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					                      December 2008                 Volume 1, Issue 12

                 Tennessee                                           GWRRA
                T e n n e s s e e     G o l d   W i n g    R o a d       R i d e r s   A s s o c i a t i o n

                                                           Somewhere Over the Rainbow
                                                                                      On Saturday, November 15th,
                                                                             we went in search of a place to hold
                                                                             the District Picnic in 2009. You see,
                                                                             the day after this year’s picnic, we had
                                                                             tried to reserve Cedars of Lebanon
                                                                             Park but it was already taken. When
                                                                             we tried to choose another date, it too
                                                                             was already taken. So we were left
INSIDE THIS ISSUE:                                                           looking for a new location. Choosing
Somewhere over the           1                                               a location is never easy. It must meet
Rainbow                                budget, location, space, and accommodation requirements to name but a
                                       few. So, after considerable research via the internet, off we went on a site
News from Out West           2         seeking adventure. We drove to Winchester, TN where we toured Tims
                                       Ford State Park. After much consideration, while not perfect, we decided
                                       that this State Park would meet most of our needs. We will be creative and
Meet two of the Couples of   2
                                       work around the deficiencies of the Park. We hope you will join us on Sep-
the Year
                                       tember 19, 2009 for a great day of food, fun, and fellowship with your fel-
Educator’s Corner            3         low Gold Wingers.
                                               After leaving Tims Ford, we headed for Tullahoma to attend Chapter
Leadership Training          4         “G’s” evening gathering. We got caught in a bad rain storm, temperatures
                                       were very cold, and we were thankful that we were in the car and not on the
District Calendar            5         motorcycle! As we rounded a bend in the road, we came across a beautiful
                                       sight: a DOUBLE rainbow! I hollered at Ken to stop the car, which he did,
Chapter Meeting Roster       6/7       so I could take my picture. A few days later, as I reviewed the picture, I
                                       found a reminder of why we love GWRRA….because GWRRA, like the
Year in Review               10        rainbow, is made up of many different rays of light. In GWRRA’s case, it
                                       is the people who make the rays of light glow. And, it is the people, who
Setting Goals                12        are the rainbow’s pot of gold. Each person, each member, is unique and
                                       priceless. Their collective energy creates the rainbow. As this year draws
Recipe of the Month          14        to a close, we are thankful for our GWRRA rainbow and all those who
                                       make it shine so brightly!     HAPPY HOLIDAYS!
Rider Ed Review              15
Page 2                                                                                                                                   Tennessee GWRRA

                                              L E T U S I N T RO D U C E Y O U T O :
      B IL LY & J EA N NIE                   MANIER                        Gene & Sandy Bishop

Billy & Jeannie Manier are the 2008 Couple of the Year                            Gene & Sandy Bishop are the 2008 Couple of the Year
for Chapter H in Franklin, TN. Billy & Jeannie have                               for Chapter O in Cleveland, TN. Gene & Sandy have
been members of GWRRA since November 2003.                                        been members of GWRRA since Aug 2007. As you can
Jeannie is a nurse and is always willing to share helpful                         see, they always have a bright smile on their faces and a
information. Billy & Jeannie have served as Chapter H’s                           warm word to say to all whom they meet.
Membership Enhancement Coordinators.

Editor’s Note: We hope you have enjoyed meeting each of the Couples of the Year for 2008. They have done a great job representing their chapters and we
hope that they have felt honored and appreciated! We will begin to showcase the couples for 2009 in the next issue of the District Newsletter. Chapter Direc-
tors, please help us out by writing a little something to tell everyone why your couple is so special! The information can be sent to Ken Craddock at; Thank you, in advance for helping us showcase your special Couples of the Year!

                                                              NEWS FROM OUT WEST
         It is now 5am in Camden, TN. I could not sleep so I thought I would write an article for the news letter. Seeing
that I have not contributed any this whole year I felt I was falling behind. Yes, it has been a year since I was asked to
take a position with the District Staff. It seems like yesterday, but this coming weekend will be our second Operations
Meeting. I took this position for the same reason I joined GWRRA: To meet new friends who enjoy the same things I do.
I have done just that. There are a great bunch of people in West Tennessee that I didn’t know before.
We have done a lot of things together and I am looking forward to the coming year. We will be having a lot of new chap-
ter officers this year. I am proud to see them stepping up and taking over. So far they are: Jimmie & Shirley Martin,
Chapter D2, D.J. & Deborah Jones, Chapter I, and Alan & Glenda Keough, Chapter W2. I am not sure who will be tak-
ing Chapter N in Jackson. At this time, everyone is busy making plans for their Christmas Parties and events for the
coming year.
         Back in September, Winfred & Betty Ray, CD’s of Chapter I, had their monthly meeting on the road and invited
everyone to come along. It was a beautiful day for a ride to Lamberts Café in Sikeston, Mo. There were 38 of us that had
a great time. Even though Winfred & Betty are stepping down after serving for 4 years, I am sure they will plan more of
these rides. The weekend before, on September 6th Marie and I helped Chapter K hold their annual Road Block for St.
Judes in Camden. Even though the economy is bad, the people dug deep and made it a success. After the road block,
Dale & Wanda Sensing and a new chapter couple (I can’t remember names) went to Jackson to attend Chapter N’s meet-
         On Nov 7th Marie & I went to Clarksville where we had supper with a great bunch of people. This was planned
by Chapter Q (about 45 people attended). We spent the night and rode in their Veterans Day Parade the next morning. It
was a nice day and they flew all their flags. This is one event I plan on participating in each year.
For the coming year, I would like to see more people out visiting other Chapters and attending their fun days. The more
you mingle, the more you tingle, having fun with your friends. That’s what it’s all about. Get that bike out and Ride,
Ride, Ride.
         We’ll see you on the road.                                          Bill Henson & Marie Marbury
Page 3                                                                                             Tennessee GWRRA

                                            By Chuck Caldwell
                                         Assistant District Educator

Hello TN,

In this month’s newsletter, I want to add some personal comments to the article Ten Ways to Keep Two-
Wheeling Into Winter, which is on page 74 of the current Dec issue of Wing World. The article lists a collec-
tion of 10 tips from the experts at Nationwide Insurance that could come in handy when you ride in cold
                                                   Ten Tips
                                  (excerpt from Wing World pg 74 Dec 2008)

1. Get Layered
2. Trap Body Heat
3. Don’t Get Foggy
4. Ride on Down Electric Avenue
5. Watch the Voltage
6. Get Streamlined
7. Don’t Get Fooled
8. Practice Tire Smarts
9. Put Your Oil on a Diet
10. Rev up Your Insurance I.Q.

