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									                            DEPARTMENT OF ARCHITECTURE
                                         with Programs in Architecture
                                           and Interior Architecture
                                UNIVERSITY OF OREGON
                                                Eugene and Portland

                         GRADUATE APPLICATION PACKET 2013
                                              Professional Degrees
                                       Master of Architecture (M.Arch.)
                                   Master of Interior Architecture (M.I.Arch.)


                                                         I.   INTRODUCTION
                                                         Professional education in architecture has been offered at the
       II.   GRADUATE PROGRAMS                           University of Oregon since 1914 and includes graduate and
                                                         undergraduate programs in architecture and interior archi-
       III. ADMISSION GOALS                              tecture. Our programs are designed to educate students in
                                                         the liberal arts tradition of the University of Oregon and in
       IV. APPLICATION PROCESS                           the traditions of our unique School of Architecture and Al-
                                                         lied Arts.
                                                         In its association with the School of Architecture and Allied
       VI. APPLICATION REVIEW                            Arts, the Department of Architecture offers a broad edu-
                                                         cation in environmental design. Students majoring in the
       VII. COMPUTER REQUIREMENT                         architecture and interior architecture programs can study
                                                         historic	preservation,	landscape	architecture,	planning,	fine	
                                                         and applied arts, and arts administration. More than twenty
       FORMS INCLUDED IN THIS PACKET:                    courses in architectural history are offered through the De-
                                                         partment of the History of Art and Architecture. Studios
•	     RELATED EXPERIENCE FORM                           and course work offered at our Portland site provide a rich
•	     LETTER OF RECOMMENDATION FORM                     laboratory for the advanced study of urban design issues.
                                                         The Department of Architecture co-sponsors, with the De-
                                                         partment of Physics, the Solar Energy Center.

                                                         The curriculum is design centered. Requirements include
                                                         fundamental course work in design and all major subject ar-
     Mailing address:                                    eas. Design studios provide the opportunity for integration
                                                         of the various support disciplines.
     DEPARTMENT OF ARCHITECTURE                          In addition to the design studio, the department is excep-
                                                         tionally strong in teaching, design research, and theory. Ar-
                                                         eas of inquiry include: housing and urban design; energy
     EUGENE, OR 97403-1206                               conscious design; passive and microclimate principles; sit-
     (541) 346-3656 (541) 346-3626 fax                   ing and physical context; human activity and accessibility;
                                                         structural theory and systems; building technology; lighting,
     Contact: Helga Wood, Admissions Advisor             light and color theory; furniture design; computer applica-
     Email:                         tions; urban and vernacular buildings; and historic preser-
     Website:            vation.
Professional Graduate Programs                                                               Department of Architecture - University of Oregon

Program and general electives are intended to support and en-              studies. Those	with	deficient	technology	coursework	admitted	
courage the inquiry which broadens and advances knowledge                  to	the	Track	II	program	in	Portland	may	need	to	take	their	first	
in	the	field.	We	feel	that	fundamental	coursework	is	enhanced	             year in Eugene while completing technology requirements.
and enlivened by this specialized inquiry. Students may select
their	 elective	 course	 work	 according	 to	 their	 specific	 interest	   International	 architecture	 applicants	 who	 hold	 a	 five-year	
and career intent.                                                         professional degree in architecture but wish to obtain the pro-
                                                                           fessional degree required for licensure in the United States
                                                                           should apply to the Master of Architecture, Track II rather than
II. GRADUATE PROGRAMS                                                      the Master of Science in Architecture program.
Please refer to the chart below to determine for which track
you are eligble. The start date for the Track I program is Sum-            The curricula for the Track I and II programs are integrated
mer term. The Track II program begins Fall term.                           with	the	department’s	five-year	professional	degree	curricula.	
                                                                           The professional graduate programs are differentiated from
The professional degree programs in architecture are accred-               the undergraduate programs primarily by entry studio(s) and
ited by the National Architectural Accrediting Board (NAAB).               support courses, graduate seminars, advanced course require-
The professional degree programs in interior architecture are              ments, and studio frequency. For a full description of the de-
accredited by the Council for Interior Design (CIDA). Students             partment’s structure and curriculum, consult a current edition
in all master’s degree programs must meet the general Gradu-               of the University of Oregon Catalog at http://uocatalog.uo-
ate School requirements for the Master degree and the major      
requirements for the professional degree.
                                                                           The National Architectural Accrediting Board (NAAB) is the sole
Successful completion of the two and three-year graduate pro-              agency authorized to accredit U.S. professional degree programs in
grams in architecture will lead to an NAAB accredited profes-              architecture, and recognizes two types of degrees: the Bachelor of Ar-
sional degree, the Master of Architecture (M.Arch.). Successful            chitecture (B.Arch.) and the Master of Architecture (M.Arch.). For
completion of the two and three-year graduate programs in in-              more information, see the NAAB web site at
terior architecture will lead to a CIDA accredited professional
degree, a Master of Interior Architecture (M.I.Arch.). The Track
                                                                           The Council for Interior Design (CIDA), formerly the Foundation
I programs are for students who have a BA or BS in an unre-
                                                                           of Interior Design Education Research (FIDER), founded in 1970,
lated major.
                                                                           is an international non-profit organization that accredits postsec-
                                                                           ondary interior design education programs in the United States and
Applicants who meet the criteria for Track II placement (BA
                                                                           Canada. It’s primary purpose is to ensure a high level of quality in
or BS from an NAAB or CIDA accredited program)--see chart
                                                                           interior design education to meet the needs of students, the interior
below--may need additional time to complete the program be-
                                                                           design profession, and society. For more information, see the CIDA
yond the two years. Generally, this is the case for architecture
                                                                           website at
students who enter a Track II program without having com-
pleted basic technology coursework in their undergraduate

