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									Do You Get In Your Own Way?
Original Article By: Kalei Beamon

Do you ever watch a dog chase it’s tail?

It’s kind of sad to watch...although most dogs seem to enjoy it.

They run like crazy...around and around in circles...never realizing that they are in their own way.

Now, this may be a rough analogy, but sometimes you simply get in your own way, too.

Yep. I said it.

You get in your own way.

At one point in time we have all been guilty of chasing our tails.

Although, we probably were not having that much fun!

And when we start chasing our tends to be a sign of this little thing called resistance.

Do You Get In Your Own Way?
I was reminded of that today while on a coaching call with my millionaire mentor.

It’s amazing all the little things that we do that add up to big roadblocks in our path.

The negative self talk...

...limiting beliefs...


And it always seems to creep up at the most inopportune right when you are on the
verge of a success.

Kind of like being on a diet and when you are 5 pounds from the goal...diving fork first into
heavily frosted cake.

(yes, I’ve done that.)

Everybody is susceptible to varying degrees.

Let's face's easy to get in your own way.
It’s part of the human condition.

A very inconvenient part...I might add.

So how do we get out of our own way so that we can start manifesting our dreams and desires?

Well, it really starts with being aware of what is going on in your head and in the world that you
are creating and knowing when you start to get in your own way.

I found this post from Karla Harris who had some great insight on some basic guidelines and
principles you can follow to manifest the life of your dreams.

Here’s a short excerpt from one of her recent blogs:

Who you listen to is important. I would not listen to someone who has no experience in what I
desire to have. It’s like asking someone to teach me how to cook that does not know how.

Remaining teachable and being willing to change is necessary in order to grow. Believing I know
it all and only willing to do it my way is a recipe for disaster.

Setting clear intentions is the key to manifesting your dreams and desires. Knowing what I want
and why I want it will keep my focus on achieving my dreams and desires.

Developing good habits is essential to growing emotionally and mentally. Taking care of myself,
eating properly, being well rested and implementing some type of physical activity insures my
ability to handle all challenges and obstacles I face.

I love these concepts because they are simple yet very effective in helping people stay on track...

...And, it makes it harder for all of those roadblocks I mentioned to pop up
and for you to get in your own way.

Be Bold. Come Along.

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