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									                                                   Colorado Association of Certified Veterinary Technicians

      Supporting Quality
       Veterinary Care
     October 2011 Issue

     Mission Statement
                                                                      Celebrate National Veterinary
                                                                        Technician Week (NVTW)
   The mission of the Colorado
Association of Certified Vet-                                             October 9 – 15, 2011
erinary Technicians (CACVT)
is to advocate for, govern, and                                                        NVTW has been an annual tradi-
certify veterinary technicians;                                                     tion since June 1993, when a NAVTA
promote professionalism &                                                           resolution was passed declaring the third
career advancement through                                                          week in October as NVTW. Activities to
educational opportunities; and
                                                                                    celebrate this week have been a focus of
collaborate with the veterinary
community and allied groups.
                                                                                    the celebratory efforts. The activities serve
                                                                                    these fundamental goals:
Editor: Jenny Sullivan, CVT
Publisher: Denise Mikita, CVT        From the NAVTA web site: www.navta.net.        •   Educate the public about veterinary
                                                                                        technicians and what we do
                                     NVTW Theme                                     •   Reinforce the value and professional-
                                                                                        ism of veterinary technicians
                                        The theme of this year's National Veteri-   •   Provide an opportunity for veterinary
                                     nary Technician Week (NVTW) is "Pets &             technicians to encourage one another
                                     Vets need Techs." Celebrating for one              to create an excellent work ethic and
                                     week every year solidifies the yearly com-         build effective teams
 Cecilia Garza, Peggy Bower &
  Susan Brauer at the CVMA           mitment every veterinary technician gives      •   Acknowledge our quality relationship
  Convention, Keystone, CO           to the profession of veterinary technology,        with veterinarians and other veterinary
                                     veterinary assisting, and veterinary medi-         professionals
Inside this issue:                   cine.
Monthly Calendar & Info          2                                                     Visit www.navta.net/files/NVTW%
                                        Hill's Pet Nutrition is proudly sponsor-    20Media%20Kit%202011.pdf for the
President’s Message              3   ing the 2011 National Veterinary Techni-       NVTW 2011 Media Kit that includes a
AVTE opportunity                                                                    sample press release, PSA, and celebration
                                     cian Week (NVTW) as a part of their com-
AVMA                             4   mitment to pet health and nutrition.           ideas.
Licensure - still
CACVT membership and             5      The National Association of Veterinary      CACVT Celebration
CE changes                           Technicians in America (NAVTA) is proud
CVMA Convention Sum-             6   to represent veterinary technicians and sup-      CACVT is celebrating by kicking off the
mary                                 port our members, state associations, spe-     week with the Spotlight Conference (see
Team Awards, CO Animal           7   cialties and student chapters during the       page 9 for details). CACVT will also be at
Heroes, NAVTA Conf.                  2011 NVTW.                                     the Bel-Rea open house on Wednesday
                                                                                    evening from 6 to 8 pm. Finally, the Colo-
Spotlight & Focus Conf.          8
Hill’s y/d                             Thank you for your participation and         rado State Board of Veterinary Medicine
                                     enthusiasm!                                    has a meeting on Thursday. Please contact
Continuing Education             9
                                                                                    the office for details.
Job Listings / Resume           10
Monument Pharmacy
Page 2                                                                                                                 Techniques - October 2011