The chart below outlines the entry degrees required for the Master’s degree programs that are offered.

Post-Professional Degrees                Program & Location                       Duration              Entry Degree Requirements

M.S.Arch.                                Eugene or Portland                       4-6 terms             M.Arch. or B.Arch. (5 yrs)

M.S.I.Arch.                              Eugene                                   4-6 terms             M.I.Arch. or B.I.Arch. (5 yrs)

Professional Degrees                     Program & Location                        Duration             Entry Degree Required

M.Arch                                   Track I (Eugene)                         10 terms              BA or BS in any major

M.I.Arch                                 Track I (Eugene)                         10 terms              BA or BS in any major

M.Arch                                   Track II (Eugene or Portland)            6 terms               BA or BS in Architecture from
                                                                                                        an NAAB accredited program
M.I.Arch                                  Track II (Eugene)                       6 terms               BA or BS in Interior Architec-
                                                                                                        ture from a CIDA accredited
Professional Graduate Programs                                                         Department of Architecture - University of Oregon

III. ADMISSIONS GOAL                                                  V. SUBMISSION REQUIREMENTS
The careful selection of students is central to the educational       Applicants are responsible for sending the following:
mission of the Department of Architecture and to the contin-
ued quality of the programs in architecture and interior archi-       OFFICIAL TRANSCRIPTS
tecture. With respect to both students and faculty, we seek a         Graduate	 applicants	 must	 submit	 official	 transcripts	 from	
community of inquiring designers directed toward creative             all previously attended colleges and universities. You are re-
practice and research. Our community is interested in the ex-         quired to send a set of transcripts to both the Department of
ploration of the processes that give form to the environment.         Architecture	and	the	UO	Office	of	Admissions.

Students are selected for their creative ability; their interest in   Applicants must have earned a Bachelor’s degree prior to en-
issues of form, content and context; their ability to help ad-        try in the program. If you do not now have a Bachelor’s de-
vance knowledge of the built environment; and the contri-             gree, but expect to receive your degree prior to the term you
bution their presence will make toward a rich, diverse and            wish to begin your studies, you must submit a statement writ-
supportive context for the study of architectural issues. The         ten	by	your	current	major	advisor,	or	other	program	official,	
department seeks a student body that is culturally and geo-           verifying your expected graduation date.
graphically diverse. The University of Oregon is an equal op-
portunity,	affirmative	action	institution	committed	to	cultural	
                                                                      GRADUATE RECORD EXAM SCORES
diversity and compliance with the Americans with Disabilities
                                                                      GRE scores are required of all domestic and foreign applicants
                                                                      to graduate programs in the Department of Architecture. Re-
                                                                      quest the reporting of the test scores to be sent to Institution

                                                                      Code #4846, Department Code #4401.

Application materials should be sent no earlier than Novem-
                                                                      TEST OF ENGLISH AS A FOREIGN LANGUAGE
ber	15,	and	must	be	postmarked	no	later	than	the	first	Monday	
following January 1 or hand delivered by 5:00 P.M. to the de-
                                                                      SCORES (TOEFL)
partment	office	by	that	date.	To	ensure	that	you	submit	all	the	      All applicants to the Department of Architecture who are non-
required parts of the application, read all instructions below        native	English	speaker	scores	are	required	to	submit	an	official	
carefully and complete the following steps.                           TOEFL score meeting the minimum of 600 total (paper based),
                                                                      92 (internet-based) or an equivalent IELTS score of 7.5.
Submit the UO Graduate application using our web site                 LETTERS OF RECOMMENDATION
(, and one of the methods             Candidates must have at least three letters of recommendation
below:                                                                submitted on their behalf. Two of the three recommendation
                                                                      letters are required from academic sources. If you have been
                                                                      out of school for some time, a professional/employer source
•	 Apply online using a Visa or Mastercard
                                                                      can be used and a resume included with your application.
•	 Download two copies of the PDF application; include one
   copy with your application to the department and send
	 the	other	to	the	UO	Office	of	Admissions	at	the	following		         Provide a copy of the enclosed Letter of Recommendation
                                                                      Form	to	each	recommender	after	you	have	filled	in	the	appli-
                                                                      cant information on the form. Recommendations are gener-
                                                                      ally sent by the recommender, but can be submitted with the
         The	Office	of	Admissions                                     portfolio if they are signed over the seal of the envelope by the
         1217 University of Oregon                                    recommender. You may need to remind your recommenders of the
         Eugene, OR 97403-1217 USA                                    January deadline.

