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									                               March 2008

Meeting Billion-Dollar Betsy

15 years in Atlantic House

Becoming a leader in 5 days
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2   Simply Seatrade   March 2008

Dear Reader

Not long ago, I popped into a supermarket and the first thing                   should all be seen in the perspective of record high fuel prices
I encountered were three shelves of pre-packed fruit salads.                    (US$ 106 per barrel at time of writing) and a Dollar that fell
There was a wide choice of fruits varying from melon, apple,                    to lifetime lows against the Euro. All in all we keep a positive
mango and pineapple to kiwi and blueberries. The sign                           outlook toward the future.
indicating “The new convenience food - ideal as a refreshing
snack” struck my mind. Always thought that a whole fresh                        The 2008 first quarter ship management activities out of
apple, as Eve might have said, would have been the original                     Groningen and Leer saw the introduction of the ‘Event Report’,
convenience food - pick, wash and eat.                                          a reporting system, which replaces the RUS (Report Unwanted
                                                                                Situation) and AIR (Accident and Incident report). All internal
However, logics and rationality seem not always to prevail at                   and external inspections and audits (PSC, TD, QA, Q360, etc.)
first glance. The same can be said about the ongoing climate                    and possible action points, suggestions and remarks will be
discussion. Climate and economy are strongly connected,                         included in this reporting format. This new reporting system
because they both influence each other. The deterioration of                    will be implemented in our entire organisation (on board
climate is risky for all kind of parties: civilians, governments                as well as in the office). The ‘Event Report’ has to be used
and business. Despite that the relation between climate                         in any situation in which the quality, safety, operation and/
and economy is quite a complex problem it is obvious that                       or environmental goals are either not met or are threatened
changes in climate have an influence on both agriculture and                    not to be met. The objective of the ‘Event Reporting system’
food production. This in turn has consequences for economic                     is to establish what should be done to prevent occurrence
growth, exports, and food security and not at least the extensive               or recurrence of a situation and not who did it. We strive to
external effects of our trade, especially in the future.                        improve reporting between the vessels and the office through
                                                                                open and direct communication and this new reporting system
The start of this year has been quite uninspiring. Adverse                      forms an important part in this process.
weather conditions had a negative effect on exports from Chile,
South Africa, Argentina and Ecuador. Heavy rains resulted in                    During this quarter the first integrated management training
flooded banana plantations; nevertheless, since the end of                      for ships’ officers, superintendents and commercial operators
February the country has managed a steady supply of bananas                     was launched. All parties linked to the vessels were actively
with basically little material difference from a normal season.                 involved in this. You will find a report on page 28.

The demand for fruit has shown a growing trend whereby                          Lastly, we are pleased to announce that the management of
Russia has been a key player. Since the beginning of March                      Seatrade Groningen B.V. has appointed Vincent Peeters as
the market has reached solid levels, which are in line with                     Technical Director, per 1 March 2008. He is 44 years old and
expectations. With demand likely to continue to exceed the                      brings a wealth of experience with him in the maritime technical
supply of the specialised reefer fleet for the coming period,                   field both at sea and ashore. We trust this appointment reflects
certain record freight levels may be broken. This however                       our commitment to further raise performance.

                                                                                                                                           The Management

      mv Luzon Strait passes under the Walt Whitman Bridge after departing the Gloucester, New Jersey Terminal (courtesy Robert Garelli, Seatrade USA)
    seaTrade WorldWide
    The American Airlines flight from Miami descended through the dark grey clouds covering Juan Santa Maria,
    San Jose’s international airport. It was the night of 1 August 2007, and the flight was delayed by several hours. Once
    we were out of the airplane we had to wrestle ourselves through immigration, collect our eight suitcases and pass
    customs. San Jose International airport is always hectic around 9 pm, as some eight international flights arrive within
    a time span of just over an hour.

                                                                                       The removal company was informed to start
                                                                                       packing our belongings in Belgium around 15
                                                                                       July - only to learn by the end of June that the
                                                                                       house we had chosen to live in had been rented
                                                                                       out to somebody else. After an emergency trip to
                                                                                       Costa Rica I managed to resolve the crisis and
                                                                                       by now we definitely had passed the point of no

                                                                                       Those July days were laden with emotions, leaving
                                                                                       our house in St. Job, saying goodbye to relatives
                                                                                       and good friends - you simply don’t emigrate
                                                                                       every day. However, more intense experiences
                                                                                       were awaiting us in Costa Rica.

                                                                                         Our planning had called for a quick unpacking of
                                                                                         the Seatrade container with our goods, so that by
    After having located our transport we went straight for the hotel.   mid August we would be “up & running”. Reality though painted
    En-route during the 45 minutes drive I ended up thinking why         a different story, and the entire month was spent on testing our
    on earth I had decided to live and work in one of the smallest       patience in how to deal with Costa Rican bureaucracy - only by
    countries in Latin America, notorious for frequent earthquakes,      early September could we finally sleep again in our own beds.
    far away from Europe, and drag my family into this.                  Until then it was of course business as usual, albeit from a hotel
                                                                         room, or out of the office of one of our agents.
    The adventure in fact had started almost a year before. When
    returning from the 2006 summer holidays, Yntze Buitenwerf            Since then some six months have passed and that challenging
    approached me to sound my thoughts on setting up a presence          start-up period is now way behind us. Every now and then though
    for Seatrade in Central America. There was no clear outlined plan,   we still walk into some Kafkaian situation, but our experience
    just a rough idea. Even the location was not clear - Colombia        in how to deal with the local bureaucrats is growing rapidly.
    or Costa Rica? The fall of 2006 was spent on field
    trips to Costa Rica and Colombia, in combination
    with business trips to Brazil and Argentina, as I
    had to hand over my duties as Trade Manager
    Argentina & Brazil to several of my colleagues
    within the Antwerp office.

    January 2007 marked the start of frequent travel
    to Costa Rica, whereby each subsequent trip
    meant a longer stay in Costa Rica - time which I
    needed to get acquainted with the local situation
    and to prepare for the upcoming move. On two
    occasions my wife and son accompanied me,
    as we also had to find a new school and – most
    important - a place to stay.

    By June 2007 we thought we were ready to go.

4   Simply Seatrade   March 2008
                                                      seaTrade cosTa rica
We now finally have time
to appreciate the beautiful
geography and abundant
nature of Costa Rica, which is
simply amazing.

I work on a regular basis
out of the agency offices of
Antena and Medinter, while
we also have adapted one
of the bedrooms at home
into a fully equipped office.
Considerable time is spent
on being out in the streets,
visiting clients and suppliers:
although Costa Rica is a very

                                                            over dirt roads, which turn into mud
                                                            tracks during the rainy season, are
                                                            not uncommon. Apart from those
                                                            adventurous “Harrison Ford” trips,
                                                            I have to deal with the traffic of the
                                                            asphalt jungle: traffic in San Jose can
                                                            be quite nerve wrecking. Frankly
                                                            speaking, we have never seen a city
                                                            with so many traffic accidents, and
                                                            unfortunately this every now and then
                                                            also involves Seatrade containers.

                                                            Traffic aside, most banana multi-
                                                            nationals have their (regional) head-

small country, it ranks worldwide as the second
largest banana exporter and first exporter in
consumption pineapples - of both commodities
the country exports each year more than 100
million boxes!

Especially the pineapple saga appears to have no
end, and each year the pineapple production
grows by 8 to 10%. And with so much growth
also more and more exporters appear - the list
of existing Seatrade clients is long, but the one
of potential clients is even longer. And not all
of those are located in or around the capital. To
see some of our clients, car trips of several hours

                                                                         Simply Seatrade   March 2008   5
    seaTrade                                                               From paper
    WorldWide                                                              To carTon boxes

