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					March 26, 2012

Chancellors and Deans
Vice Presidents and Vice Provosts

RE: 2013-2015 Minor Capital Proposals

Dear Colleagues,

The University of Washington will request state capital funding for minor capital facilities renewal
and modernization for inclusion in the Governor’s 2013-2015 biennium capital budget. We
anticipate there will be a continuation of significant capital budget constraints in the next
biennium. UW’s 2013-2015 major capital request will be developed based on those projects
already included in UW’s 2011-2013 10-Year State Capital Budget Request.

Information from your minor capital proposals from the 2009-2011 and 2011-2013 cycles will be
used as considerations in the final 2013-2015 UW minor capital budget request. If you believe your
past proposals should be revised please submit proposals to your liaison on or before May 4, 2012 -
the current OPB capital resource liaison contact list is attached for your convenience. Your capital
resource liaison from the Office of Planning & Budgeting (OPB) is available to discuss your space,
project planning, and/or minor capital needs with you. Minor capital building renewal requests –
those related specifically to building deferred maintenance, safety improvements, and building
systems and campus infrastructure renewal – are received in our office from UW Facilities Services,
UW IT, and UW Environmental Health & Safety units.

For the 2013-2015 biennium minor capital proposals, we are particularly interested in (1) updated
minor capital classroom improvement requests from colleges, schools, Classroom Support Services,
UW IT, and Health Sciences Administration, and (2) all capital-related planning studies you
anticipate undertaking in 2013-2015.

In addition to the future biennium proposals, please also submit any planning study for any capital-
related project which you plan to undertake in FY 13 and which was not reviewed/ approved by
OPB in 2011. Consistent with UW’s One Capital Plan, each fiscal year the Board of Regents will
review and their approval will be required prior to the UW undertaking any capital-related planning
study. Please review your 2011 Provost Allocation and OPB Approval correspondence and/or
contact your OPB capital resource liaison if you have any questions regarding past approvals.

With the conclusion of the 2013-2015 biennial legislative session anticipated in spring 2013, please
be prepared to confirm your highest priority proposals with your OPB capital resource liaison at
that time.

If you have any questions, please contact your capital resource staff liaison.


Paul Jenny, Vice Provost
Office of Planning & Budgeting

C: College/School/Unit Administrators

             Mailing Address: Box 359445 Street Address: 4333 Brooklyn Avenue NE Seattle, WA 98195-9445
  Phone: 206-543-6277 Fax: 206-543-0801 budget@u.washington.edu        http://www.washington.edu/admin/pb/home/
Attachment – Office of Planning & Budget Capital Resource Liaison – March 15, 2012

Arts & Sciences                       Kateri Schlessman   kateris@uw.edu    543-3542
Attorney General                      John Seidelmann     seidj@uw.edu      616-0590
Built Environment                     Michael Carette     mcarette@uw.edu   543-4102
Center for Commercialization          John Seidelmann     seidj@uw.edu      616-0590
Dentistry                             John Seidelmann     seidj@uw.edu      616-0590
Education                             Michael Carette     mcarette@uw.edu   543-4102
Engineering                           John Seidelmann     seidj@uw.edu      616-0590
Environment                           Kateri Schlessman   kateris@uw.edu    543-3542
Evans School of Public Affairs        Michael Carette     mcarette@uw.edu   543-4102
Finance and Facilities                John Seidelmann     seidj@uw.edu      616-0590
Foster School of Business             Kateri Schlessman   kateris@uw.edu    543-3542
Graduate School                       Michael Carette     mcarette@uw.edu   543-4102
Health Sciences Administration        Michael Carette     mcarette@uw.edu   543-4102
Human Resources                       John Seidelmann     seidj@uw.edu      616-0590
Information School                    Kateri Schlessman   kateris@uw.edu    543-3542
Information Technology                Kateri Schlessman   kateris@uw.edu    543-3542
Intercollegiate Athletic Department   Michael Carette     mcarette@uw.edu   543-4102
Libraries                             Kateri Schlessman   kateris@uw.edu    543-3542
Medical Affairs                       Kirk Pawlowski      kpawlow@uw.edu    543-3262
Medical Center Administration         Kirk Pawlowski      kpawlow@uw.edu    543-3262
Medicine                              Kirk Pawlowski      kpawlow@uw.edu    543-3262
Minority Affairs & Diversity          Kateri Schlessman   kateris@uw.edu    543-3542
Nursing                               John Seidelmann     seidj@uw.edu      616-0590
Pharmacy                              John Seidelmann     seidj@uw.edu      616-0590
Planning & Budgeting                  John Seidelmann     seidj@uw.edu      616-0590
President's Office                    Kateri Schlessman   kateris@uw.edu    543-3542
Professional & Continuing Education   John Seidelmann     seidj@uw.edu      616-0590
Provost's Office                      Kateri Schlessman   kateris@uw.edu    543-3542
Public Health                         Michael Carette     mcarette@uw.edu   543-4102
Research Office                       Kirk Pawlowski      kpawlow@uw.edu    543-3262
Social Work                           John Seidelmann     seidj@uw.edu      616-0590
Student Life                          Kateri Schlessman   kateris@uw.edu    543-3542
Undergraduate Academic Affairs        Kateri Schlessman   kateris@uw.edu    543-3542
University Advancement                Kirk Pawlowski      kpawlow@uw.edu    543-3262
UW Bothell                            Kateri Schlessman   kateris@uw.edu    543-3542
UW Tacoma                             Kateri Schlessman   kateris@uw.edu    543-3542

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