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									               LEEDS MIDDLE SCHOOL BAND
                              8404 Greenwave Drive
                                 Leeds, AL 35094
                                 (205)699-4505                                Christy Payne, Band Director

                                                              April 21, 2010

Dear Students and Parents,

Enclosed is a packet of information and forms regarding the Gatlinburg trip on
May 6-7. You will find:

             Student Itinerary and map
             Suggested Packing List
             Miscellaneous Parent/Student information
             Medical Information and Release form
             Medication Prescriber/Parent Authorization form
             Dress Code and Conduct Agreement
             Fieldtrip Release Form

There are several forms that need to be filled out and returned by Friday, April
30, 2010.

If you need to send medication for your child, you may turn that in directly to me
the morning of the trip. All related paperwork should be submitted by Friday,
April 30.

Although this is a great deal of paperwork, it is designed to keep your child safe.
Please read through it with your child and especially make sure your child is fully
aware of the consequences of inappropriate behavior.

If you have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to contact me at 699-
4505 or

Thank you,

Christy Payne, NBCT
Band Director
               Contact Information
Below is the contact information for every stop of the trip. If you have an
emergency and need to contact your child or Ms. Payne, please contact one of
the numbers below based on the itinerary. LMS Band will be a registered group
and you will be able to contact Ms. Payne.

             Northgate Mall
             271 Northgate Mall

             100 Music Rd

             Hotel Pigeon Forge
             2179 Parkway
             Pigeon Forge, TN 37863-2996
             (866) 896-2950

             Heritage High School
             3741 East Alexander Pkwy
             Maryville, TN 37804
             (865) 984-8110 ext. 562125

             1020 Dollywood Lane

Students are welcome to bring a cell phone or a calling card for their own
personal use.

Guests are welcome to watch the band perform. We are performing at Heritage
              High school in Maryville, TN on May 7 at 9:20 AM.
                             Dress Code

The dress code for this trip is very similar to our LMS dress code.
The only exceptions are as follows:

  1. Students may wear shorts as long as they are not excessively
  2. Students do not have to tuck in shirts unless their shorts cannot
     be seen because the shirt is excessively long.
  3. Boys and girls do not have to wear belts unless their
     pants/shorts cannot stay around their waist without one.
  4. Swimsuits are not allowed. There will be no need for one.

  ***Students who do not follow this modified dress code will
  get to wear clothing provided by Ms. Payne. They WILL be

                          Other Guidelines:

   All students must wear their 2009-2010 dark green band t-shirt,
    shorts, socks and comfortable shoes to school on Thursday.
   You will receive a lime green t-shirt at the hotel. This shirt must
    be worn in Dollywood.
   Advanced Band only-Pack your formal uniform in your suitcase.
   Students must wear shoes at all times. This will include the
   Ms. Payne will give you the weather forecast the day before the
    trip. You may want to bring a poncho if it looks like rain.
                       Suggested Packing List
Everyone- Wear to school Thursday:
[ ] Dark green Band T-shirt, shorts/pants, comfortable shoes

Advanced Band only- Pack in your suitcase:
[ ] Black band polo shirt
[ ] Black dress pants/skirt
[ ] Black socks/hose
[ ] Black dress shoes

Bring with you (One suitcase and one small bag ONLY)
[ ] Your instrument (Advanced Band only)
[ ] Your music (Advanced Band only)
[ ] New lime green Band t-shirts will be given out in Gatlinburg
[ ] Shorts
[ ] Comfortable shoes and socks
[ ] Money for one-two meals, water, snacks, locker and
[ ] Sunscreen
[ ] small bag or wallet to carry money
    tickets, camera, etc. in park
[ ] Itinerary and map
[ ] Poncho if it looks like rain (it stinks carrying an umbrella all day)
[ ]One backpack or bag for bus-only one!
[ ] Sunglasses
[ ] Pajamas
[ ] Socks, undergarments
[ ] Toiletries-     b us s mp            DEODERA         c….
[ ] Chargers for cell phones, etc.
[ ]__________________________
[ ]__________________________