    quarters in San Jose, making it easy to maintain contact and           Back in December 2007, I was visiting the Uraba region
    pass the latest info to my colleagues in Antwerp.                      in northwestern Colombia - to most of you known by the
    This country does not only export bananas and pineapples,              name of its port, Turbo. While meeting with Uniban staff in
    products like yams, leather ferns, and ornamental plants               the village of Zungo, at some stage the discussion turned
    form an important part of our portfolio. Added to that are the         to the massive amount of paper rolls our vessels carry from
    seasonal exports of melons and mangoes.                                the USA to Turbo. I was just wondering where all these
                                                                           rolls were ending up. It turned out that right next to the
    Since several years Seatrade operate multiple weekly liner             Uniban warehouses, a factory for the production of carton
    services linking Colombia and Costa Rica with Europe.                  boxes was located. As I still had some hours to spare before
    Obviously these are the most labour intensive services within          catching the plane back from Apartado to Medellín, an ad-
    our activities - one of the roles of Seatrade Costa Rica is to         hoc tour to the plant was arranged.
    monitor and supervise the cargo bookings and maintain the
    overall coordination, and also stay in close contact with our          The Uniban box factory was inaugurated in 1978, in order
    Colombian clients.                                                     to have a steady supply of boxes for the export of bananas.
                                                                           Since its start, this production plant for corrugated carton
    Next to the liner services are the time charter vessels - all in       has counted with the support of C.I. Uniban S.A., the big-
    all some four to five Seatrade vessels call ports in Costa Rica        gest Colombian exporter of bananas and plantains. Today
    and Colombia on a weekly basis. In most cases there is little          it counts with the latest technology, a great team, and the
    action required from this office, apart from courtesy visits.          vision of Colombian businessmen, which believe in the
    But when Seatrade Groningen, Triton or one of the other                Uraba region
    pool partners calls, this typically means something special
    has occurred or is about to happen, and my immediate                   Actually, it is the second production plant for corrugated
    assistance is required. Getting urgent spare parts on time to          carton in Colombia, producing 66,000 tons of cartons per
    the vessel has been one of the favourite hobbies, but how              year. The production is split in 16% dedicated to the pine-
    about supervising the buying inspection of a vessel for sale,          apple market, 4% for the domestic market, and 80% for
    or a complete ownership and flag change?                               the banana market. Among its clients are Turbana, Fyffes,
                                                                           Del Monte, Fair Trade and other private brands, known in
    Another - less visible - role is to assist our container department    various global markets.
    in operational and financial matters involving our equipment
    - Costa Rica is one of the countries with the highest volume           Some of the strengths of this plant are that it has one of the
    of Seatrade reefer containers. We use various repair shops,            highest hourly production rates, and is located close to the
    depots, and yards, as well as trucking companies.                      port of Turbo. The factory’s production manager, Santiago
                                                                           Gutierrez Botero, calls the ‘equilibrium between man and
    There definitely is never a dull moment, and each day brings           machine’ one of the plant’s biggest strengths: a team with
    something new. As Seatrade’s activities in this part of the            the wish to excel, and a technical knowledge which has
    world continue to expand, so will the Costa Rica office. As            allowed the high volume production, guaranteeing the cor-
    the Tico’s say: ‘Pura Vida’!                                           rect box strength and, the possibility to have boxes printed
                                                                           in four different colours.
                                                           Pieter Hartog
                                                     Seatrade Costa Rica
                                                                           “When we visit different plants with a better technology
                                                                           than ours, we compare and conclude that they do not
                                                                           generate a product as good as Uniban’s”, mentioned Head
                                                                           of Quality, Jhon Jairo Cordoba; the plant produces boxes
                                                                           according international standards like TAPPI.
                                                                           Almost all supplies for the production of the boxes are
                                                                           imported from the USA, but also from Finland, Canada,
                                                                           and the United Kingdom – each product is evaluated, con-
                                                                           ducting individual laboratory trials. This way the quality of
                                                                           the final product can be guaranteed.

6   Simply Seatrade   March 2008
One of the other standards with which the company has to
comply, is that of the US Food & Drugs Administration (FDA),
permitting and guaranteeing that the foodstuffs, which are
transported in the boxes will not suffer from any chemical
contamination, dangerous to human consumption. To guar-
antee the quality of the product, the boxes are coated with a
layer of wax, allowing them to resist humidity, which could
present itself when the fruit is transported to the final con-
sumer. Such specifications depend on the necessities of each
individual client.

                                                                      Innovation, technological development, process efficiency
                                                                      and the dynamic team make that the Uniban Box Factory is
                                                                      an excellent option for the exporters from Latin America and
                                                                      the Caribbean region.

                                                                      Whether we are carrying bananas, pineapples, mangoes, or
                                                                      melons, there is one common element: all fruit is packed in
                                                                      carton boxes. And as you may now appreciate, there’s quite a
                                                                      story behind those ‘simple’ boxes!

With customer focus, the Uniban box factory has expanded                                                Pieter Hartog - Seatrade Costa Rica
its portfolio of products; among its designs are the telescopic                                  Diana Zuluaga - C.I. Uniban S.A., Medellin
box, composed by a base and cover lid, as well as the display
box - allowing that the fruit carried in the box arrives in perfect
condition, can be easily handled, and thereafter presented.

Prior to starting the box production, a meeting with the client
takes place, during which an evaluation of the client’s needs is
made: what does the customer want, how does he want it, and
what are the handling stages of the box - thus always trying to
improve the initial design and meeting all expectations of the
consumer. “From the beginning we make suggestions about
the box which is going to be used”, mentioned the head of the
production warehouse, Maria Elena Valencia.

                                                                                                            Simply Seatrade    March 2008     7
    blasT From The pasT
    During my high school period somehow I could not find the           After discharging her cargo we left for Tenerife to load another
    right school that met my expectations, so around my 17th            cargo of tomatoes. The weather was good and everybody happy.
    birthday my father and I decided that my last hope to become a      Heading for the sun.
    modest member of the community was to pack my sea-bag and           The next day or so, passing Ouessant with windforce SW 6/7,
    continue the family tradition as a seaman.                          I was getting a little uncomfortable as the ship started rolling and
                                                                        pitching. According to Capt. Voordewind nothing was wrong,
                                                                        he took his accordion and started to play and sing.

                                                                        At 4pm I had my watch with Ch.Mate Lukkien. The wind
                                                                        increased to force 8/9 and the vessel now really was heavily
                                                                        rolling and pitching, taking over lots of water.
                                                                        This was normal according to “Ome Rieks” (Ch.Mate) as we
                                                                        all called him. We had to slow down due to the high seas so it
                                                                        took us a lot longer to cross the Bay of Biscay. I was beginning to
                                                                        doubt my brave decision to become a seaman.

                                                                        Off Lisbon the weather changed overnight and the morning was
                                                                        bright and sunny. The sea changed from high rough waves with
                                                                        big white heads on top into a long high swell. Although this
                                                                        made the vessel roll heavily we could continue full speed to the
                                                                        promised land with white beaches, palm trees and a lot of sun.

                                                                        All wrong! Even in those days, time was money and when entering
                                                                        Santa Cruz de Tenerife labour and cargo was waiting on the quay.

                                                                        Good for me was that after loading a couple of truckloads they
                                                                        ran out of supply and loading was suspended for the rest of the
                                                                        day. Most of the crew was preparing to go ashore to buy soap
                                                                        and toothpaste as they said. I could not understand this; after
                                                                        all, it was only a few days since we had left the UK where it was
    Launch of the Pacific, 1964
                                                                        more obvious for me to buy these things.
    The Pacific (65,000 cubic feet) was due shortly in Dover with a
    cargo of tomatoes from the Canary Islands. Being February, very
    cold, a service to the Canaries seemed very attractive to me, so
    I managed to sign on to the Pacific.

    Writing this I realize that it was not very obvious to find a job
    on this brand new reefer vessel. She was then “top of the bill”
    and the third reefer vessel operated by Scheepvaartkantoor
    Groningen after the Arctic and Tempo. I guess having some
    good relations in the office helped a lot.

    On or about 23 February 1965 I left for Dover together with
    my father and mother who insisted to take me there and meet
    captain and crew: Chief Mate Rieks Lukkien, 2nd mate Ralph
    Witten, Chief Engineer Geert Smant, 2nd Eng. Free Arwerd, 2nd
    Eng. Willem Suur, Ass.Eng., oilman, cook, Spanish bosun and
    four sailors including myself.                                      Under the guard of 2nd mate Ralph, Captain Voordewind,
                                                                        who had promised my parents to keep an eye on me, gave his
    I already knew Captain Voordewind and Chief Mate Lukkien            permission for me to go ashore for shopping. The next morning
    from mv Atlantic, a half shelter decker dry cargo coaster, when I   at seven when the cook tried to wake me up he asked with
    joined that vessel for a few weeks during my school holidays.       a dirty smile on his face how I’d liked the shopping in Santa

8   Simply Seatrade   March 2008
                                                     billion-dollar beTsy

                                        middle: Chief Mate ‘ome Rieks’ Lukkien

                                                                                               2nd Mate Ralph Witten

‘Ome Rieks’ Lukkien with dog “Lady”

       Kees at school in Terschelling                                                                  Atlantic winter

                 Kees as Chief Mate      Meeting up some 35 years later: Kees Tammes, Capt. Voordewind and Tom Tammes

                                                                                        Simply Seatrade   March 2008     9
     Cruz. The rest of the day I tried to stay out of sight of the bosun   and quickly slipped in, Captain Voordewind and Chief Lukkien
     because I was very “landsick” and had a hell of a headache (no        were together on the bridge. “Ome Rieks”, as if it was the most
     further details ;-) ).                                                beautiful day of the year, rolling his black tobacco cigarette and
                                                                           making jokes about the weather and telling tall tales about his
     After a few more trips to Gran Canaria and Tenerife, the Pacific      time as captain on a whale catcher (still allowed in those “good
     was fixed for a time-charter between the US East Coast/Canada         old days”). Captain Voordewind said: “Hi Kees, may I introduce
     and UK/Continent. This was exciting, the first time across the        Miss “Betsy””. These two very experienced seamen, standing
     Ocean!                                                                there, apparently having everything under control, gave me
                                                                           great confidence. During that night “tropical storm” (previously
                                                                           one of the worst hurricanes ever) Betsy left us as fast as she came
                                                                           in easterly direction.

                                                                           The next day I realized that I had made the right decision and
                                                                           was happy to be a seaman. With a good ship and a good crew
                                                                           there was nothing to worry about. When the weather allowed us
                                                                           to go on deck and to go down to the holds to check the cargo,
                                                                           we found one big scrap yard with what once were beautiful
                                                                           brand new Jaguars, Rolls Royces and the likes; Betsy had tried
                                                                           them all, without a driving licence.
     Loading cars and tractors in London for discharging at the US
     East Coast, then in ballast to New Foundland to load frozen
     salmon in boxes. This was the real thing, sailing across the
     Atlantic, loading and discharging in places I had never seen
     before. I was beginning to feel like a real seaman.

