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					The University of Alabama is known as the Crimson Tide. The school's
mascot is an elephant know as Big Al. The idea of having an elephant
as a mascot came about in 1930 when Wallace Wade was head coach.
Alabama’s linemen are know as the as "Red Elephants."
The University of Arkansas is known as the Razorbacks. Arkansas has
four total mascots. Big Red is the traditional mascot. Big Red has an
image as being tough and intimidating. He has become a favorite
among the fans because of his size and inflatable movements.
Sue E is the female hog. Sue E is know for her costume changes and
dancing. The younger Razorback fans are the biggest fans of Sue E.
Pork Chop is the small hog. Pork Chop is less intimidating than Big
Red, but he is still very popular.
Auburn's costumed Tiger mascot is Aubie. Aubie is in his 21st season
as a spirit leader for Auburn University. Aubie has been Auburn's
mascot since 1979. Aubie first appeared on an Auburn football
program in animation form in 1959. Birmingham Post-Herald artist Phil
Neel created the cartoon Tiger. Aubie began to stand upright in 1962.
The very next year, Aubie wore his first clothing attire--a blue tie and a
straw hat. Aubie finally got a costume designed for him by a firm, the
costume cost $1,350.
In the swamp, the University of Florida has a gator for their mascot. The
mascot is very present in the community. This past year alone, the two
mascots made over 800 appearances at football games, basketball
games, charity events and elementary schools.
The University of Georgia's mascot is a solid white English
Bulldog named Uga. Uga became Georgia's mascot in 1956.
Georgia's mascot is one of the more famous in the SEC. Uga IV
is the winningest of the mascots.
The University of Kentucky Mascot is a Wildcat. The mascot
originated in 1976. Gary Tanner was the first Wildcat. He
entertained UK fans at Commonwealth Stadium and Rupp Arena
during athletic games. In April 1994, the mascot finished eighth
nationally in the Universal Cheerleaders Association
The official mascot for Louisiana State University is a Bengal
Tiger. The tiger's name is "Mike." Mike has a cage that he is kept
in on campus. The big news around the LSU campus a few weeks
ago was Mike and his root canal that he had to have. Fortunately,
Mike is fine and ready for next season.
Mississippi State University's mascot is an American Kennel Club
registered English Bulldog with the name "Bully." Mississippi State has
had the Bulldog as a mascot since 1935. Head coach Major Ralph
Sasse went to Memphis, Tennessee to select a bulldog. The first
bulldog chosen to be the MSU mascot was Ptolemy. A litter-mate of
Ptolemy became the second mascot and the first to be called Bully.
The University of Mississippi have a Rebel as their mascot. This idea
emerged in 1936 by Judge Ben Guider. The University newspaper
sponsored a contest with 200 proposed nicknames for Mississippi.
The University Athletic Committee made the name official - the
University of Mississippi became know as the "Ole Miss Rebels." Two
years later, the yearbook's name became "The Rebel Number." The
book featured "Colonel Reb," the mascot of Ole Miss.
The University of South Carolina's mascot is a gamecock named "Cocky."
Cocky was introduced as South Carolina's mascot in 1980. He replaced
his father Big Spur. Cocky won first place in the Universal Cheerleader's
Association both in 1986 and 1994. Cocky is a favorite among all USC
fans. He is also a very public mascot. Cocky even makes appearances at
birthday parties!
The University of Tennessee is know as the Volunteers. This leads to a
need for a live mascot for the University. The Pep Club issued a student
survey in 1953 to decide on a mascot for the University. They selected a
coon hound. At halftime in 1953, the coon hounds were lined up on the
field. The dogs stepped forward individually. The Tennessee fans
cheered for the one they liked best. "Blue Smokey" was the last to be
Vanderbilt University is know as the Commodores. "Vanderbilt
mascot "Mr. Commodore" won the title of Mascot Champion at the
COA Cheer and Dance North American Collegiate Championship,
February 12, 2005, in New Orleans, LA.

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