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									Arunachal Pradesh Tourism – Itanagar the Ravishing
Itanagar is the capital of the state Arunachal Pradesh. Itanagar is also called as Mini India. This
capital city derives its names from the ita fort. It means the fort of bricks. Itanagar is situated at
the foothills of Himalayas. It comes administratively under Papum Pare district. There are many
tourist attractions in Arunachal Pradesh Tourism. The Itanagar city includes attractions like
museum, ancient temples, lakes, national parks and monuments attractions and it is also home
for number of tribes. Throughout the year you can feel a pleasant climate in arunachal. It makes
itanagar a perfect tourist destination. September to October is the ideal time to visit Itanagar
tourist place. Itanagar is the finest place where you will truly enjoy your holidays in complete
tranquility. There are many places attractions in the beautiful city of Itanagar. Being the place
where the river Brahmaputra is most turbulent, Ita fort is the finest place in Itangar that is one of
the most important and popular tourist spot in Itanagar. Other tourist attractions in Itanagar
include Ganga Lake, Polo Park, Buddhist Temple, and Nehru memorial museum. Itanagar is
considered as famous Arunachal Pradesh Tourism attraction. This is the must see tourist place
in Arunachal State.

Ita Fort
This beautiful Ita Fort is situated in the capital city of Arunachal Pradesh. It is a famous historical
fort in with irregular shape. It is mainly built by using many bricks. The total stone or bricks work
of the Ita fort covers the area of 45 cubic meters. Around 80 lakhs of bricks are used for building
the Ita fort. So it is having some different beauty also. Whenever you are planning a tour to
Arunachal include Arunachal Pradesh Tourism attractions in your list and visit the place.

Ganga Lake or Gyakar Sinyi
The famous Ganga Lake in Itanagar is also known as Gyakar Sinyi. This is the main tourist
which attracts the tourist from all over the world every year. You can feel very peaceful
environment near to the lake. The lake is hidden in the shadow of Himalaya. The lake is
surrounded by thick forest which is rich in bamboo trees.

Polo Park
This is the most popular and most visited tourist attractions in the itanagar city. Polo Park is
nothing but it is a famous botanical garden. This garden is different from the other garden
because there is a zoo inside the premises of the garden. The garden is not very big in size but
also it looks great. The park is well known as a treasure house of a wide range of specimens
belonging to the world of botany.

Nehru memorial museum
This is the state museum of Arunachal Pradesh. The gallery of the museum exhibit variety of
items. This museum has a wide collection of tribal art, bamboo artifacts, Ornaments, Weapons,
archeological artifacts etc. If you are planning a tour to Arunachal Pradesh Tourism visit
itanagar. Enjoy and explore the beauty of the capital city of Arunachal Pradesh.

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