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					                            Vol. 2, 2011     Hamburger Home, Inc. / Founded 1913

                                                                          Helping Children & Their Families

         Regina Bette, LMFT, Appointed New President/CEO
Wendy Wolf, Aviva Board Chair, announced the                      with programs similar to those at Aviva. Regina began
appointment of Regina Bette, as new President/CEO                 work at Five Acres in 1980, as a child care worker and
of Aviva Family and                                               has most recently served as Chief Operating Officer.
Children’s Services,                                              Aviva’s Board is thrilled to welcome Regina as its new
effective July 30, 2011.                                          President/CEO.”
According to Wendy,
                                                                  On learning of her selection, Regina responded, “I am
“After a nationwide
                                                                  excited to be joining Aviva Family and Children’s Services
search, the Board has
                                                                  as the new President and CEO. Aviva is a highly respected
selected Regina Bette
                                                                  accredited organization with a long history of responding
from a pool of over
                                                                  to the needs of the Los Angeles community, and I am
200 applicants. Regina,
                                                                  proud to become a part of its future. I am looking forward
a Licensed Marriage
                                                                  to meeting everyone associated with Aviva in the coming
and Family Therapist,
                                                                  months and to continuing this agency’s tradition of providing
has spent the past
                                                                  quality services to its clients.”
30 years at Five Acres
in Altadena, an agency

                 i ns i de th is issu e
                                           Farewell Message from Andrew Diamond
    Message               Donor

2                 6
    from the              Recognition                                    I have thoroughly enjoyed serving as President and
                                                                         CEO of Aviva Family and Children’s Services for the
                                                                         past 23 years. Aviva has changed dramatically over
    Wraparound            The ‘A’ Gala                                   the past two decades, intensifying treatment in its

4                 8
    Program                                                              core residential program, and expanding its services
                                                                         to include a variety of social service, educational
                                                                         and mental health programs. I am quite proud that
    Welcome               Around
                                                                         during this time, Aviva’s programs have become
5                11
    New Board             Aviva
    Member                                                               accredited nationally through the prestigious
                                           Andrew Diamond, LCSW          Council on Accreditation, and our High School
                                           President & CEO                                                        (continued on page 3)
                                                   Dear Friends,
    Message from the                               It is emotionally and intellectually painful to say good-bye to Andy Diamond. Aviva’s
    Board Chair                                    successful growth and expansion under Andy’s leadership and direction over the past 23
                                                   years reflect the breadth of Andy’s professional knowledge and experience, his commitment
                                                   to Aviva’s mission, his generous heart and soul, and his dedication to improving the lives of
                                                   Aviva’s clients, who are both vulnerable and unable to advocate for themselves.
                                                   It is because of Andy’s ability to see opportunities for more promising lives for the children
                                                   and families we serve, that Aviva has expanded from a single residential program to a
                                                   multi-site, multi-service mental health agency. Through Andy’s leadership, Aviva earned
                                                   the most distinguished accreditation given by the national Council of Accreditation (COA)
                                                   for social services and mental health programs, as well as the highest level of accreditation
                                                   given to high schools by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC).
                                                   Throughout Andy’s career, he has been a catalyst for change and a forceful advocate
                                                   for excellence in the delivery of mental health services for the children and teens of our
                                                   community who are most in need. As a result, children and families in Los Angeles
                                                   County have benefited from improved processes and higher quality levels of mental health
    Wendy Wolf Board Chair                         care. In recognition of his leadership, Andy has been chosen to lead many professional
                                                   social service agency organizations by his peers, reflecting the respect he has earned across
                                                   his profession throughout his career at Aviva.
                                                   As a long-time Aviva Board member, I know I speak for all of us, past and present, when
                                                   I say that to work with Andy is to appreciate the brilliance of his personal and professional
                                                   insights and to know with a deep certainty that you can always rely on him to be there for
                                                   you. Part of Andy’s personal generosity is his willingness to give freely of his guidance
                                                   and counsel, even to those who may not be as lucky as I am to call him a friend. By his
                                                   example, Andy inspires and encourages us all.
                                                   Thank you, Andy -- for all of the countless children and their families whom you have
                                                   helped and for all of those who, because of you and your legacy, will continue to be helped
                                                   by Aviva in the future.
                                                   We wish you many years of enjoyment and new adventures in your well-earned retirement.