     I believe it was the second trip across the Atlantic at the end
     of August 1965. We discharged a full cargo of frozen salmon
     in London (spending two weeks between London and Tower
     Bridge!), then loading cars, tractors and engine parts in
     Dagenham on the river Thames again for the US.

     About 3-4 days before arrival, the weather was getting bad. Dark
     clouds, lightning, still far away, beyond the horizon and wind
     increasing to Bf 6-8. Chief Lukkien told us bosun and sailors to
     go down into the holds to check the lashings and where needed
     to put some extra ropes.

     When we came back on deck it was dark, the wind had further
     increased, heavy rain, thunder and lightning were now getting
     very close. This was not funny anymore.
     Far away from land, family and friends with just the vessel, some
     crew and the captain, I was beginning to regret not finishing
     high school. It was end August, still during the school holidays.
     Here I was in the middle of the Atlantic with the weather getting
     worse and worse.
                                                                           After a year I decided to go back to school, to the Nautical
     When I scrambled up to the bridge to do my 20-24 watch, the           College “Willem Barentz” on Terschelling where I graduated for
     sea was all white with waves over 15 metres high and the wind         3rd, 2nd and 1st officer deep sea. In 1977/8, married and a
     was blowing well over force 12.                                       father, I resigned as captain from Seatrade.

                                                                                                                                  Kees Tammes
     The Pacific had no indoor stairways to the bridge so to get there
     was not so easy. When I opened the door of the wheelhouse

10   Simply Seatrade   March 2008
We recently welcomed mv Pacific Reefer into the Seatrade Pool, when she came into management of Seatrade Groningen B.V.

  mv Pacific Reefer
  Built                     1999
  Bale cubic                600,202 cbft
  Floor space               6,869 sqm
  Length over all           145 m
  Breadth over all          22.6 m
  DWAT                      12,625
  Container capacity        48FEU or 72TEU + 12FEU

                                                        An artist impression of the vessel, as at this moment the hull is still the red of her previous operator
                                                                                                                                   (photo courtesy of FotoFlite)

                                                                                                                 neW creW
It’s common knowledge that it is easier to train young people than older ones - so please join us to
welcome Seatrade’s youngest additions!

                                    Maaike,                                                                             Niels,
                                    daughter of Danielle Boerma                                                         son of Hans Nauta
                                    (Certificates Department,                                                           (Scheduling Department,
                                    Seatrade Groningen)                                                                 Seatrade Antwerp)

Anne Marije,                                                                Matthijs,
daughter of Arnold Mulder                                                   son of Paul Mol
(Technical Department,                                                      (IT Department, Seatrade Antwerp)
Seatrade Groningen)

                                                                                                                               Simply Seatrade     March 2008      11
     A fit seafarer = a happy seafarer, and a safer ship!

12   Simply Seatrade   March 2008
                                                                           Seatrade Antwerp, 15 years

4 January 1993, that was indeed 15 years ago. Seatrade                with 538,667 cubic feet the largest. Of all those 78 ships only
pooled ships started reporting to telex number 35150 src b...         16 remain in the pool today, and our fleet now consists of
and some 32 people were trying to find their way to and in a          135 vessels, which means many have come and gone in the
new office at the Noorderlaan in Antwerp.                             meantime.

Tilly Timmermans was timely that freezing morning of January,         Many of those 32 originals have either retired or even passed
sitting in complete darkness unable to find the light switch,         away, and we remember fondly Theo Blokpoel, Erik Musterd,
whilst Lammert van ‘t Riet, who joined for some months to             Hans Roodenburg, Bert de Ruiter and the late Arno Stokmans.
help smoothen the transition, was driving happily towards the         Others have somehow continued closely connected with
Tol tunnel which leads from northern Antwerp direction of             Seatrade: Hans Vos (Seanet in Brazil), Pieter Hartog (Seatrade
Ghent trying to find Atlantic House, completely lost!                 Costa Rica), Peter Haagen (Raetsclub), Eildert van Slooten
                                                                      (SBI), and recently Hans van Zanden (Triton).
In fact everything was perfectly executed which ensured that
around 09:30 of that day everybody was already learning to            But also some remain connected even if at arms’ length such
work the new coffee machine, was battling with some funky             as Joris Bakker (Breadbox Shipping) and Pieter Oosterhof
                                                                      (Dole Europe).

                                                                      In early 1993 contracts had been renewed with the likes of
                                                                      Enza, Fyffes, Geest, Delmonte, and Dole, not much different
                                                                      to today’s scenario... except maybe the size of the ships and
                                                                      the requirements of each of the above charterers. Enza would
                                                                      love the Tineke because it could load enormous amounts of
                                                                      apples in loose cartons; Fyffes enjoyed every minute of the N
                                                                      types whilst Geest could call upon the ABC (Atlantic, Baltic
                                                                      or Celtic Ice) to cover some of its positions in the Windward

                                                                      The weekly commute back to Groningen also meant somewhat
                                                                      of a speeding competition of who could make the trip in the
                                                                      shortest time... Apparently Arno Stokmans once made it in 2
                                                                      hours; it is exactly 309 kilometres, meaning an average speed
                                      Operators by day, painters by
                                      night......                     of 154 kilometres per hour...
                                      Hans van Zanden and Gerard
                                      de Vries helping Willy Smit
                                      with her move to Antwerp        Life south of the “great rivers” was very different from what
                                                                      people were accustomed to up north and soon the Groningers
new phones, fixing cargoes and getting on with business “as           discovered the big differences in language and how the French
usual”. Each desk had the name of the person who should               had some influence in the Flemish language with the addition
sit there, a pack of business cards, a manual for the phone,
a plan of the entire office with internal phone numbers, and
a mysterious magnetic “card key” which for months proved
to be the embarrassment of anyone of us going in and out of
shops by setting off the alarms intended to keep shoplifters at

That was the day in which commercial operations transferred
from Groningen to Antwerp, and the day that life started to
change forever for many of those 32 people...

The pooled fleet at the time was exactly 78 vessels with the
“Norcan” of 99,000 cubic feet the smallest and the Tineke
                                                                                                                    The Scaldis reception

                                                                                                            Simply Seatrade   March 2008    13

     Part of the Scaldis attendance list,
     kept manually in those early days

                                            A new name, a new fleetlist, new
                                            ways to attract potential customers

14       Simply Seatrade    March 2008
                                                                                                              Seatrade Antwerp,
                                                                                                                   15 years on....

                                                                                 But whilst the un-attached lifestyle meant a lot of parties,
                                                                                 get-togethers and daily dinners in nice little restaurants, it
                                                                                 also meant a bunch of very hard working people who helped
                                                                                 catapult Seatrade from those 78 vessels in early 1993 to what
                                                                                 Seatrade is today. Saturday was at that time a normal half
                                                                                 working day for operations and chartering; very few mobile
                                                                                 phones and no remote computers meant the Saturday morning
                                                                                 task of cutting the 20 metres or more of telexes for roughly one
                                                                                 hour was dreaded by whoever was “first” in the office. It also
                                                                                 meant that if Marnix was the first one (very often the case) you
                                                                                 would have some embarrassing moments with appropriate
                                                                                 comments about temperature reporting and the obvious things
                                                                                 -such as tendering notice of readiness 5 minutes after midday
                                                                                 or running full speed when not necessary- that you had not
                                                                                 noticed all nicely stacked on your desk or your in-tray (today
                                                        The Scaldis workfloor    renamed Inbox which is nearly unmanageable anymore).

of some nice Antwerp touches such as statie (station) and hesp
(ham). The nice one is of course a broodje smos, smos being
in fact an enormous dollop of mayonnaise with some boiled
egg, tomatoes and lettuce, which you add to your sandwich.
Oh, and your standard Belgian office worker speaks Dutch,
English, French, German and most possibly also Spanish or
Italian, plus the local dialect of their native village...!

Antwerp was the cultural capital of Europe in 1993, so the city
was at its best with plenty of activities and we all soon became
hooked on bollekes (De Koninck beer), and the decadent
Antwerp lifestyle where kitchens of restaurants would remain
open till well after midnight (something unheard of in Holland,
let alone Groningen), and the cafes and small restaurants
would welcome a bunch of young un-attached Seatrade
people. We remember fondly Edward Johnston and Marina                            Scheduling the fleet of almost 80 vessels, each day at the schedule table

Gatto, who both spent some time with us during that first year
as well as today Capt. Gerard de Vries and Joris Bakker who                      The average age of the employees of the, at that time, “Scaldis
lived at the famous Kaasstraat (Cheese street).                                  Reefer Chartering” office was 34.5 years; today that average
                                                                                 is 38, so all in all after 15 years we have only aged 3.5 years,
                                                                                 which means we are still a very young organization.

                                                                                 Hans Roodenburg and Erik Musterd were the big chartering
                                                                                 bosses, Erik chain-smoking his “Caballero” brand cigarettes
                                                                                 inside the office (which was considered very normal until
                                                                                 only a few years ago), busy fixing his Chilean fruit cargoes and
                                                                                 Hans fully committed to his Dole and Japanese accounts with
                                                                                 his daily commute to Papendrecht.

                                                                                 During the first few months and even longer the expat
                                                                                 community lived in various hotels and some holiday homes...
                                                                                 and many of us spent months in either the Colombus Hotel
                                                                                 (downtown Antwerp) or the Van der Valk’s Wouwse Tol (close to
    Hilde Vandenbroucke, one of the secretaries distributing metres of telexes

                                                                                                                                 Simply Seatrade     March 2008   15
                                                                                Zeebrugge, Flushing and Rotterdam, we suddenly were so close
                                                                                to our ships we couldn’t believe it!

