/____/____

   Student imported                  Meal plan set                 Room request set                      Roommate preference set

           Agricultural Economics
                                                             COLLEGE OF ARTS, HUMANITIES
                                                             AND SOCIAL SCIENCES
                                                                       Agricultural Communication
                                                                                                                            COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING AND
                                                                                                                                     Aerospace Studies—Air Force ROTC
                                                                                                                                     Agricultural and Biosystems
    M,m    Agricultural Systems Management                   M,m       Art                                                           Engineering
    o        Applied Technology                              M,m       Classical Languages                                  o            Agricultural
    o        Dealership Management                           m         Community Development                                o            Biosystems
    o        Production Agriculture                          M,m       Criminal Justice                                     M        Architecture
    c      Animal Health Management                          M,m       Emergency Management                                 M        Civil Engineering
    M,m    Animal Science                                    M,m       English                                              M        Computer Engineering
    o        Production/Business                             M,m       French                                               M        Construction Engineering
    o        Science/Pre-Vet                                 m         French Studies                                       M        Construction Management
    M,m    Biotechnology                                     m         German Studies                                       M        Electrical Engineering
    M,m    Crop and Weed Sciences                            m         Gerontology                                          o            Biomedical Engineering
    o        Agronomy                                        M,m       Health Communication                                 o            Communication and
                                                                                                                                         Signal Processing
    o        Biotechnology                                   M,m       History
                                                                                                                            o            Control Engineering
    o        Science                                         M,m       Journalism, Broadcasting and Mass
                                                                       Communication Technologies                           o            Electromagnetics
    o        Weed Science
                                                             M,m       Management Communication                             o            Electronics and Microelectronics
    M,m    Economics
                                                             M,m       Music                                                o            Optical Engineering
    M,m,c Equine Studies
                                                             M         New Media and Web Design                             o            Power Systems
    M,m    Food Safety
                                                             M,m       Philosophy/Humanities                                M        Environmental Design
    M      Food Science
                                                             M,m       Political Science                                    M,m      Industrial Engineering
    M,m    General Agriculture
                                                                                                                                     and Management
    M,m    Horticulture                                      o           Public Service
                                                                                                                            o            Health Care Management
    o        Horticulture Biotechnology                      o           Pre-Law
                                                                                                                            o            Human Factors Engineering
    o        Horticulture Science                            M         Public History
                                                                                                                            o            Lean Enterprise
    o        Landscape Design                                M,m       Public Relations and Advertising
                                                                                                                            o            Manufacturing Systems Design
    o        Production Business                             m         Religious Studies
                                                                                                                            o            Operations Research
    o        Urban Forestry and Parks                        M         Social Science
                                                                                                                            o            Production and Inventory Control
    m      Large Animal Veterinary Technology                M,m       Sociology
                                                                                                                            o            Project and Engineering Management
    M,m    Microbiology                                      M,m       Spanish
                                                                                                                            o            Reliability and Quality Assurance
    o        Pre-Veterinary Medicine                         m         Spanish Studies
                                                                                                                            M,m      Landscape Architecture
    M,m    Natural Resources Management                      M,m       Theatre Arts
                                                                                                                            o            Design and Communications
    o        Biotic Resources                                o           Design Tech Theatre
                                                                                                                            o            Land Reclamation
    o        Environmental Communication                     o           Musical Theatre
                                                                                                                            o            Landscape Construction
    o        Natural Resources Economics                     o           Performance
                                                                                                                                         and Technology
    o        Physical/Earth Resources Sciences               m         Web Design
                                                                                                                            o            Natural Resources Management
    o        Pollution Science                               M,m       Women and Gender Studies
                                                                                                                            o            Rural Community Development
    o        Social Sciences
                                                                                                                            M,m      Manufacturing Engineering
    M,m    Range Science                                     COLLEGE OF BUSINESS
                                                                                                                            o            Computer Integrated Manufacturing
    M,m    Soil Science                                      M,m       Accounting
                                                                                                                            o            Lean Enterprise
    M      Sports and Urban Turfgrass                        m         Agribusiness (Corporate Track)
                                                                                                                            o            Production Engineering
           Management                                        M,m       Business Administration
                                                                                                                            o            Manufacturing Systems Design
    m,c    Therapeutic Horsemanship                          M,c       Finance
                                                                                                                            o         Specialized Manufacturing Processes
    M      Veterinary Technology                             m         Fraud Investigation
                                                                                                                            M        Mechanical Engineering
           Pre-Veterinary Medicine                           c         Human Resource Management
                                                                                                                            o            Coatings and Polymeric Materials
                                                             m         Logistics Management
                                                                                                                            m        Military Science—Army ROTC
                                                             M         Management
                                                                                                                            M,m      Natural Resources Management
                                                             o           Human Resources Management
                                                                                                                            o            See options under College of
                                                             M,m       Management Information Systems                                    Agriculture, Food Systems, and
                                                             M,c       Marketing                                                         Natural Resources