Other suggested items:
[ ] Identification card w/ Picture
[ ] Calling Card or cell phone
[ ] Disposable Camera
[ ] Snacks for bus-not too much and nothing messy!
[ ] Twist-on top drinks ONLY NO ENERGY DRINKS!!!!!!!
[ ] Watch for checkins-you must be on time!
[ ] SMALL Jacket, blanket, pillow or sweat pants for bus
[ ] __________________________
[ ] __________________________
      Miscellaneous Parent/Student Information

1.     Snacks & drinks with twist-on tops will be allowed as long as the bus
remains very clean. No pop-top cans allowed on the bus!! NO
ENERGY DRINKS ALLOWED!!!! If the bus gets messy, this privilege will
be revoked. We do revoke the right to take these items away if a student
is having trouble dealing with the excessive caffeine or sugar in their

2.     Your child will be issued their admission tickets and meal coupons at
the last possible minute. If they lose them, then they will be responsible for
paying for their meal or admission. We do not have extras.

3.     NO PART OF YOUR UNIFORM COMES OFF after our performance
until changing time. We will have to change on the bus-girls first and then
boys. This will be handled in the same way you dress out for PE.

4.    Performance rules are very tight. We will have points deducted from
our score if student’s behavior is disruptive or if they are not in the correct
uniform, i.e. tennis shoes.

5.   Be punctual!! We will be on a tight schedule for the entire trip. We
WILL have to leave you behind if you are not at LMS on time!

6.     MEDICINE: No student is allowed to have any prescription or non-
prescription medication in their possession. Please use the attached
guidelines for sending medication with your child. Mrs. Glass, a registered
nurse, will administer all medication for the duration of the trip. If your child
takes a non-prescription medication daily, then you must provide a
sufficient amount of that medicine for us to give your child. Students with
an inhaler prescription may have their inhaler on their person if they have
turned in a Medication Prescriber form or it is on file with LMS.
7.    Dollywood will have lockers for rent. The cost is $1.00 each time the
locker is opened.

8.      You must remember everything you need for the day when you enter
Dollywood. No one will be able to go back to the bus. Don’t forget your
ticket, meal voucher, money, camera, etc.

9.    The Dollywood meal vouchers may only be used in certain places
and for certain items. These restrictions are listed on the voucher. Read
carefully! The meals are child’s meals so big eaters may need to bring
extra money.

10. The First Aid stations are shown on the map. If you have issues or
need to contact Ms. Payne, go there. Tell them your name and that you
are with Leeds Middle School. They will be able to pull up your medical
information and contact Ms. Payne and your parents. Your assigned
chaperone will also have Ms. Payne’s cell phone number.

11. There is a DVD player on the bus and we will watch movies. If you
have a really good PG or G movie you would like to bring, we will watch as
many as we have time for. Make sure your name is on the DVD.

12. If a child damages anything during the duration of the trip, the
parents are responsible for paying for the item damaged.

13. Illegal activity will be dealt with by the proper authorities! Think
before you act!

14.   Students must stay in groups of three or more at all times
throughout the trip.
                                 8404 Greenwave Drive
                                    Leeds, AL 35094
                                    (205)699-4505                                    Christy Payne, Band Director

                          Gatlinburg Itinerary
                                   May 6-7, 2010
Thursday, May 6

7:30-7:55 am report to LMS bandroom. Everyone should be wearing their dark Green
   band t-shirt. Do not be late or you will be left. Eat breakfast before you arrive.

8:30 Load buses. Make sure your luggage, instrument, change of clothes and
   music get loaded. Double check if you are forgetful!!!

SET YOUR WATCH one hour ahead. The rest of this itinerary is in Eastern Time

12:30 Lunch at Northgate Mall.

2:00 Depart at Northgate Mall. For every one minute you are late, you sit 5 minutes in

5:00 Arrive Wonderworks-bring camera, money if you wish.

10:00 Depart Wonderworks. For every one minute late, you sit in Dollywood for 5

10:15 Check in to hotel. You are responsible for carrying your own luggage.
      Instruments and music may be left on bus.

11:15 Lights Out!!! Doors will be taped, Police officer on duty. Call your chaperone if
      you have an emergency.