For more on each of these topics, please read the article.

At least 4 of the 10 are associated in some way, with staying warm. I want to elaborate from personal experi-
ence, and my teaching background, as to why I think this is so important. I used to own a 79 GL 1000, and I
was out riding on it one weekend during a winterish month 8 or 9 years ago, coming back from going to visit a
neighboring chapter. I was dressed appropriately, or at least I thought I was, and on the way home, it started
getting darker and darker. When the sun disappeared, the temperature started falling faster and faster and I
was getting colder and colder. It didn’t take long to get to the point, where all I was thinking about was how
cold I was. And when someone gets there, concentrating on what you need to think about, like watching the
road for hazards, or watching for animals getting in your way, or about making sure you don’t get run over by
other vehicles, goes right down the drain. In MSF classes, instructors mention that riding a motorcycle is 90%
mental. And when all your mental capacity is spent thinking about how cold you are, disaster may not be too
far behind. To make a long story short, I eventually pulled off the road and into a small shopping center to go
into one of the stores just to thaw out. I guess I spent 15 to 20 minutes or so inside, getting my blood circulat-
ing again. I finally got back on the bike and made it home, which by then wasn’t that far away. The moral of
this story is that when you get to the point that you are spending your mental energy on things other than think-
ing about safety when riding, you are headed for serious trouble. Fortunately for me, I avoided a really bad
ending to the story. And in the months and years since then, I have acquired more appropriate riding gear for
that and other types of situations. And I keep some of it very handy, all the time, just in case. Think about
this, are you prepared?

                                                STAY WARM!
Volume 1, Issue 12                                                                                                        Page 4

                                         Leadership Training Division(
                                      Chapter Leadership Skills Fun & Games

They said “The British are coming! The British are coming!” Yet, I never did see the British arrive! However, with or with-
out the British, the Chapter Leadership Skills Seminar held on November 1st in Sweetwater, TN was a LOT of fun and a
BIG success! A total of 37 Tennessee members, representing 11 chapters, gathered at the Magnuson Inn to share knowledge
and learn together.

Led by David & Marie McGill, District Trainers, the event was fast paced and fun from the start! The icebreaker mixed it up
when everyone had just 1/3 of a comic. Each person had to find the other two parts of that comic strip and put them in the
right order. Needless to say, everyone quickly became friends as they tried to find their matches.

After the icebreaker, Marie McGill led the event with a session on GWRRA Structure and Organization. The interesting thing
about these Leadership Training Division (LTD) classes is how much GWRRA really is like a ‘family.’ And, as a result,
many ideas, philosophies, and practices get ‘passed down’ from generation to generation. In the passing, there is some misin-
formation and miscommunication which often results in chapters doing things ‘because we’ve always done it that way,’ or
because the infamous ‘they’ said it has to be done that way, or just because people prefer to do things their own way even if
it’s not the right way. These LTD classes give members, new and old alike, an opportunity to refresh, renew, and rethink the
way chapters operate. Ken Zahn gave a session on “You’re an Officer – Now What?” which has a lot of useful information on
the GWRRA policies and guidelines. David McGill returned to the podium to deliver lessons on Leadership, Staffing, and
Delegation. It is never as easy to lead a group of people as it may appear. Everyone has their own ideas, opinions, and prefer-
ences of how they would do things if they were leading the same group. The great thing about GWRRA is that it invites eve-
ryone to participate yet the leaders have the ultimate responsibility of adhering to and abiding by the GWRRA policies and
guidelines which have served this organization so well for more than 30 years. Of course, everyone was glad when lunch time
arrived and they had the opportunity to enjoy a meal catered by Bradley’s Pit BBQ of Sweetwater. After time to digest all that
they had learned that morning, as well as digest their food, everyone returned for an invigorating afternoon of more knowl-
edge, fun, and games. Julie Zahn presented “Interviewing” and discussed how to apply interviewing techniques and skills to
our unique GWRRA environment. She also discussed why it is so important to use interviewing to find just the ‘right’ person
for each chapter position and how informal evaluations can help all parties stay on track to accomplish the desired goals. Ed
Grazier, Chapter “Y” Director, presented a session on Newsletters. One of the most important tools we have is our Newsletter
at any level. This is an opportunity to ‘get the word’ to all members and put it in written format so they have a tangible re-
minder of important information, dates, activities, etc. Jeff Liner followed Ed with a lesson on Chapter Treasury. Always a
source of confusion and misinformation, Jeff set the record straight on creating income and acceptable uses for monies earned
by a chapter. He also reminded members that all chapter funds, while intended for the operational use of the chapter, ulti-
mately belong to GWRRA. With the end of the year fast approaching, Jeff’s seminar was particularly timely as Chapter
Treasurers and Directors will soon have to complete the Chapter Financial Report and send it to the District. The day con-
cluded with a lively, fun-filled- session led by Beverly Rambo on “How to Increase Chapter Participation.” As a member of
Chapter “V” in Chattanooga, Beverly has seen chapter growth nearly quadruple in the last two years! That’s something every
chapter would love to see happen to them! If you’re looking to increase participation in YOUR chapter, talk to members of
other chapters that you see growing and thriving! A challenge to growth is the proverbial ‘splintering’ that happens when
groups grow too large without maintaining a common thread. When opinions, ideas, and interests become polarized, your
group will experience ‘splintering.’ The real challenge is how to grow without ‘splintering.’ The answer is to include every-
one, to avoid ‘cliques,’ and to maintain the common interest that brought us all together to begin with: riding our motorcycles!

