Spartan Cheerleaders 08 by xuyuzhu


									                                 Spartan Cheerleaders
Day #: 1                                     Camptime Theme: Traditions

Time designated for skit:            3 mins

Skit Description
OPTION 1: Spartan cheerleaders will do a funny performance based on the Saturday Night Live skit done by
Will Ferrell and Cheri Oteri. One guy and one girl will come out on stage and do some crazy cheers and a
dance routine in cheerleader uniforms to cheer on an Aggie team. In some alternatives, a Yell Leader will come
on stage and be upset asking the two cheerleaders, “How many times do I have to tell you you’re not a Yell

OPTION 2: This can be a two part skit where the first part is an audition to be a Yell Leader. The two Spartans
are obviously out of place with the rest of candidates. They are using “spirit fingers” and other spastic Spartan
behavior. Ultimately they don’t make Yell Leader. The second part of the skit comes a few skits later and the 2
Spartans come out and do “The Perfect Cheer” (a dance routine). Afterwards a Yell Leader walks over and
sternly explains they did not make the team and they need to stop causing a ruckus on the sidelines.

Purpose of Skit (In this section, include how skit relates to Camptime Theme, what you want freshmen to
take from skit, and how it relates to their transition to Texas A&M University. Be sure to use Fish Camp
Mission and Values as the foundation for planning the skit.)

   1. This skit can explain the 12th man as well as explain that A&M has yell leaders rather than cheerleaders
      and how that sets us apart from other schools.
   2. It’s a funny way to touch on the Fightin’ Texas Aggie school spirit and get freshmen pumped up for
      Aggie athletics!

How will you accomplish this purpose? (How will you make sure that the freshmen understand the
purpose of the skit, even if the skit does not go as planned?)
Explain why we have yell leaders and not cheerleaders and the yells that go with that.

                                            Skit Checklist
Counselors in skit
Meagan, Thomas

To Do’s                                                Who’s Responsible
 find costumes                                        Meagan, Thomas
 pick music (optional)
 make up routine & cheers
Supplies Needed                                      Who’s Responsible
 music
 costumes
 towels
 water bottles

                                        Things to Consider
Physical Risks                                       How to Prevent

The skit requires a lot of flailing and jumping so   Make sure the counselors practice the skit and realize
somebody could fall or get hit.                      how much space they have to work with. also let them
                                                     know not to get too crazy on stage

Reputation Risks                                     How to Prevent

In the snl skit some of the cheers can be somewhat   Have all cheers pre-approved and stay away from all
crude and somebody could get offended                crude and possibly inappropriate skits.

Emotional Risks                                      How to Prevent

A <>< could think that we’re making fun of           The skit will be aimed more at spartan yell leaders.
cheerleading                                         make sure the skit is performed in a light-hearted
                                                     manner so the <>< know that we’re not mocking

Financial Risks                                      How to Prevent

Cost of costumes                                     Tell them to start looking in advance for costumes.
                                                     Borrow from a friend or another camp, or look at thrift
                                                     stores for cheerleading costumes.

Facilities Risks                                     How to Prevent

Cheerleaders could become too crazy and break        Practice the skit multiple times to make sure they know
something in the camp room.                          every part and action they are going to take. Also,
                                                     remind counselors to be careful in the facilities we are

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