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					                                       W&S tech breeds coon dogs
                                       Ashley Hopkins turns love of the hunt into lucrative hobby ...

                                       By KAREN CARR                                  coon hunting organi-      dog. Tequila Sunrise’s
                                       Water & Sewer Dept.                            zation in North Amer-     father, Rat Attack, is
                                          What has four legs,                         ica.                      the all-time reproduc-
                                       runs fast and is worth                           “Coon dogs are          ing coon dog in the
                                       thousands of dollars?                          born with a tendency      world. His pups have
                                       A horse, you say? No,                          to hunt.” Ashley said.    combined winnings of
                                       it’s a coon dog.                                 One of his dogs,        $1.3 million.
                                          Ashley Hopkins,                             Tequila Sunrise, has
                                       rehab technician at                            won him almost              (continues on page 4)
                                       O&M, has been coon                             $90,000 in winnings.
                                       hunting since he was                           Ashley has owned
                                       13 years old. He fol-                          him since he was
                                       lows in the steps of                           about 10 months old.
                                       his father and grand-                          He is a three-time
                                       father, who were also                          winner in the Plati-
                                       coon hunters. In high                          num category, the
                                       school, his interest in                        top category of the
                                       hunting increased                              PKC categories. Te-
                                       and in his mid-20’s                            quila Sunrise is the
                                       he won his first big                           third all-time money
                                                                                      winning male in the
                       The CityScene

                                       hunt. Eventually he
                                       entered competition                            United States in the
                                       hunting with the Pro-                          PKC.

                                       fessional Kennel Club                            A large degree of       PROHOUND devotes itself to Coon
                                       (PKC), the largest                             his success is due to     Dogs and trainers like Ashley Hop-
                                                                                      the bloodline of the      kins.

                                       Streets fields ‘misdirected’ calls daily
                                         The City of Mur-                              Actually, the depart-      She adds that,
                                       freesboro Street &                            ment does get lots of      though answering
                                       Sign Department                               calls which at first may   them is time-
                                       wears a lot of hats,                          seem logical but for       consuming and more
                                       but, judging from the                         which it is not directly   than a little frustrat-
                                       misdirected calls for                         responsible, according     ing, her department is
                                       service they say they                         to information supplied    happy to refer citizens
                                       get every day, its em-                        by the department’s        to the proper depart-
                                       ployees must be wear-                         executive assistant
                                       ing halo’s.                                   Diane Nunley.                 (continues on page 5)