    KEY:   M Undergraduate major   o Option (area of emphasis, concentration, or specialization within a major) m Available as a minor   c Certificate Program
AND EDUCATION                               AND ALLIED SCIENCES                         Programs in the College of University Studies
M,m    Apparel and Textiles                 M     Clinical Laboratory Science           are designed for students with general needs
                                                                                        or unique goals. These programs involve
o        Apparel Studies                    M     Nursing
                                                                                        general studies for the deciding students or
o        Retail Merchandising               M     Pharmacy
                                                                                        the Bachelor of University Studies degree (a
M      Dietetics                            M     Radiologic Sciences                   tailored degree program) for students with
o        Coordinated Program in Dietetics   M     Respiratory Care                      distinctive educational goals.
o        Didactic Program in Dietetics
                                                                                        INTERNATIONAL STUDIES
M      Exercise Science                     COLLEGE OF SCIENCE
                                            AND MATHEMATICS                             The International Studies major at NDSU
m      Gerontology
                                                                                        is offered concurrently with the primary
M,m    Hospitality and Tourism Management   M,m   Behavioral Statistics
                                                                                        undergraduate major in many departments.
M,m    Human Development and                m     Biochemistry
       Family Science                       M     Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
o        Adult Development and Aging        M,m   Biological Sciences
o        Child Development                  o       Environmental Science
o        Family Science                     M,m   Biotechnology
m      Individual and Family Wellness       M,m   Botany
M      Interior Design                      M,m   Chemistry
M      Physical Education                   o       American Chemical Society
M      Sport and Recreation Leadership              Certification
M,m    Women and Gender Studies             o       Biochemistry
                                            o       Chemistry Education
Secondary Education:                        o       Coatings and Polymeric Materials
M      Agricultural Education               o       Pre-Professional Chemistry
M      Biological Sciences Education        m     Coatings and Polymeric Materials
M      Chemistry Education                  M,m   Computer Science
M      Comprehensive Science Education      m     Environmental Geology
M      Earth Science Education              m     Geography
M      English Education                    M,m   Geology
o        Communication                      M,m   Mathematics
m      Extension Education                  M,m   Natural Resources Management
M      Family and Consumer Sciences         o       See options under College of
        Education                                   Agriculture, Food Systems, and
M      French Education                             Natural Resources
M,m    Health Education                     m     Neuroscience
o        Community Health                   M,m   Physics
o        School Health                      o       Computational Physics
M      History Education                    o       Optical Science and Engineering
M,m    Instrumental Music Education         M,m   Psychology
M      Mathematics Education                o       Natural Science
M,m    Physical Education (K-12)            o       Social Science
M      Physics Education                    M,m   Statistics
M      Social Science Education             o       Pre-Actuarial Science
M      Spanish Education                    M,m   Zoology
M,m    Vocal Music Education                o       General Zoology
                                            o       Physiology, Cell Biology,
                                                    or Health Sciences*
Via Valley City State University:
                                                       *Pre-Professional preparation:
Elementary Education (available only as a
second major with Child Development and
Family Science)                                        Dentistry
                                                       Mortuary Science
                                            o       Fisheries, Wildlife, Ecology,
                                                    and Behavior                                                                        5
    We are pleased you are applying for admission to North Dakota State University. This application packet outlines all the steps you should
    take to be considered for admission. We are happy to answer any questions you may have about the process or about NDSU. The NDSU
    Application for Admission also is available on the Web at YOU CAN EXPECT AN ADMISSION DECISION TWO TO

    Admission decisions are based on the total high school record.          An admission decision will be based on a review of your total
    Applicants must complete the following high school college              academic record.
    preparatory courses (one unit equals one full year of study):             • If you have earned fewer than 24 transferrable college credits
       1. Four (4) units of English.                                            at the time of application, your high school record and test
       2. Three (3) units of mathematics at algebra I and above.                scores will be taken into consideration, along with your GPA
       3. Three (3) units of laboratory science.                                in college course work.
       4. Three (3) units of social studies.                                  • If you have more than 24 transferrable credits, a decision
    In addition to fulfilling the college preparatory courses, grade            will be based on your cumulative GPA from all previously
    point average and ACT or SAT scores are considered in                       attended post-secondary institutions.
    evaluating an application. The ACT writing test is not required.
    The general guidelines used in making admission decisions               Our general recommendation is that all applicants present at
    include a cumulative grade point average of 2.5 (4.0 scale)             least a 2.0 GPA in all college course work to be considered
    with strong consideration given to grades earned in college             for admission. If you have credits from more than one college
    preparatory courses, and an ACT composite score of 21 or higher.        or university, all credits will be combined to determine the
    If the SAT is taken, a score of 970 or higher is recommended.           cumulative grade point average for admission consideration.
    Students who do not meet these requirements will be considered          When reviewing applications, particular attention is paid to
    if other supporting factors show potential for success.                 students’ most recent course work. If you have in-progress
                                                                            course work at the time of application, all course work must be
    If you completed any college credits while in high school, please       completed with passing grades.
    mail official transcripts for this course work directly to the Office
    of Admission.                                                           Students who have been suspended from another institution will
                                                                            not be considered for admission to NDSU until the suspension
    NDSU will accept the General Education Development (GED)                has been lifted by that institution or one year has elapsed.
    certificate from applicants age 19 or older. For students testing       Suspended students may not transfer course work into NDSU
    prior to 2002, an average of 45 and subject scores no lower             that was completed during the suspension period, unless prior
    than 40 are required. Students tested in 2002 or later must             approval, through an appeal process, has been granted.
    present an overall average score of 450 with no subject score
    lower than 410.                                                         SECONDARY ADMISSION
                                                                            Admission to a number of NDSU programs is selective. If you
    PATHWAY PROGRAM                                                         are pursuing any of the following programs, be sure to consult
    The Pathway Program is a collaboration between NDSU and                 department materials for information about selective admission
    North Dakota State College of Science that prepares students            to the professional program or internship:
    for the academic rigors of college level course work. Freshman            Accounting                       Journalism, Broadcasting
    applicants who are not fully admitted to NDSU may be eligible             Agricultural Communication          and Mass Communication
    to participate in the Pathway Program.                                    Architecture                        Technologies
                                                                              Business Administration          Landscape Architecture
    The program prepares students through academic readiness                  Clinical Laboratory Science      Management
    course work, which is taken in Fargo at the Skills and Technology         Construction Engineering         Management Communication
    Training Center, located adjacent to the NDSU campus, along               Construction Management          Management Information Systems
    with a limited number of general education classes taken on               Computer Engineering             Marketing
    the NDSU campus. The typical Pathway student may participate              Dietetics                        Mechanical Engineering
    in the Pathway Program for one to two semesters prior to                  Education (all programs)         Music
    transitioning to NDSU.                                                    Electrical Engineering           Nursing
                                                                              Exercise Science                 Pharmacy
                                                                              Finance                          Public Relations and Advertising
                                                                              Health Communication             Radiologic Sciences
                                                                              Industrial Engineering           Respiratory Care
                                                                                 and Management                Sport and Recreation Leadership
                                                                              Interior Design                  Veterinary Technology
                                                                              International Studies