                                                   Wendy Wolf

        boa r d of d i r e c tors

board chair                president & ceo             secretary                                      AFCS is a not for profit, non-sectarian agency providing
Wendy Wolf                 Andrew Diamond, LCSW        Linda May                                      intensive residential treatment and diagnostic services,
vice chairs                treasurer                   Chair-Elect                                    special education, therapeutic foster homes and community
Susan Casden               Dellene Arthur              Bruce Andelson                                 mental health services for abused, neglected and emotionally
Carol Stulberg                                                                                        troubled adolescents, children and families. Programs are
                                                                                                      designed to build on family strengths and to help our clients
                                                                                                      prepare for independent lives in the community.
board of directors                                                                                    Aviva is accredited by: Council on Accreditation and
Laura Alpert       Lola Levoy                Jade Mills           Michael Sherman                     Western Association of Schools and Colleges
Robin Broidy       Shelley Curtis Litvak     Lisa Mindlin         Richard Sherman
NancyJane Goldston Lawrence Lokman           Susan Rothenberg     Candace Foy Smith                   Aviva is a member of:
Evon Gotlieb       Sandra Milken             Kim Selby            Barbara Van Wormer                  American Association of Children’s Residential
                                                                                                      Centers • Association of Community Human
                                                                                                      Services Agencies • California Association of
council of guardians                                                                                  Services for Children • JFC • United Way
Sheriff Lee Baca           Marlee Matlin
Elliott Broidy             Tracee Ellis Ross
Hon. Gray Davis            Sharon Stone
Wendy Gruel                Carolyn Strauss
Teri Hatcher               Hon. Antonio Villaraigosa
Nancy Josephson            Hon. Henry Waxman           Aviva Family and Children’s Services
Councilman Paul Koretz     Richard J. Welch
                                                       7120 Franklin Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90046        AVIVA Newsletter – Layout & design:
Councilman Tom LaBonge     Hon. Steve Westly
                                                       Tel: (323) 876-0550 Fax: (323) 436-7042
Barbara Lazaroff           Bruce G. Willison                                                                    Douglas Design & Associates,
Lauren Leichtman           Hon. Zev Yaroslavsky        Web:                       – 805.660.2629
Arthur Levine                                          Email:
 Farewell Message (continued from front page)
has received the highest rating                team and am pleased to share the          Candace Foy Smith, Program
of accreditation by the Western                recognition with them.                    Committee; Dell Arthur, Finance
Association of Schools and Colleges.                                                     Committee; Lawrence Lokman,
                                               Our Board of Directors provides           Public Relations Committee;
                                               leadership and oversight and ensures      Barbara VanWormer, Audit
                                               that the agency has the resources to      Committee; and Michael Sherman,
                                               pursue its mission. From my first         Legal Committee. My deepest
                                               day on the job until now, I have been     gratitude is extended to long-time
                                               fortunate to have the confidence of a     board member Evon Gotlieb who
                                               special group of dynamic individuals,     has spent hours as editor-in-chief
                                               who served on a succession of             of all Aviva-related publications.
                                               generous, hard-working, effective         In the event you see any typos or
                                               boards. I want to thank the board         grammatical errors in any of our
                                               chairs with whom I worked, who            publications, it is because we failed
                                               were always supportive and true to
                                               the mission of the agency: David
                                               Wolf, Beryl Geber, Steve Getzoff,
                                               Lauren Leichtman, Robin Broidy, and
                                               Linda May. In addition, Aviva has
Jane and Andrew Diamond
                                               been blessed to have Wendy Wolf
                                               serve several terms as board chair over
At our recent annual “A” Gala in               the past 20 years. Her commitment
May, I was truly honored to receive            to Aviva’s children and families,
Aviva’s first Legacy Award. While it           her analytical thinking and great
was both gratifying and humbling               judgment, as well as the unanimous
to be recognized for achieving                 trust and support she has earned from
Aviva’s tremendous growth while,               the board, have made her an invaluable    Andrew Diamond with
at the same time, maintaining its              resource and an agency treasure.          Mayor Richard Reardon, 1996.
commitment to high quality services,
                                               The current board committee chairs        to have Evon review it. I also want to
all of these accomplishments are the
                                               also deserve recognition and thanks       thank board members Laura Alpert,
result of a team effort. I have been
                                               for their hard work: Susan Casden,        Bruce Andelson, NJ Goldston,
privileged to work with a remarkable                                                     Lola Levoy, Shelly Litvak, Jade Mills,
                                               Board and Resource Development;
                                                                                         Sandy Milken, Lisa Mindlin,
                                                                                         Susan Rothenberg, Kim Selby,
                                                                                         Richard Sherman, and Carol Stulberg
                                                                                         for their hard work and dedication.