After a full day of learning, 23 of the attendees headed off to Bradley’s Pit BBQ for an evening meal filled with good food,
laughter, and fun. Many people had an opportunity to meet other members from across the state and to get to know each other
better while exchanging ideas that will help everyone. On Sunday morning, David and Marie led a few hardy souls on an ad-
venture across the Cherohala. The weather was fabulous, the Fall colors were amazing, and everyone enjoyed their time to-

If you didn’t make this Leadership Training Session, mark your calendars NOW for the Horizons Program which will be
held on Saturday and Sunday, February 28-March 1st at the Comfort Suites in Lebanon, TN. We guarantee you will not
only learn something new, you’ll meet someone new, and you’ll have a fun-filled weekend! Join us!
Page 5                                                                                                                     Tennessee GWRRA

Looking for something to do? Somewhere there is always something going on in our district! Do something different and plan a visit to
another chapter’s event that is not in your area. You’ll see new territory as you travel, make new friends during the event, support your
sister chapters, and, of course, have a wonderful time making new memories! The more you visit, the more fun you have! See YOU
there!                  (If your chapter would like to have its event on the district calendar, contact Julie today at
                                                                  Tennessee District Calendar

                        January 2009
                        8-11               Maryland Winter Thing, Ocean City, MD
                        17                 Chapter G2—Spaghetti Fundraiser for St. Jude—Kodak, TN
                        24                 Chapter B—Chili Cook Off, Norris, TN
                        February 2009
                        7                  TN Winter Event: Mardi Gras Ball Capers —Paris, TN
                        28-1 Mar           Leadership Training Horizon’s Event—Lebanon, TN
                        March 2009
                        12-14              Florida District Rally, Kissimmee, FL
                        21                 Chapter “Y” Fun Day—Murfreesboro, TN
     New items          26-28              Alabama District Rally—Pelham, AL
     are indicated
     by an arrow:       April 2009
                        16-18              Louisiana District Rally—Lafayette, LA
                        23-25              Spring Fling—1942: A USO Wing Tour—Pigeon Forge, TN
                        30-2 May           South Carolina District Rally—Myrtle Beach, SC
                        May 2009
                        2                  Chapter A Fun Day—Mt Juliet, TN
                        6                  Chapter C 10th Annual Golf Tournament—Blountville, TN
                        16                 Chapter C 26th Annual Roan Mountain Steak Out—
                        21-23              Arkansas District Rally—Rogers, AR
                        June 2009
                        6                  Chapter Q “20th Birthday Bash”—Place TBD
                        11-13              Georgia District Rally—Hiawassee, GA
                        13                 Chapter R Fun Day
                        18-20              West Virginia Rally—Summersville, WV
                        20                 Chapter D2—FUN Day Returning Party—Tiptonville, TN
                        20                 Chapter S Bike Show & Fun Day—
                        July 2009
                        2-5                Wing Ding 2009—Tulsa, OK
                        August 2009
                        6-8                Kentucky District Rally—Somerset, KY
                        22                 Chapter H Fun Day

                        29                 Chapter Skills Program—Lebanon, TN
Volume 1, Issue 12                                                                                                            Page 6

New items are indi-                                                     TN Chapter Roster
cated in red and with                                             Meeting Day, Time, and Places
an arrow:                                                (Please send corrections to
                                                       Meeting Places & Contact Info is as of 1 January 2009
Chapter A                                                                Chapter L
Last Tuesday                                                             First Saturday
Eat at 6pm/Meet at 7pm                                                   Eat at 8am/Meet at 9am
Piccadilly Restaurant, 721 Madison Square on Gallatin Rd., Madison, TN Ryan’s Restaurant, 405 S. Cumberland, Lebanon, TN
CD Larry Combs 615-889-2147                                              CD Andrew & Debbie Smith 615-369-1352

Chapter A2                                                            Chapter M
4th Monday                                                            2nd Tuesday
Eat at 6pm/Meet at 7pm                                                Eat at 6:00pm/Meet at 7:00pm
Ryan’s in Hunter Crossing @129, Maryville, TN                         Dinner Bell Restaurant, Exit 81 off I-75; Hwy 321, Lenoir City, TN
CD Gary Hamilton 865-982-7905                                         CD Curtis & Kathy Shoemaker 865-856-3520

Chapter B                                                             Chapter N
1st Tuesday                                                           1st Saturday
Eat at 6:30pm/Meet at 7:30pm                                          Eat at 5pm/Meet at 6pm
Shoney’s on Clinton Hwy; Exit 122 off I-75                            Casey Jones Village, Hwy 45 By-pass, Jackson, TN
CD Tom & Kathy Peck 423-907-9712                                      Sr. CD Cathy & David Webb 931-479-2167

Chapter C                                                             Chapter O
3rd Tuesday                                                           1st Tuesday
Eat at 6pm/Meet at 7pm                                                Eat at 6:30pm/Meet at 7:30pm
Mama’s House Buffet, 2608 N. John B. Dennis Hwy., Kingsport, TN       Golden Corral, 250 Stuart Rd. NE Exit 27 off I-75, Cleveland, TN
CD Tom & Peggy Jayne 423-323-2239                                     CD Boyd & Dianne Hixson 423-775-0601

Chapter C2                                                            Chapter P
2nd Saturday                                                          2nd Tuesday
Eat and Meet at 8am/Ride at 9am                                       Eat at 6pm/Meet at 7pm
Dairy Queen, Woodmeer Mall, Crossville, TN                            Shoney’s, Springfield, TN
CD Stan Bise 931-484-4876                                             CD Terry & Debbie Hunter 615-207-1072