                                       Inside this issue:                                                                       Brent Rowland,
                                                                                                                                   Building and
                                       W&S rehab tech enjoys profitable hobby                  1                                 Codes Depart-
                                       Philmont Scout Ranch captivates father, son team        2
                                                                                                                                ment, was very
                                                                                                                              creative when he
                                       City Attorney named to state commission                 3                                  produced this
                                                                                                                                 addition to the
                                       31 join city by Oct. 15                                 3                                  office the day
                                                                                                                             before Halloween.
                                       W&S team wins ‘college bowl’ competition                4                             He said his family
                                                                                                                             wasn’t impressed
                                       Project GO kids put on healthy feed                     6
                                                                                                                              so he brought his
                                       City Scenes                                            10                              creation to work.
Whitaker & Son find self-reliance in Philmont Wilderness
  Gary Whitaker had at least an                                the lack of air at the higher ele-         because when you go up quickly,
inkling of how demanding a fort-                               vations.                                   the body doesn’t have time to
night of hiking through the rug-                                  “I never imagined how pretty            adjust, though it’s sometimes
ged landscape of northern New                                  it would be,” Whitaker said. “It           hard to tell if it’s
Mexico would be.                                               was truly rugged but beautiful,            that or from be-
  But, over a week after return-                               massive.                                   ing dehydrated.”
ing with son Brandyn from hiking                                  “If you’ve never been out                 Dehydration is a
nearly 100 miles in the wilds of                               West,” he continued, “you (can’t           major concern in
Philmont Scout Ranch near Cim-                                 imagine) how big it is.                    such a high, dry
arron, New Mexico – and with                                      “Another thing was how little           climate, he said,
the blisters to prove it – Building                            air there is at 11,000 feet,” he           and most hikers
Codes Deputy Director Whitaker                                 said. “We take that for granted            drink up to four
                                                                                    down here.”           liters of water a
                                                                                      Whitaker said he    day to avoid it. If you wait until
                                                                                    hadn’t fully antici-  you’re thirsty, it’s already too
                                                                                    pated the difficulty  late.
                                                                                    of hiking nearly         “By that time …,” Whitaker
                                                                                    100 miles through     said, “you’re already dehy-
                                                                                    the New Mexico        drated.”
                                                                                    wilderness, nor did      Ironically, son Brandyn is part
                                                                                    he realize the tra-   of the same Scout Troop 398
                                                                                    vails of getting      father Gary belonged to when he
                                                                                    around on one’s       was younger though the older
                                                                                    own two feet.         Whitaker didn’t pursue the same
                                                                                      “It was also one    advancements Brandyn has.
                                                                                    of the hardest           He is proud he’s been able to
                                                                                    things I’ve ever      watch his son achieve some of
                                                                                    done,” he said.       the things he missed, he said.
                                                                                    “It’s really intense.    “It was a challenge,” Whitaker
Gary Whitaker and son Brandyn “out on the trail” in the high country of New Mexico. We did 88 miles       said, “as much of a challenge for
                                                                                    including side        the adults as it was for the kids.
was still a little awestruck at                                hikes so it was probably close to          You are out in the wilderness
what they had just accom-                                      100 miles by (the time the hike            and you have learn how to deal
plished.                                                       was over).                                 with what’s there … you learn to
   He admitted being more than                                    “And there ain’t but one way            survive.
a little worse for wear, he joked,                             to get around,” he quipped.                   “It was a unique experience,
as the long hike through the                                      Whitaker and Brandyn began              he added, “and I got to experi-
mountains and deserts of Phil-                                 preparing for the demanding                ence it with my son. It was neat
mont did exact a toll.                                         venture with some basic condi-             to get to do it.” **
   “Ibuprofen is my friend,” he                                tioning, he said.
quipped. “Any adult who has                                       “Brandyn and I started about
done high adventure trips will                                 two months out,” he said. “We
tell you that. It’s like American                              went to Sports*Com and started
Express … you never leave home                                 exercising, we utilized all the city
without it.”                                                   facilities, including nine miles on
   The constant hiking was de-                                 the Greenway (with) packs
manding but he adapted eventu-                                 loaded down with 40 pounds.”
ally, he said.                                                    The rigors of the journey taxed
   “By the third or fourth day,” he                            everyone in the group, he said.
said, “you get used to it.”                                       “You start out doing three or
   One thing Whitaker said he                                  four miles,” he explained, “then
wasn’t prepared for was the                                    they work you up. The last day
sheer size and grandeur of the                                 we did 15 miles. At (higher) ele- Gary brings up the rear of the hiking group.
Western landscape; another was                                 vation, several got headaches

Page 2                                                                                                                     T H E C I T Y S C EN E

McGannon named to Judicial Evaluation Commission
   Murfreesboro City Attorney          nessee Speaker Jimmy Naifeh
Susan Emery McGannon has               (D-Covington) for his appoint-
been appointed to a six-year           ment.
term on the Tennessee Judicial           “The commission has a vital
Evaluation Commission.                 role in maintaining the excel-
   The commission is responsible       lence of our state judiciary,”
for evaluating all state appellate     McGannon stated. “It is an honor
judges, (Tennessee Supreme             and responsibility I take very
Court, Court of Appeals, and           seriously.”
Court of Criminal Appeals) and           McGannon has been appointed
recommending a “yes” or “no”           and elected to a variety of lead-
retention vote on each one to          ership roles in Supreme Court
the public.                            entities and state and local bar
   The commission is composed          associations.
of four judges, four attorneys           Speaker Naifeh also appointed
and four lay persons.                  Memphis lawyer William D.
McGannon expressed her appre-          Massey to the Commission. He
ciation to the Tennessee Bar As-       was nominated by the Tennessee           Murfreesboro City Attorney
sociation for making her one of        Association of Criminal Defense              Susan McGannon
its three nominees and to Ten-         Lawyers.