                                                                                         In addition, any accomplishments for
                                                                                         which I may be credited are always
                                                                                         the result of collaborative efforts by a
                                                                                         group of very talented staff members.
                                                                                         I want to thank my Executive Cabinet:
                                                                                         Tom Bernal, CFO; Ira Kruskol, Vice
                                                                                         President of Programs and Services;
                                                                                         and Angela Miller, Vice President
                                                                                         Administrative Services. I have been
October, 2002 dedication of new Aviva High School and Franklin office site.                                         (continued on page 4)
     Farewell Message (continued from page 3)
                                                              from listing them all by       career. I thank the Aviva family
                                                              name. They know who            for providing me with a unique,
                                                              they are!                      exciting, and totally gratifying
                                                                                             career opportunity.
                                                              It is an awesome
                                                              responsibility to care for,    I know our incoming President/CEO,
                                                              nurture and treat other        Regina Bette, will continue to build
                                                              people’s children. It is       on our accomplishments.
                                                              something that should
                                                                                             Thank you all for your generosity
                                                              never be described as
                                                              “a job,” but rather “a         and support.
(l to r) Mayor Tom Bradley, David Wolf, Aviva Board Chair
                                                              sacred responsibility.”        Warmest regards,
and Andrew Diamond, CEO, 1989.
                                                I have been permitted to play a
 blessed to lead a group of highly                                                           Andrew diamond, LcsW
                                                small part in helping to improve the
 dedicated and competent staff;                                                              President/CEO
                                                quality of the lives of children and
 unfortunately space prohibits me               their families over the course of my

                      Wraparound Services Program Expanding--Again!
    Aviva was pleased to learn that the agency had
    recently been awarded a third Los Angeles County          Daniel, 15, had been struggling with anger issues and acting out
    contract to provide Wraparound Services to                since his father lost his job a year-and-half-ago. The family had
                                                              to move from the apartment that had been Daniel’s home for
    children and families in critical need of assistance.
                                                              many years into a shelter. Daniel had been a good student, but
    The contract adds South Los Angeles to Aviva’s
                                                              after the move, which meant a different school, truancy became
    currently served areas of the San Fernando Valley
                                                              a major issue escalating to stealing and resulting in Daniel being
    and Central-to-West Los Angeles where the
                                                              arrested. His probation officer recognized that the whole family
    agency’s Wraparound Services program has been
                                                              could benefit from Aviva’s Wraparound services and referred
    operating since 2002, serving more than 1,000
                                                              them to the agency. The Wraparound team began to work
    children and families during that time. Aviva’s           intensively with the family, and after six months, Daniel and
    Wraparound program melds the healthy family               his family began to regain their footing. Aviva’s staff helped to
    principles outlined by the National Wraparound            find an affordable apartment in Daniel’s old school district; they
    Initiative (NWI) with Aviva’s philosophy of               worked to help Daniel learn how to cope with his anger and
    meeting the needs of children and their families          other stressors. They found a vocational retraining program for
    through cutting-edge therapeutic techniques.              Daniel’s father, allowing him to find a new job a couple months
                                                              ago. The whole family benefited from family therapy, learning
    Wraparound teams work vigorously to help
                                                                                                  to communicate with each
    stabilize family functioning by providing therapy
                                                                                                  other when under great stress,
    and guidance to children and families that have
                                                                                                  which helped to strengthen
    been identified as needing help. The team also
                                                                                                  the family bond. Daniel is
    links them to other specific services as needed,                                              getting good grades again
    helping them to become more effective, self-                                                  and is involved in after-school
    sufficient individuals.                                                                       sports. His probation officer
    Aviva’s new Wraparound field office is anticipated                                            recommended that Daniel’s
                                                                                                  offense be expunged from his
    to open in November in the Leimert Park area of
                                                                                                  record because of his excellent
    Los Angeles.

             Board of Directors Welcomes Susan Rothenberg
Aviva is pleased to announce that           decided to make her biggest career
Susan Rothenberg has joined the             move yet and purchased the global
Board of Directors. At the University       retail franchise, Charles Jordan, a
of Denver, where she was a member           French-based company that makes
of Pi Beta Phi sorority, Susan received     shoes, handbags and accessories.
Bachelor’s degrees in Business and          This experience gave her a wealth
Retail and later a Master’s degree in       of knowledge and experience in sales
Mass Communication and Advertising.         and management, which she now
When she finished college, she began a      uses as an independent consultant to
career as an English/Journalism teacher     many retailers in Southern California.
and was named Colorado’s Teacher of
                                            The Board of Directors welcomes
the Year.
                                            Susan whose diverse background
With a move to the Midwest, Susan           will be a valuable asset for Aviva.
began to expand her career in media
marketing and fundraising. Later she                                                            Susan Rothenberg

     Beauty and Inspiration Light the Hearts of Aviva’s Teens
The teen girls of Aviva’s residential     with clothing, accessories, and self-           girls of Aviva’s residential program.
program sparkled and shone at this        care items, such as lotions, makeup             We thank Club Chair Claudia Deutsch,
year’s fun-filled day of beauty and       and nail polish.                                Event Co-Chairs Greer Saunders and
inspiration hosted by the extraordinary                                                   Marie Roviello, and all the Beverly
                                          Aviva thanks the Beverly Hills
women of the Beverly Hills Women’s                                                        Hills Women’s Club members for
                                          Women’s Club for coordinating this
Club. Our Aviva girls received the                                                        devoting their time and energy to
                                          wonderful event and raising over
grand treatment as they were warmly                                                       helping our young women achieve
                                          $3,000 in Target gift cards for the
welcomed by fashion industry                                                              healthy minds and spirits.
professionals, make-up artists, hair
stylists, and other experts in the
fields of health and glamour.