            Contacts                              October 2011                                        Visit www.cacvt.com/calendar for
Administrator and Interim Executive Director                                                          updates and details on events.
 Cecilia Garza, CVT, RVT
                          info@cacvt.com or       Sun            Mon            Tue         Wed           Thu           Fri           Sat
Office: 303-318-0652 or 866-318-0652
Fax: 303-318-0651            www.cacvt.com                                                                                            1
                                                                       National Veterinary Technician Week Oct. 9-15, 2011
Executive Board
Michele Laughlin, AAS, CVT, President             2              3              4            5            6             7             8
Juliebeth Pelletier, AAS, CVT, Pres-elect
Roxane Rocks, AAS, CVT, Past President            9 Spotlight    10             11           12 Bel-Rea   13 SBVM       14            15
                           cvtrocks@gmail.com     Conference                                 Open House   meeting
Dawn Oliver, AAS, CVT, VP-elect
                           dawncvt@yahoo.com      16             17             18           19           20            21            22
Tammy Rothe, AAS, CVT, Secretary
Patti Christie, AAS, CVT, Sec-elect               23             24             25           26           27            28            29 CVMA BIG
                                                                                                                                      Ideas Forum
Peggy Bower, MS, CVT, LAT, Treasurer
Joe Keefe, AAS, CVT, Treas-elect                  30             31
                           J.keefe@comcast.net                                        Next newsletter (October) deadline is Dec. 14, 2011
Committee Chairs:
Susan Brauer, AAS, CVT, Certification
                                303-750-2541                    Meeting Updates and General Information
Krisha Hanson, AAS, CVT, Conference
                        khiettcvt@gmail.com       Past Meetings                             Planning your Calendar:
Nancy Sheffield, EdM, CVT Ethics                   A synopsis of meeting minutes for        Unsure of all the acronyms?
                                970-947-8244      members in good standing is avail-         Visit www.cacvt.com/acronym for a complete list.
Stacy Mugge, AAS, CVT, Membership
                                                  able at www.cacvt.com, under the          Other events in the community, such as through hu-
              pocospaintedmac@yahoo.com           “members-only” area, “Association           mane shelters and other partners, are posted on the
Roxane Rocks, AAS, CVT, PR                        Meetings,” or by contacting the             calendar (www.cacvt.com/calendar) as the infor-
                        cvtrocks@gmail.com        CACVT office. Thank you.                    mation is made available to the office. CE events
Sub Committee Chairs:
                                                                                              are posted at www.cacvt.com/otherprograms.
Leslie Boyd, AAS, CVT, Emerg Prep                 Scheduled Meetings
Sara Sharp, AAS, CVT, VTS (dent) Career             Please visit the Web site calen-        Oct 9: CACVT Spotlight Conference. See page 9 for
   Advancement                                                                                details.
                                                  dar for an up-to-date listing of
Rebecca Rose, AAS, CVT, Legislative Inves-                                                  Oct 12: Join CACVT at Bel-Rea’s open house from
   tigations                                      meetings.                                   6-8 pm. Visit www.bel-rea.com for details. Ad-
Nicole Dukups, AAS, CVT, NAVTA Rep
                       ndukups@gmail.com            CACVT members can contact                 dress = 1681 S. Dayton St, Denver, CO 80247
Web Master: For any problems with the Web         the Committee Chair or the of-            Oct 13: CO State Board of Veterinary Medicine:
site, contact the CACVT office.
                                                  fice for an agenda.                         Learn about governance. From 8:30am to around
                                                                                              noon. You may now obtain up to 4 technical cred-
Chapters                                              Rather than having set dates
Grand Mesa Chapter                                                                            its for attending this meeting.
  Maura Niehues, AAS, CVT, 970-858-3199           for many of our committee meet-           Information: www.cacvt.com/governance. It includes
Southern Chapter                                  ings, we try to adjust the dates            directions, parking information, code of conduct,
  Christina Lemay, AAS, CVT,                      for people’s personal schedules.            agenda, etc.
                                                  Thus, if you’re interested in one         Oct 29: CVMA BIG Ideas Forum. Each conference
                                                  of the committees, it’s best to             has a dedicated focus where we tackle important
  Articles in this newsletter may not be the
direct opinion of CACVT. CACVT assumes            contact either the Chair or the             subjects that span all practice types and look at
no responsibility for, and does not directly      office. Thank you.                          emerging issues that affect the veterinary profes-
endorse, any service, product, or information                                                 sion. This time it is in Colorado Springs. Contact
in this newsletter unless so stated.                                                          Mya in the CVMA office (303-318-0447 or
 Occasionally, the CACVT mailing list is
sold to appropriate partners. If you do not
                                                                                              MyaSadler@colovma.org) for details if you are
wish to receive information from outside                                                      interested.
sources, please contact the CACVT office to                                                 Nov 18-20: NAVTA Annual Conference (see page 7
opt out.                                                                                      for details)
 CACVT will provide certification status to
any inquiring party. This will be limited to                                                - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
date joined, current status, and number of CE                                               ← picture from Keystone, CO during the CVMA Conven-
hours obtained. Personal information will not                                                tion. See page 6 for details. Photo by Cecilia Garza.
be given out.
Techniques - October 2011                                                                                              Page 3

              President’s Point                                  feel any of the adjustments. We are in the process of
              Michele Laughlin, AAS, CVT                         searching for a new Executive Director, which will be done
                                                                 in several stages of the interview process. In the meantime,
                                                                 Cecilia Garza (Administrator) will take on the role of In-
               Change….We all go through it. The sea-            terim Executive Director.
            sons change (just look out your window), we
            change our minds, we change our clothes,               Remember, change is inevitable. It is how we respond to
we change our hairstyle, and sometimes we change jobs.           these changes that count. We are looking forward to this
                                                                 new chapter and we hope you are too!
   The CACVT isn’t immune to change. Volunteers come
and go; the Executive Board changes yearly, even our staff     Should you have any questions or concerns, please con-
changes. This year is no exception.                         tact the office at 303-318-0652 or you can email
                                                            admin@cacvt.com or michele.laughlin@hotmail.com.
   We have seen several changes at the CACVT in the past
few months. The biggest change has been in the resigna-       Here’s to change!
tion of our Executive Director, Denise Mikita. Denise
served the CACVT well for over 10 years. She saw her        Sincerely,
fair share of changes and instigated many positive changes
for our profession. While we will miss her and all of her
hard work and efforts, we are excited for her as she takes
on the fresh challenges in her new position as hospital co- Michele Laughlin, AAS, CVT
ordinator at the Denver Zoo.