1,203 on city roster by Oct. 15: 880 fulltime, 323 part-time

  Of 1,203 employed by the city        administrative support specialist,   struction laborers Matt Powers,
of Murfreesboro as of Oct. 15,         Deborah A. Parker, and Legal         Andy McCrary and Terry
880 were full-time and 323 were        added a legal assistant, Melanie     Willis; Ben Hunt in operations
classified as part-time, the city’s    Joy Po’e.                            and maintenance, Deborah
roster indicates.                         Two operators joined the Pub-     Fasig came on board as cus-
  Along with administrative sup-       lic Transportation service Rover,    tomer service clerk and Dianne
port specialist Reisha Leigh De-       Beverly Anne Quevedo and             Rose and Laurel Elliott were
Graw, new dispatchers hired in         Cynthia F. Resha; Justin Pre-        hired as secretary/receptionist.
MPD included Desir Lynn                ston and Chris Adams were               At the same time 31 joined the
Thorpe, Melissa Ann Cooke,             added to Streets and Signs as        city, nine retired from service,
Amber Rhianan Williams,                laborers, Chad R. Anderson           including Jerry T. Stone,
Jennifer Rahia Chaffin,                hired in as landscaper/              James Donny Bullock and
Monica J. Lawyer, Rita Ann             greenskeeper for Urban Environ-      Deputy Chief Jimmy C. Francis
Byal, Richard V. Cooke and             mental, program coordinator as-      from MFD, Donna Howell and
Carrie E. Rose White.                  sistant Rebecca Anne Johnson         Charlie Joe Spradley from
  In the fire department, Jona-        was added to the Parks and Rec-      MWSD, Harold Mosley and As-
than T. Lasseter, Jeremiah W.          reation roster and SW put la-        sistant Superintendent Doyle C.
Spivey, Robert L. Darden and           borer Nichola Ruth Wood on           Preston from SW, Kenneth E.
                      Andy Don-        its payroll. Justin Pridgen was      Roberts from MPD and Chief
                      ald Smith-       employed as a heavy equipment        Court
                      son were         mechanic in the Fleet Services       Clerk
                      hired as fire-   division.                            Wanda
                      fighters.           The eight who joined MWSD         Wrather
                         Judicial      included Allison McGee in the        from Judi-
                      added an         water plant, maintenance con-        cial.

                                                                                                             Page 3

Cont. from page 1—coon dog

His mother, Silk, is the all-time          treed or located a coon. If the                   miles before treeing a coon. The
reproducing female in the world.           dog gives trailing or bawling                     tracking devices can pick up for
Silk has had 24 puppies that               barks, he is “on the ground”                      up to 10 miles, depending on ter-
have combined win-                                         chasing a coon.                   rain.
nings of $190,000.         “I have been blessed to have    Striking is the term                 “You used to have to ride
Tequila Sunrise’s         done as well as I have,” Ashley  used when a dog                   around in your truck and call for
pups have won             said. “My wife has been able to  barks when he gets                your dog.” Ashley said. “Now with
$175,000.                                                  the scent of a rac-               these new tracking devices, I
                         stay home and raise our children
   What makes a                                            coon.                             know exactly where he is.”
                          thanks to this sport.” -Hopkins
coon dog so expen-                                           Dogs are also                      PKC hunts are held throughout
sive? It's all about                                       trained using a vari-             the US, with 300-400 dogs par-
championships and strong blood-            ety of methods and devices.                       ticipating in one competition.
lines. The best dogs win thou-                “Some people use shock col-                    Firearms are not permitted, and
sands of dollars. The six breeds           lars,” Ashley said. “But you have                 no game is taken in any PKC
of coon dogs are: Black and tan,           to be careful with those.”                        event. Dogs are evaluated ac-
Blue tick, Redbone, English, Plott,           Shock collars can be used to                   cording to prescribed sets of rules
Cur, and Treeing Walkers. Ash-             get the dog’s attention, especially               for each event. Each hunt only
ley’s dogs are Treeing Walkers.            if he is tracking a raccoon and                   lasts two hours. The dogs are
   Ashley trains his dogs as pup-          ignores his master’s call to re-                  released, and the first dog that
pies, setting them loose in a              turn. Dogs are trained not to re-                 barks gets points. Points can be
cornfield where raccoons are               turn home until a coon has been                   subtracted if the dog does not
known to be hiding. Younger                treed.                                            follow set guidelines, such as
dogs can also be set loose with               “Sometimes dogs will get side-                 coming in early or not treeing a
older, more experienced dogs               tracked and chase a deer in-                      coon.
and taught to hunt following their         stead,” Ashley said. “If they are                    Coon hunting is a sport fol-
lead.                                      chasing a deer, they start moving                 lowed by young and old alike.
   Each dog has his own distinc-           fast – really fast.”                              Ashley expects to be coon hunt-
tive bark or voice, easily recog-             Ashley uses a tracking device                  ing for the rest of his life.
nized by his owner. If the dog is          to locate his dog during a hunt. A                    “I have been blessed to have
continuously barking, he has               dog is let loose in the woods to                  done as well as I have,” Ashley
                                           find a coon and can travel for                    said. “My wife has been able to
                                                                                             stay home and raise our children
                                                                                             thanks to this sport.”**
MWSD’s Coagulators win top award at Top-Ops
Water Plant Superintendent