The event started with an upbeat
hip hop performance by a local

Girls were then assigned to small
groups where they learned about
fashion, exercise, make-up, and hair.
Many of the girls were pampered
with makeovers and hair styling
sessions. They also participated in
extracurricular activities such as
beading and scrap-booking and were
treated to an elegant dinner prepared
by Beverly Hills Women’s Club
volunteers. At the end of the event,
each girl received a sports bag filled    (l to r) Jill Collins, Barbara Lazaroff, Andrew Diamond and Claudia Deutsch.

                                                            Donor Recognition
    Aviva gratefully acknowledges its donors. These gifts make the work we do possible!
Leader’s circle –                              Rhonda Seaton and                            Waldo Fernandez                             MAI Associates
 $25,000 and up                                   Lawrence Lokman                           Finesse Embroideries, Inc.                  Vicki Martin and

    Ahmanson Foundation                        Debbie and James Lustig                      Judy and Arnold Fishman                        Preston Johnson

    Anonymous                                  Moss Foundation                              Valerie Fitzgerald                          Linda May and Jack Suzar

    Guggenheim Partners                        Ruth/Allen Ziegler Foundation                Galen Family Foundation                     Wendy and Barry Meyer

    Elaine and Ken Langone                     Susan and Eric Smidt                         Agnes and George Gero                       Ron Meyer

    Lester & Rhea Kleinberg Fund               Carol and Jac Stulberg                       Cherna and Gary Gitnick                     Catherine Milian

    Claude and Alfred Mann                     The Van Konynenburg                          Erika Glazer                                Milken Family Foundation

    Sandra Milken                                 Foundation                                Tamara and Amir Goldfiner                   Sherry and Skip Miller
                                               Tobey Cotsen Victor                          Zorik Gordon                                Adam and Jade Mills
benefactors – $10,000-
                                               Ziffren, Brittenham,                         Evon and Jerry Gotlieb                      Morton Capital Management
                                                  Branca, Fischer                           Elena and Constantine Grapsas               Myra and Saeed Nourmand
    Suzy and Robert Barth                                                                   Greenberg Glusker LLP                       Ostin Family Foundation
                                            Partners – $1,000 - $4,999
    Lili and Jon Bosse                                                                      Honi and Dennis Greenwald                   Paramount Pictures
    Calvin Klein Family Foundation             Allen Matkins Leck Gamble
                                                                                            Shirley and Richard Hahn                    Tanja Pignatelli
    City of West Hollywood                     Mallory & Natsis LLP
                                                                                            Terry and Eric Hamermesh                    Annette and Ronald Plotkin
    The David Geffen Foundation                Laura and Harvey Alpert
                                                                                            Dru Hammer                                  Susan and Mel Plutsky
    Nancy Demetriades                          Mim and Sherman Andelson
                                                                                            The Harry and Florence                      Richard Polak
    Dreamworks Animation SKG                   Dellene and Michael Arthur
                                                                                              Sloan Foundation                          Rafters Restaurant
    Randy and Steve Fifield                    Joy and Stephen Auerbach
                                                                                            Teri Hatcher                                RAO Designs
    NancyJane and Mark Goldston                Bachrach & Associates
                                                                                            Bucky Hazan                                 Alison and Richard Ressler
    Jewish Federation Council of               Jackie and Howard Banchik
                                                                                            Elizabeth and Howard Hirsch                 Richardson Kontogouris
      Great Los Angeles                        Annie and Kevin Barnes
                                                                                            Karen and Steven Holzman                       Emerson LLP
    Lauren Leichtman and                       Avery and Andrew Barth
                                                                                            Joan Hotchkis                               Ricki Ring
      Arthur Levine                            Bernard Beiser
                                                                                            Leslie and Jim Hyman                        Riteway Charity Services
    Richard Merkin                             Terré and Jack Bergman
                                                                                            Inside Weddings                             Eden and Steven Romick
    Stephan Nourman                            Diane and James Berliner
                                                                                            Eve and Glenn Jaffe                         Susan and Marvin Rothenberg
    Carolyn Powers                             Toby Bernstein
                                                                                            Lisa and James Jeffs                        Scott Rouse
    Kim and Richard Selby                      Beverly Hills Women’s Club
                                                                                            Jewish Community Foundation                 Larisa Sabadash
    The Bell Family Foundation, Inc.           Joyce and Stanley Black
                                                                                            JGE Capital Management, LLC                 Anne and Lee Samson
    Mary Ann Weisberg and                      Stephanie and Harold Bronson
                                                                                            Joan Pillow Bridal Salon                    Corrine and Leonard Sands
      Bruce Perry                              Buchalter-Nemer
                                                                                            Gretchen and Jay Jordan                     Barbara and Richard Sherman
    WME Foundation                             David Camel
                                                                                            Nancy Josephson                             Christina Sinatra
    Wendy Wolf and Mitch Menzer                Marlene Canter
                                                                                            Dora and Neil Kadisha                       Candace Foy Smith
    Christina Zilber                           Jonna and Tim Carter
                                                                                            Pam and Frank Kamer                         Darlene Soave
                                               Christina Caruso
Patrons – $5,000 - $9,999                                                                   Dorothy and Philip Kamins                   Julia Sorkin
                                               Steven Dahlberg
    Debbie and Mark Attanasio                                                               Kenneth Karmin                              Eva and Marc Stern
                                               The David Bohnett Foundation
    Katherine and Frank Baxter                                                              Ronnie and Michael Kassan                   Kathy Taslitz
                                               DeCastro, West, Chodorow,
    Linda Bernstein Rubin and                                                               Leslie and Jack Kavanaugh                   Stephen Tomar and
                                                  Mendler, Glickfeld & Nass
      Tony Rubin                                                                            Kleinfeld Bridal Corp                          Stuart Lampert
                                               Janna Delamarter
    The Brotman Foundation                                                                  Gina Knox                                   Holly Toplitzky
                                               Rosette Delug
    The Edelstein Family                                                                    Elaine and Kenneth Leventhal                Angelle and Roger Wacker
                                               Anne and Dudley Dezonia
      Charitable Foundation                                                                 Barbara and Gerald Levey                    Waldo’s Designs
                                               Jane and Andrew Diamond
    Herbert Simon                                                                           Lola Levoy                                  Waterford Wedgwood
                                               DL & Company, LLC
      Family Foundation                                                                     Shelley and Frank Litvack                      Royal Doulton
                                               Jennifer and William Douglas
    Robert Irving                                                                           Laura Lizer                                 Obaida and Scott Watt
                                               Rhonda Duggan
    Debbi and John Landsberger                                                              Luminous Capital                            Richard Weintraub
                                               Kimberly and Jeff Emerson