Friday, May 7

5:30-Wakeup call. If you need more than one hour, SET AN ALARM! Do not leave your
room until your chaperone has opened the door.

6:30-Breakfast in hotel. Your chaperone will come escort you to breakfast.

7:15 Load bus, bring EVERYTHING, we are not coming back to hotel. Advanced Band-
Wear formal uniform (DRESS SHOES!). Bring separate from your suitcase your new
lime green t-shirt, shorts, socks, tennis shoes and anything you need in Dollywood
(camera, money, etc.). Intermediate Band-wear new lime green shirt, shorts, tennis
shoes and bring everything you want for Dollywood SEPARATE from your suitcase-
camera, money, etc.

8:30 Arrive and unload at Heritage High School. Intermediate band stay on bus with
chaperones until 9:10. Chaperones will then escort you in to watch the Advanced Band

9:00 Warmup.

9:20 Performance. At the end we will receive our rating and any awards.

9:50 Advanced Band will change into Lime green band t-shirt, shorts and tennis shoes
for Dollywood. We will change on the bus PE style, girls first then boys.

10:50 Arrive at Dollywood!!! You will receive your admission ticket and first meal
   voucher from your group chaperone. DO NOT LOSE!!! Bring everything you
   need, no going back to the bus.

1:00-1:15-Check in #1. You MUST see your chaperone face to face. For every one
   minute late, you sit with Ms. Payne on a bench for 5 minutes. Meeting place is the
   fountain marked on your map.

4:00-4:15 Check in #2. You MUST see your chaperone face to face. For every one
   minute late, you sit with Ms. Payne on a bench for 5 minutes. Meeting place is the
   fountain marked on your map. You will get your second meal voucher from your
   chaperone at this time.

7:00 Everyone meet at the fountain marked on your map. Bring everything you came
   with and report on time! We will depart as a group. Do not wander from
   the group. You sit with Ms. Payne on ride back if you are late or wander from the

SET YOUR WATCH back one hour to Central Time Zone.

11:00 Arrive at Leeds Middle School. No one will be dismissed until the bus is
   clean. See who is having a bad hair day!!! PLEASE have a ride waiting. Do
   not wait until 11:00 to call, Ms. Payne wants to go home too.
                    MEDICAL INFORMATION FORM
1.       In compliance with HIPPAA laws, disclosing ANY medical information
         about yourself or your child is completely VOLUNTARY. This information
         will only been seen by Ms. Payne and any medical personnel that may
         need to treat your child. This information will be used solely to provide
         emergency medical treatment to your child should they need it.
2.       Mrs. Angela Glass, a registered nurse, will be with us on this trip.
3.           sc p     m dc        w ll qu          Lc s d      sc b ’s s      u
         the Medication Authorization Form. If this information is on file with the
         LMS nurse, you do not need to turn in another form.
4.       There must a Medication Authorization Form filled out for any medication
         whether Prescription or Over-The-Counter. One is included in the packet
         if you need it. If your child will need any medication such as Advil or
         Dramamine, please complete this form.
5.       All medications, whether Prescription or Over-the-Counter, must be
         submitted to Ms. Payne by the morning of the trip in the original container
         or Prescription bottle.
6.       With parent authorization on the Medication Prescriber Form, a child may
         carry an inhaler or Epi pen.

     ld’s Name: _________________________,       _______________________________________
                  Last                                First                Middle

Emergency Contact Name(s)_______________________________________________________
Emergency contact Phone numbers:_________________________________________________

Physician: _________________________________Office Phone: _________________________
Date of Last Tetanus Shot: ________________________________________________________

You may voluntarily list any pertinent medical information you think may be relevant in the
treatment of your child. You may include allergies, previous surgeries, any medical conditions or
any other pertinent information.

                          (TO BE COMPLETED BY TEACHER/SPONSOR/COACH)

SCHOOL: ______Leeds Middle School___________

TEACHER/SPONSOR/COACH: ___Christy Payne__________________

PROPOSED TRIP: Gatlinburg Spring Trip, Trills and Thrills Band Festival ________________

DATE OF TRIP: _____May 6-7,2010______________



___X_____ BOARD PROVIDED/ARRANGED: ( ) School Bus-Friday am only ( X ) Commercial Carrier ( )

_________ PARENTAL RESPONSIBILITY (It is the sole responsibility of each individual parent to provide for
or otherwise arrange for transportation to and from this activity. The Board cannot and will not be responsible for
insurance or safety for parent-provided or arranged transportation. Parents should make arrangements to ensure
the safety of his or her own child.)