   Murfreesboro Water & Sewer Department’s Coagulators, a team of city water plant
employees, won this year’s Kentucky/Tennessee Section of the American Water
Works Association Top-Ops contest in Louisville, Ky. earlier this year.                       •   Averie Rose Oliver, born April
   Top-Ops is the "college bowl" of the water industry.                                           21 to Josh (MFD) and Ashlie
   Teams of one, two or three water operators from utilities within each of the associa-          Oliver weighing 6 pounds, 2
tions’ sections compete against each other in a competitive, fast-paced question-and-             ounces.
answer tournament.
   A moderator poses a broad range of technical questions and the team scoring the            •   Brayden Lee Farley, born July
most points in the championship round is awarded a trophy.                                        5 to Bobby and Jennifer Farley
   Participants must work full-time as water treatment plant employees, water distribu-           weighing 7 pounds, 15 ounces.
tion system employees or in a first-line supervisory capacity and they must possess a             Gary Farley (MFD) is the
valid operator, laboratory or distribution certificate. Team members must be directly             grandfather.
involved in daily water operations.
                                                   The Coagulators defeated the four-time     •   Maddox Rion Whittenburg,
                                                reigning champs from Alcoa Public                 born July 21 to Mitchell (MFD)
                                                Works and Engineering Department in               and Ashley Whittenburg
                                                the City of Alcoa, Tenn. and the team will        weighing 7 pounds, 13 ounces.
                                                advance to the American Water Works           •   Samuel Paul Bolin, born Aug.
                                                national competition next year in Atlanta.        17 to Chris and Anna Bolin
                                                   Team members, from left, include               weighing 7 pounds, 8 ounces.
                                                coach Richard Peoples and team mem-               Patsy Smith (Administration) is
                                                bers Dean West, Stephen Zipperer and
                                                                                                  the grandmother.
                                                Will Taylor. **

(Continued from page 1)                                            Nunley says.)                      park-
ments in the spirit of good cus-
                                                          •        Requests for new speed
                                                                   limit signs, neighbor-
tomer service.
                                                                   hood watch signs, kids-       When the
  Here are some examples of
                                                                   at-play signs (though       department is
calls that come their way –
                                                                   Streets and Signs actu-     called about
suggestions that may help
                                                                   ally manufactures the       concrete
other departments provide
                                                                   sign, the request starts    spills, glass or debris in the
better customer service:
                                                                   in the traffic depart-      street, nails, gravel spills or
     •     A street light is out (the                              ment at 893-6441)           any material that is a traffic
           report should go to                                                                 hazard, the department needs
           Murfreesboro Electric
                                                          •        Questions about road        specific information like the
                                                                   closings (city engineer-    nature and amount of the spill
           Department at 893-
                                                                   ing and/or traffic –        or hazard.
                                                                   893-6441)                     “For example,” Nunley said,
     •     Pick up limbs that have                                                             “can we (remove) it with shov-
           been stacked at street
                                                          •        To report a dead ani-
                                                                   mal (Rutherford County      els and a pick-up truck? Do
           (Solid Waste – 893-                                                                 we need a backhoe or a street
                                                                   Animal Control – 898-
           3681)                                                                               sweeper? How large is the
                                                                   7927 or email
     •     Pick up furniture or ap-                                thill@rutherfordcounty.     tree limb? … this information
           pliances – (Solid Waste                                 org).                       will greatly assist us in remov-
           will pick up furniture if                                                           ing the hazard in a timely
           the resident calls ahead
                                                          •        Information on road         manner.”
                                                                   projects (call Traffic at     Another reason for more de-
           and makes an appoint-
                                                                   893-6441).                  tailed information, she said, is
           ment – neither the
           Solid Waste nor Streets                        •        To report a dead or         that for some projects that
           will pick up appliances.                                fallen tree on private      make it necessary for crews to
                                                                   property Unfortunately,     work in the roadway, a police
     •     A traffic light is out (the                                                         officer is essential for traffic
                                                                   if the tree is on private
           traffic department gets                                                             control.
                                                                   property, it is the
           that one -- 893-6441)                                                                 To see a more complete list
                                                                   owner’s responsibility
     •     “I need a new garbage                                   to cut up and remove        of frequently asked service
           can” (Solid Waste at                                    it).                        questions and the departments
           893-3681 … says she’s                                                               charged with responding to
           not sure why Streets
                                                          •        Signs or street repair      them, see the city’s web site,
                                                                   on private or business,
           gets called for a
                                                                   property (for example,      and follow the “FAQ” link along
           ‘garbage’ can but it can
                                                                   signs on private busi-      the left hand navigation bar.**
           and does happen,
                                                                   ness properties or