                                                                                Our today’s port captain Fokko Hulsof was sailing on the Lima
                                                                                and Bero Vranic was working hard as master of the Tinganes
                                                                                around the Norwegian fjords. The experience gained over hard
                                                                                work and many voyages around the world is put to practice by
                                                                                them daily when planning and executing many loads of cargo
                                                                                on our ships worldwide. At the same time, Kor Wormeester was
                                                                                sailing as captain on the Nautic, and Mark Jansen was regularly
                                                                                on the Nickerie, both now with big responsibilities in Triton and
                                                                                Seatrade Groningen.
                                       Enjoying a ‘Scaldis’ night on the town
                                                                                Our black and white screen mainframe VAX computers were
     Bergen op Zoom) with its highway roar and noisy heating system             used only to send telexes and make voyage calculations, plus an
     or the Dennenhof (Brasschaat) with its smelly sewage system.               internal email system, which resembled very much today’s text
                                                                                messaging SMS! The only PC was in fact sitting on the schedule
     It gave people time to find their way around and choose the                table and contained the precious Windows based BP Distance
     right spot to live and send their kids to school, etcetera. Willy          Table... and the calls from captains came either from the agents
     Smit who came to help out for a few months somehow got so                  office, Satcom A (seldom, in view of cost and not all ships had it)
     attached to Antwerp and its lifestyle, and ended up marrying               or via PCH, Scheveningen Radio.
     a Belgian in 1995, and Walter Wildöer decided to marry in
     Antwerp’s city hall. Eildert van Slooten anchored on the left              In April that year we hosted the entire Seatrade Groningen office
     bank of Antwerp and has never left it again!                               for a weekend in Antwerp, including a boat tour around the port,
                                                                                a small lunch in what at that time was called “Erno’s Cabin” on
     Nothing can be more pleasant than sitting on a terrace in                  the ground floor of Atlantic House, and a very famous dinner
     Antwerp on a Sunday morning sipping a cup of tea at the foot of            at the “Pelgrom” restaurant which included pigeon, a typical
     the Cathedral, watching people go by, reading a newspaper and              Belgian delicacy. Apparently the pigeons had been caught in the
     later taking a bolleke or two. Or the quasi-religious queue at the         local market square, as they were so tough to eat that nobody
     baker’s for the Sunday pistolekes (a crumbly roll), sipping a cup          managed to finish their plate!
     of coffee, compliments of the bakery.
                                                                                15 years later a bunch of those 32 originals can still be found
     That is what helped attract also some of those who came for                daily at the Atlantic House - Luuk Bouwman, Yntze Buitenwerf,
     a while to help set up the office and 15 years on are still in             Katrijn Dehaen, Philip Gray, Willy Smit, Tilly Timmermans,
     Antwerp... having their bank account with the only ING office              Walter Wildöer and Ellen Woud.
     in Belgium at the time, a small outfit in a back street where              Together with many more colleagues we are at your service in
     the manager was also the cashier! And still today we get that              Seatrade Antwerp!
     same incredible local service from that enormous bank: how
                                                                                                                                             Philip Gray
     flabbergasted can you be if the bank comes to your office so you                                                                  Seatrade Antwerp
     can fill in forms and get your account opened in no time? Must
     be Belgian service at work.

     It also meant suddenly that Seatrade was so close to the
     customers we soon ran out of meeting rooms, with permanent
     crises as to where to put all the visitors. At the time (and some
     even still today) the big boards and fruit organisations were
     located in Belgium: Bananic, Geest, Enza, Great White Fleet,
     Noboa, New Zealand Kiwi Marketing Board (today’s Zespri),
     Capespan. Antwerp is of course only one hour from London
     by plane and two hours from Paris and Amsterdam so at a
     crossroads of anybody coming or going, plus at one hour from
                                                                                                                                         “What the...???”
                                                                                                                 Willy Smit with the late Arno Stocmans

16   Simply Seatrade   March 2008
                                                                                   WhaT’s cooking
Good day

I am Ronnie Bondoc of mv Fortuna Bay, 38 years old, a
native of Bulacan, but grew up in Novaliches Quezon City,
Philippines. Seventeen years married and still happy until now
with four offspring, which live in the town I grew up in.

Back in my early days, when I was still at school, life wasn’t
that easy for me, because I came from a middle class family
and my parents sent me to a public school only. At that time
I was working, and at the same time studying until I reached
college where I took up the course bachelor of arts major in
hotel and restaurant management. I graduated with a lot of
hindrances, which came along the way. But, with courage and
determination I simply did it.

I graduated at Polytechnique University of the Philippines.
Then luckily I got work as a service crew in the Intercontinental
Hotel, and was put in the cold kitchen as chief. After my
contract in the hotel, I worked in the government as a liaison
officer for one year. Still my salary could not accommodate the
everyday living of my family.

So, looking for a greener pasture I decided to work on ships.
Serving on Japanese vessels as cook trainee, then mess boy.
After enough experience and skills in cooking, one of the           Beef Morcon
Japanese captains decided to promote me to chief cook. I was
on the Japanese fleet for a long time. Then I decided to join the   1 kilogram beef round or rump, sliced (tapa) style
Seatrade fleet. Being new in this company I find it comfortable     2 regular size hotdog
and enjoy doing my work.                                            100 grams cheddar cheese, cut into 8 long strips
                                                                    1 small carrot, cut into 4 strips
                                                                    3 pickles, each cut into 4 strips
                                                  Ronnie Bondoc     2 eggs, hard-boiled and cut into 4 pcs lengthwise
                                                  mv Fortuna Bay
                                                                    2 tbsp flour
                                                                    2 cans (368g each) tomato sauce

                                                                    Pound beef to flatten. Marinate in 2 tbsp lemon juice, 1
                                                                    tbsp iodized salt/rock salt, with 1/4 tbsp pepper for 15
                                                                    minutes. Divide ingredients for 2 meat rolls.
                                                                    Starting on one end of meat, arrange in alternate rows:
                                                                    hotdog, cheese, carrot, pickles, and egg. Roll and tie
                                                                    strings (crocheting thread). Dredge rolled meat with flour,
                                                                    then brown all sides in oil.
                                                                    Add 1 cup of water and tomato sauce. Season with 1/3
                                                                    tbsp iodized salt (or rock salt), cover and simmer over low
                                                                    heat for 1.5 hour or until tender. Remove meat from sauce
                                                                    and cool for 10 minutes, remove string, slice and then
                                                                    return to sauce to simmer for 5 more minutes.
                                                                    Ready to serve.

                                                                                                               Simply Seatrade    March 2008   17
                           Marítima del Norte’s beginnings go              Through a subsidiary of Marítima del
                           back to 1957 when its first vessels,            Norte, the Group was the first in Spain
                           four 1600mt general cargo ships, were           to be involved in the anchor handling
                           commissioned. These were engaged                / tug supply boat business. Four units
                           in a liner trade between Spain, North           were built and operated for several
                           Africa and Northern Europe, and this            years until eventually sold: “Amapola”,
                           traffic lasted until 1972. During these         “Amatista”, “Gallardo” and “Galante”.
                           years a number of newbuildings were
                           incorporated, including the first ro-ro         Of course, one of the main chapters
           Sierra Aránzazu
                           vessel ever built in Spain. Between 1962        in the book of Marítima del Norte’s history would have to be
     and 1964 Marítima del Norte was also active in a regular line         dedicated to the reefer business. In the early 60’s the Spanish
     between Spain and Cuba, employing four vessels.                       trawler fleet started operating further and further away from the
                                                                           Spanish fishing grounds, and MdN foresaw that, by offering
     Over its 50 year existence, MdN’s strategy has been to get            them a full service, covering not only the transport of their
     involved in specialised sectors within the international maritime     catches but also the supply of “pertrechos” (i.e. spare parts,
     transportation business where a high degree of skill, together        provisions, etc), this would mean huge savings for the fishing
     with a special commitment to quality service, are required.           companies, by not needing to have their trawlers return to their
                                                                           base port to unload every thirty to forty days. This new concept
     One of such activities has been gas transportation. In 1963 MdN       did not only mean savings, but also allowed them to look for
     started a joint venture with the fertilizer company Fertiberia, and   new fishing grounds in more distant areas.
     ordered the “Deneb”, the first criogenic gas carrier ever built in
     Spain, which transported over 100,000 tons of ammonia in a            In 1964, MdN made its first move into the reefer sector by
     Spanish coastal trade between 1964 and 1980.                          converting two of its small general cargo units into fully
                                                                           refrigerated vessels, and started a line between Spain and the
     In 1968 MdN joined with Catalana de Gas (today, Gas Natural)          Gulf of Guinea, where transhipments would take place. Over
     to form Naviera de Productos Licuados. This company was once          the years, and always maintaining the same philosophy of not
                            again fully managed by MdN, and owned          offering merely transport capacity but a full service to the trawler
                            / operated two ships: “Sant Jordi” and         fleet, new lines were started to cover their needs in Angola,
                            “Laietà”. The former was the first ethylene    Namibia, South Africa and all the way to Mozambique.
                            carrier ever built in Spain and traded in
                            Europe, America and the Far East until         At the same time, tuna purse seiners started operating first in
                            sold in 1988. The latter is a Liquefied        the Gulf of Guinea, and at a later stage in the Pacific and Indian
                            Natural Gas (LNG) carrier and has always       Oceans, and there too MdN’s reefers followed to service their
                            traded in the Mediterranean (loading           needs. It might be worth mentioning that, as part of this, MdN
                 Sant Jordi
                            in Libya and Algeria, and unloading in         bought and operated for a number of years the only reefer
                            Spanish, French and Italian receiving          storage facility in the west coast of Panama, mainly dedicated
                            terminals), being fully owned by MdN           to store tuna in transit to Europe.
                            since 1990. Last October 2007 the vessel
                            had its Condition Assessment Programme         During all this process, MdN incorporated newly built reefers
                            (CAP) Level One Certificate renewed, a         to these lines, specifically designed to satisfy the needs of the
                            truly outstanding achievement for a 37-        trawlers, including the capacity to supply them with gas oil,
                            year old LNG carrier.                          which in some areas was of critical importance.