NON-DEGREE SEEKING STUDENTS                                             Early Entry students are limited to seven credits per semester
Special student status is reserved for non-degree-seeking               and pay the same tuition and fees as regular part-time students.
students who wish to enroll in a limited number of courses at           In order to enroll in specific math and English courses, specific
NDSU. Students are permitted to register for up to 15 credits           ACT scores are required. More information is available on these
without submitting official transcripts (unless college course work     requirements from your admission counselor.
was completed within one year prior to application). Interested
students should submit the Application for Admission and $35            CERTIFICATE PROGRAMS
nonrefundable application fee to the Office of Admission. If            Certificate programs consist of a minimum of 16 credits.
additional courses are to be taken, or to become a degree-seeking       Students interested in certificate programs should follow the
student, appropriate high school and/or college transcripts must        regular procedures outlined for freshman or transfer student
be submitted to be considered for admission. Special status             admission, as appropriate.
students are not eligible for federal or state financial aid.
Please note, some courses are limited to students in select             NON-NATIVE ENGLISH SPEAKING
programs of study, in specified classifications, or are restricted      STUDENT ADMISSION
by prerequisite course work. More information is in the course
                                                                        Admission requirements and decisions vary for non-native
catalog and Campus Connection. Please consult this information
                                                                        English speaking students and are based on a student’s academic
prior to applying.
                                                                        background and language proficiency. To be considered for
                                                                        admission, students need to submit the following items at least
AUDITING COURSES                                                        one month prior to beginning the semester.
Students interested in auditing courses should follow the application   1. Completed Application for Admission and $35 nonrefundable
procedures for special student status.                                     application fee.
                                                                        2. High school transcript or official GED exam scores.
DUAL ADMISSION                                                          3. Transcripts of any post-secondary course work, translated
Dual admission is a program for agriculture students who want              and evaluated by a third party, if applicable.
to begin studies at a North Dakota University System college            4. A photocopy of your I-94 (Departure Record) or I-551
or university, then transfer to NDSU. Dual admission students              (Alien Registration Receipt Card), unless a U.S. citizen.
have two academic advisers—one at each institution. Students            5. A writing sample (taken within 12 months of application).
should apply for admission to NDSU prior to completion of the           6. Official copy of Michigan English Language Assessment Battery,
first semester as a full-time student. Students should write “Dual         as determined by admission staff (taken within 12 months
Admission Agriculture Program” at the top of the Application               of application date).
for Admission. For more information, write or call the College of       7. ACT or SAT scores if you graduated from a U.S. high school.
Agriculture, Food Systems, and Natural Resources at NDSU, Dept
2200, PO Box 6050, Fargo, ND 58108-6050, 701-231-8790.                  Depending on a student’s academic background and English
                                                                        proficiency, the following admission decisions may be made:
DUAL CREDIT PROGRAM AND POST-                                           1. Full admission to NDSU.
SECONDARY ENROLLMENT OPTIONS                                            2. Conditional admission to NDSU, with a credit limit.
ADMISSION                                                               3. Conditional admission to NDSU, and student is required
The Dual Credit Program in North Dakota and Post-Secondary                 to enroll in the Intensive English Language Program (IELP)
Enrollment Options (PSEO) program in Minnesota allow high                  with course work restricted to IELP only.
school students to take college course work as part of their full-      4. Admission to the Pathway Program.
time high school enrollment and receive college credit and/or
credit toward high school graduation requirements. Dual Credit          Permission to register for the IELP does not constitute admission
and PSEO students who apply for freshman admission to NDSU              to any of the academic degree programs at NDSU.
must have final high school and college transcripts sent to the
NDSU Office of Admission to verify that all course work has been        REGARDLESS OF CITIZENSHIP, A STANDARDIZED ENGLISH
completed and certify high school graduation. Students with             PROFICIENCY TEST MAY BE REQUIRED FOR ALL NON-
college credit earned during high school are still required to take     NATIVE ENGLISH SPEAKING STUDENTS.
the ACT. These students are not classified as transfer students,
but courses will be evaluated for college credit.
                                                                        INTERNATIONAL ADMISSION
                                                                        A separate application must be submitted. Admission
EARLY ENTRY ADMISSION                                                   of undergraduate international students is determined
High school students wishing to take course work at NDSU prior
                                                                        by a selective admission process that considers English
to high school graduation may enroll under Early Entry Student
                                                                        language proficiency, academic record and financial resources.
status. College courses may or may not substitute for courses
required for high school graduation. You must initiate the Dual
                                                                        Call the Office of International Programs at 701-231-7895 or
Credit Enrollment Application with your high school counselor to
                                                                        800-488-NDSU, send an e-mail to,
count the college credit toward high school graduation
                                                                        or write well in advance of the desired enrollment date to request
requirements. To apply for Early Entry status, you must submit the
                                                                        an International Student Application for Admission.
Application for Admission, high school transcript and $35
nonrefundable fee along with the Early Entry Permission Form
signed by both a parent and high school counselor or principal.
The early entry form is available from the Office of Admission. You
must show evidence of strong academic ability and adequate
progress toward meeting the college preparatory requirements.

