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					     2011 “Christmas Crazy Bazaar” Application
                            A handcrafted only bazaar
                             November 25, 26, & 27
Vendor name____________________________________________________________
Business Name__________________________________________________________
City____________________ State__________________ Zip code ________________
Phone ___________________________ Cell__________________________________
E-mail address__________________________________________________________
                                Item Description;
Complete description of items/products; please note that “Christmas Crazy” is a
handcrafted only bazaar. We will be closing certain categories to ensure that there is not a
flood of the same category. Please include a picture of your set-up booth or pictures of the
items you wish to sell. These pictures will not be returned, they will be kept for future
reference. Returning vendors do not need photos unless there is a change in space or
inventory. All items for sale must be listed or will need to be approved or removed. Use
separate sheet of paper if necessary.
Payment in full must be received or postmarked by 10/10/11 – No exceptions
Certificate of Insurance required for food and any hazardous vendor in the amount of $100,000. Questions ask
Michelle or Sue.
                   Fill out this section for your space/booth/table needs:
Booth sizes available: 8’X8’ = $80.00 8’ x 10’ = $90.00 10x10 = $100 (only a few 10x10’s)
Tables for spaces $5 ea.       Electricity $5.00
Space size desired___________ # of spaces______ space fee_________ additional tables__________
electricity _______ yes __________ no = total fee__________________________________________
Your space must be staffed all 3 days from open to close by a responsible adult.
Included in your space are two chairs. Please let us know if these are not needed. Additional
chairs can be requested in advance at no charge. Tables to be used in spaces will be an
additional cost of $5.00 per table and chairs at no charge up to a total of four chairs per
Electricity is an additional $5.00 however there is limited spaces with electrical availability.
We have removed tables from spaces so we can still continue the same space fee. Tables are
available but will be $5 ea.
If you have questions please contact Michelle at Missy’s Creatables 503-560-1903
or Sue at 503-312-3698. Email christmascrazybazaar@comcast.net
                    Make checks payable to Michelle Siewell
                              Send application and appropriate fee to:
                                      Christmas Crazy Bazaar
                                 P.O. Box 757; Carlton, OR 97111
I agree not to hold The Yamhill County Fairgrounds or Missy’s Creatables liable for any damage,
injury or loss connected with my booth or product. I further acknowledge that I will be held
responsible for any damage caused by myself of persons connected with my booth, and/or any
damage caused by my display and/or product to anyone or anything associated with my participation
in Christmas Crazy Bazaar.

Signed ____________________________________________ Date________________
Returned completed and signed application with $40 deposit by 9/21/11 to
reserve your space. No spaces held without application and $.

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