 While Denise’s departure brings some challenges to the
CACVT, please know that you, our members, shouldn’t

                                                            First and unique opportunity
                                                 Partnering with the technician programs and AVTE

                                                                    Why should CACVT work with the schools and AVTE?
                                                                 It seems obvious considering that CACVT is here to sup-
   The Executive Board has just approved an amazing op-          port certified veterinary technicians. It is part of the
portunity to be involved with a National association. For        CACVT mission statement to collaborate with the veteri-
the first time, AVTE will host it’s symposium in Denver!         nary community and allied groups. Also, at the last strate-
                                                                 gic planning session, the leadership committed to working
   Every two years, the Association of Veterinary Techni-        more with students since they are the future of our profes-
cian Educators (AVTE) holds a symposium where indi-              sion. Finally, the educators in Colorado are also CAVCT
viduals who work in veterinary technology schools come           members!
together for continuing education and networking opportu-
nities.                                                             In addition, Colorado is paving a new path that other
                                                                 states may be able to emulate in the future. In July when the
   Traditionally, one school program has stepped forward         announcement was made in Cincinnati, Ohio that several
and offered to host the symposium, often requiring large         Colorado programs would be working together, it opened
amounts of time and resources. While this has been done          up the doors for smaller programs to collaborate as well.
honorably, the AVTE symposiums are attracting more               Alone, the smaller schools wouldn’t have the resources, but
people and overwhelming the abilities of individual              by working together, they will be able to host future sym-
schools to host this event. In July 2013, AVTE will come         posiums, thus providing a larger selection of cities for
to Denver where the hosting entity is composed of many           AVTE.
of the Colorado school programs and CACVT. This is the
first time a group has assisted with this event, and the first      A coalition has been organized to begin planning for the
time an association has been involved.                           symposium. It’s very exciting to be able to organize and
                                                                 bring something like this to the Denver area. Look for more
                                                                 details in the upcoming year.
Page 4                                                                                               Techniques - October 2011

                                           AVMA-- Why Should I Care?
                                     The American Veteri-            While the Colorado Veterinary Medical Association
                                  nary Medical Association       (CVMA) has invited technicians to sit on their board of
                                  (AVMA) has representa-         directors, committees, and task forces for a number of
tives across the nation. Colorado, which is in region 8, has     years, this has not been the case at the national level. Now
been very fortunate to be represented by Dr. Ted Cohn over       it is and technicians should appreciate this opening.
the past 6 years. Dr. Cohn, in addition to doing his due dili-
gence for the veterinarians, has always watched out for the     While Colorado has been fortunate to have Dr. Cohn as
veterinary technicians as well. Last year, he received the   the regional representative, his term is coming to an end. It
Advocate award from CACVT for all his work.                  is important to the veterinary technician profession to have
                                                             the next representative be sensitive to the technicians’ side
   So why should CACVT care about what happens at the of issues as well. Thus, technicians should encourage their
AVMA? For one, what affects our veterinarians, directly or veterinarians (AVMA members) to vote for the appropriate
indirectly, affects us. We don’t work in a bubble and issues representative to continue the great work that Dr. Cohn has
are veterinary related, not veterinarian related.            done for the profession.

   Recently, AVMA has opened up a seat for a technician       When AVMA has great leaders, the entire veterinary
on a couple of their committees. Thus, technicians can be- profession grows. And this does affect technicians, there-
come actively involved in what the veterinarians are doing fore, they should care about what happens and consider
at a national level. This is a wonderful opportunity to be- being engaged at the national level.
come more engaged with the issues that are facing our pro-
fession as a whole.

                                       Licensure — the saga continues
When at first you don’t succeed…                                    This is not about deciding if
                                                                 CACVT should or shouldn’t pursue
   Unfortunately, in August, our speaker had a last minute       licensure. It is merely to make sure
conflict that couldn’t be avoided. So we are rescheduling        that our members understand this
for November 8, 2011, from 6 pm to 8 pm at the CACVT             process in order to make an informed decision.
office. Again, 1 1/2 supportive CE hours will be offered.
                                                                 If you would like more information
Why are we offering this class?
                                                                    It’s encouraged for you to read the survey results. Not
   According to the survey results from back in April            only are the survey answers tabulated, but there are com-
(www.cacvt.com/2011LicensureSurvey), only 11% of the             ments from the CACVT Legislative Investigation Task
respondents felt they understood the licensure process           Force which address many of the issues—too many to be
very well and 58% requested more information on the sub-         printed here in the newsletter.
ject. Thus CACVT is bringing in Mo Miskell, the director
of the State Board of Veterinary Medicine to discuss licen-         Unfortunately, many of the answers are “it depends on
sure and how it works in general.                                how the practice act is written.” There are many variables
                                                                 when going through the legislative process. It’s just not
  While there is no cost to attend, there is limited seating     what the technicians in Colorado want, it’s about a big pic-
so your RSVP to the office (info@cacvt.com or on Face-           ture which incorporates many groups. Ultimately, licensure
book) is appreciated.                                            is about public protection. Everything else is secondary at
                                                                 best. This will all be addressed in the class on November 8,
Who should attend?                                               2011.
  Anyone interested in understanding the basics of licen-          After reading the survey, please contact the CACVT
sure. Mo oversees three boards so he is knowledgeable on         Legislative Investigation Task Force with any questions or
how licensure works in general, especially in Colorado.          comments. Thank you for your interest.
Techniques - October 2011                                                                                                    Page 5

                                  Looking ahead – CACVT membership!