Patsy Smith .................... Administration
Bonnie Stem ................... Building & Codes
Marcus Delaney.............. Cable Television Department
Patty Pope ...................... Community Development
Debbie Webb.................. Fleet Services Department
Marty McCurry ................ Golf Course
Laurie Alsup.................... Murfreesboro Fire Department
Linda Stacy..................... Murfreesboro Police Department
Betsy Lee........................ 911 Telecommunications
Terry Womack ................ Parks & Recreation Department
Marlane Sewell ............... Parks & Recreation Department
Sue Mahon ..................... Personnel Department
Becky Shults ................... Planning Department
Chris Shofner.................. Public Information Officer
Mary States .................... Safety Director
Lisa Foster...................... St. Clair Street Senior Center
Diane Nunley .................. Street Department
Debbie Todd ................... Solid Waste Department
Sarah McNabb................ Tax Administration
Cynthia Holloway............ Urban Environmental
Karen Carr ...................... Water & Sewer Department

Project GO kids create healthy garden at Oaklands
. . . everything came up … vegetables!

By SHEILA HODGES                                            peppers (bell, banana & cayenne), radishes, col-
Murfreesboro Parks and Recreation Department                lards, bush beans, okra, peas and squash.
   Several children from the Oakland Court Public             A by-invitation-only banquet was organized for
Housing facility housing participated in a garden-          the kids’ families and parents once the fruits of
ing project that reaped benefits for the entire             their efforts came in and the lessons they learned
group by growing a variety of vegetables to pro-            were many.
mote healthy eating habits.                                                    “The gardening project not only
   The children, ages 8 to 15,                                              taught the neighborhood children
prepped the soil, planted vegeta-                                           about how food goes from the
bles and reaped their healthy har-                                          ground to the table,” said Executive
vest this past summer in a multi-                                           Director of Oaklands’ Historic House
agency collaboration among Mur-                                             Museum Dennis Jungman, “it also
freesboro Parks and Recreation De-                                          gave the kids a bit of ownership in
partment (MPRD), Murfreesboro                                               the historic property and pride in
City Schools (ESP), Rutherford                                              themselves for creating such a beau-
County Health Department and                                                tiful vegetable garden.”
Oaklands’ Historic House Museum.                                               The process taught the group of
  More than just a gardening class, space for the           inner-city kids how vegetables go from dirt to din-
raised, irrigated beds was provided by The mu-              ner and gave them an understanding of the value
seum, materials to build, prepare and populate              of nutritious food along with where it comes from,
the soil beds were donated by Home Depot, the               on observer said. It is hoped this showed them how
Master Gardeners of Murfreesboro, Rutherford                to take control of their diet in a fast food world of
County Farm Bureau, State Farm Insurance and                trans-fats, refined sugars and flours and empty
Middle Tennessee State University Department                calories.
of Agriculture.
   Many of the same
businesses also
supplied the know-
how necessary to
select and nurture
the plants and the
Rutherford County
Health Department
supplied the nutri-
tional values and
recipes for prepar-
ing the food.
   The kids were un-
der the supervision
of Project Go!, a
collaborative effort
between MPRD and
Murfreesboro Hous-
ing Authority
   The first harvest
of turnip greens was
a huge success and Several children from the Oakland Court Public Housing facility worked this summer tending
soon the kids were their healthy foods garden. The “fruits of their labor” were enjoyed at a final dinner at the end
harvesting onions,     of the growing season. Parents and others attended the by-invitation-only soiree’.
potatoes, tomatoes,
cherry tomatoes,

