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									Appliance Repair Fair Oaks CA Company, Lake Appliance Repair, Gives
Honest Advice to Customers Trying to Decide if an Appliance is Worth

Lake Appliance Repair helps their customers know how to determine when to
repair an appliance and when to replace it.

Fair Oaks, CA (USA), November 19, 2012 -- Lake Appliance Repair in Fair
Oaks CA knows that their customers need to stretch every penny. Sometimes
it means holding off on that new appliance purchase and instead fixing
the old one hoping to get a little more life out of it. Sometimes,
however, putting money into a way-past-prime appliance will cost one more
money in the long term and the technician may advise against it.

Before times got tough, the decision to buy a new appliance was easier to
make. Today however, more and more consumers are opting to repair what
they already own instead of spending the money to buy new appliances.
Unfortunately this is not good for the appliance industry, but homeowners
need to save money and are tightening their belts and deciding to repair
their old appliance. If it is cost-effective, one should consider a
repair instead, but when is it cost effective to do so?

Generally speaking if one can put as much as half the cost of a new
appliance into their old appliance and keep it running efficiently for 2-
3 years, then that probably is a good investment. However, if the
appliance is simply worn out and one is only bandaging it to last a
couple of more months, then purchasing a new one might be the most frugal

Many times appliance repair professionals at Lake Appliance Repair go on
a service call to repair a machine and have to write a laundry list of
the parts that the machine would need to get it running again. Most
unscrupulous repair companies would simply repair the appliance and not
care how long the repair would last. Techs at Lake Appliance Repair treat
their customers the way they would want to be treated and present the
truth to their customers. If the machine is not worth fixing, they will
tell the customer. Honesty and integrity is what sets Lake Appliance
Repair apart from other appliance service companies. Check out their
website at to learn more about Lake
Appliance Repair or call 866-264-9578 for appliance repair in Fair Oaks.

Energy efficiency may be another reason to replace an old appliance with
a new one. A freezer from the 60’s for example, may still work great but
may be costing the homeowner more money in energy costs than a newer,
higher energy-efficient freezer would. Over a period of a couple of
years, the dollars saved in energy savings could almost pay for a new
one. In these cases, sometimes it is best to just bite the bullet and
replace it.

Consumers should do their homework hiring an appliance repair service to
repair an old appliance. The cost of the repair may be enough to buy a
new one. Of course, consumers can shop around and get the best deal on an
out of the box appliance, or perhaps they should consider an appliance
sold at a scratch and dent sale. Sometimes these appliances are very
affordable and my equal the cost of repairing the old one.

If it is decided to repair the old appliance, one should make sure that
they find someone who specializes in refrigerator repair, dishwasher
repair and other major appliance repair. Lake Appliance Repair has been
serving customers in the greater Sacramento area since 2004 and treats
his customers with courtesy and honesty. Check out their website at to read some great reviews
from their customers or one can call a speak to a friendly professional
at 866-364-9578.

About Lake Appliance Repair:
Servicing the entire Sacramento, CA area, Lake Appliance Repair, formerly
Folsom Lake Appliance, provides affordable quality service, repair,
installation, and parts on most makes and models of major home
appliances. The owner and employees have been in the appliance industry
for over 25 years, and after only starting this company in 2004, they are
now one of Sacramento’s premier appliance companies.

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