Chapter D                                                             Chapter Q
1st Thursday                                                          Last Monday
Eat at 6pm/Meet at 7pm                                                Eat at 6pm/Meet at 7pm
Piccadilly Restaurant, 874 Murfreesboro Rd., Nashville, TN            Golden Corral on Wilma Rudolph Blvd, Clarksville, TN
CD Richard & Becky Griffin 615-890-1578                               CD Russ & KJ Kimmet 615-512-3407

Chapter D2                                                            Chapter R
3rd Sunday                                                            4th Sunday
Eat at 2pm/Meet at 3pm                                                Eat at 8am/Meet at 9am
Grecian Steakhouse, Dyersburg, TN                                     Shoney’s, Fayetteville, TN
CD Jimmie & Shirley Martin 731-325-8164                               CD Rick & Mary Bicknell 931-695-5040

Chapter F                                                             Chapter S
2nd Tuesday                                                           2nd Saturday
Eat at 6:30pm/Meet at 7:30pm                                          Eat at 8am/Meet at 9am
Golden Corral, 2905 W Andrew Johnson Hwy (11E), Morristown, TN        The Corner Café, Westmoreland, TN
CD Bill & Carroll Miracle 865-828-8056                                CD Michael & Minnie Dorris 615-325-8909

Chapter G                                                             Chapter T
3rd Saturday                                                          4th Tuesday
Eat at 5pm/Meet at 6pm                                                Eat at 6pm/Meet at 7pm
Western Sizzlin, 1615 N. Jackson St., Tullahoma, TN                   Great American Steak & Buffet, Merchants Rd, Knoxville, TN
CD Jim & Mary Cobb 931-649-2059                                       CD Carroll & Pat Bales 865-687-2986
Page 7                                                                                                              Tennessee GWRRA

                                                         TN Chapter Roster (continued)
                                                        Meeting Day, Time, and Places
                                               (Please send corrections to

Chapter G2                                                              Chapter U
1st Monday                                                              2nd Tuesday
Eat at 6:30pm/Meet at 7:30pm                                            Eat at 6pm/Meet at 7pm
IHOP, Parkway in Sevierville, TN                                        Ryan’s, 791 South Jefferson Ave., Cookeville, TN
CD Jerry & Joyce McCoy 865-933-1818                                     CD Ruth & Dudley Spakes 931-739-3866

Chapter H                                                               Chapter V
3rd Tuesday                                                             2nd Saturday
Eat at 6pm/Meet at 7pm                                                  Eat at 9am/Meet at 10am
Golden Corral, 3020 Mallory Lane, Exit 68B off I-65, Franklin, TN       Southern Honda Powersports, 1408 Workman Rd., Chattanooga, TN
CD David & Barbara Jordan 931-270-8082                                  CD David & Marie McGill 423-313-2457

Chapter I                                                               Chapter W2
2nd Saturday                                                            1st Thursday
Meet at 5pm/Eat at 6pm                                                  Eat at 6:30pm/Meet at 7:30pm
The Buffet House, Hwy 64 East of Bolivar, TN                            Perkins Restaurant, 1340 S. Germantown Pkwy., Memphis, TN
CD Winfred & Betty Ray 731-658-2974                                     CD Glenda & Alan Keough 901-853-8305

Chapter K                                                               Chapter Y
Last Saturday                                                           3rd Saturday
Eat at 5:30pm/Meet at 6:30pm                                            Eat at 8am/Meet at 8:45am
Ponderosa Steak House,                                                  Sloan’s Motorcycles, 2233 NW Broad St ,Murfreesboro,
115 Henslee Dr. (Hwy 70) Dickson, TN                                    CD Ed & Mary Ann Grazier 615-459-4499
CD Tom & Eileen Blackmon 931-729-0750

Chapter Z
2nd Saturday
Eat at 5:30pm/Meet at 6:30pm
Bonanza, Columbia Mall, James Campbell Blvd, Columbia, TN
CD James & Jerlene Smithson 931-359-5549

                                 MEETING CHANGES for DECEMBER/JANUARY

December Cancellations:

ALL regularly scheduled chapter meetings are cancelled EXCEPT for CHAPTER “B” - Knoxville
which is the 1st Tuesday of the month (Dec 2nd) so come on out and support them!

January Cancellations:

Changes/Other: G2—No Meeting in December; No regular meeting in January; St Jude Fundraiser: Spaghetti
Dinner to be held Saturday, January 17, 2009 from 4-7pm at Kodak United Methodist Church, Kodak, TN;
Questions or information: Call Jerry/Joyce McCoy at 865-933-1818

Chapter P—No regular meeting in January; but there will be a New Years Day ride leaving from the Tractor
Supply parking lot in Springfield at 10:00am. All are welcome to attend!!!
Volume 1, Issue 12                                                                                          Page 8

                                    Schedule Your Winter Rider Ed Classes Now

If your chapter is planning to conduct a Medic First class or a CoRider Class, or wants any other type of Rider
Ed training done in the winter months, NOW is the time to contact Norm Sorrell, District Educator for sched-
uling preferences. Norm will schedule classes on a first-come, first-serve, basis. Once your class is scheduled
he will arrange an instructor for you. Requests must go through Norm to alleviate any overbooking of instruc-
tors and to expedite the ordering of supplies and materials. If you have questions regarding types of classes
available, facilities, supplies, or materials required, or costs of holding classes, call or email Norm today! His
contact information is found on the back page of this newsletter! Remember, the chapter that learns together,
rides safer, and has more FUN! Sign up today!