    TUITION                                                                 FINANCIAL AID AND SCHOLARSHIPS
    Tuition varies by a student’s state of residence. In North Dakota,      All students who apply for admission to NDSU receive important
    12 consecutive months of residence immediately prior to the             information on financial aid programs and the application process.
    beginning of the first academic term is required to be eligible for     Should you feel that financial assistance is necessary to attend
    in-state tuition. Typically out-of-state residents pay higher tuition   NDSU, we urge you to carefully read this information when it
    at NDSU than North Dakota residents. However, several tuition           reaches you, and to pay special attention to deadlines.
    agreements exist for the benefit of out-of-state students. Contact
    the Office of Admission for current figures.                            You must first apply for admission to be considered for financial
                                                                            aid at NDSU. It is not necessary to wait for the entire process to
    Reciprocity — A reciprocity agreement between North Dakota              be complete. You must simply complete the application. A Free
    and Minnesota makes students eligible for tuition comparable            Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) must be completed
    to resident tuition. Students who graduate from a Minnesota             in order to be considered for federal financial assistance. Complete
    high school in 2011 and enroll at NDSU within 12 months                 the FAFSA online at When completing the FAFSA,
    automatically qualify for reciprocity. No paperwork is necessary.       make sure to use NDSU’s Institution Title IV Code, 002997, so that
    If you graduated prior to 2011 or plan to attend NDSU more than         the application information will be sent to NDSU. Students
    12 months following high school graduation, complete the                requesting financial assistance should electronically submit the
    application online at Transfer              FAFSA by March 1 to meet the March 15 priority consideration
    students must apply for reciprocity beginning in April for the          deadline. Students may submit applications after this date, but the
    following year. Home schooled students and students who earned          types of aid may be limited.
    a GED must mail in the application found on the MHESO Web site
    listed above to qualify for reciprocity. Contact the Minnesota          Most financial aid is awarded on the basis of financial need. By
    Higher Education Coordinating Board in St. Paul at 651-642-0533         using the “Expected Family Contribution” provided on the FAFSA,
    for more information.                                                   the Office of Student Financial Services is able to determine your
                                                                            need for assistance. Financial need is typically met through a
    Tuition Exchange States — Various states are engaged in tuition         combination of loans, grants and work-study. For specific
    exchange agreements with North Dakota. Students from these              questions about financial aid, call Bison Connection at
    states pay tuition at 150 percent of resident tuition. Students from    701-231-6200 or 866-924-8969.
    participating states qualify for reduced tuition simply by indicating
    their state of residence on the Application for Admission. You may
                                                                            Scholarships are available for students who demonstrate high
    be asked to provide documentation proving your state of
                                                                            academic ability. Request a Scholarship Application from the
    residence. States and provinces engaged in the Western
                                                                            Office of Admission by calling 701-231-8643 or 800-488-NDSU.
    Undergraduate Exchange Program and the Midwest Student
                                                                            The scholarship application deadline for freshmen is February 1.
    Exchange Program are Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado,
                                                                            The transfer student deadlines are December 1 for Spring
    Hawaii, Idaho, Indiana, Kansas, Manitoba, Michigan, Missouri,
                                                                            Semester and April 1 for Fall Semester.
    Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, Saskatchewan,
    South Dakota, Utah, Washington, Wisconsin and Wyoming.
                                                                            Students who identify as American Indian, Alaska Native,
    Alumni Tuition Incentive — Children and spouses of North Dakota         African American/Black, Asian/Pacific Islander, Hispanic/Latino,
    University System college and university graduates living in non-       Multiracial/Multiethnic or refugee may qualify for additional
    resident states are eligible for reduced tuition at NDSU. New           financial support. In addition to cultural diversity, priority
    undergraduate students are eligible for tuition at 150 percent of       is given to students with:
    the North Dakota resident rate. To qualify, list the institution on     • High financial need based on results of the 2011-2012 Free
    line 17 of the Application for Admission.                                  Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)
                                                                            • First generation college students
    Employee Tuition Discount — Spouses and dependents of NDSU              • Students who are a single parent
    employees may be eligible for a tuition discount equal to one-          • Full-time enrollment at NDSU
    half of the tuition for NDSU classes. Please contact the Office of
    Human Resources to complete the paperwork at least 30 days              Contact the Office of Admission for an application. The application
    prior to the beginning of the term.                                     deadline is April 1.