                            This fruitful relationship with Catalana       At one point many of the traditional Spanish fishing companies
                            de Gas led to the creation of another          started forming joint ventures with locals in South America:
     joint venture between these two companies: Terquimsa. This            Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Falklands..., and there was a new
     was a non-shipping related business, dedicated to the storage         demand for the service already provided in Africa. And so a new
     of chemical products, and by the time Marítima sold its 50%           line was started by MdN to cover that area in the early 80’s.
     share, twenty years later, it had grown to become Spain’s biggest     It was then when MdN and Seatrade first crossed their ways,
     in this sector.                                                       starting what has been a long-lasting relationship, first as

18   Simply Seatrade   March 2008
                                                                      maríTima del norTe

Marítima del Norte’s offices in Madrid                                                                                             Sierra Lara

                                         competitors fighting for the same cargoes, and then as collaborators. Another well known
                                         company in the reefer business, Hispafrio, played an important part at this stage, helping to get
                                         both parties together in order to rationalise the South American service, to the mutual benefit
                                         of Owners and cargo interests. At the other end of the Atlantic, in Argentina, the ones in charge
                                         of making everything work on their side were also old friends of both groups: Oceanida.

                                         MdN eventually retreated from this traffic, but the relationship between them and Seatrade
                                         strengthened over the years, and proof of this is the presence of “Sierra Loba” and “Sierra
                                         Laurel” in the list of Seatrade Pool vessels.

                          Sierra Leyre   At this moment, Marítima’s LNG carrier Laietà is on time charter to Gas Natural and trading
                                         in the Mediterranean, and as for the reefers, some are still active in successfully servicing
                                         the trawler fleet operating in South Africa, Namibia, Angola and Senegal, while the rest of its
                                         vessels trade worldwide, two under time charter to Green Chartering and two as part of the
                                         Seatrade Pool.

                                         The Marítima del Norte Group is also involved in a number of non-shipping activities, an
                                         important one being the car selling business, owning and managing one of Toyota’s biggest
                                         dealers in Spain, as well as the only Lexus dealership in Madrid (with a market share of over
                                         25% of all Lexus cars sold in Spain).

                                                                                                                     Javier & Inigo Sendagorta

                      Sierra Granera

                                                                                                                Simply Seatrade   March 2008     19
     scales oF JusTice
     Package Limitation - how does it work?
     Mark Twain once said that a classic novel was one that
     everybody talked about but nobody had read. The same is
     (partly) true of package limitation. Although it’s a relatively
     simple concept, it is not unusual for people who are regularly
     involved in shipping to be unaware of its operation and
     practical implications.

     Shipping has always been dangerous and was even more so in
     the past. Although not a “commercial” expedition in the modern
     sense, the following can serve as an example. Francis Drake’s
     expedition in 1577 started with five vessels and soon added a
     sixth. Of the six vessels, three were lost and two had to return to
     England early. As a consequence only the Golden Hind completed
     the full voyage and returned on 26 September 1580. Even though
     most of the vessels and a significant part of the sailors involved
     might disagree, the voyage was a success and the queen’s share of
     the profit (or plunder if you ask the Spanish) exceeded the rest of
     the crown’s income for that year. Income aside, it should be noted
     that one in six vessels completed the voyage and, if we consider
     the vessels that returned early, only 50% of the vessels survived
     the expedition.
     With the risks involved, it is not surprising that early shipowners
     attempted to exclude liability altogether. It was not unusual for        clauses1. The Hague Rules of 1924 also prohibits non-responsibility
     vessels to set sail never to return, so cargo was carried without        clauses and included a maximum limitation of £100 sterling per
     guarantees. At first shipowners inserted non-responsibility clauses      package or unit. The Visby Rules of 1968 increased the limitation
     in their Bills of Lading. Later, as shipping evolved and became          to 10,000 Poincaré gold francs (P.g.f.)2 per package or unit or
                                                                              30 P.g.f. per kilogram. The equivalent in local currency had to be
                                                                              decided by the courts on a case-by-case basis. This conversion
                                                                              was not always fast or easy and was one of the reasons for the
                                                                              adoption of a simpler system. The Visby Protocol of 1979 replaced
                                                                              Poincaré gold francs by Special Drawing Rights3 (SDR) and set
                                                                              package limitation for the Hague-Visby rules at 666.67 SDR per
                                                                              package or 2 SDR per kilo.

                                                                              Cargo conventions have continued to increase the package
                                                                              limitation. The Hamburg Rules of 1978 define the limitation at
                                                                              835 SDR per package or 2.5 SDR per kilo and the Multimodal
                                                                              Convention of 1980 set the limit at 920 and 2.75 SDR’s
                                                                              What exactly constitutes a package or unit has been much debated.
                                                                              It has even been argued that a 20’ or 40’ container, described
                                                                              as an element designed to carry goods, is in fact a package.
                                                                              Fortunately for cargo claimants, most courts have rejected this
     safer, a compromise was reached and certain limitations agreed.          idea. Unfortunately however, although there is some consensus
     Modern legislation such as the US Harter Act of 1893 and the             (rejecting the idea of a container being a package for example),
     Canadian Water-Carriage of Goods Act of 1910 did not contain             the exact definition of package and ”unit” is still discussed and no
     package limitation provisions but voided non-responsibility              worldwide consensus has been reached.

        TETLEY, William, Marine Cargo claims 3rd edition 1988
        The Poincaré gold franc was defined as 65.5 milligrammes of gold of a millesimal fineness of 900 ́.
        The International Monetary Fund (IMF) defines the SDR value. On 18-01-08 1 SDR = 1.5808 USD

20   Simply Seatrade   March 2008
                                                                                             sporT’s page
The discussion is by no means a minor one since it has a direct
                                                                          In the Netherlands, the game of “sjoelen” probably was
impact on the limitation amount. This problem can be illustrated
                                                                          invented by the end of the 19th century. The game consists
as follows: a pallet containing 50 large boxes each containing
                                                                          of having to slide 30 wooden pucks down a six feet table,
24 small boxes is lost overboard and we wish to calculate the
                                                                          attempting to get them through four arches numbered 1
applicable limitation. Should we consider the unit (pallet), the
                                                                          through 4. The idea is to get an even number of pucks
50 large boxes or the 1200 small boxes? Or should we consider
                                                                          through each arch, as each set of pucks in all four com-
the weight of the pallet (1,000 kgs)? If we apply the Hague-Visby
                                                                          partments scores for 20 points.
limits we obtain the following results: Pallet = 666.67 SDR, large
boxes = 33,333.5 SDR, small boxes = 800,004 SDR and kilo
                                                                          The game is massively popular in The Netherlands, but
limitation = 2,000 SDR.
                                                                          also is widely known in Belgium as well as in Germany,
                                                                          where it is known as Jakkolo.
Fortunately the cargo conventions offer some assistance and state
that the higher limit (between the package and kilo limitation must
                                                                          The wooden “sjoelbak” boards are handcrafted out of
be applied). The definition of package, however, will be decided
                                                                          quality wood, and in The Netherlands it is quite common
by the Court or Arbitrator respectively. One thing is clear though:
                                                                          that boards are handed down from generation to genera-
if there is a difference between the limitation calculated per kilo
and per package the higher of the two must be applied. This is
of great importance for owners of large “packages” like a yacht,
helicopter or car where, if this rule didn’t exist, the carrier would     Costa Rican ‘sjoel’ championship
be able to limit his liability at 2 SDR’s (3.16 USD - the limit per       The “Club Holandes de Costa Rica’ (Dutch Club of Costa
package under Hague Visby). Not a very impressive settlement              Rica) organizes each year in January a ‘sjoel’ champion-
amount at the best of times!                                              ship, which is mostly held at the Bougainville Hotel out-
                                                                          side San Jose.
How does all this work in practice? The first thing that must be
clarified is what set of rules or cargo convention applies. This          On 20 January, five teams competed against each other.
will usually be determined by the contract (Bill of Lading for            After 4 hours of playing, five players entered the final
example). Once this has been done, the carrier must determine             round. Initially, Seatrade Costa Rica’s Pieter Hartog
whether invoking the package (or kilo) limitation has a practical         appeared to become the new 2008 champion, but 2007
effect or not. Often the limitation is not invoked because the            winner Folkert Hoekstra managed to score 1 (one) point
limit exceeds the value of the cargo. This is usually the case with       more, and thus maintained the champion’s title.
fruit. The limit for a pallet with 48 boxes of bananas weighing
a total of 960 kgs is 32,000 SDR if calculated per package and
1,920 SDR calculated by kilo. Using the above rules the higher
limit applies so the Carrier can limit his liability at 50,560 USD.
Not a very useful limitation with the current banana prices! The
situation is different for small, high-value goods such as digital
cameras or notebook computers or for large items such as the
yacht mentioned previously that can easily exceed the limitation

Although package limitation is not invoked very often and is
sometimes forgotten, it remains an important part of the shipping
world and should be kept in mind by owners of high value cargoes
who are exposed to finding their claims limited to amounts
significantly lower than the commercial value of the goods. This
risk can be mitigated or avoided -at a premium- by purchasing
cargo insurance for the commercial value of the cargo.