Donations are for the period from January 1, 2011 through May 31, 2011. We apologize for any errors or omissions. If we have inadvertently omitted your name, please contact
Michelle cordero-Lee at (323) 876-0550 x1123.
  donor Recognition (continued)
 Larry Weisman                    supporters – $100 - $499       Ada and James Horwich              Greer and Myles Saunders
 Martin Weiss                      Addo Communications, Inc.     Elliot Horwitch                    Savitsky, Satin & Bacon
 Adrianne and Robert Zarnegin      Sara and James Adler          Lila and Jules Kates               Sharon Sears Dunas
 Stephanie Zebik                   Irene Aguilar                 Alison Katz                        Sheila and Martin Seaton

Advocates – $500 - $999            Amy and David Agus            Joan Katz                          Abby Sher

                                   Debbie and Jordan Alpert      Heidi Kaufman-Crowther             Scott Sheridan
 Lucienne Aarsen
                                   The Atlas Family Foundation   Heather and Matthew Kavanaugh      Samantha Smart
 Askesis Development Group
                                   Althea and Donald Bassett     Michelle and Alan Kaye             Steven Smith
 Cecelia and Jeffrey Assaf
                                   Barbara Bazylar               Sandy Kaye                         Dolores Soffer
 Fran Aversa and Tom Johnston
                                   Jeff Bazylar                  Joyce Einsenberg Keefer            Sotheby’s
 Bell Air Plaza
                                   Robin Blake                   Kathy Kendrick                     Sheryl Spigel
 Pam and Alan Bergman
                                   Rochelle and Jeffrey Boren    Klass, Helman & Ross               Beverly and Herb Sturman
 Janis Black Warner
                                   Debbie and Darric Brambora    Mara Kochba                        Ryan Stybel
 Emliy Boyle and Jessica Biddle
                                   Karen Breslow                 Sandra and Jim Kohn                Avedis Tarakjian
 Kathy Bugbee
                                   Bright Design                 Alice and Nahum Lainer             Lynn and Bob Tobias
 Cal Asia Property
                                   Linda and Gary Briskman       Linda and Richard Lambert          Todd M. Morgan Foundation
   Development Company
                                   Blake Byrne                   Alexis and Michael Lamontagna      Susan Tryforos
 Chapman & Associates
                                   Linda Cantor                  Land and Water Company             Elinor Turner
                                   Allisyn and Dan Cashdan       Linda Lee                          Vista Del Mar
 Nadine and Harold Davidson
                                   Challen Cates                 Bonnie and Robert Levin            Sue Volande
 Marilyn and Walter Dishell
                                   Andrew Chang                  Lynn and Ed Lieberman              Robert Waldorf
 Elman Family Foundation
                                   Renee and Edward Chanon       Cathy and Mark Louchheim           Biomole Walgampaya
 Esper A. Petersen Foundation
                                   Child & Family Center         Nancy and Robert Lurie             Wasser, Cooperman & Carter
 Executive Jet Management
                                   Barbara Coad                  Andrea and Steve Lurie             Sheila and Ronald Wolf
 Eve and Bill Gerber
                                   Rachel and Jeffrey Cohen      Nina and John Malone               Elizabeth and Gerald Woodard
 Harabedian Hall & Co.
                                   Susan and Rafe Cohen          Wayne Martin                       Rosalie Zalis
 Stephanie and Marc Hayutin
                                   Bruce Cooperman               Lorin and Edward Michaels         Friends – Under $100
 Patrick Herning
                                   Olivia Cohen-Cutler and       Paul Migdal
 Hella and Chuck Hershson                                                                           Alison Badler
                                                                 Meredith and Michael Miller
 Elizabeth and Darell Krasnoff       Andrew Cutler                                                  Julie Benoit
                                                                 Thomas Morgan
 Walter Ledda                      Ronald Desalvo                                                   Lillian and Jerry Blum
                                                                 Morton and Sally Ann
 Brian LeSage                      Dizon, Inc                                                       Doris and David Brownstein
                                   Jaynee and Robert Eitel         Kirshner Trust
 Shannon Murphy                                                                                     Karen Bruner
                                   Carol Eliel and Tom Muller    Nancy Abrams & Associates, Inc.
 Angella and David Nazarian                                                                         Catherine Burns
                                   The Ella Fitzgerald           Debra Newton
 Suzanne Niedland                                                                                   Sylvia Carrere
                                     Charitable Foundation       Eileen and Charles Olsen
