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									High Efficiency Appliances, Such As LG Brand, Require Expert Technicians
Like Those at Lake Appliance Repair Folsom CA

Front Load Washers and other energy efficient appliances may cost more,
but they are a wise investment and need special care.

Folsom, CA (USA), November 19, 2012 -- With rising fuel prices and
utility costs, consumers are doing everything they can to save energy
like purchasing more expensive high efficiency appliances, such as HE
washers. These appliance are very energy efficient and use less detergent
than regular washing machines.

High efficiency appliances can save one money by bringing one’s utility
bill down to a more manageable level, but they do, however, require some
special care to guarantee that they last for many years. The question is,
“do the benefits outweigh the extra cost of the appliance?” Lake
Appliance Repair Folsom is there to help answer this question by offering
advice on their website http://www.lakeappliancerepair.com/. One can also
call 866-264-9578 for information.

According to the specialists, the advantage in energy savings with a HE
front loading washing machine as opposed to the conventional washing
machine is their unique spinning mechanisms that reduce the amount of
water and electricity used while going through its cycles. For example,
the front-loading HE washing machines use a horizontal agitator to swish
clothes from side to side, a maneuver requiring less energy consumption
by the motor than the traditional top-loading machines with a vertical
agitator that pushes clothes up and down.

Many new appliance features like the ones mentioned above are intended to
improve safety, performance and efficiency. The appliance specialists at
Lake Appliance Repair say that about 15-20 percent of the average home
electric bill can be attributed to doing laundry with a conventional
washing machine. The amount of clothes washed obviously affects that
number. Large families with more clothes to wash will have higher
percentages. Using a high efficiency washer can reduce that percentage
and save the family budget money in the long run.

Using the wrong detergent can also reduce performance of the appliance
and cause problems. The cheapest detergent is not always the best. Some
detergents can cause a build-up of deposits in the components of the
washer, reducing its efficiency. HE washing machines require some
specific cleaning and maintenance steps, but their energy-saving
characteristics far outweigh any negative aspects. One should look for
detergents that are recommended for HE appliances.

Folsom appliance repair technicians from Lake Appliance Repair are
qualified to service most major brands and models of high efficiency
washing machines. They can help with problems like poor spinning, leaks,
leveling, noisy operation and poor performance. Visit
www.appliancerepairfolsomca.com/ for more information or one can call
866-264-9578 and speak directly to an experience appliance repair
About Lake Appliance Repair:
Servicing the entire Sacramento, CA area and Reno, NV, Lake Appliance
Repair, formerly Folsom Lake Appliance, provides affordable quality
service, repair, installation, and parts on most makes and models of
major home appliances. The owner and employees have been in the appliance
industry for over 25 years, and after only starting this company in 2004,
they are now one of Sacramento’s premier appliance companies.

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