                     What does CACVT do on a regular basis?       moves forward due to their efforts.
                  There are numerous programs designed by
                  the Executive Board and the Committees that        Because of the various programs and the direction that
                  are supported by members and conference         CACVT wishes to pursue, the Executive Board has decided to
registrations. In addition, CACVT supports two full-time          increase the fees for the next certification period. This deci-
staff members who assist in moving everything along.              sion was not made lightly and was done in order to maintain
                                                                  the high standards and quality of professionalism that has be-
   Here is the “short” list of what the staff does on a routine   come the norm of CACVT.
♦ Calling the office and talking to a real person                 Budgeting
♦ Having email returned in a reasonable amount of time               While $128 in one chunk may be a lot, by saving a little at a
♦ Putting on fantastic conferences                                time, it won’t be so bad. Starting in October, if $14.22 is set
♦ Providing information when requested to both the volun-         aside every month, on July 1, 2012, there will be enough
  teers and members                                               money to cover the fees. Many employers cover the fees be-
♦ Assisting with transfers both in and out of the state           cause they realize the importance of certification in their tech-
♦ Timely communications via Facebook, the Web site, Tech-         nical staff. Ask your employer to participate in this valuable
  niques, and E-nformation                                        benefit!
♦ Communicating with all school programs
♦ Talking to the public about CVTs                                   The staff recognizes that sometimes people can’t pay all at
♦ Attending meetings with allied groups in order to be in-        once. Therefore, the office is willing to work with anyone for
  volved with the community                                       a payment plan. However, there will be a modest administra-
♦ Keeping up on issues which affect the technician profes-        tive fee for this service. Details to be included with the regis-
  sion                                                            tration forms.

   While every member may not utilize all of these programs,         CACVT is truly one of the leading associations in the na-
it’s good to know that the staff is constantly working on be-     tion and only by your continued support can we remain in this
half of its members and the profession every day. In addition,    position. So thank you for your contribution to CACVT and
CACVT does support its volunteers as this association still       the profession in general.

                                             CE-- It Keeps on Giving!

Veterinary Technician’s Oath
                                                                     Beginning on July 1, 2012, the mini-
I solemnly dedicate myself to aiding animals and society by       mum number of continuing education
providing excellent care and services for animals, by allevi-     hours required to maintain certification
ating animal suffering, and by promoting public health.           in Colorado will become 20 every two
                                                                  years. The number of technical hours will stay at 8 while the
I accept my obligations to practice my profession conscien-       remaining 12 hours can be either technical or supportive
tiously and with sensitivity, adhering to the profession’s        (following past guidelines).
Code of Ethics, and furthering my knowledge and compe-
tence through a commitment to lifelong learning.                     For the 2008 to 2010 certification period, over 565 people
                                                                  recorded 20 or more CE hours. Thus, many Colorado techni-
   CACVT has supported the concept that attending a pro-          cians have already shown that more CE is attainable and even
gram in veterinary technology provides the necessary base-        preferred.
line for a dynamic career. Then, once in the field, by attend-
ing continuing education classes, a CVT can stay current            Being a Certified Veterinary Technician is more than just
with medical advances.                                            going to work every day, it’s about providing excellent care
                                                                  and practicing the profession conscientiously. Continuing edu-
   Because CACVT believes strongly that continuing educa-         cation only elevates individuals and the profession as a whole.
tion is critical in maintaining the Veterinary Technician Oath,
the Certification Committee and the Executive Board has
supported the elevation of the hours for Colorado CVTs.
Page 6                                                                                                       Techniques - October 2011

                                CVMA Annual Convention -- Keystone, CO
                     CVMA Convention was
                  held September 15 – 18,                                        The CACVT booth also made an appearance along
                  2011, in Keystone, Colo-                                    side many industry partners. CACVT appreciates
rado. Several members of the CACVT Lead-                                      their continued sponsorship support of CACVT. It
ership were present: Michele Laughlin, AAS,                                   was wonderful to have many members stop by and
CVT; Tammy Rothe, AAS, CVT; Juliebeth                                         say hello and veterinarians who visited the booth to
Pelletier, BA, CVT; Peggy Bower, BS, CVT;                                     mention how much they appreciate their CVTs. These
Susan Brauer, AAS, CVT; and Dawn Oliver, Michele Laughlin and                 visits are always appreciated.
AAS, CVT.                                   Peggy Bower at the booth
                                                                        Once again, it was a positive and enlightening
   The leadership represented CACVT during the first com-    weekend. The CVMA convention
bined CVMA-CACVT Membership Luncheon and Award               will be in Loveland next year and
Ceremony. The team-oriented event gave the opportunity for   CACVT hopes to see you there!
the Colorado veterinary community to come together and cele-
brate the achievements of                                     Credit for all photos of the CVMA
teams and individuals who                                     convention go to Cecilia Garza, CVT,
make our community ex-                                        RVT, CACVT Administrator
emplary in the nation.                                        ===========================