                                                     Patrick Balaresque
                                                     Seatrade Antwerp

                                                                                                              Simply Seatrade   March 2008   21
                                                                                                                                  locati nnual S
                                                                                                                                          o            e
               Spread acro                                                                                                       Sasso n, to th atrade N
    for the peris             ss 23                                                                                                      . Co          e lo          ew
                  hable indust halls, Fruit Logistica ha                                                                        held            ntr          ve
                                                                                                                                        on a ary to th ly lakes ar ’s Part
   Taking plac                   ry.                         s become TH                                                       Frida              Satur        e pa       ide
                                                                                                                                                                               resta y moved
                 e in                                                       E trade fair                                              y, giv                        st ye
   was a co-exh Berlin from Thursday                                                                                          chan            in        day                          u
                                                                                                                                     ce to g everyo (12 Ja ars, the rant Villa
                  ibitor in the                7 until Satu                                                                  bad
                                                                                                                                   eithe dress to ne -in pa
                                                                                                                                                                      nuar           party
                                 360 Quality               rday 9 Febr                                                                    r...
                                                                                                                                                                     rticu ) instead was
                                               Association              uary, Seatra                                                                     kill.
                                                                                                                                                               The         lar
  Three days                                                stand.                   de                                    In th                                     guys the ladie of a
                 and nights                                                                                                       e                                         did n        s-
                                of ‘Meeting                                                                               atten ir speec                                          ot d the
  exhausted,                                                                                                                    t               hes,                                    o too
               and in dire                    & Greeting’                                                                emp ion to                  the
  Wednesday                    need of re                   left all thos                                                     lo               th
                through Frid               st. Next ye                    e attending                                   Lisett yees by e partn                   agem
                                                                                                                              e               o            e
 to recover af                 ay (4-6 Febr             ar the fair
                                                                     will take pl                                      orga Staal an ffering th rs of re t paid s
                terwards!                   uary 2009),                           ace                                 lovely
                                                                                                                                   g the     d Ric        em a           gu
                                                                                                                                                                  small lar trav cial
                                                           with an entir                                                                   su        Nijho                           e
                                                                         e weekend                                   basic food, sw ccessful ut were gift. This ling
 Many than                                                                                                                  ingre          in           ev             r            y
             ks to our Pa                                                                                                          dients ging mu ent. A fa esponsib ear,
                            scale Goole                                                                                                      for a     sic           nta          le
with other                                and Nathalie                                                                                             n eve and hap stic loca for
             members of                                                                                                                                  ning          p          tio
the 360 Qua                  the Associa                  Springuel w                                                                                           to re y faces, n,
              lity Bar!                  tion kept th                   ho together                                                                                  mem
                                                        e Belgian be
                                                                      er flowing

                                                                 10 years of direct service from
                                                                                                  Europe to Tahiti was commem
                                                                 plaque to Captain Makaren                                     orated with handing a
                                                                                              ko of mv Hansa Stockholm
                                                                                                                         in Radicatel.

                                                                                                                From RouenPort, October
                                                                                                                                        2007 issue

                                                                                                 melons between
                                                                         co run a service with
                                                   Each year Messrs Cap                            to May. Since
                                                   Central America and   Florida from November
                                                                                             this, and now a
                                                   years mv Prince  of Seas is chartered for          averal to
                                                                              n added from Port Can
                                                   service with cars has bee           the vessel.
                                                   Guatemala,  making optimal use of
                                                                                             From Port Canaveral,
                              On 17 January
                                                2008, a farew
                              Rotterdam who                     ell reception
                                              after 46 years of                was held for
                              happy years tog                   service retired.              Arie Blok of
                                              ether to enjoy                     We wish Arie an             Seatrade
                                                             this well deserved                  d his wife Will
                                                                                 retirement!                     many

mv Hansa
            Bremen ap
reporting              peared on
          on the Atla               th
Madagasca             ntic Fruit Te e cover of Le Journa
           r on 18 D               rm                      l of Port of
                     ecember 20 inal, where the vess                    Nantes Sa
                                   07.                    el discharg             int-Nazaire
                                                                      ed a cargo               ,
                                                                                  of litchis ex
                             From Le Jo
                                        urnal, Port
                                                    of Nantes
                                                                          re, Februa
                                                                                     ry 2008
     FiFTh season oF The year:
     carnival in germany
     I trust that many of you do connect carnival with South America, the Caribbean and Venice. But did you know that carnival
     has also a long tradition in Germany? Of course, carnival is celebrated in a different way than for example in Brazil, where
     hot-blooded Samba ladies are dancing through the streets.

     Carnival is a pagan rite and much older than Christianity.
     Originally it was a custom to banish the ghosts of darkness.
     People wore awful masks and made a lot of noise while
     walking to their town. In this way, the Goddess of Fertility was
     honoured and the beginning of spring celebrated. During the
     Christianization, where one was trying to alter pagan rituals,
     Carnival was the beginning of the Lenten season and even today
     the end of Carnival means the beginning of Lent.

     During the medieval times, Carnival was the only time when
     Jester could safely make fun of kings and rules. That’s why the
     Jester became a symbol for Carnival and even today the fifth
     season is the traditional time for political satire.

     Officially Carnival starts on 11 November, exactly at 11:11,
     when the Prince and Princess are being presented.. Each town,
     where Carnival is celebrated, has its own Carnival association
     which is electing a Prince and Princess every year. The Prince is
     accompanied by his own guard that shall remind of the tradition
     of anti-militarism.

     The Thursday prior Ash Wednesday is called “Weiberfastnacht”,
     what can be translated as women’s carnival night. On this day,
     women are traditionally allowed to kiss any man they want to,
     and cut off the tie of any man. Some years ago, a gentleman
     who was not familiar with the Carnival customs, made a report
     against a lady, who cut off his high-price designer tie. Needless
     to say that the claim was denied at a local court.

     Rosenmontag (Rose Monday), the 42nd day before Easter, is
     the traditional day for Carnival parades. Lots of floats that are
     not only beautiful but also represent satirical, political and
     traditional topics, parade through the city, accompanied by lots
     of musicians (mostly brass instrumentalists) and even dancers.
     As the parade passes by, the costumed revellers aboard pelt the
     street crowds with throws and sweets.

     Although carnival is not widely celebrated in Ost Friesland, in
     the Triton office it is becoming a tradition to cut ties. Until now
     there was only one lucky guy who received a new model tie, but
     we are starting to like it so perhaps next year all those with a tie
     will not escape this tradition!

                                                    Katharina Bals-Leuchters

24   Simply Seatrade   March 2008
Daily delivery of a newspaper
on ships’ doorsteps
TEAMtalk Satellite has supplied crew of Triton Schiffahrts
GmbH with daily newspapers since July 2007.

TEAMtalk Satellite is based in Liverpool, England, with a
subsidiary office in Fort Lauderdale, USA, and has provided
ships with multi-national newspapers since 1985.

TEAMtalk Satellite’s newspaper service is called News On-
Board SatNews and is now read by crew on over 3000
merchant ships around the world. Many new crew titles have
been added to the portfolio in the last six months, including
Romanian, Pakistani, Ukrainian and Turkish. Providing crew                                                                Liverpool by day

with the SatNews service reflects the ship management
company’s desire to make crew welfare a priority by boosting         Aside from newspapers, TEAMtalk Satellite also provides ships
morale with news from home.                                          with messaging software and is currently in the process of
                                                                     launching a customised radio system for crew as well as an
                                                                     entertainment package which provides international films,
                                                                     sport, music and books to crew.

                                                                     Triton Schiffahrts’ Account Manager is Katie Benson. Katie
                                                                     is Triton’s direct contact for the service TEAMtalk Satellite
                                                                     provides and is responsible for setting up accounts for new
                                                                     ships to receive the newspapers, informing the company of
                                                                     new products and generally maintaining a pleasant working
                                                                     relationship with Triton.

                                                                                                                         TEAMtalk Satellite

                                                Liverpool by night

TEAMtalk’s newspapers are also read by crew on yachts,
passengers on cruise ships and guests in luxury hotels around
the world: in fact, the papers are read by approximately
250,000 people around the world, every day!

Most of the world’s countries are covered by TEAMtalk’s
newspapers. A total of 31 countries and 2 large regions (Asia
Pacific and South America) are covered in individual papers,
whilst the remaining countries of the world are included in the
8-page ‘International’ newspaper.