 Jonathan Novak                                                                                     Susan Carter
                                   Barbara Elliott               Greg Pimstone and
 Yifat Oren                                                                                         Julie and Howard Chait
                                   Susan and Robert Emmer          Lauryn Harris
 George Peper                                                                                       Cynthia Chan
                                   Irene and R. Michael Fenton   Sandra and Lawrence Post
 Jill and Kurt Rosell                                                                               Valerie Copelan
                                   Manny Flekman                 Ellen and Thomas Preston
 Helene Rosenzweig                                                                                  Crispin Porter & Bogusky
                                   Darlene and Steven Fogel      Susan and Harold Reichwald
 Lisa Sandel                                                                                        Jason Diamond
                                   Philip Fowler                 Laurie and Ronald Resch
 Janet Santiago                                                                                     Marcia and Jerry Edelman
                                   Kara Fox                      Robert Newlon Design, Inc.
 Cameron Silver and Jeff Snyder                                                                     Susan Einstein
                                   Angela Gannecille             Rachel Rosenaman
 Tylie Jones & Associates                                                                           Jacqueline Fabe
                                   Allison and Randall Gingold   Iris and Rick Ross
 The Wedding Salon of                                                                               Leanne and Steve Frankel
                                   Jody Greenblatt               Kerstein Royce
   Manhasset, Inc.                                                                                  Rick and Randi Gitelson
                                   Leana and Browne Greene       Elisa Joy Rubin
 Grace Young                                                                                        Aimee Golant
                                   Lou Greig                     Janet and Maxwell Salter
 Norman Zalben                                                                                      Madeline and Eugene Goodwin
                                   Marcella and Alan Harris      Rolland Sames

                                   Laila Hazen                   Lisa Saperston
                                                                                                                      (continued on back page)

                      The “A Gala”: An Affair To Remember

    I   t was an alluring night as Aviva held
        its “A” Gala, A Night of Fashion, Dance,
    and Romance, at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel
    on Saturday, May 21. More than 350 Aviva
    friends and supporters paid tribute to Aviva
    Impact Award recipients: philanthropist
    Kelly Fisher Katz; renowned fashion designer
    Monique Lhuillier; and Aviva President and
    CEO, Andrew R. diamond, who received the
    inaugural Aviva Legacy Award.

                                                           Honorees Monquie Lhuillier, Andrew Diamond and Kelly Fisher Katz.

                                                 The Gala began with a heartfelt speech by former Aviva student,
                                                 Lizbeth, who spoke about the obstacles she faced prior to her arrival
                                                 at Aviva’s Wallis Annenberg Center, and her eventual triumph
                                                 resulting from her own determination and the treatment and
                                                 educational program Aviva provided.

    Former Aviva resident Lizbeth tells
    guests about her life’s trials and
    triumphs while a resident at Aviva.

                                                Los Angeles City Controller Wendy      Board Member Robin Broidy with
    Board Member Carol Stulberg enjoys the      Greuel with her son Thomas.            Jesse Williams, Grey’s Anatomy.
    evening with her husband Jac.

                                         The Gala celebrated the accomplishments of three dedicated members of the
                                         community who share Aviva’s commitment to helping at-risk children and youth:

                                           • Andrew Diamond, long-time CEO of Aviva Family and Children’s
                                             Services, who is retiring in July, was presented his award by
                                             Wendy Wolf, Aviva Board Chair, who spoke passionately about
                                             his greatest achievement – growing the agency from a residential
                                             treatment program to a prominent multi-service mental health agency
                                             in Los Angeles, while never losing sight of the importance of providing
                                             quality services to each individual child and family in our programs.