   Congratulations to the                                                 CACVT opens doors for people! Jennifer Holmes, Amanda
many winners of various                                                 Here is the write up from Amanda Mehring, & Jamantha Hogan
awards. Pueblo Animal                                                   and Jennifer who attended the
Services won the CACVT                                                  convention for the first time because of their volunteer efforts
Team of the Year Award,                                                 through CACVT.
while Rebecca Vera, AAS,
CVT accepted the CVMA                                                     “We found this year’s CVMA Conference to be very
                             Pueblo Animal Services accepting the
Technician of the Year       Team of the Year award. See page 7.
                                                                        informative, useful, and helped expand our networks.
award. Two people who                                                                 There were many classes offered including
have been huge supporters of CACVT also received                                      equine medicine, complimentary medicine,
awards: Rebecca Rose, AAS, CVT was the CVMA Indus-                                    VMRC training, and anesthesia for techni-
try Partner of the Year and Aubrey Lavizzo, DVM, be-                                  cians. There were multiple ways veterinari-
came the CVMA Veterinarian of the Year.                                               ans, veterinary technicians, and others in the
                                                                                      field could interact through the free lunch-
                                    Kim Spelts, BS, CVT,                              eons, refreshment breaks, and the famous
                                 VTS (Anesthesia), CCRP                               MWI steak fry.
                                 was the primary speaker for
                                 the technician track. Kim                                    The CACVT and CVMA Membership
                                                                 Rebecca Vera accepts her
                                 showed her expertise in an- award from Dr. Parks          Luncheons were held jointly for the first
                                 esthesia when she spoke                                   time. As technicians, we got to see firsthand
                                 about anesthesia monitoring, an-        what the CVMA does, how it runs, and met the veterinarians
                                 esthesia for the geriatric patient,     who run it. On the other hand, the CVMA got to see how
                                 and perioperative acid-base and         important technicians are to the
Kim Spelts presents her infor- electrolyte balance.                           team. We also attended a State
mation for the technician track.                                              Board of Veterinary Medicine
                                    The CACVT                                 panel discussion where they
Emergency Preparedness sub-committee was                                      presented case studies. It was
also well represented. Jennifer Holmes, AAS,                                  interesting because as it stands
CVT, Amanda Mehring, AAS, CVT, and Bel-                                       now, CVTs are no different
Rea student Jamantha Hogan attended the Colo-                                 than assistants in the eyes of
rado Medical Reserve Core (COVMRC) train-                                     the board. We are encouraged
ing. The information they obtained will assist                                to attend an actual state board
the rest of the sub committee in planning a pos-                              meeting in order to recognize
sible CE class that will benefit the CACVT              Dr. Lavizzo with his legal responsibilities.”            Rebecca Rose accepts her
membership.                                             wonderful award.                                         award from Dr. Parks
Techniques - October 2011                                                                                                             Page 7