                                       Rider Ed Motto:
                                       Safety is for Life

                                         Our Mission
                     To Save Lives through Quality, World Class Education

                                        District Staff Changes for 2009
As 2009 approaches, we are looking forward to a fun-filled year of many activities, rides, and the opportunity
to visit more often with more of you. Just as many chapters are reorganizing, changing staff positions, and
creating opportunities for members to serve their fellow members, we are doing the same thing at the District
Level. As you may recall, David & Marie McGill, District Trainers, have also served in 2008 as the Chap-
ter Directors of Chapter “V” in Chattanooga, TN. Wearing two or more hats is never easy but David & Marie
have made it look easy and have done a great job. Chapter “V” has experienced tremendous growth in 2008.
In 2009, David & Marie will be focusing more on their chapter and thus will be stepping down from their Dis-
trict Trainer position. We want to thank them for their hard work, their dedication, their commitment to train-
ing, and their fun-loving spirits. They are exceptional people who truly have made a difference in GWRRA!

With that said, Tony Boquet will be assuming the duties of District Trainer. Tony has an extensive back-
ground in training, instructing, and planning. If you know Tony, you know he also has a special degree in fun
and humor making him a perfect choice for the Trainer position! We know Tony will do a great job and wel-
come him to this new position on District staff! Toni Ann Boquet will continue to be the Wing News Editor,
a job which she has quickly mastered in a superb manner! You’ll continue to see both David & Marie around
as they will be working with Tony to organize, plan, and conduct the upcoming Horizon’s Program on Feb
28/March 1 in Lebanon, TN.

In addition, we want to welcome, Jerry & Leisa Childers, officially, to the District Staff. They will be filling
the position of Tennessee District Assistants. As many of you know, Jerry & Leisa were the recipients of the
Tennessee Member of the Year Award for 2007. They are truly worthy of the recognition as they are al-
ways willing to do whatever is asked of them to help out. Whether it’s taking pictures, creating CD’s, special
programs, audio/video support, creative thinking, cooking, or just helping out, they are there to lend a hand.
We welcome them and thank them for their past support. We know they will be a great addition to the Ten-
nessee Team!
Page 9                                                                                              Tennessee GWRRA

                                           What is OCONNECT?

The Officers Connect page has been updated. 
The OCONNECT page is a web page available to ALL officers of GWRRA.  This page has helpful information 
including links to the Officers Guidebook and the latest information for officer’s about the organization.  It is 
a wealth of information!  For instance, you will learn about the various ‘types’ of membership within GWRRA.  
“One size” does not fit all and it is important when recruiting new members to be knowledgeable and give 
accurate information to your prospects.  You can also learn about the leadership structure of our association.  
Who appoints officers at the Chapter, District and Region levels? . What are the requirements to be an offi‐
cer?  Did you know only ‘full’ members, those who own a Goldwing or a Valkyrie, and have their dues paid in 
full are eligible to be officers?  What happens when an officer sells his/her Goldwing or Valkyrie and buys a 
different type of motorcycle?  Must they ‘step down’ from their position?  There is also a wealth of informa‐
tion on the Chapter of the Year Program, new changes to the Couple of the Year Program, how to get Federal 
dollars for your state to enhance motorcyclist safety and awareness training, information about the Motorist 
Awareness programs and LOTS MORE! 

                                                            Hot Off the Press!

                         Hello Everyone: Having just finished my second edition as Editor of your Tennessee
                         Wing News just hours ago and in a crunch, I want you to be watching for it to arrive in
                         your mailbox by December 1st. or slightly thereafter I have received many comments
                         and compliments on our previous edition and I would like to thank each and every one of
                         you who offered those comments, submitted articles, sold ads, sent pictures or helped in
                         any way you could. This paper could not exist without all of you helping it along.
                         Let me say that it is never too early to send me articles for upcoming issues. They can be
                         submitted immediately after you have attended an event, went on a ride or whatever it is
                         that you would like to write about. Also, while it is still fresh in your memory, put the
                         article together and send it to me at that time. If possible, capture those moments in pic-
                         tures and send them along too. Many times when articles are submitted for your local
                         chapter newsletter, it can be copied to me via email to be used in Wing News as well.
                         Remember, you can win up to three $50 drawings just for submitting the articles to me
                         directly, BUT they must be sent to me by you personally to be eligible.
                         NEW MEMBERS: Let us know what you are enjoying about GWRRA and the goings
                         on in your chapter. Also, if any of you get an email motorcycle topic related that you
                         like or you think our other fellow members would enjoy, forward it to me as well. I am
                         always on the lookout for something fun to make the next issue more enjoyable for all of
                         I do hope you all enjoy the winter issue and Tony and I wish you a very blessed Holiday
                                                                Toni Ann Boquet
Volume 1, Issue 12                                                                                       Page 10