(Student’s Name)_____________________________________ has my permission to participate in the above
school sponsored trip or off-campus extracurricular activity. I understand that it is my responsibility as a
parent/guardian to provide the school with emergency information, including but not limited to: home and work
phone numbers, emergency phone numbers and necessary medical information.

                           ________________________________________________ Parent/Guardian

                                                      __________________________ Date
                 LMS Band Trip Behavior Contract

Student’s Name ________________________________________________

1. Students will be expected to follow the specified requirements as outlined in
the school handbook. Our chaperones serve as parents for the day so what they
say goes! If you don’t agree, do it anyway and tell Ms. Payne or your parents

2. All required forms must be turned in for the student to travel with the band.

3. Except for the exceptions listed, the regular school dress code will be strictly
enforced. Students are expected to dress in a manner which will represent the
school appropriately. The correct uniforms/t-shirts must be worn at all times.
There will be NO NEED for a swimsuit. No one will be allowed to wear one at
any time.

4. The use of any illegal substances is not permitted. The appropriate authorities
will be contacted if any of this occurs.

5. All bus riding rules will be strictly adhered to. Treat the bus driver with respect
and be very courteous to them. Take all items off the bus. The bus is to be kept
clean at all times. Food and movie privileges can be revoked.

8.. Involvement in any misconduct during this event which violates local or
federal law, where such conduct of the likelihood of engaging in such conduct
poses a clear and present danger to the health, welfare or safety of other
students, teachers, or chaperones will result in disciplinary action. School
personnel cannot intervene on behalf of any student who might be arrested for
shoplifting, vandalism, disturbing the peace, etc. Such an event would jeopardize
any future school trips of any sort for our school.

9. Leaving assigned areas without prior consent from a sponsor or one of the
band directors will not be permitted.

10. Students will be responsible for their own equipment.

11. It is highly suggested that your name and address be placed on all items that
accompany you on this trip. LMS is not responsible for anything that becomes
lost, damaged or stolen.

   14. A PORTABLE audio listening device may be taken but may only be used
with headphones. LMS is not responsible if these items are lost, broken or
stolen. No inappropriate games or music may be played on this trip. It will be
confiscated and given to Mr. Hunter.

13. Students absolutely must check in on time! For every one minute a student
    is late for a checkin, they must sit on a bench for 5 minutes.

14. Hotel rules will be strictly adhered to. We will have an off-duty police officer
   on patrol throughout the night. Once the chaperones say lights out, no one
   may exit the hotel room for any reason. Students should call the chaperone if

15. Chaperones and Ms. Payne have the right to search any hotel room at any
   time. Any inappropriate material will be confiscated and dealt with as needed.

16. If infractions are made, it will be at the discretion of Ms. Payne and/or LMS
   administration to determine what action will be taken. Action may include:
       A. Spending time on a bench with Ms. Payne in Dollywood or
       B. Bus seat change
       C. Parents coming to get child.
       D. LMS discipline referral when we return.
       E. Never being allowed to attend a Leeds City Schools trip again.

Ms. Payne wants to insure that this is a great trip for each and every one of you.
With large groups, order is important. Rules are necessary to guarantee your
safety and the success of the organization. Please understand that these
guidelines are for everyone. Do not elect to ignore any of these regulations. We
want you to have a fun, safe and educational trip.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

I have read the above rules and regulations. I agree to the consequences in the
event a problem with my child arises. I understand that I will be required to
provide transportation for my child to return home, if it is deemed necessary by
the band staff and LMS administration. I also agree I will help my child pack for
this trip and they will have the appropriate uniform(s)/clothes.

Parent’s Signature

I have read the above rules and regulations. I agree to abide by these guidelines.
I, also realize that I could be sent home at my parent’s expense if there is an

Student’s Signature

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