                                  Small Bites - News You Can Chew
     Team of the Year Award                                        CO Animal Heroes                                    NAVTA Annual
       Presented by CACVT                                                                                               Conference
                                                                       You are invited to the
   Teamwork can be defined as the coop-                              Colorado’s Animal He-                               CACVT will once
erative work done by a group of individu-          roes awards program on Wednesday, Oc-                              again be sending
als, brought together for a common pur-            tober 5, 2011. The doors open at 6:30 pm                           leadership to repre-
pose or goal, where each person on the             at the Pepsi Center, The Ridgeline room,                           sent Colorado at the
team puts aside his or her individual needs        1000 Chopper Circle, Denver, CO 80204.                             NAVTA Annual
to work towards the larger group objective.        While tickets and parking are complimen-                           Conference. Anyone
Team of the Year Award                             tary, seating is limited so please RSVP to                         can attend.
   CACVT wishes to acknowledge a vet-              Brittney at BrittneyParent-
erinary healthcare team which demon-               Williams@cvmf.org or 303-539-7638.             Visit www.navta.net for details.
strates this exceptional teamwork. Pueblo
Animal Services, which services the                   Please join in celebration as the follow-      Schedule of Events - a PDF of this
Pueblo Animal Shelter, has a goal to pro-          ing honorees are presented their awards at     schedule with speaker details and a print-
vide the best care possible for stray ani-         the ceremony:                                  able registration form is available for
mals and do their best to reunite pets with                                                       download on the Web site. Here are a few
their owners. Last year, they took care of         Animal Awards                                  of the highlights.
approximately 10,000 animals. This is              Hero: Zoe (Schmitt) canine
done by each person taking large work-             Human-Animal Bond: Jake (Blake)                Friday, November 18
loads, yet still finishing their shifts on time.     canine                                       2:00 pm - State Representative Leader-
                                                   Service: Sherwood (Kunkel) canine                ship Meeting
   In addition, there is a different type of
                                                                                                  6:00-8:00 pm - Opening Reception and
stress in this environment, where cruelty          Human Awards
                                                   Human Hero: Temple Grandin, PhD                  Dinner
issues are standard. The staff makes sure to
support each other and “venting” is some-          Animal Welfare Volunteer: Heather Weir,
                                                     DVM                                          Saturday, November 19
times appropriate to make it through the
                                                   Youth Animal Advocate: Allison Winn            8:45-9:00 am - Icebreaker Game for At-
day. By covering each other’s shifts, peo-
                                                   Jim Crafts Volunteer of the Year: Robert         tendees
ple can also get the needed day off.
                                                     Vonau, DVM, DACVS                            9:00-11:30 am - Increasing Patient Visits
   In addition, they work with many other                                                           and Improving Patient Care—What
groups associated with shelter medicine,           Honoree Highlight                                You Need to Know and Do to Make it
such as the customer service staff, the ken-          Heroes come from all backgrounds;             Happen
nel staff, animal welfare officers, and vol-       Allison Winn, a unique 9-year-old, took        11:30 am – 1:00 pm - Lunch & Featured
unteers. They acknowledge that they                her life's challenge and used it as motiva-      Speaker - Let's Talk: Having Coura-
couldn’t do their great work without the           tion to help her peers.                          geous Conversations
support of these other dedicated individu-            Allison was diagnosed with a brain          1:00-2:30 pm - Effective Exam Room
als.                                               tumor at the age of 6. After many chemo-         Communications
                                                   therapy treatments and stays at the Chil-      2:45 – 4:45 pm - So You Want to Get
    In a quote from Sam Smith, CVT, she
                                                   dren's Hospital, she is a happy, healthy         Published? Learn how to effectively
thanked CACVT for this award as it is
                                                   girl today.                                      write and take photos for animal health
such an honor to be able to present it to the
                                                      Showing compassion beyond her years,          publications
team. They all work so hard everyday and
                                                   Allison started a fundraiser called Stink      6:00 – 9:00 pm - Dinner and Night Tour
it is wonderful to give them something that
                                                   Bug, through which she sells dog treats to       of Washington, DC
reflects their achievements! Sam also
stated, “As a Technician, I strive to teach        raise money to purchase companion dogs
                                                   for other children in need. The money          Sunday, November 20
others what I know as well as learn from
                                                   raised from Stink Bug is divided between       9:00 - 10:30 - Plated Farewell Breakfast
them each day. I always want to learn and
                                                   purchasing companion dogs for children           and Keynote Address - Learn to lead
grow in my profession and help others do
                                                   diagnosed with cancer and pediatric can-         any team to success and balance it all! -
the same. The CACVT stands for this for
                                                   cer research.                                    Rick Grandinetti
Veterinary Technicians in our state and I
                                                      Allison is a wonderful example of an        11:00 am – Noon - Closing Speaker -
am very grateful to them! Thank You!”
                                                   unexpected hero. The Colorado Veteri-            Discussion and demonstration by The
   CACVT is very grateful that we have             nary Medical Foundation (CVMF) is                Virginia Search and Rescue Dog Asso-
wonderful technicians who help make                proud to present Allison with the Youth          ciation.
great teams. Truly, this award is given to         Animal Advocate Award at Colorado's
an exceptional team and CACVT appreci-             Animal Heroes awards program.
ates their work and dedication.
Page 8                                                                                     Techniques - October 2011

                                     CACVT Celebrates NVTW!
             National Veterinary Technician Week         This year’s focus is emergency medicine
           (NVTW) is from October 9 through October      (speaker Stephanie Winters, CVT, VTS (ECC)
           15, 20ll.                                     and internal medicine (speaker Lori Fuehrer,
                                                         CVT, VTS (Anesthesia, Neurology).
Sunday, October 9, 2011
                                                         Six technical CE hours will be offered, plus an opportunity
CACVT kicks off NVTW in style with the second            to visit with specialty groups. Location: Arvada Center
Spotlight Conference, a CE program focused on spe-       for the Arts (same place as 2 yrs ago).
cialty groups.                                           Details: www.cacvt.com/cacvtceprograms.

                          Once again, Pfizer has graciously stepped up and sponsored Dr. Helen Power to come
                          speak at our Focus Conference on January 28, 2011.
                          ♦ Topic: Dermatology
                          ♦ Time: 1-5 pm = 4 technical credits
                          ♦ Location: Jefferson County Fairgrounds
                          More information at www.cacvt.com/cacvtceprograms
Techniques - October 2011                                                                                                                     Page 9