TEAMtalk Satellite employs 35 members of staff, with 22 of
those working as editors, and the majority being able to speak
at least one foreign language.
                                                                                                 Katie Benson, Triton’s contact at TEAMtalk

                                                                                                            Simply Seatrade   March 2008      25
     Working WiTh
     baTes cargo-pak

     Bates Cargo-Pak airbags take the pressure!                                 The Bates Cargo-Pak story
     Damage to cargo could happen during loading, transportation,               The history of Bates Cargo-Pak goes back to 1975, when the
     and/or discharging of frozen and refrigerated cargo carried by             first airbags made of paper were launched into the market.
     sea.                                                                       The valve systems were similar to the ones used on car tyres
                                                                                and not very easy to work with. It was hard to understand how
     It has always been a very important issue to keep the damages to           inflated air could keep cargo secured during transit. It was a
     an absolute minimum and the main focus during the last years               new concept and very difficult to change the behaviour of
     has been to reduce claims in all processes, and by creating                those using traditional dunnage materials.
     clear instructions how to handle cargo in the correct way.
                                                                                When airbags were launched into the car industry mentalities
                                       Reducing damage claims to zero           changed, and potential users began to understand the idea of
                                       is mainly influenced by the type         bracing with air. At the same time containerisation developed
                                       of equipment used, and the skill of      rapidly and because of the use of euro pallets, airbags became
                                       the operators, and this can change       the ideal product to use. Bates Cargo-Pak has strived to be a
                                       on various ships and in ports            frontrunner providing solutions and creating value in a world
                                       worldwide.                               becoming more and more intermodal.

                                       Bates Cargo-Pak airbags used for cargo   Bates Cargo-Pak is located in Aalborg, in the north of Denmark,
                                       protection during transportation,        and originated in the production of multiwall paper bags for
                                       have been one of the key securing        all kind of industrial use. Bates Cargo-Pak airbags are a unique
            Bates Cargo-Pak plant
                                       materials used by Seatrade for nearly    product and the result of many years of experience and intensive
             in Aalborg, Denmark
                                       25 years. Safeguarding the cargo is      product development. Today, Bates Cargo-Pak is represented by
                                       based on a simple idea: Airbags are      distributors in approximately 50 countries worldwide.
                                       placed in the gaps between cargo and
                                       inflated with air, thus securing and     Introduction to Seatrade in 1984
                                       stabilizing the cargo during transit!    I clearly remember the first meeting with Seatrade in Holland
                                                                                back in 1984. One of the Seatrade port captains called me for
                                       What is an airbag?                       an urgent demonstration of Bates Cargo-Pak as he had seen the
                                       Bates Cargo-Pak airbags are made         use of our airbags in other places. He had faced some serious
                                       from various layers of paper, film and   damage claims and was considering our airbags as a new
                                       a patented valve system.                 solution onboard the vessels.
                                       The airbags must be strong enough
                                       to withstand even the most extreme       I packed my Peugeot 205 with a compressor and a number of
                                       stress loads. Special paper with high    airbags in various sizes. The reefer business was a very new
                                       wet strength makes Bates Cargo-Pak       and virgin industry for our company, so airbag type and size
                                       totally unique. A high friction value    still had to be determined. I met up in the far out location of
                                       ensures the airbags stay in place even   IJmuiden, Holland on a very windy and cold day of March.
                                       over long distances and rough seas.
       Quick inflation with airgun
                                                                                My equipment was lifted onboard and approximately 15
                                       The film inside the airbag ensures       people were gathered on deck for the first introduction to the
                                       they remain “airtight”, even during      airbag concept within Seatrade. The airbag was at that time a
                                       long transit times. The valve and        revolution, mainly replacing lumber and timber or in some
                                       tools allow the fastest inflation and    cases where there was no use of any securing materials.
                                       deflation times -simple and easy to
                                       operate for multiple use.                After a couple of hours onboard answering the many questions
                                       The airbags are made from recyclable     I began my journey home. Mobile telephones were not used at
                                       materials and can be disposed of         that time, so the feedback from the demo came more indirect.
                                       with no negative impact on the           Before I reached the German border a shipment of nine pallets
     Release of air for multiple use   environment.                             was ordered by telex for the first real use of airbags within

26   Simply Seatrade    March 2008
                                             Seatrade. The ideal overall size        on the filling equipment, rough handling and storage and with
                                             and dimension of 100x185cm in           practical experience, adjustments have been made over time.
                                             our Heavy range was decided on
                                             for future use.                         Thanks to the professional staff of Seatrade, we are able to
                                                                                     continue our reliable, loyal and high quality based service -
                                             This was the start up of a very close   being your preferred choice every time!
                                             working relationship between
                                             our two companies which                 We are proud to be on board and we thank you once again.
                                             continues after nearly 25 years.        No more, no less. “Your cargo – our commitment”.
     Bates Cargo-Pak used in cargo stowage
                                             Over the years we have seen
                                             Seatrade expand their activities
                                             enormously, and it has been one         On behalf of “team Cargo-Pak”
                                             of our biggest challenges, but a
                                             pleasure to deal with such a great                                                                  Finn Aagaard
                                                                                                                                  Sales and Marketing manager
                                             company and people.
                                               Handling of the Seatrade
                                               Through many years of co-
                                               operation and experience with the
             Securing big bags of vegetables Seatrade staff of Fleet Support, we
                                               understand the demand for quick,                        More than an airbag,
                                               reliable delivery and service. We                 or how it was not intended to be used…
                                               keep buffer materials in stock
                                               for urgent supply and through
                                               our international network of
                                               services we are able to supply the
                                               demands of Seatrade’s fleet.
                                               In building up the cargo securing
                                               manuals onboard of the vessels,
                                               Bates Cargo-Pak contributed in
Proper storage for multiple use of the airbags terms of use and strength, as

                                               our products must comply with
           standards set by authorities across the globe.
                                                                                          Bates airbags are made
                                                                                                                 of recyclable materials;
                                                                                                                                          here is one
                                                                                                                  way to recycle the plas
          From a stowage point of view some basic rules have been                                                                         tic lining...

          important when using airbags. Together with the Seatrade
          technical staff, we made some clear instructions to the users:

          “Cargo-Pak should always be placed as close to the middle of
          the hold as possible. This will equal the pressure coming from
          both sides”.

          “By testing and calculation of forces and impact, another
          rule of thumb had been developed: Airbags should never be
          inflated in a gap larger than 30 cm onboard reefer vessels”.

          By inspecting the vessels on a regular basis we always try to                                                           and recline in
                                                                                                                    Take a break,
          improve the use and benefits of using our airbags. By focusing

                                                                                                                                     Simply Seatrade      March 2008   27
     leadership managemenT
     developmenT program
     From managing yourself to leadership in five days

     For a week in February, fourteen senior Officers and five delegates from
     the Seatrade Antwerp and Groningen offices, and the Triton office in Leer
     gathered in the Philippines to attend the first trial session of the Leadership
     Management Development Program (LMDP).

                                                         that position. Senior Officers however are
                                                         usually left to learn by trial and error while
                                                         their position is certainly not less demanding
                                                         than that of their shore based colleagues. This           NATASHA Team presenting their Case Analysis
                                                         training is meant to give them support.
                                                                                                               improved and it is the intention to run several
                                                         In addition to management and behavioural             courses per year until all senior Officers have
                                                         skills, the participants were challenged with         participated.
                                                         several case studies provided by Antwerp,
                                                                                                                                                      Joost Mes
                                                         and the technical, operations and the crewing                                      Seatrade Philippines
                                                         departments of Groningen and Leer. All
                                                         cases were based on real incidents that
                                                         have occurred in the past and the teams of             The course contents (after review) are now:
                                                         participants were challenged to come up with           Day 1: How to manage yourself: Insight
                                                         their evaluation of the case in front of a panel              in how everyone is different, and
     Kor Wormmeester: “All the answers to your
        questions are found in this piece of artifact“   of experts. Despite the gruesome questioning                  how this can impact our working
                                                         by the panel, all teams managed to defend their               environment.
                                                                                                                Day 2: Management skills:
     This five-day intensive program was developed
                                                                                                                       Communications, reporting,
     in co-operation with Meralco Foundation Inc.,
                                                                                                                       meeting conduct, teamwork and
     Seatrade’s partner in providing customized
                                                                                                                       conflict management
     training in the Philippines. The course
                                                                                                                Day 3: How to deal with workload: Stress,
     was conducted at the prestigious Meralco                                                                          time management, planning and
     Management Learning and Development                                                                               delegation
     Center in the hills around Manila.                                                                         Day 4: How to develop others: Evaluating
                                                                                                                       and giving feedback, coaching and
                                                                                                                       developing juniors
                                                                                                                Day 5: Leadership & Case studies

                                                                           Case Study Panel of Interrogators

                                                         assessment of the case
                                                         and passed the test with
                                                         flying colours.

                       Team LUZON STRAIGHT in action
                                                         To the credit of the even
     The course was opened by Triton’s Crew              enthusiastic facilitator
     Manager Kor Wormmeester. He explained               Godofredo San Juan,
     the purpose of the course, which is to provide      the days flew by and
     senior staff on board with an insight how they      at the end of the week
     can make a difference, and to further enhance       all participants agreed
     the management skills of sea staff.                 that they had learned
                                                         a lot from the course
     When office staff get into management               and each other. Based
     positions, they usually receive the necessary       on this trial run, the
     coaching and training to prepare them for           course will be further
                                                                                                                     The LMDP graduates outside Training Center

28   Simply Seatrade    March 2008
                                                                                                  neW oFFice in
   sporTs page                                                                                    neW Zealand
   Seatrade New Zealand celebrated the commencement of its tenth
                 year with the opening of a new office in Tauranga.
On 11 March Marnix van Overklift, Chairman of Seatrade, offi-
cially opened the new Seatrade office for New Zealand. Its loca-
tion is adjacent to the Port of Mount Maunganui, New Zealand’s
largest export port. The move from Auckland follows the recent
successful five-year extension to the partnership with Mount
Maunganui based kiwifruit charterers, Zespri International.