State Grant Awarded to Senior Center

   St. Clair Senior Center was notified recently it had been awarded a $3,000 Arts Build Communities
grant by the Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee for use in funding three entertainment activi-
ties through spring of next year.
   Entitled ‘Elegance and Leprechauns’, the application was among eight successful applications written
for the center by Program Director Brenda Kiskis Elliott, B.S. over the seven years she has been in her
   “These grants provide our seniors with quality events and performances past what is allowed in our
budget,” she said recently. “I like to create an atmosphere of fun and positive experience for active
seniors, seniors from our adult day service and other seniors who come into our center, such as those
from the adult activity center.
   “The programs I create are always done in a way that even persons with cognitive and physical limi-
tations will have a great time,” she added.
   Three performances are being funded by the grant, Elliott said, including:

•   Dec. 31, 11 a.m. to 2:30 p.m., NOON Years Eve featuring the Bill Sleeter Trio performing dance
    music of the 1930’s and 1940’s. This is a high-impact party with all of the amenities of a New Years
    Eve party. Co-sponsor is Murfreesboro Parks and Recreation.

•   Feb. 14, 2008 (Valentines Day), 12:30 p.m. to 4 p.m., seven members of the Murfreesboro section
    of the Tennessee Philharmonic will perform in what is being billed as a ‘fake’ wedding reception –
    the only thing missing will be a ‘real’ bride and groom. Co-sponsors are Dream Cakes and Mur-
    freesboro Parks and Recreation.

•   March 17 (St. Patrick’s Day), 10:30 to 11:30 a.m., Celtic/Irish music performed by members of the
    Tennessee Philharmonic. Blarney Bingo and refreshments with Murfreesboro Parks and Recreation
    will begin at 9 a.m. prior.

Haley attends storm water presentation
                                                   Approximately 22 local teachers attended a
                                                   WET class on Lytle Creek near Cannonsburgh
                                                   and in association with the Children’s Discov-
                                                   ery Center from 8 a.m. until 3:30 p.m. this
                                                   past Aug. 25. Murfreesboro’s MS4 storm wa-
                                                   ter program coordinator Robert Haley
                                                   (pictured third from left ) made a presenta-
                                                   tion on his program’s issues along with Greg
                                                   Upham of Smyrna and Kim Elkin of the Ten-
                                                   nessee Wildlife Resources Agency (TWRA)
                                                   showed biological stream sampling techniques
                                                   on Town Creek. Bonnie Ervin was the lead