                                                   Bel-Rea Institute. Cost: $110. Ten most com-       Deadline=Oct. 10.
Continuing Education                               mon poisonings in small animals and emerging
                                                                                                   October 26-29, 2011
  Reminder: 1/2 of your credits must be tech-      poisonings. Contact Lee Ann Henbest at Bel-
                                                                                                   Medical Massage for Animals: Canine Course.
nical in nature (medically related, at an ad-      Rea Institute. Last day to register=Oct 6
                                                                                                   Fort Collins, CO. Instructor: Dr. Narda Robin-
vanced level, and in person).
                                                              October 9, 2011                      son. A 30-hour interactive course More infor-
  For information on CE guidelines, submit-
                                                              CACVT Spotlight Conference           mation and to register: www.colovma.org or
ting CE, or for more CE listings or details on
                                                              Similar to 2 years ago, CACVT starts contact Bonnie at 303-539-7274
the ones posted here, please visit
                                                              off NVTW in style with a CE pro-
www.cacvt.com/ContinuingEducation.                                                                 October 30, 2011
                                                   gram focused on specialty groups. Information
  CACVT accepts RACE credits. Additional                                                           Dr. Michael Lappin speaks at the Double Tree
                                                   at www.cacvt.com/cacvtceprograms.
classes are accepted than are listed on our Web                                                    Hotel, Durango, CO. sponsored by Pfizer. 7 CE
site. These are just the ones currently known.     October 10-14, 2011                             hours (from 8am to 3pm), Complimentary.
  CACVT assumes no responsibility for, and         Forensic Training Program: Bugs, Bones, and     RSVP to 970-986-9208 or
does not directly endorse, any service or infor-   Botany in Ocala FL. visit http://               amy.anne.Patterson@pfizer.com
mation listed unless directly stated.              conferences.dce.ufl.edu/ssp/section.aspx?
                                                                                                   November 1, 2011
   A posting of CE across the United States        s=1400033911 for information
                                                                                                   Top 10 errors to avoid with your poisoned pa-
can be found on the Veterinary Learning Sys-       October 13, 2011                                tients. Sponsored by Pet Poison Helpline and
tem’s Web site: www.cecenter.com.                  Colorado State Board of Veterinary Medicine     VPI Pet Insurance. 1 hr free RACE CE from
   Please visit www.cacvt.com/guidelines for       meeting. For details visit www.cacvt.com/       12-1 pm CST. Visit www.cacvt.com/files/
CE acceptance policy.                              governance (under the "about CACVT" tab on      VPI_PetPoisonHelpline_summer2011.pdf
                                                   the left hand column)
                                                                                                   November 5, 2011
Additional details can be found at:                October 13-14, 2011                             First Aid for Animals: Basic with a Twist for
www.cacvt.com/otherprograms                        Animal Welfare: It's Everybody's Business!      the Vet Techs. 9am-3pm (5 CE technical hrs).
                                                   A CE conference held in Blackhawk, CO           Cyndi Rideout, BS, CVT. Cost: $135 Contact
September 29-October 1, 2011                       Hosted by CAACO. supportive CE. Contact         Lee Ann Henbest at Bel-Rea Institute for de-
NEAEP AAEVT Excellence Symposium.                  303-679-2398 or education@caaco.org             tails. Last day to register=Nov 3
Excellent equine-specific CE opportunity. Log
onto www.aaevt.org for registration links.         October 13-16, 2011                                November 14-15, 2011
Submitted by Jessie Loberg, BA, CVT, VTS-          Veterinary Hospital Managers Association           Forensic Training Program: Alternate Light
EVN, AAEVT regional contact, loberg@bel-           (VHMA) Annual Conf., San Antonio, Texas.           Source. Gainesville, FL.
rea.com or 303-751-8700 Ext. 245                                                                      visit http://conferences.dce.ufl.edu/ssp/
                                                   October 14-16, 2011
                                                                                                      section.aspx?s=1400033911 for information
October 8, 2011                                    Purina Annual AAEVT Veterinary Technician
Practical Toxicology with Dr. Kevin Fitzger-       Conference... St. Louis.                           November 16-18, 2011
ald, Ph.D., DVM, 8am-noon (4 technical hrs).                                                          Forensic Training Program: Veterinary Forensic
                                                   October 15, 2011
                                                                                                      Science: Animal Crime Scenes. Gainesville,
                                                   Trap Neuter Return Workshop (runs 3rd Sat of
                                                                                                      FL. visit http://conferences.dce.ufl.edu/ssp/
                 Contacts                          each mth). Location: Rocky Mountain Alley
                                                                                                      section.aspx?s=1400033911 for information
Complete list available at:                        Cat Alliance, overview of the Trap Neuter Re-
  www.cacvt.com/relatedlinks                       turn process for feral cats. 3 support hrs. Maya   November 19, 2011
                                                   Key at maya@rmaca.org or 303.202.3516.             Exotic Animal Elective for Veterinary Techni-
TIVA, Transfer VTNE score                                                                             cians. 8am-noon (4 CE technical hrs) Dr. Kevin
             877-698-8482 / www.AAVSB.org          October 16, 2011
                                                                                                      Fitzgerald, Ph.D.,DVM. Bel-Rea Institute. Cost:
Natl Assn of Vet Technicians in America -          Staff training: Practice Shouldn't Be Like Herd-
                                                                                                      $110. Learn basics of reptiles, ferrets, rabbits,
     NAVTA 703-740-8737 / www.navta.net            ing Cats. Sponsored by DAVMS. Speaker:
                                                                                                      and other "pocket pets". Contact Lee Ann Hen-
CO State Board of Veterinary Medicine              Wendy S. Myers. Cost: $99/person (includes
                                                                                                      best. Last day to register=Nov 17
            www.dora.state.co.us/veterinarians     lunch). 9am-3pm (5 supportive ce). Location:
Colorado Veterinary Medical Association            191 Yuma Street, Denver CO 80223. Visit the        November 19-22, 2011
            303-318-0447 / www.colovma.org         website www.davms.org                              AAEP Symposium. Excellent equine-specific
Denver Area Veterinary Medical Society                                                                CE opportunity. Log onto www.aaevt.org for
                                                   October 19, 2011
               303-318-0447 / www.davms.org                                                           registration links. Jessie Loberg, BA, CVT,
                                                   An Evening With the Specialists. Sponsored
American Animal Hospital Association.                                                                 VTS-EVN, AAEVT regional contact,
                                                   by: VRCC and Antech Diagnostics. 6-9pm.
              800-252-2242 / www.aahanet.org                                                          loberg@bel-rea.com or 303-751-8700 Ext. 245
                                                   Location: Hyatt Regency Tech Center. Please
Animal Emergency Mngemt Prgrm (AEMP)               RSVP: 303-874-7387                                 December 15, 2011
              303-539-7633 / www.coaemp.org                                                           Colorado State Board of Veterinary Medicine
Peer Assistance Services                           October 22, 2011
                                                                                                      meeting. Details visit www.cacvt.com/
           866-369-0039 / www.peerassist.org       What's in the Bag? Taking a Closer Look at Pet
                                                                                                      governance (under the "about CACVT" tab on
Benefits & Incentives Group, Inc.                  Food. 9am-3pm (5 CE hrs). Cyndi Fultz-
                                                                                                      the left hand column)
         Julie Johnson, 800-305-0062 ext 25 /      Rideout, BS, CVT. Bel-Rea Institute. $125
                         www.bigroupinc.com        Contact Lee Ann Henbest at Bel-Rea. Last day       January 14-18, 2012
Coalition for Living Safely with Dogs              to register=Oct 20, 2011                           NAVC in Orlando, FL
                 www.livingsafelywithdogs.org                                                         http://www.tnavc.org/navc-conference
                                                   October 24-25, 2011
Harrison Memorial Animal Hospital                  American Humane presents Euthanasia by In-                    January 28, 2012
                303-722-5800 / www.hmah.org        jection Training. Location: Denver Animal                     CACVT Focus Conference. Infor-
Contact information for Technician Specialties     Shelter, 1241 W Bayaud Dr, Denver, 80223.                     mation at www.cacvt.com/
can be found at:                                   Details at www.cacvt.com/otherprograms.                       cacvtceprograms.
                      191 Yuma Street
                     Denver, CO 80223