                                       A YEAR IN REVIEW
                                     By Butch & Chris Adkins
                                Tennessee Assistant District Directors
         We were appointed to the position of East TN Assistant District Directors just over a year ago and
WOW! What a year it’s been! It all started out with the Ops Meeting at Montgomery Bell State Park and pa-
per work was flying everywhere! There were all the M.O.U.’s filed and all appointments approved. Once the
M.O.U.’s were in place then it was off to get all of the signature cards in place at different banks. This was a
real organizational feat. We took 2 days vacation and made several calls to arrange meeting times. A mere
1100 miles later and mission accomplished. Then it was time for planning Spring Fling 2008. All District
Staff got assignments and ours was to head up parking, security and registration. We were given a list of chap-
ters to contact to assist us with this monumental task. Thanks to everyone’s dedication and volunteering, these
tasks were filled and accomplished. It was our privilege to be able to work with such a fantastic bunch of peo-
         Our first enjoyable adventure was to attend the Spaghetti Dinner put on by Chapter G2. They always
do a great job and have a good dinner, good entertainment, good prizes, and fun for all. Not to mention they
always make money for St Jude’s Children’s Hospital. Thanks, G2, for your hard work and effort.
         The next meeting was off to Chapter B’s Chili Cook off. If you have never attended this Cook off you
don’t know what you’re missing. You get the opportunity to sample all types of chili from the most unique to
the hottest. They give away awards for the chili, side dish and dessert. They always have nice prizes and they
have a great auction. Chapter B splits the money they make between 2 great organizations, The Pediatric Brain
Tumor Foundation and St Jude’s Children’s Hospital. So, like we mentioned earlier, you need to try to make it
to this coming Chili Cook Off.
         Cupid’s Capers came next at the Paris Landing State Park. The park was a beautiful setting and the buf-
fet was fantastic. We had a great time meeting all of the chapter couples who were able to attend. As usual,
Scooter Davis did a fantastic job with the music and DJ’ing.
         Our next adventure was to Chapter F’s Easter Egg Hunt. This is another event you need to put on your
ToDo list. You have never lived until you have seen a crowd of adults running around with Easter baskets
hunting for eggs. It is a sight to see and Chapter F does a good job with this event and they make some money
for St Jude’s Children’s Hospital.
         District Staff had a packet packing party at the Grand Hotel in preparation for Spring Fling. You might
ask yourself what this party was all about. When you arrive at Spring Fling and you are preregistered you get
a packet filled with all kinds of stuff. These packets don’t just magically appear at the District Director’s
house. Somebody has to put all of this stuff together. You see, we formed an assembly line and put all of the
goodies in one at a time. We don’t recall the number of packets that we stuffed (about 1200) but it was a copi-
ous amount and it took several hours. The increase in pay from Chapter Director to District Staff definitely
was worth the move.
         Spring Fling came next and I have already covered some, but not all of it. If you missed out on Spring
Fling you missed a lot of fun. We have been to several Spring Flings and we must say that this was the most
fun we have had yet. There were lots of events for everyone to go to and it was nonstop from Wednesday to
Saturday night for the District Staff. And again, we say THANKS to all chapters that helped put on this great
         Next came Chapter C’s St Jude Golf Tournament. This included a BBQ lunch prepared by none other
than Jerry Childers. This tournament had some great hole in one prizes and fantastic gifts for the winners. All
Page 11                                                                                          Tennessee GWRRA

money made went to St Jude Children’s Hospital. Don’t forget, all golfers are welcome to come and play.
        The Roan Mountain Steak Out was our next event. We took our motorhome well in advance to assure a
good spot. Chapter C does a great job each year. This was the 25th. We had a bean supper on Friday night and
the steaks on Saturday night have never been better. This is another event you have to check out. You will
have a good time and will not go hungry all weekend.
        Region N Rally was our next stop. Of course we didn’t have to go far since it was held in Kingsport.
Frank and Kathy Albert and the entire Region N Staff did a good job with their theme and games. Having the
vendors in the a/c was a definite plus! I understand they have a lot of surprises in store for next year so stay
tuned and get ready to support Region N. Chapter C had another event the same weekend as Region N to give
everyone who came to the rally a chance to ride the high banks of Bristol Motor Speedway. This is Chapter
C’s St Jude Fundraiser called Cruise In At BMS. This will definitely get the ole heart beating faster. You can
drive your motorcycle or car or just about whatever you want around the track. If you missed it this year, don’t
fear, there is always next year.
        Hanger Bar marathon was our next event. We checked the chapter meeting schedule and found out we
could get 3 bars in 1 day. We left home on Friday and spent the night in Lebanon. Saturday morning dawned
early with a visit to Chapter S. Then we made a mad dash to Chapter I’s picnic and just as we got there they
were wrapping it up. We still got to visit with Winfred and Betty. Then it was on to Columbia to visit Chapter
Z. After leaving Chapter Z we headed back to Lebanon for a good night’s rest. We headed back home on Sun-
day morning and after 980 miles we had 3 new visitation bars.
        Wing Ding in Greenville SC was our next stop. We got there Wednesday afternoon and had a great
ride. We were assigned to registration on Thursday morning and I must say it was unusual. This was the first
time I had seen cash registers and bar code readers. They even had credit card machines but the swiper that
Butch used didn’t work well. Enough said… you know Butch!!!! Well, anyway Wing Ding was fantastic with
vendors galore.
        District Picnic came next at Cedars of Lebanon State Park. We took our motorhome once again and
had a prime parking spot. There were several Goldwingers camping so we got the chance to walk around and
visit. We had s’mores Friday night and Butch and Mike Maynor were happy to make them and serve them. We
had gooey stuff everywhere but they sure were good! On Saturday we had chapter challenges and games. The
Horseshoe pitching tournament went great and without any problems. Too bad we can’t say the same for the
Softball Tournament. That’s a different story! We found out some of us were much older than we thought. We
had a few injuries and at one point I think we changed the game to Football. Huh? Ask Ronnie England and
Chris Adkins. It was a great weekend we had a blast!
        We got out and visited some of our assigned chapters this past year but not like we would have liked to.
                               We learned at the first part of the year that Chris’s brother, David Cox, also a
                               GWRRA member, had cancer. Chris is very close to her family and did every-
                               thing she could to help her brother. As you know, family comes first. Needless to
                               say, even through all of the treatments and doctor visits, we lost a very special
                               person. Thank you to everyone who prayed, sent cards, flowers, notes and any-
                               thing else you may have done.
                               We are going to try to visit more in the coming year so watch out, we may sneak
                               up on you!
                               Thanks again to everyone for being there for us.
                                                             Be safe and play pretty!
Volume 1, Issue 12                                                                                          Page 12

                                      Leadership Training Division
                                         David & Marie McGill
                                           District Trainers