North Dakota State University is fully committed to equal               3. APPLICATION AND ASSIGNMENT PROCEDURES
opportunity in employment decisions and educational programs             a) New students should submit a housing application online
and activities. This is in compliance with all applicable federal           via Campus Connection. Information may be found at
and state laws and includes appropriate affirmative action         Alternatively, students may remit a
efforts for all individuals without regard to age, color, disability,       $50 room reservation fee (check or money order payable to
gender identity, marital status, national origin, public assistance         North Dakota State University, or online credit card or check
status, race, religion, sex, sexual orientation, or status as a U.S.        payment via a link at and a hard copy
veteran, status with regard to marriage or public assistance, or            of the application to the Department of Residence Life, North
participation in lawful activity off the employer’s premises during         Dakota State University, Dept. 5310, PO Box 6050, Fargo,
nonworking hours which is not in direct conflict with the essential         ND 58108-6050. An application does not guarantee a room
business-related interests of the employer. This commitment to              reservation until the student has been so notified. Room
equal opportunity includes such areas as admission, counseling,             assignments are made without regard to race, religion, color,
housing, financial aid, co-curricular activities and academic               creed or national origin. Assignment priority is determined
programs. The Department of Residence Life supports this                    according to the date the application and fee are received.
commitment and will not make room assignments or changes                    The license contracts of current students reserving a room
contrary to this policy. Our students share living areas and                during the annual “Room Sign Up” are considered final.
are roommates with individuals who may have different life               b) After moving into a room, the reservation fee is applied
experiences and backgrounds. We are not asking that students                to the initial room/meal plan payment.
change, but that they come with an open mind and are accepting           c) On-campus housing is available to the extent that the
of individual differences.                                                  university has regular space. However, students may be
                                                                            assigned to “overflow” housing when “regular” space has
                                                                            been filled. Overflow housing may include some larger
  a) The Residence Hall Contract creates a license for the student
                                                                            single, double, triple/quad rooms, double rooms with study,
     to use campus housing and is not a lease. The relationship
                                                                            area motels, and apartment units. Furnishings and services
     between NDSU and the student is that of licensor-licensee
                                                                            available in overflow spaces may differ from regular spaces.
     and not that of landlord-tenant. A license creates a privilege
                                                                            Room rates will remain the same for these areas.
     for students to use residential housing subject to the
                                                                         d) Roommate preferences are honored when possible, but
     conditions of this contract and university regulations.
                                                                            are not guaranteed. If students request each other as
2. ELIGIBILITY/REQUIREMENTS                                                 roommates, both applications should be submitted together.
 a) Students who are enrolled at NDSU are eligible to live in               Priority consideration will be given to roommate requests
    university housing.                                                     received by Jan. 1, 2011. After Jan. 1, it becomes difficult
 b) Housing may be refused to any student based on their                    to honor roommate requests.
    current or past conduct, whether the student may pose a              e) Final confirmation of housing is subject to admission to the
    safety or security risk to persons or property. Housing also            university. Admission to the university does not guarantee
    may be refused to students who have outstanding debts to                a room assignment.
    the university.
 c) All first-year students are required to live on campus. For
    more information about this policy, visit the NDSU Residence            FOR ADDITIONAL INFORMATION:
    Life website at                                   NDSU Dept. 5310 PO Box 6050, Fargo, ND 58108-6050
                                                                            1-800-572-8840 or 701-231-7557
                                                                            Web site:                                  9
      a) Students with documented disabilities who need                    a) Room and Meal Plan
         accommodations in their residence hall room and/or                    1. Payment is due according to the guidelines
         meal plan must contact Disability Services, 701-231-8463.                established by NDSU. These guidelines are available
         Assignments with accommodations cannot be processed                      at
         without a recommendation from Disability Services.                    2. The university will assess a late fee on accounts
      b) Requests for accommodations cannot be assured for                        that are past due for one month or more.
         students applying less than 60 days prior to the beginning        b) Non-payment
         of the semester for which on-campus accommodations are               Failure to comply with the above payment plans may result
         needed. NDSU will make every effort, however, to provide             in cancellation of the student’s reservation (see Section 6a)
         reasonable accommodations.                                           and/or a hold on his/her university registration.
      c) Assignment is based on the accommodations required and            c) Late Assignment
         the date the license contract and deposit are received.              If a student is assigned after the payment deadline
                                                                              date, he/she shall remit amount due to Bison Connection
                                                                              by the designated time.
      a) The Department of Residence Life is committed to assisting       9. MEAL PLANS
         students who need special accommodations based on                 a) Two meal plan selections are available – Basic and Elite.
         gender identity/expression.                                          All first-year students are required to maintain a meal plan.
      b) Students seeking these accommodations are encouraged                 All residents of Reed-Johnson, Weible, Thompson, Sevrinson,
         to contact Department of Residence Life staff at the time            Seim and Pavek Halls are required to accept a meal
         of application. Staff will not ask for more information than         plan. Meal plans also are available, but not required, for
         is required and will work with the student to find the best          non-first year students residing in Burgum, Churchill, Dinan,
         suitable arrangement. All disclosed information will be              Stockbridge, Niskanen and the Living Learning Centers.
         kept confidential.                                                b) Meal plan cancellation requests (only available in Burgum,
                                                                              Dinan, Churchill, Stockbridge, Niskanen and the Living
                                                                              Learning Centers) must be received in writing at the
      a) This contract is made for the academic year (Aug. 22, 2011 -
                                                                              Department of Residence Life on or before June 1 for fall
         May 11, 2012). The Department of Residence Life reserves
                                                                              semester and Dec. 1 for spring semester. Late cancellations
         the right to cancel reservations not paid by the payment
                                                                              will only be accepted through the first Friday after classes
         due dates (see Section 8) and to make all final decisions
                                                                              start and a $50 processing fee will be assessed.
         regarding assignments.
                                                                           c) Rates have been established for meals to begin with dinner
     7. ROOM AND MEAL PLAN SELECTIONS                                         on the first move-in day of the fall semester and breakfast on
       a) Rates do not include annual hall activity dues                      the first Monday of the spring semester. Student IDs will be
          (see Section 20g).                                                  issued by the Bison Card Center. There is a fee for ID cards.
       b) The rates listed are for the 2010-2011 academic year. Final         ID cards are required for admittance in the dining centers.
          2011-2012 rates will be posted online and included in the        d) The meal plan rate does not include meals during university
          assignment notice mailed prior to arrival. These rates do not       break periods. Dining service is available on a cash basis at
          include official university break periods (see Section 13).         the Memorial Union between semesters and during break
       2010-2011 Rates                                                        periods, Monday through Friday.
       Selections                         Fall        Spring   Yearly      e) Meal plan add/change requests (not meal plan cancellations)
       Room Only                         $1672        $1368    $3040          must be received in writing at the Department of Residence
       Room and Basic Meal Plan          $3417         $3113   $6530          Life. Approved changes are effective the following semester.
       Room and Elite Meal Plan          $3597        $3293    $6890
                                                                          10. OCCUPANCY
       ADD:$50 per semester for rooms in the high rises and Niskanen
                                                                           a) Residents must be an enrolled student at NDSU, must
             $1 00 per semester for high rise “E” rooms
                                                                              occupy the assigned room, and may not sublet or (re)assign
                (designed singles) or designed single in Burgum Hall
                                                                              the room. Students must be enrolled by the first day of
             $225 per semester for Living Learning Centers
                                                                              classes to be eligible to live in university housing.
             $200 per semester for single occupancy double rooms
                                                                           b) If a student fails to occupy his/her assigned room within
                (if available) and for Churchill singles
                                                                              one week after the start of classes, the reservation will be
      MEAL PLAN RATES (per semester):                                         canceled with a forfeiture of the reservation fee.
      Basic Meal Plan: $1,775/semester                                     c) When all “regular” room space is fully assigned, some single,
        Unlimited access, 3 guest meals                                       double, triple/quad rooms, double rooms with study, motels
      Elite Meal Plan: $1,925/semester                                        and apartment units may be used as “overflow” housing until
          Unlimited access, 7 guest meals, and $200 Dining Dollars            “regular” space becomes available.
                                                                           d) If a student occupies a room that falls below its designed
      c) If room and/or meal plan rates change within the                     capacity, he/she may request to keep a double room as a
         contract period, students have the option to accept                  single or a triple/quad room as a double after the first week
         or terminate this agreement.                                         of each semester for an additional fee by contacting the Hall
                                                                              Director. Single and triple/quad room requests are honored
                                                                              depending on space availability. If a student does not wish
                                                                              to keep a double room as a single or a triple/quad as
                                                                              a double, he/she must find another resident to live with
                                                                              him/her or move to a room with someone else. The hall
                                                                              staff will assist in finding a person to share the room,
                                                                              but it is ultimately the student’s responsibility to find