Board Chair Wendy Wolf presented           • Jewelry designer to the stars, Martin Katz, introduced his wife and
Legacy Award to retiring President and
CEO Andrew Diamond.                          honoree, Kelly Fisher Katz, who spoke about the need to help young
                                             girls develop self-esteem and confidence. Many of Katz’s friends and
                                             supporters attested via video to her accomplishments and commitment
                                             to the arts, children and youth.

                                           • Also honored was designer Monique Lhuillier, who spoke about her
                                             involvement with a variety of nonprofits and at-risk youth.

Board Member Linda May (l) enjoys some
after-party conversation with Platinum
Associates member Johanna Judah.

                                         Highlighting the evening was the beautiful showing of Monique Lhuillier’s
                                         Fall 2011 Ready-to-Wear collection along with an exclusive viewing of
                                         preeminent jeweler Martin Katz’s private collection.

                                                 It was a sensational, unforgettable evening thanks to the hard work
                                                 and dedication of dinner Co-Chairs Susan Casden and NancyJane
                                                 Goldston and the “A” Gala dinner committee – Robin Broidy,
                                                 Randy Fifield, Jennifer Hale,
                                                 Shelley Litvack, Linda May,
                                                 Bui Simon. In addition, our
                                                 heartfelt gratitude goes to all of our
                                                 supporters who helped make this
                                                 event an extraordinary success.

     ‘A’ Gala Co-Chairs and Board Members
     Susan Casden (l) and NJ Goldston (r).

                                                                                          Board Member Lisa Mindlin and
                                                                                          husband Bradley.

                                               Perrey Reeves of Entourage.

     Actresses Bree Turner (The Ugly Truth)
     and Abigail Spencer (Hawthorne, Mad
     Men) enjoy the evening.

     Board Member Laura Alpert with husband
     Harvey and great-niece, Jessica Biddle.                                              Mandy Moore ( Tangled, Princess Diaries).

                                                              Around Aviva
 Congratulations to Robin bRoidy on her newly formed production company, Storywise Productions. Robin and
partner Leslie Castanuela Barnes already have two projects in development. Storywise Productions and Rhino Films
acquired the life-story rights of legendary drag racing rivals, Don “The Snake” Prudhomme and Tom “The Mongoose”
McEwen to produce a picture about their years on and off the race track. Another project in development is action/
thriller entitled Mayhem. Robin has been a long-time entertainment industry attorney who previously worked at
Twentieth Century Fox.

LiLi bosse has stepped down from the Aviva Board of Directors so she can devote herself full time to serving as a
newly elected member of the Beverly Hills City Council. We will miss Lili’s participation on the board and wish her
well in this new position.

MicheLLe coRdeRo-Lee has been promoted to Development Officer. Hired originally as a grant writer, her
talents and energy quickly had her involved in all aspects of development and assisting CEO Andrew Diamond.
Congratulations to Michelle on her well-deserved promotion.

  evon Gotlieb, Retiring from Aviva’s board
  After a Quarter century of service
  Having served as a distinguished board member for 25 years, Evon is retiring at the end
  of June. Andrew Diamond, Aviva President and CEO thanked and congratulated Evon
  “for her extensive, selfless and very effective contributions over the years to the Board,
  the Executive Committee and the Public Relations Committee. She will be missed.”
  In addition to serving Aviva, Evon has lent her talents to other community
  organizations such as The League of Women Voters, Jewish Federation Council,
  United Way of Greater Los Angeles and Wilshire Boulevard Temple.

  Evon has been the guiding light of the Public Relations Committee throughout her
  board service. Her extensive experience in community affairs and public relations
  provided the Board of Directors a steady rudder to guide Aviva’s name recognition
  in the community. As our course changed and broadened over the years to serve
  more and more of the neediest children and families in Los Angeles, Evon provided
  creative ideas and valuable insights. Evon’s contribution to the development of our
  collateral materials and newsletter has been invaluable.