Murfreesboro Fire Department promotes six to new positions
  Murfreesboro Fire Department (MFD) Shift           Swann to form the three-man team             Promotions told ...
Commander Cumbey Gaines was promoted to              overseeing the three shifts that make
Deputy Chief on Aug. 27 after serving as interim     up MFD’s 24-hour day.
until the retirement of predecessor Deputy Chief         Maynard marked 30 years with MFD
Jimmy Francis.                                       on Sept. 21, 2007, he said, after join-
  Gaines is a 27-year veteran of the depart-         ing in 1977.
ment, having risen through the ranks to his cur-        He was promoted to Driver in 1978
rent position. Employed by the department since      and Captain/Instructor in 1991 and
1980, he was promoted to Driver in 1986, In-         holds certifications as Firefighter I and
spector in 1988, Captain in 2000 and Shift Com-      II, Journeyman, Fire Apparatus Opera-
mander in 2002. He has served in that capacity       tor, Instructor I, Officer I and II. He is
since then. He is state certified as a Journeyman    certified in Haz-Mat and Extrication and
Firefighter, Fire Apparatus Operator, Instructor 1   is a certified CPR Instructor.
and Officer 1.                                          He is also a Tennessee Fire and
  Gaines has been married for 29 years to his        Codes Academy Instructor, has served
wife Cynthia, a 30-year employee of State Farm       on several departmental committees,
Insurance Companies. The couple has two              including the Apparatus and Citizens
daughters.                                           and Youth Citizens fire academies com-
  Also promoted during the period were Cap-          mittees and is a member of the depart-
tains Dale Maynard and Roger Toombs, both            ment’s Honor Guard. He also currently
promoted to Shift Commander. They joined Tim         serves on the Tennessee Fireman’s
                                                     Association Board of Directors.
                                                        Maynard is married to the former
                                                     Sara Dickerson and enjoys traveling,
                                                     SCUBA diving and boating, he said.
                                                        Toombs is a 20-year department vet-
                                                     eran having been promoted to Driver in
                                                     1990, Inspector in 1994, Captain/
                                                     Inspector in 1995 and Captain/
                                                     Instructor in 2002.
                                                        He is an instructor at the Tennessee
                                                     Fire and Codes Academy and holds cer-
                                                     tifications as Firefighter I and II, Jour-
                                                     neyman, Fire Apparatus Operator, In-
                                                     structor I, Officer I and II, Safety Com-
                                                     pliance Officer I and II, Public Fire and
                                                     Live Safety Educator I and II, Haz-Mat,
                                                     Certified Extrication Instructor, Fire
                                                     Inspector and Emergency Medical
Airport is ‘Airport of the Year’                     Technician-IV. He has served on the
                                                     Policy and Rules Study, Training,
Murfreesboro Municipal Airport was honored
                                                     Safety and Youth Citizens Fire Acad-
recently with the Award or Excellence, Air-
                                                     emy committees as well.
port of the Year for 2007 award during the              Toombs and his wife Raquel have
annual Tennessee Airports Conference held in         two daughters, Autumn, 6, and 12-
the Nashville Airport Marriott Hotel. The            year-old Serena and he enjoys jogging,
award recognized the local facility as a great       basketball and weight lifting as well as
achievement. During the 1990’s, then-Mayor           other sports.
Joe B. Jackson, the city council, airport com-          Other promotions included Michael
mission, MTSU’s Aerospace Department and             Bartlett to Assistant Fire Marshal,
airport customers made improvements to               Nicole Miller to Training Coordinator
support a vision that the facility should be-        and Melvin Holmes to Driver. From top
come the best of its kind and that vision con-       to bottom right are Gaines, Toombs,
tinues today. Pictured from left are Airport         Maynard, Bartlett, Miller and
Manager Chad Gehrke, Murfreesboro Airport            Holmes.**
Commission Chairman George Huddleston,
Jr. and Belinda Anderson, Chair of the Ten-
nessee Aeronautics Commission.

Scenes from around the city . . .
. . . from the Blues Festival to the city’s safety fair, the
Middle Half Marathon and more, here are some scenes from
this past year. Photos by MPD Maj. Clyde Adkison, Chris
Shofner, Angela Jackson and others.

Photo by Murfreesboro Post Senior Writer Lisa Marchesoni
                                                                                     Evans named police
Two of Murfreesboro’s finest received prestigious Officer of the Year awards from
the Exchange Club recently. President Wayne Potter, left, and presenting member      department Public
Rebecca Talley, far right, honored Murfreesboro Police Department Officer Sean
Garrison, Kittrell Fire Chief George Curray, who accepted the award for Rutherford   Information Officer
County Emergency Management Agency Director Roger Allen, Rutherford County
Sheriff’s Deputy Tyler Morten and Murfreesboro Firefighter Jason Hayes.

                                                                                     Officer Kyle Evans was recently
                                                                                     named Murfreesboro Police
                                                                                     Department’s public information
                                                                                     officer. A five-year veteran, he
                                                                                     has served in Patrol, the
                                                                                     Motorcycle Unit, DARE and Public
                                                                                     Relations. He graduated from
                                                                                     MTSU in 2001 with a BS in
                                                                                     Criminal Justice Administration
                                                                                     and plans to graduate with his
                                                                                     Masters Degree in May 2008. He
                                                                                     and his wife Charlyn have a 2-
                                                                                     year-old son, Garett.

Two recruit classes complete PD orientation

Photos by Maj. Clyde Adkison
Murfreesboro Police Department welcomed two classes of recruits recently.
From left to right in the top photo, Brittany Maxwell, Victor Stephenson, Brad
Premo, Britney Pettitt, John Pike, Daniel Daugherty, Jason Lowder, Brad
Hobbs and Chance York were recognized for completing orientation Dec. 15,
2006, and, in the photo immediately above from left to right are Recruits
Mick Nea, Skye Wortman, James Thomason, Jason Parker, Chris Brown and
Ray Roberts, all of whom completed their orientations June 8, 2007.


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