                                                                      Submit a portfolio which documents your creative endeavors
•	 Complete the online application on our website at                  and includes the Related Experience Sheet, the Autobiographi-	by	the	first	Monday	after	the	            cal Essay, and the Statement of Intent in that order. An 8 1/2”
   January 1.                                                         x 11” page spiral bound format is required. The first page must
•	 Download the Graduate Application packet from the                  include your name, mailing address, contact information, and in-
   architecture website.                                              structions for returning the portfolio.
•	 Submit all supporting application materials outlined un-
   der Section V, Submission Requirements, to this address:
                                                                      •	 Related Experience - Fill out the enclosed questionnaire in-
                                                                      cluded in this package, using a separate sheet of paper if nec-
         Graduate Program Admissions
                                                                      essary, and include it in the front of the portfolio. Complete
         Department of Architecture
                                                                      the checklist at the bottom of the sheet, sign, and include an
         1206 University of Oregon
                                                                      email address.
         Eugene, OR 97403-1206
Professional Graduate Programs                                                              Department of Architecture - University of Oregon

•	 Autobiographical essay - An outline, in narrative form that           •	   Reading the letters of recommendation for insight into
documents	 significant	experiences	in	 your	 life.	Include	envi-              the applicant’s creative and academic potential, character,
ronmental and design interests and opportunities, travel and                  and motivation.
                                                                         •	   Reading the Statement of Intent and the Autobiographical
•	 Statement of Intent - Describe your intent with respect to                 Essay for evidence of creative thinking and experience.
the study and practice of architecture/interior architecture.
This statement is of particular importance as an indication              •	   Reviewing the creative work for evidence of skill in the
of an applicant’s interests, perceived abilities, and commit-                 visual arts, crafts, and the processes relevant to the study
ment to goals.                                                                of design and the physical environment.

These two written pieces (above) should be kept to no more               •	   Reviewing the evidence of service to the community and
than two single-spaced typed pages each.                                      general interest in the physical and social environment.

•	  Creative Work - Applicants should include projects or oth-           Our programs include extensive studio and group project
er independent work that demonstrates a potential for visual             work. Each student’s capabilities and interests provide
and spatial thinking and an environmental awareness. A pho-              a	significant	contribution	to	the	education	of	others.	These		
tographic essay, observations and analysis of a place, travel            contributions are evidenced by previous experience, in-
sketches,	fine	arts	or	craft	studies	are	some	of	the	possibilities.	     volvements and commitments.
If group work is included, clearly explain the nature and ex-
tent of your contribution. The applicant should use the port-            NOTIFICATION
folio as a visual complement to the Statement of Intent and              Applicants	are	notified	of	the	committee’s	decision	by	mid-
Autobiographical Essay.                                                  March. Those applicants not selected for admission to the
                                                                         architecture or interior architecture program may choose to
Do not send slides, disks or CDs, any unbound work, or drawings          re-apply in a following year.
in tubes. Portfolios not conforming to the size requirements will be
returned without review.
                                                                         VII. COMPUTER                   REQUIREMENT
PORTFOLIO RETURN                                                         All entering students are required to achieve computer literacy
Portfolios	 will	 not	 be	 returned	 unless	 specifically	 requested,	   by	the	end	of	their	first		year	in	the	program.	Computer	literacy	
and a suitably sized, self-addressed stamped envelope has                requires	proficiency	with	general	office	software	and	specific	
been provided. Postage must be U.S. postage in the form of               graphic tools; three-dimensional modeling; two-dimensional
stamps. The U.S. Postal Service will not process metered or              drawing; and image processing. All students are required to
foreign postage. Do not send FED EX envelopes or order                   have	a	high-speed	personal	computer	and	a	specified	comple-
forms. Your portfolio will not be returned via FED EX.                   ment of software. The most current information is available
                                                                         on the AAA website at
To be returned to a foreign address, a money order covering              general/purchasing.
the estimated cost may be used. Postage rate increases often
occur during the admissions months, so include extra postage
over and above the current rate to cover this additional charge.         VIII. UNIVERSITY OF OREGON
VI. APPLICATION                    REVIEW                                The University of Oregon Catalog provides complete informa-
                                                                         tion about all academic programs including degrees, majors,
     PROCESS                                                             courses descriptions, and the faculty. The Catalog is now avail-
                                                                         able online at
Admission is by selective review. The review focuses on three            Contact information:
areas:                                                                   Helga Wood, Admissions Advisor
 	       •		Creative	capability                                          Phone: (541) 346-1433
 	       •		Academic	performance                                         email:
 	       •		Potential	program	contribution	through	            
             diversity of background, experience, character,
             and demonstrated motivation.