  Evon’s insightfulness will be missed by all who have worked with her. We wish her                                       Evon Gotlieb,
  well and offer our deepest gratitude and affection.                                                                     retiring Board Member

                                       Platinum Associates 2010-2011
Newest Platinum Associates members to join or renew membership since previous newsletter publication.
  Avery barth                               claudia deutsch                            Joan hotchkis                             Ricki Ring
  Marlene canter                            Zorik Gordon                               elaine Langone                            eden Romick
  Melanie coto                              shirley hahn                               elaine Leventhal                          susan smidt
  Janna delamarter                          bucky hazan                                Laura Lizer                               Tobey cotsen Victor
                                                                                       Vicki Martin
These members were taken from the time period of January 1, 2011 through May 31, 2011. We apologize for any errors or omissions. If we inadvertently omitted your
name, please contact Michelle cordero-Lee at (323) 876-0550 ext. 1123.
Aviva Family and Children’s Services
Hamburger Home, Inc.
7120 Franklin Avenue
                                                                                                                              US Postage
Los Angeles, CA 90046
                                                                                                                            Los Angeles, CA
                                                                                                                             Permit # 36805

    ‘in-Kind’ Recognition (continued from page 7)
    Dana Hammond                       in-Kind                      Neil George Salon                    Lawrence Lokman
    Jewell and Alvin Harris                                         Northrop Grumman                       Rick and Randi Gitelson
                                        Veronica Alweiss
    Kerry Ann Herta                                                 Nosh of Beverly Hills                Lisa and Bob London
                                        Avon Products, Inc.
                                                                                                           Jewell and Alvin Harris
    Fern Heyman                         Big Sunday                  Pause Your Mind
                                                                                                         Linda May
    Nicholas Hodges                     Borders Books and Music     Jon Perlman
                                                                                                           Kara Fox
    Tanika Hurtt                                                    Physique 52 of Beverly Hills           Ada and James Horwich
    Lorraine Jacoby                                                 Ann Piehl                            Astrid McDonald
    Lonnie Jordan
                                         AViVA ThAnKs               Ripley’s Believe It or Not             Julie and Howard Chait
    Helen Kasavan                    Platinum Associates member     Leif Rogers                            Charlotte McDonald
                                                                                                           William Schumacher
    Cherisse and Dora Leopold          Johanna Judah, owner         Marvin and Susan Rothenberg
                                                                                                         Jade Mills
    Charlotte and Astrid McDonald       of Mayfair House, and       Dawn and Jake Rutigliano
                                                                                                           Alexis and Michael Lamontagna
    Jade and Adam Mills                                             Shelter Partnership
                                       Vera bradley for their                                            Deborah and Andrew Rappaport
    Alexis Overocker                                                Small Miracles Unlimited              Jason Diamond
                                      donation of 100 accessory
    Franklin Rahmanou                                               Ferris Strachan                      Emanuel and Lorraine Stolaroff
    Marisa Rokovitz                    tote bags for the foster/    Jac and Carol Stulberg                Tobey Cotsen Victor
    Debbie Sandock                     residential teen girls in    Eric and Debbie Swanson              Carol and Jac Stulberg
                                                                                                           Joey Helman, Klass,
    Raj Sardesai                             Aviva’s care.          Taschen
                                                                                                           Helman & Ross
    Rita and Louis Schlanger                                        Tentek, Inc.
                                                                                                         Carol Stulberg
    William Schumacher                  Karen Breslow               Un-Cabaret Laboratories                Sharon Sears Dunas
    Annie Seaton and David Lewis        Comedysportz               in honor of                           Linda and Judd Swarzman
    Cameron Silver and Jeff Synder      Crustacean                                                         Lynn and Bob Tobias
                                                                    Laura and Harvey Alpert
    Bui Simon                           Cynthia Czarnecki             Susan and Robert Emmer             Toni Weingarten
    Suzie Smith                                                                                            Caroline and Jack Weingarten
                                        Christian Dodd              Laura Alpert
    Barbara and Morton Sommer                                         Kara Fox                           Wendy Wolf
                                        EA Apparel
                                                                      Allan Cutrow                        Sylvia and Larry Wolf
    Natalie Sorotsky                    The Ella Fitzgerald
    Burton Spivack                        Charitable Foundation
                                                                    Believing in Anything is Possible   in Memory of
                                                                      Aimet Victoria
    Katrina Tippett                     Christopher Hammond                                              Andrea Carp
                                                                    Robin Broidy                          Franklin Rahmanou
    Mel Turnbough                       Chrissy Hampton               Nancy and Robert Lurie
    United Way CA Cap. Region-                                                                           Robert Einstein
                                        Kristin Hansfernandez         Adrianne and Robert Zarnegin
                                                                                                           Susan Einstein
      PCFDA Acct.                       Jimmy Kimmel Live           Andrew Diamond
                                                                                                         Janis Greenberg
    Aimet Victoria                      Johanna Judah                Toby Bernstein
                                                                                                           Madeline and Eugene Goodwin
    Marcia and Richard Volpert                                       Linda and Richard Lambert
                                        Martin and Kelly Katz                                            Sherry Kelman
                                                                     Dr. Elias Lefferman
    Caroline and Jack Weingarten        Los Angeles Dodgers                                                Paul Migdal
                                                                    Dr. Donald Sloan
    Sylvia and Larry Wolf               Ma Jolie                                                         Denna Mason
                                                                     Sheila and Ronald Wolf
                                                                                                          Fern Heyman
                                        Much Too Much               Marisa Freedman
                                        Nails by Rose                 Elisa Joy Rubin

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