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									                       Gate One Marketing Opens The Vault!

Gate One Marketing is opening their new expanded Website for Business Consultation Services
            and Internet Marketing Training. The Vault of Free Free Training.

Green Cove Springs, FL, November 19, 2012 - Gate One Marketing has launched our new
expanded website focused on assisting individuals and businesses with their Internet and
Traditional Marketing endeavors.

Gate One has created two sites which are dedicated to Businesses and Entrepreneurs who are
looking for Internet Marketing Services and our free Internet Marketing Training.

New Gate One Marketing Training Website
Our second site is dedicated to Internet Marketing training. It is called Gate One's Vault of Training
and the content of the training site ranges from beginning to advanced and we cover all aspects of
Internet Marketing.

Our new Internet Training Course is for every person who wants to understand Internet

Our Membership Program is for newbies to advanced Internet Marketers.

We offer two programs of instruction, White Belt and Black Belt.

Gate One offer’s our White Belt training free of charge for 6 months as long as you sign up for the
free 6 month membership, Our Black Belt training is for Intermediate to advanced users and
offers personal consulting for an annual membership fee.

Unlike most companies training sites, where you have a site setup for you by that company and
then they provide all the tools on their site and they guarantee leads if you follow their system.

The question is how can one be successful being a copycat? Before you spend money that you
don’t have contact us!

Gate One firmly believes that to be successful on the Internet, you must “brand” yourself and we
are here to help you succeed with your own unique brand! Our training includes Website
Development, SEO, PPC, Aweber, and more!

If you have already joined a program, we can help you brand yourself as an expert in your niche
with a custom Website and SEO. We can help create your own list, not one the company also
shares or outright owns, so your hard work belongs to you! You built it, so you keep it!

Gate One provides both Free and Paid Memberships that provides an in depth education on
various aspects of Internet Marketing for both individuals and businesses;

In addition we offer a Consulting Service for people who require more information on getting
started in Internet Marketing or Social Media Management who require Traditional Marketing
resources such as Business Plans, Social Media Marketing or Website Development and SEO.

Furthermore, we offer consulting on which affiliate products would be best for individuals to
consider based on their background and experience in internet marketing.

Please take advantage of our many years of experience and contact us for a free consultation, so
we can better understand your unique requirements.

Gate One Marketing Business Website:
At Gate One Marketing we have the vision of helping companies and individuals implement
traditional and internet marketing to grow their businesses. We include a whole range of internet
marketing services that includes Website Development, SEO, Business Development, Affiliate
Marketing, PPC Marketing, Media Buying, Social Media Marketing, Article and Video Marketing,
Blogging, E-mail Marketing to name just a few.

Our Free Training is off the charts!
We have implemented and managed many types of Internet Businesses, from High Tech
Businesses, Athletics, such as Tennis Pro's, to Artists, Authors, and 501 C3 Charitable
organizations, with excellent results. So please contact us for a free consultation. We can also help
to write your Business Plan for Venture Capital funding!

About Gate One Marketing:
Gate One Marketing was founded in 2010. We have over 30 years of experience in traditional
marketing and experience in Internet Marketing.

Our background is in Aerospace and Defense. However, we are very technical and business
orientated, We can help!

We take into account all the business functions and requirements that can help your business
succeed online.

Please call us for a 30 minute free consultation service to discuss your marketing needs. Gate One
Marketing has branches in the USA and Sweden. For More Information Go to

For Gate One Marketing – Vault of Free Training – Go to

William B. Weeks Jr
Gate One Marketing International
445 Hope Hull Ct.
Green Cove Springs, FL 32043


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