Reviewers will assess the applicant’s attributes by:

•	 Reviewing	all	transcripts	and	test	scores	to	assess	
   academic stability and achievement.
Professional Graduate Programs                                                             Department of Architecture - University of Oregon

EXPERIENCE                  Include this in your portfolio. Use a separate sheet if necessary.

	        	        	         Check	appropriate	boxes:		 	              					Briefly	indicate	the	nature	of	that	activity:

                            [ ] Visual Art training or coursework

                            [ ] Community Service

                            [ ] Previous coursework related to
                                 architecture/interior architecture

                            [ ] Previous architecture/ interiors
                                work experience

                            [ ] Previous construction experience

                            [ ] Travel experience

                            [ ] Independent Research


                  [   ] STATEMENT OF INTENT
                  [   ] AUTOBIOGRAPHICAL ESSAY

                  [ ] GRE SCORES & Date test taken __________________________________________________

All of the information presented in this application is, to the best of my knowledge, accurate. All of the creative work submit-
ted as part of this application has been completed by myself, unless otherwise designated.

APPLICANT SIGNATURE                                                                                           DATE

PRINT NAME & EMAIL                                                                                            EMAIL
    LETTER                                          DEPARTMENT OF ARCHITECTURE
    OF                                              School of Architecture and Allied Arts
    RECOMMENDATION                                  1206 University of Oregon
                                                    Eugene, OR 97403-1206                                               ApplicAtion DeADline: January 7

         APPLICANT                      (applicant completes this section)
	        	         	         	          	        last	name	         	                         	        first	            	             	                   middle

         PROGRAM                        [ ] Master of Architecture                            [ ] Master of Interior Architecture

                                        name of person requested to provide recommendation

    Under federal law, students have the right to inspect and review the letter(s) of recommendation contained in their educational
    records.	However,	the	applicant	may	waive	the	right	of	access.	The	letter(s)	will	then	remain	confidential	between	the	University	
    of Oregon Department of Architecture and the recommender(s). Applicants are not required to waive their right of access
    as condition for admission to the University of Oregon Department of Architecture Program. All letters of recommendation,
    whether	written	confidentially	or	not,	will	be	given	careful	consideration	in	the	admission	decision.	Applicants	alone	must	decide	
    whether to waive their right of access.

    Applicant’s Waiver Declaration: I have read the statements above and I understand that I am not required to waive the right of
    access under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (“FERPA”) and any/or all other laws, regulations or policies
    as a condition for admission to the University of Oregon Department of Architecture Program. If you would like to waive your
    right to access this recommendation, please sign below.

    I hereby waive my right of access to this recommendation
                                                                  Signature                                                                  date

    1. How long have you known the applicant and in what connection?

    2. Please rate the applicant in terms of potential for high achievement in a professional degree program. Mark the
    appropriate box.

                                                                                                                                                                         truly exceptional
                                                                                 unable to judge

                                                                                                        below average

                                                                                                                                           above average


                                                       Intellectual Capability
                                                            Analytical Ability
                                                Ability to Express Self Orally
                                            Ability to Express Self in Writing
                                  Ability with Visual or Graphic Expression
                                                       Organizational Ability
                                                 Ability to Work with Others
                                   Ability to Follow Through/Perseverance
                                                          Emotional Maturity
                                         Imagination and Creative Potential
                                              Breadth of General Knowledge
                                          Promise of Productive Scholarship

                                                                                                                          page 2

3.   What are your impressions of the applicant’s preparation for: (a) graduate study; (b) the study of architecture or
          interior architecture? (use a separate sheet if necessary)

     Name                                                                          Address
     Title                                                                         City
     School/Business                                                               State            Zip

     Signature                                                                     Date

The Admissions Committee of the Department of Architecture appreciates your assistance in helping to identify our next gen-
eration of design professionals. Thank you. Please include your signature over the sealed portion of the envelope.


                                     GRADUATE ARCHITECTURE ADMISSIONS
                                     1206 UNIVERSITY OF OREGON
                                     EUGENE, OR 97403-1206

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