                                               Why Should I Set Goals?
                 In life, as in football, you won't go far unless you know where the goalposts are.
                                                 Arnold H. Glasgow
The fact is that goal setting works! Research studies have shown a direct link between goals and enhanced
performance in both sports and business. Earl Nightingale put it this way, "People with goals succeed because
they know where they are going. It's as simple as that."
1. Goals can give you a target to aim for. Dr. Maxwell Maltz, author of the classic Psycho-Cybernetics, said
that human beings have a built-in goal seeking "success mechanism" that is part of the subconscious mind.
This success mechanism is constantly searching for ways to help us reach our targets and find answers to our
problems. According to Maltz, we work and feel better when our success mechanism is fully engaged going
after clear targets.
All we have to do to use this mechanism is to give it a target. Without one, our success mechanism lies dor-
mant, or worse, pursues targets we didn't consciously choose.
Goals provide your success mechanism with clear targets of your own choosing based on what is most im-
portant to you.
2. Goals can help you concentrate your time and effort. One important reason goal setters achieve such out-
standing results is that they have learned how to focus and concentrate their time, energy, and resources on a
single objective; even if it is just for a few hours at a time. Their concentrated power can produce results that
are much greater than those achievable through the diffused and unfocused energy many people use to get
through their days.
A clear example of the power of the concentration and focusing of energy can be seen in a simple magnifying
glass. The light from the sun arrives at the Earth as diffused energy.
We know the energy is there because we can feel the heat from sunlight on our skin. When this diffused en-
ergy is concentrated through a magnifying glass, and then focused on a specific point, it can easily burn a piece
of paper or wood. The same amount of energy that in one instance could only produce a very slight increase in
temperature, when focused can start a fire.
One major time management challenge we are facing today is that there are more things available for us to do
than anyone could possibly attempt, let alone accomplish, in an entire lifetime. If we are not careful, it is very
easy to diffuse our time and energy with many different trivial pursuits, aimless distractions, and general busy-
Goals provide a way to focus and concentrate your time and energy into carefully chosen targets that are de-
signed to make significant positive impacts in your life.
3. Goals can provide motivation, persistence and desire. Most significant accomplishments are riddled with
obstacles, struggles, and failures. It is estimated that Thomas Edison failed over one thousand times before he
finally discovered a way to make the light bulb work. It is very rare for something important to be accom-
plished successfully on the very first try.
If you want to achieve anything significant, it is likely that you will struggle and fail many times before you
finally reach your target. High achievers keep picking themselves up after each fall and continue working
steadily toward their targets until they finally reach their goal. Struggle and failure are often part of the price
you have to pay for high achievement.
Page 13                                                                                            Tennessee GWRRA

As you can see, any major accomplishment requires motivation and persistence. Where does this motivation
come from? It comes from your desire and purpose, from the reasons why you want to accomplish it.
It's been said that a person with a big enough "why" can bear almost any "what" or "how." When your "why"
is big enough, you find a way to reach your targets, even if you have to struggle and try many different things
to get there.
One of the main reasons people give up so easily in the face of failure is that they lose sight of their "why."
Goals can help you remember your "big why" when you need to pick yourself up and keep going in the face of
4. Goals can help you establish priorities. You will find many forks in the road between where you are now
and where you want to be. Instead of just going with the flow and letting the "current" or other people's inter-
ests determine where you end up, you have to consciously decide which way to go.
Goals and the missions, visions, and dreams that inspire them, provide a natural framework to help you iden-
tify and establish your priorities and make the "right" choices based on the long-term view of what is most im-
portant to you.
5. Goals can provide a roadmap to take you from where you are to where you want to be. A well crafted
strategy with an accompanying set of intermediate goals provides a framework to reach far away targets. One
of the best ways to deal with large or seemingly "impossible" tasks is to break them up into a series of interme-
diate achievable steps and get to work on each piece. As Brian Tracy likes to say, "By the yard it's hard, but
inch by inch it's a cinch!"
Your intermediate goals give you valuable feedback: they tell you whether you are making progress or not,
and can warn you if you are getting off course.
In almost any endeavor, you will need to make adjustments to your plans and overall strategy as you learn
from your mistakes, face and overcome obstacles, and experience unexpected setbacks. As the old adage
states, "No plan survives first contact with the battlefield."
Your strategy will also need to change and adapt based on the situations and circumstances you experience.
Next Month: Why people don’t set goals

                                                  How to Set Goals
1.   Ask yourself (or the group) what you want to accomplish in the coming year? For instance, more rides,
     more overnight rides, recruit “X” number of new members, attend an event you haven’t been to before, or
     conduct a chapter fundraiser to raise money for the chapter to A) buy new shirts; B) take a trip together; C)
     cover chapter expenses.
2.    These are just a few ideas….sky’s the limit!
3.   Write down everything! No matter how impossible it may seem, write it down!
4.   Begin to sort out the suggestions. Do not make fun of, or criticize, ANY suggestion. If it is not possible
     for real reasons (too far to go, costs too much, too much work involved) then set it aside.
5.   Select no more than 7 things….more than that and you’ll lose track and focus throughout the year. You
     want to concentrate everyone’s efforts on just a few goals.
6.   Make them attainable. How will you go about accomplishing each goal?
7.   Make a plan. Put it in writing! Give it to everyone so they know the goals and will help attain them.
8.   Set regular review dates. Ask how the group is doing towards reaching the goal. Were there intermedi-
     ate goals? Have they been met? For instance, if you’re going to recruit 10 new members in a year, check
     quarterly to see if you are making progress. Don’t wait until December to try to recruit 10 new people all
     at once!
9. Celebrate each goal as you accomplish it!
Volume 1, Issue 12                                                                                      Page 14

                                          Recipe of the Month
                                     From the kitchen of Kathy Albert

Yields 8 (1 cup) serving or 4 main dish servings

3 pounds all-purpose potatoes, scrubbed and pierced in several places
1 tablespoon stick butter or margarine
1 ½ cups finely chopped onions
2 tablespoons minced garlic
1 (14 ½ ounce) can chicken broth
3 cups milk
1 teaspoon salt
¼ teaspoon pepper

Shredded Cheddar cheese
Crumbled bacon
Chopped scallions

Preheat oven to 400 degrees F.
Bake potatoes 1 hour or until tender when pierced. Peel when cool enough to handle.