    another roommate. The university cannot guarantee                 b) Students currently residing on campus are not required
    a roommate assignment.                                               to pay another reservation fee when they contract for the
 e) The Department of Residence Life reserves the right                  following year. If a student contracts for the following year
    to consolidate residents when hall occupancy is below                and cancels after June 1 for fall, or after December 1 for
    100 percent capacity. Residents living in rooms at less              spring, a $50 late cancellation fee will be assessed to his/her
    than capacity will be charged the additional fee.                    university account.
 f) The university reserves the right to transfer students from       c) If a student cancels a reservation after the specified deadline
    one room or hall to another in the interest of health, safety,       dates or applies after these dates and then cancels, the fee
    student conduct or consolidation of overflow housing.                will not be refunded.
 g) The university reserves the right to determine                    d) If residence halls remain above capacity during the semester
    what constitutes occupancy and may reassign                          for men, men who have completed at least two semesters
    residents accordingly.                                               of college-level course work post high school graduation
 h) Any termination of occupancy or exceptions to this license           may request to be released before the end of the semester.
    contract will be subject to the approval of the Director             If residence halls remain above capacity during the semester
    of Residence Life or designee.                                       for women, women who have completed at least two
                                                                         semesters of college-level course work post high school
                                                                         graduation may request to be released before the end of the
  a) Guests of the same sex are permitted to remain overnight
                                                                         semester. If approved, a $50 early release fee is assessed.
     in the residence halls only if arrangements are made with
                                                                      e) Releases made during the contract period when the
     the hall staff and residents have completed their roommate
                                                                         residence halls are below capacity or for conduct reasons
     agreement. Residents are responsible for behavior of guests.
                                                                         will result in a breach of contract.
  b) Residence hall visitation hours are 24 hours and guests must
                                                                      f) A breach of contract will result in loss of room rent for
     be escorted 24 hours a day in all buildings.
                                                                         the remainder of the contract period. Sixty percent of the
  c) All residents are required to complete a roommate
                                                                         unused board will be refunded.
     agreement during the first week of school. The roommate
                                                                      g) If a student vacates before the end of the school year
     agreement must be completed in order for the 24-hour
                                                                         without approval of the Director of Residence Life or
     visitation policy to be in effect.
                                                                         designee, he/she will be held responsible for all charges for
12. ROOM CHANGE/HALL TRANSFER                                            the remainder of the contract period.
 a) Room changes, hall transfers and vacating rooms require           h) Students are responsible for properly checking out of the
    the filing of requests with the Hall Director and approval           residence hall according to established procedure (contact
    from the Department of Residence Life.                               Hall Director or Resident Assistant). Failure to do so will
 b) Unauthorized room changes or failure to move out of a room           result in an improper check-out fee. The Hall Director may
    at a designated time may result in being required to move            assess additional charges for damages, missing keys and
    back to the original room, an administrative charge, and/or          cleaning.
    disciplinary action.                                              i) Refunds are calculated beginning the first full week following
13. BREAK PERIODS                                                        the date the room is officially vacated. Midnight Saturday is
 a) Residence halls close during semester break and other times.         considered the end of each week.
    Residents must apply in advance to remain during these            j) If a student is re-instated or re-enrolled after release for non-
    periods. Since contract rates do not cover these periods,            admission, withdrawal or dismissal during the term of the
    students will be charged $11 per night.                              contract, he/she agrees to fulfill the balance of the contract.
                                                                      k) Termination of this license contract for conduct reasons will
14. LIABILITY/INSURANCE                                                  result in a breach of contract (see Section 15e,f).
 a) The university assumes no responsibility for loss, theft
    or damage to personal property. The university strongly          16. WITHDRAWAL FROM THE UNIVERSITY
    recommends purchase of insurance or an extension of family        a) On or after the first day of classes of each semester,
    insurance to cover loss or damage of personal property. The          authorized room and board payment refunds are calculated
    university does not have insurance that covers the personal          on a percentage basis and issued by mail, provided all
    property of residents or guests. In addition, students agree         payment obligations to the university have been met.
    not to hold responsible the university, the Department of            In order to complete the withdrawal process, a student
    Residence Life and its employees and agents for any claims           must properly check out of his/her room within 24 hours
    or damages sustained by students or guests as a result of            of initiating the withdrawal process.
    acts or omissions relating to any changes or modifications       17. HALL OR ROOM CONTENTS AND USES
    made by the student to the room or furnishings. Students are       a) Residence hall rooms are equipped with chests of drawers,
    financially responsible to the university and other residents         mirrors, desks, data jack, chairs, window coverings and beds.
    for damage, loss or injury sustained by the university, the           Overflow housing areas may not be equipped with all the
    Department of Residence Life and its employees and agents             items listed above.
    as a result of student or guests’ acts or omissions.               b) Students provide their own linen, blankets, pillows, towels,
15. LICENSE CONTRACT CANCELLATION AND REFUND POLICY                       toilet articles, bedspread and desk lamp, if desired.
 a) A reservation may be canceled with a refund of the                 c) Students are responsible for cleaning their rooms, removing
    reservation fee if such request is received in writing at the         waste materials and maintaining sanitation and safety
    Department of Residence Life on or before June 1 for fall             conditions acceptable to the Department of Residence Life.
    semester and on or before December 1 for spring semester.             Students will be billed for labor and material costs if cleaning
    Submittal of a cancellation request does not guarantee                is required by the university. Limited supplies for cleaning are
    cancellation. Cancellations must be approved by the Director          available at each hall upon request.
    of Residence Life or designee.