Supporting Quality
 Veterinary Care

     Phone: 303-318-0652
     Toll Free: 866-318-0652
     Fax: 303-318-0651
     E-mail: info@cacvt.com
     Web: www.cacvt.com

were pre-
sented at the
See page 6
for details.

Relief Veterinary Tech-
                                                                                       Drug Shortages:
 nicians & Pet Sitters
                                                                              What Every Tech & Vet Should Know
   For a copy of the current relief
technician list or pet sitter list, or     Pharmaceutical back-orders and discontinuations: Everybody’s talking about them. Since the eco-
to be placed on either of these          nomic downturn, we’ve witnessed unprecedented levels of shortages. The American Society of
lists, please contact the CACVT          Health-System Pharmacists has outlined several reasons for drug scarcities.
office.                                   ♦ Bulk or raw material supply shortage
   Both lists can also be found at        ♦ Production delay or halt due to regulatory infraction uncovered during FDA inspection
www.cacvt.com under “Job Post-            ♦ Manufacturer’s voluntary recall because of contamination, etc.
ings.”                                    ♦ Manufacturer or formulation change prompting production delay
                                          ♦ Business decision to postpone or cease production because generics are available, patents are
                                            expiring, and/or market size is changing. Other factors: drug approval status, regulatory compli-
    For Job Listings:                       ance requirements, anticipated clinical demand, and/or reallocation of resources to other products.
www.cacvt.com                               Note that FDA cannot demand continued production of medically necessary products.
 •select “Job Postings”                   ♦ Manufacturer mergers that narrow product lines, prompt discontinuations, and/or shift production to
 •select “Find a Job”                       new facilities, meaning manufacturing delays
                                          ♦ Less-than-desirable inventory management practices, such as stockpiling prior to price increases
www.Bel-Rea.com                             and hoarding prompted by rumors of an impending shortage
www.coloradomtn.edu                       ♦ Unanticipated demand spikes arising from new indications, new therapeutic guidelines, or disease
www.ccd.edu/careerconnections               outbreaks
www.WhereTechsConnect.com                 ♦ Natural disasters that impact manufacturing facilities or prompt heightened demand to treat disas-
http://careers.navta.net                    ter victims
                                           Sterile injectable drugs are particularly vulnerable. According to a recent New England Journal of
   Post Your Resume                      Medicine article, a limited number of companies produce them because the manufacturing process is
  Now you can post your resume           complex and requires a lot of lead time. Because manufacturers typically produce several drugs on the
directly to the CACVT Web Site.          same production line, any interruption can affect multiple pharmaceuticals. And there is little to no
                                         excess inventory because manufacturers purposefully streamline production to address current market
You must be a CACVT member               demand.
and signed into the members-               What’s the good news? Monument Pharmacy might be able to compound your pharmaceutical of
only area.                               choice while it is on temporary back-order or if it is manufacturer discontinued but still FDA approved.
   Visit www.cacvt.com and               Remember to call us when drug shortages arise in your practice.
view “post resume” under the                                             Have questions or need our services?
“job” tab.                                                              800-595-7565, monumentpharmacy.com

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