Melt Butter in a 4- to 6- quart pot over medium low heat. Stir in onions and garlic; cover and cook 10 minutes
until soft, but not brown. Add 2/3 of the potatoes and mash with a potato masher. Add broth, milk, salt and
pepper. Bring to a simmer, stirring occasionally.

Cut remaining potatoes in small cubes. Add to soup and stir gently to reheat. Sprinkle each serving with top-
pings and enjoy! Note: Instead of using the bacon and cheese toppings, I cut up some leftover baked ham and
added it to the soup. Serve with Cornbread.

                                              Please Remember
                                       George and Beverly Sprague…..
George and Beverly are long time members of Chapter “D” in Nashville. They participated with the Middle
Tennessee Precision Drill Team and George was the announcer for several years. Beverly has been ill for
awhile and is currently in the hospital. They are in the midst of many changes including selling their home,
moving, and trying to get Beverly’s health back. A card, a note, a phone call can do wonders to lift a per-
son’s spirit when they are struggling. If you can offer any comfort to the Sprague’s we’re sure it would be
greatly appreciated. More information regarding their situation is available at
                                                           Beverly Sprague
                                                            Room 2029A
                                            Vanderbilt Stallworth Rehabilitation Hospital
                                                        2201 Children’s Way
                                                         Nashville, TN 37212
                                              Her direct phone number is: 615-963-4130
Volume 1, Issue 12                                                                                                  Page 15

                                      Overview on Rider Education In 2008
                                       By Norm Sorrell, District Educator

          A BIG thank you and a pat on the back to all the Chapter Educators for all the time, hard work, and effort you
put in to make Tennessee one of the leaders in Rider Education. We could not do it without your help and assistance.
Working together made our job a lot easier. At the start of the year we had some goals in mind that we wanted to attain.
We were successful in some areas. There were some areas in which we lagged behind and we know where we need to
become more proficient in what we are doing and how we do it.
          The year started with the Winter Event at Paris Landing State Park. Jim & Nan Hall graciously agreed to con-
duct a Medic First Course and there were also several other seminars available. Then at Spring Fling we had two (2) full
days of Trike and ERC classes. There were more seminars and a Road Captain’s course available also. All of these
were well attended. At the Rider Ed table we had a lot of help from Chapter Educators and had some really good prizes
to give away. At the Region N and Wing Ding rallies, Chuck & I both helped with the bike show judging, ERC, and
Trike classes.
          One notable highlight for the year was Mac McGlothlin and Gene Knutson (both from Chapter “Y”) being certi-
fied to be MedicFirst and Rider Education Seminar Presenters. They will be conducting courses for various chapters in
central Tennessee. Chuck Caldwell, Assistant District Educator, will be conducting courses in western Tennessee and I
will be conducting courses in eastern Tennessee. This will allow us to teach more classes, more often, at the request of
the chapters. All requests for courses (MedicFirst, Trike, and/or ERC) should be submitted to me in writing (via email is
fine) at the earliest possible date. This will allow me to coordinate schedules with our presenters as well as to order any
necessary books and other materials in a timely, cost effective, manner. This winter would be a great time for all our
members to get caught up on their RiderEd requirements so that they will be ready to ride when the weather again coop-
          I hope everyone has a great holiday season and we will see you at an upcoming gathering or on the road some-
T e n n e s s e e G o l d W i n g
R o a d R i d e r s A s s o c i a t i o n
                                                          Visit the TN GWRRA website at:
                                                         It’s the place to go to find out
                                                         what’s happening in TN!

                                                      Tennessee Gold Wing Road Riders Association is proud to be a part of the
                                                      Gold Wing Road Riders Association (GWRRA). GWRRA is an interna-
                                                      tional association for owners of Gold Wings and Valkyries, owners of
                                                      other makes and models of motorcycles are welcome to join us as we con-
                                                      tinue to enjoy the pleasures of riding our motorcycles while sharing with
                                                      our ’friends for fun, safety, and knowledge.’ Join us!
D I S T R I C T S TA F F                              For more information:
                                            —Information on GWRRA in Tennessee
                                            —Information on GWRRA in Region N
                                            —Information on GWRRA National/International
                                                      GWRRA International Headquarters • 21423 N 11th Ave, Phoenix, AZ
District Directors:
                                                      85027 Phone(800) 843-9460 • Fax(623) 581-3844 •
Ken & Julie Zahn
                                District Educator:               Vendor Coordinators:
Sevierville, TN                                                                                Mardi Gras Capers
                                Norm Sorrell                     Mike & Debbie Maynor
865-774-7740                                                                                   February 7, 2009
                                Knoxville, TN                    Lebanon, TN                                                                        Paris Landing State Park
                                865-522-3113                     615-444-1453
Assistant District Directors:                                                        
Butch & Chris Adkins
                                Assistant District Educator:     District Treasurer:
Kingsport, TN
                                Chuck Caldwell                   Jeff & Cherri Liner
                                Collierville, TN                 Calhoun, TN
                                901-854-4824                     423-336-5835
Bill Henson/Marie Marbury
Camden, TN
                                Membership Enhancement           Public Relations
731-584-2924                    Coordinators:                                            Toni Ann & Tony Boquet
                                Ken & Shirley Craddock
Mike & Debbie Maynor                                             Franklin, TN
                                Woodbury, TN
Lebanon, TN                                                      615-599-8266
                                                               Couple of the Year 2008
                                District Leadership Trainers:                                  Tennessee District Assistants
                                                                 Mac & Janice McGlothlin
Betty Ann Norville              David & Marie McGill                                           Jerry & Leisa Childers
                                                                 Smyrna, TN
Murfreesboro, TN 37129                                                                         Gray, TN
                                Chattanooga, TN                  615-459-5035

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