The Gains of Using Drug Free Menopause Treatments

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					                    The Gains of Using Drug Free Menopause Treatments

        Menopause is a natural phenomenon experienced by all women. It’s the transition
period from having menstruation to none at all. During this phase, a woman’s reproductive
process has slowed down, and with it comes so many unexplained physical, physiological
and emotional changes that are a vexation to the spirit. While this may not be a disease or
an illness, the symptoms can – nevertheless – be agonizing that women tend to be
desperate for quick relief. And, most women are affected by the symptoms. But, they don’t
have to suffer over them because there are now new and better options of minimizing and
removing the distress from the symptoms of menopause.

        In her search, the woman is faced with an assortment of treatments which includes
drug therapy, natural and herbal therapies, exercise, acupuncture and living a healthy
lifestyle. Of course, we know that any treatment using drugs may be expensive, in addition
to it posing a hazard to one’s health, especially if taken in massive doses. That’s why
women nowadays tend to do away with Hormone Replacement Therapy, particularly as it’s
been found to increase their chances of getting breast cancer.

       For centuries, generations and cultures have used plants and medicinal herbs as a
cure for their illnesses. What’s good is that, today, herbal medicines and food supplements
claiming to have therapeutic effects on menopausal symptoms are proliferating in the
market. Aside from being highly favored and becoming more popular, these drugless
menopause treatments are always safe and inexpensive. One has only to take necessary
precautions and proper guidance when taking herbal medicines.

       Drug free menopause treatments are preferred more because of their safety and
affordability. Practically, there are no side effects. Herbal medicines are much safer, cheaper,
and they afford healing wonders to the menopausal woman. First off, eating the right kind
of food with plenty of fruits and vegetables boosts the body’s immune system to combat the
symptoms. Also, cutting down on meat, sugar, caffeine and carbonated beverages helps
mitigate the discomfort. Exercise doesn’t have to be costly, too. A little sacrifice of brisk
walking for thirty minutes each morning would do a lot to the body, and regular exercise
would wipe the pain away.

      In addition, another new technique has been introduced in the market. Developed by
Gary Craig, the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) uses acupuncture as a way of
minimizing the pain.

       Plenty of other useful information on drug free menopause treatments is offered on
the Internet. But, whatever option you take to relieve the symptoms, it is always best to
consult your doctor. After all, he or she is the only right person who can prescribe you the
right medicine.

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