      d) Permitted in residence halls are: microwave ovens under             d) A minimum of one data port is provided in each permanent
         850 watts, coffee makers w/auto shutoff, refrigerators not             room. Overflow spaces may not be equipped with data ports.
         exceeding 4 cu. ft. inside storage space, sewing machines,             NDSU does not guarantee direct connection for each resident’s
         hair dryers, radios, stereo and television sets. These items           computer. Connections are intended to be shared and are
         must be UL approved. Some small cooking appliances are                 provided for academic purposes only. (See Section 20b).
         allowed in the Living Learning Centers and Niskanen.
                                                                            19. SAFETY AND SECURITY
         Contact hall staff for more information.
                                                                             a) Students are required to comply with safety and security
      e) Students are not permitted to make alterations, install
                                                                                procedures and may not tamper with locked doors or admit
         equipment, paint or make repairs in any part of the building
                                                                                unauthorized people into residence halls. Persons setting
         without approval from the Director of Residence Life.
                                                                                off false fire alarms, tampering with or removing firefighting
         Additional furniture may not be brought into rooms without
                                                                                equipment or vandalizing or disrupting elevator service are
         approval from the Hall Director. University property may
                                                                                subject to disciplinary action including termination of this
         not be transferred between rooms or removed from rooms,
                                                                                contract and criminal action.
         lounges or residence halls. Room personalization and
                                                                             b) Residents and guests must leave the building by the
         window displays require approval by the Hall Director.
                                                                                designated exit whenever the fire alarm sounds. Windows
      f) The use or possession of the following is prohibited in or
                                                                                and doors should be closed and lights should be left on.
         around residence halls and/or rooms:
                                                                             c) Each resident is issued a room key and security card access.
         i) alcoholic beverages or alcohol containers (regardless
                                                                                When outside doors are locked, access is limited to residents
             of age)
                                                                                and their authorized guests. University keys are the property
         ii) narcotics or other drugs when their use or possession
                                                                                of the university and may not be duplicated. A student’s keys
             is prohibited by law
                                                                                or access card may not be loaned to others. Room key loss
         iii) firearms, ammunition, fire crackers, explosives, knives,
                                                                                requires a cylinder change and issuance of new keys. The
              bows and arrows, air-soft guns or other weapons
                                                                                student will be assessed replacement costs.
         iv) cooking or heating appliances except those listed
              in 17d, and equipment such as electric frying pans,           20. STANDARD REGULATIONS AND EXPECTATIONS
              electric grills, hot plates, toasters, air conditioners,       a) Students are expected to know and abide by the terms
              space heaters, electric cords outside of the room                 and conditions of this contract and rules and regulations
              or building, or halogen lamps                                     specified in the “Rights and Responsibilities of Community:
         v) antennas, dishes or aerials for radios or TVs                       A Code of Student Behavior” and the Residence Hall
         vi) homemade bed lofts                                                 Calendar Handbook. Violation of these rules or other
         vii) battery chargers or engine heater cords                           inappropriate conduct is handled through the disciplinary
         viii) open fires, candles, incense, potpourri pots                     process of the residence halls and/or the university and may
                or halogen light bulbs                                          result in termination of this contract. Termination of contract
         ix) large weight lifting or exercise equipment                         for conduct reasons will result in a breach of contract
         x) pets (other than fish in a tank no larger than 10 gallons)          (see Section 15e, f).
         xi) couches, sectionals, futons, or other seating furniture         b) Students are responsible for obtaining, reviewing and
              designed for more than one person                                 complying with computer-related guidelines and policies
         xii) other items deemed inappropriate by Residence Life staff          stipulated in “Rights and Responsibilities of Community:
      g) Pictures or other wall hangings should be suspended only               A Code of Student Behavior.” In addition, students also
         from moldboards, picture rails or bulletin boards. Students            are responsible for subject matter covered under “NDUS
         will be charged for damaged walls and ceilings.                        Computer Policy and Procedure.” A copy of this policy can
      h) Fire safety and sanitation requirements prohibit cooking               be obtained through the ITS Help Desk at IACC or at the
         within the residence hall room. Limited kitchenette space is           Office of the V.P. for Student Affairs, Old Main.
         specifically designed for light snacks. Residents must clean        c) No student may create excessive noise, disturb or infringe
         kitchenettes. All food must be kept in closed containers.              on the rights of others, harass, haze or in any way lessen
      i) No motor vehicles may be used or stored in the residence halls.        the educational effectiveness of the university. This includes
      j) No person or organization, whether or not affiliated with the          behavior that attempts to force a roommate to move out of
         university, may advertise, sell, conduct a business or raise           the room and/or attempts to prevent a new roommate from
         funds in the residence halls without registering and receiving         moving into the room.
         permission from the Department of Residence Life. No                d) Students are responsible for checking the condition of their
         person may use the words “NDSU” or “North Dakota State                 room upon check-in. A signature on the room inventory
         University,” or any derivative thereof, in any address or in any       and condition form is confirmation of the room condition at
         other way associate such terms with any personal business,             check-in. The Hall Director may make a final inspection of the
         such as, but not limited to, on business cards or stationery,          room and may adjust the damage assessment as necessary.
         although persons may use their post office box number.                 Roommates are encouraged to discuss damages with each
      k) Students must receive merchandise from vendors at the                  other and take responsibility for their respective charges
         main entrances or main lobbies of the residence halls. No              before check-out. The last roommate to check out
         vendor is permitted beyond this common area.                           is responsible for the remaining unclaimed damages.
      l) Gambling, including Internet gambling, is prohibited by law.        e) Students are responsible for damage and loss to residence
                                                                                hall property resulting from negligence or misuse. When
     18. SERVICES
                                                                                responsibility within a room cannot be determined, all
      a) Washers and dryers are furnished in the residence halls.
                                                                                roommates will be jointly responsible. Willful damage shall
      b) Mail service is provided to each residence hall, except on
                                                                                be cause for disciplinary action, which can result in dismissal
         holidays and breaks.
                                                                                from the university.
      c) A leasing program for refrigerators, microwaves and lofts is
         available to on-campus students.

 f) After termination of this license, the Department of                  regulations, local, state or federal law will be subject to the
    Residence Life can dispose of abandoned or unclaimed                  university policy expressed in “Rights and Responsibilities
    property held in storage for more than 30 days by way                 of Community: A Code of Student Behavior” issued by the
    of public or private sale or can otherwise dispose of such            Dean of Student Life Office.
    property. The department can keep the proceeds.
                                                                       22. TERMINATION OF LICENSE CONTRACT BY UNIVERSITY
 g) Students are required to pay non-refundable hall activity
                                                                        a) This license contract may be terminated by the university
    dues (maximum $100). These are annual dues that are
                                                                           for student’s violation of university and/or residence hall
    assessed and used by residence hall government. This
                                                                           policies including, but not limited to, nonpayment of debt
    charge will be on the university bill at the beginning
                                                                           owed by student to the university, conduct violations,
    of the first semester. Dues are non-refundable once
                                                                           or if he/she is no longer enrolled as a student or has
    the semester begins.
                                                                           been suspended or expelled.
 h) Students are responsible for information provided during
                                                                        b) Student agrees to vacate his/her room by the time stated
    hall/floor meetings as well as materials posted in the halls.
                                                                           in the notice by the Department of Residence Life. Failure
 i) All residence halls are designated as non-smoking. Smoking
                                                                           to vacate may result in the denial of access to the room.
    is not permitted on campus.
                                                                        c) The Director of Residence Life or designee may temporarily
21. SEARCH AND INSPECTION                                                  suspend, restrict or reassign a resident from his/her room
 a) The right to inspect rooms without notice is reserved by               or residence hall pending an investigation and/or hearing
    the university for purposes of maintenance, cleaning, fire,            whenever, in the director’s judgment, the continued presence
    personal safety and for purposes of administering provisions           of the resident in a particular room or hall constitutes a
    of this license contract. The university will provide reasonable       danger to the resident or the safety of persons or property
    notice when possible. Such entry by the university shall not           in the residence halls. The director or designee shall grant
    be regarded as a search but is separately agreed to and                immediate review by the end of the next business day
    authorized by the student party to this contract. Entry and            on request of any resident so suspended, reassigned
    search of rooms by university or law enforcement officials             or restricted.
    for the purpose of discovering violations of university

                                                                       PLEASE KEEP THESE CONTRACT CONDITIONS

housing options
WOMEN’S HALLS                                   MEN’S HALLS                                     CO-ED SUITE-STYLE HALLS
DINAN                                           STOCKBRIDGE                                     These living environments provide suite-style
• Next to the Memorial Union and Ceres Hall     • On east edge of campus along                  rooms. Two double rooms share a private
• For first-year students and upperclassmen       University Drive                              bathroom area. Some suites also have a single
• Double rooms                                  • For first-year students and upperclassmen     room as a part of the suite. Suite-style halls have
• Built-in desks and wardrobes                  • Spacious double rooms; some with studies      lounges on every other floor and recreational
• Large main floor TV and study lounge          • Study desks, oak bunk beds and                space on the first floor.
• Second and third floor lounge provide extra     built-in dressers
  study areas                                   • Large TV lounge; study area and 24-hour       SEVRINSON, PAVEK, SEIM AND THOMPSON
• Meal plan not required for upperclassmen        computer cluster                              • Nine-story high-rises
                                                • Meal plan not required for upperclassmen      • Near 15th Avenue North and
BURGUM                                                                                            Albrecht Boulevard
• Near Library at 12th Avenue North and         CHURCHILL                                       • Pavek, Seim for first-year students and
  University Drive                              • Close to academic buildings and the             upperclassmen; Sevrinson, Thompson
• For first-year students and upperclassmen       Memorial Union                                  for first-year students
• Double rooms/some triples                     • For first-year students and upperclassmen     • Each has four houses with men and women
• Air-conditioned                               • Spacious rooms with high ceilings, sinks,       on separate floors
• Oak bunk beds, built-in vanity desks            desks and chests                              • Two double rooms share common foyer with
  and wardrobes                                 • Double rooms/some triples/a few singles         shower and toilet facilities
• Lounge on each floor; large TV lounge         • 24-hour computer cluster                      • Limited single rooms in each house
• Meal plan not required for upperclassmen      • Meal plan not required for upperclassmen      • 24-hour computer cluster on lower level
                                                                                                  of dining center
NORTH WEIBLE AND SOUTH WEIBLE                   REED AND JOHNSON                                • Connected to West Dining Center by tunnels
• North of the engineering complex              • On Albrecht Boulevard and 15th Avenue         • Meal plan is required
• For first-year students                         North
• Double rooms/some triples                     • For first-year students
• Oak bunk beds, built-in desks and wardrobes   • Double rooms/some with                        APARTMENT STYLE HALLS
• 24-hour computer cluster                         studies/some triples                         NISKANEN
• Lounge on each floor; large TV lounge         • Basement recreation area                      • On University Drive across from Fargodome
  with piano                                    • Enclosed walkway to the Residence             • Apartment style setting
• Enclosed walkway to Residence                   Dining Center                                 • Furnished with beds, couches and desks
  Dining Center                                 • Meal plan is required                         • Two double bedrooms, one or two
• Meal plan is required                                                                           bathroom(s), living room and kitchen
                                                                                                • Meal plan is not required

                                                                                                THE LIVING LEARNING CENTERS
                                                                                                • Newest residence hall facilities on campus
                                                                                                • For upperclassmen
                                                                                                • North of Wallman Wellness Center
                                                                                                  on 18th Street
                                                                                                • Designated for students at least 20 years old
                                                                                                • Studio apartment-style rooms
                                                                                                • Four-bedroom apartment-style rooms
                                                                                                • Meal plan is not required
                                                                                                                    office of admission residence life
                                                                                                                    NDSU DEPT 5230, PO BOX 6050                                              NDSU DEPT 5310, PO BOX 6050
                                                                                                                    FARGO, ND 58108-6050                                                     FARGO, ND 58108-6050
                                                                                                                    1.800.488.NDSU or 701.231.8643                                           1.800.572.8840 or 701.231.7557


North Dakota State University is fully committed to equal opportunity in employment decisions and educational              NDSU reserves the right to refuse admission or re-enrollment or to place conditions on admission or re-enrollment
programs and activities, in compliance with all applicable federal and state laws and including appropriate affirmative    of applicants and former students who NDSU determines represent a safety risk to NDSU students, employees or
action efforts, for all individuals without regard on the basis of age, color, disability, gender identity, marital        property. Applicants have the right to appeal any decision to the Vice President for Student Affairs within seven
status, national origin, public assistance status, race, religion, sex, sexual orientation, or status as a U.S. veteran,   calendar days of the date the notice was received.
or participation in lawful activity off the employer’s premises during nonworking hours which is not in direct
conflict with the essential business-related interests of the employer.                                                    A brochure describing the safety practices, policies, programs, resources and crime statistics in compliance with the
                                                                                                                           Campus Security Act of 1990 is available upon request in the Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs.
This commitment to equal opportunity includes such areas as admission, counseling, housing, financial aid,
co-curricular activities and academic programs. Direct inquiries to the Vice President for Equity, Diversity, and          This publication is available in alternative formats by calling 701-231-8643.
Global Outreach, 205 Old Main, (701) 231-7708.

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