                                                                                                                                        Cutting the ribbon

                                                                             In his welcome speech, Michael stressed his belief in managing a
                                                                             ‘people focused operation’ as with variations in schedules and the
                                                                             strong market share based competition from container lines we
                                                                             need and indeed have a wide range of customers that appreciate
                                The new Seatrade office in Mount Maunganui
                                                                             our Liner Service - not simply based on rates, but with a great deal
                                                                             of service.
The office is very close to the kiwifruit loading berth and each
year Seatrade plans to load the equivalent of twenty vessels with            “We work hard to install a very simple philosophy at Seatrade
palletised kiwifruit. The office is also at easydriving distance to          New Zealand; a belief that if all of our employees come to work
Seatrade’s other key customer, ENZA International Ltd., based near           each day to make a positive difference in the lives of the people
the port of Napier.                                                          they interact with - be it colleagues, customers or suppliers and
                                                                             if we share a common personality built on simple ideas of treat-
The opening ceremony was supported by our wide range of NZ                   ing everyone as a friend, having a can-do attitude, people being
customers, as well as the two cornerstone charterers for the Liner           themselves, and sharing their sense and love for New Zealand,
Service, Zespri and ENZA. International guests included the Sea-             then we will have a great shipping service and a great business”
trade agents and stevedores from Noumea and Tahiti as well as                said Michael.
friends from Japan; Mr Higashi and Mr Y. Ikeda from the Kitanihon
                                            Shipbuilding Co Ltd              Five of the six staff originally working in Auckland made the trans-
                                            were accompanied                 fer to Tauranga with the other tied to Auckland with her husband’s
                                            by Mr S. Ohno of Toei            business.
                                            Shipping Ltd, and Mr
                                                                                                                                     Seatrade New Zealand
                                            Taki Ikeda of East West
                                            Navigation, Tokyo.

                                                  The move to Tauran-
                                                  ga was warmly sup-
                                                  ported by both cus-
                                                  tomers and the Port
                                                  of Tauranga who also
                                                  made a presentation
                                                  to Michael Evans of
                                                  Seatrade New Zea-
    The New Zealand team; f.l.t.r. (back) Andre
 Marigold, Marnix van Overklift, Mike Evans and                                                   Friends from Japan: Y. Ikeda and T. Higashi of Kitanihon;
Dave Southwood, (front) Kevin Appleton, Natalie                                       S. Ohno of Toei Shipping; Marnix van Overklift; T. Ikeda of East West
  Radovanovich, Lisa Kirkpatrick and Jane Hayes                                                                                Navigation and Mike Evans

                                                                                                                           Simply Seatrade    March 2008      29
     games & puZZle
     Send in & win

     Where on earth are you now?
     1. You are standing within the ruins of the ancient birthplace of one of the largest international sporting events on the planet.
     2. You are a slave and you did something that the highest person in the palace did not like, so you have been commanded to
        clean the whole palace, which is unfortunately the largest palace in the world.
     3. You’re working in a television-transmitting tower, which is the tallest tower in the world. Which country are you in?

     Crack the code (Sudoku)
     This puzzle is played over a 9x9 grid, in each row there are 9 slots, some of them are empty and need to be filled. Fill in the
     grid so that every row, every column and every 3x3 box contains the digits 1 through 9. The number should appear only once
     in a row, column or box. Below you find two Sudoku puzzles. In each of the below Sudoku puzzles three slots are coloured.
     When you have found the numbers in one or both puzzles, you will have three-digit codes (composed by the numbers in the
     coloured slots, starting top left and - moving horizontally - ending bottom right). Send us either one or both codes, and you
     might be the lucky winner of an exclusive Seatrade watch!

                                        EASY                                                                      HARD
        1        6                          4            7              8          7       6                                   4        1

                          7         3       2                           9                            8        5                                           6

                 2                  7                    5                         1                                                    5

        5                           8                    3              7                            1                         5                 3

        3                           9       1                           5          9                                           3                          5

        6                 8                     3                       2                  8                                            2

                          6                     5               7                                    7                                                    2

        7                                   3   8        2                         4                                           1        8

        2                 9                 7                   5       6                            9        4                                  5        7

     Join the competition: Send us the                                                         The answers of the puzzle and trivia in the December 2007
     Codes and/or the answers to the                                                           issue were:
                                                                                               Puzzle: easy code = 352 / hard code = 332
     Trivia by either E-mail or post, and
                                                                                               Trivia: 1) Portsmouth; 2) Ionian Sea; 3) Irkutsk
     try to win one of three Seatrade
     watches!                                                                                  The winners are C/E E. Hupsel, mv Joint Frost (puzzle
     Deadline for your response is                                                             - easy), Suzanne Marien (puzzle - hard) and Ale Bouma
     15 May 2008. The names of the                                                             (trivia). They will all receive a beautiful Seatrade watch.
     winners will be published in the
     June issue of Simply Seatrade.                                                            Send us your response to this issue’s puzzles and win yourself!

     Address: Seatrade Reefer Chartering NV, Attn.: Editorial Team “Simply Seatrade”, PO Box 10.012, 2030 Antwerp 3, Belgium

     Send us your response to this issue’s puzzles and win a beautiful Seatrade watch, which is exclusive to winners of the puzzles in Simply Seatrade!

30   Simply Seatrade   March 2008
Vessels operated by Seatrade Reefer Chartering N.V.
Vessel              Cbft    Sqm       Built   Vessel              Cbft      Sqm     Built   Vessel            Cbft        Sqm       Built
Lombok Strait       626,011 7,341     2002    Runaway Bay         516,227   5,852   1992    Khorol            271,739     3,045     1990
Luzon Strait        626,011 7,341     2002    Aconcagua Bay       512,361   5,894   1992    Kraskino          270,252     3,045     1990
                                              Nagoya Bay          490,178   5,608   1983    Dalnegorsk        270,237     3,046     1990
Atlantic Reefer     600,558 6,870     1998                                                  Nova Caledonia    263,003     2,946     1986
Pacific Reefer      600,202 6,869     1999    Cloudy Bay          476,950   5,481   1984    Fiona             272,314     3,209     1986
                                              Storm Bay           476,278   5,484   1983    Nostalgic         265,245     3,209     1986
Hansa Stockholm     590,654   6,687   1991    Everest Bay         449,201   5,219   1989    Neerlandic        265,245     3,209     1985
Hansa Lübeck        590,654   6,687   1990    Whitney Bay         449,175   5,208   1990    Aqua Fruit        265,245     3,209     1983
Hansa Visby         587,974   6,653   1989    Changuinola Bay     440,365   4,862   1988    Breiz Klipper     265,246     3,144     1991
Hansa Bremen        587,974   6,653   1989    Kailash             440,016   4,861   1988    Holland Klipper   261,262     2,961     1989
                                              Koala Bay           438,802   4,917   1984    Goyen             261,262     2,961     1987
Royal Klipper       580,754 6,613     2000    Glacier Bay         435,491   5,047   1985    Sierra Laurel     260,050     2,925     1998
Comoros Stream      580,754 6,613     2000    Sable Bay           435,491   5,047   1983    Sierra Loba       260,050     2,925     1997
                                              Kasuga Bay          433,013   4,804   1984
Polarstream         564,280 6,495     1999    Yasaka Bay          432,949   4,803   1983    Nova Zeelandia    238,985     2,684     1986
Polarlight          564,160 6,493     1998    Kashima Bay         432,831   4,805   1984    New Takatsuki     237,136     2,552     1991
                                              Izumo Bay           432,756   4,803   1983    Nova Bretagne     236,869     2,535     1990
Elsebeth            549,326   6,226   1998    Atlantic Hope       412,215   4,677   1984    Nova Australia    234,651     2,656     1984
Emerald             548,718   6,244   2000    Pioneer Bay         411,868   4,677   1982    Nova Flandria     233,573     2,562     1990
Elvira              548,666   6,244   2000    Royal Bay           413,501   4,343   1979    Polestar          233,432     2,561     1990
Esmeralda           548,643   6,243   1999    Royal Reefer        410,890   4,343   1979    Euro Star         230,745     2,537     1984
                                              Royal Cooler        410,468   4,343   1979    Nova Terra        230,014     2,535     1985
Pacific Mermaid     540,572   6,075   1992    Hudson Bay          409,295   4,794   1983
Atlantic Mermaid    540,026   6,066   1992                                                  Antigua           199,618     2,213     1991
Tasman Mermaid      539,670   6,068   1993    Lake Phoenix        393,291   4,539   1992    Antilla           199,618     2,213     1990
Caribbean Mermaid   539,648   6,068   1993    River Phoenix       394,396   4,538   1993    Aruba             199,618     2,213     1990
Coral Mermaid       539,634   6,066   1992    Sea Phoenix         394,255   4,543   1992    New Hayatsuki     192,443     2,298     1990
                                              Summer Phoenix      393,855   4,535   1993    New Hirotsuki     192,368     2,297     1990
Timor Stream        535,112   6,004   1998    Marine Phoenix      393,429   4,541   1994    Nickerie          190,525     2,213     1985
Agulhas Stream      535,109   6,004   1998                                                  Asiatic           191,810     2,144     1986
Benguela Stream     535,109   6,004   1998    Prince of Streams   428,618   4,613   1993    Arctic            187,535     2,029     1983
Klipper Stream      535,109   6,004   1998    Prince of Sounds    419,896   4,521   1993    Antarctic         185,739     2,014     1982
Discovery Bay       534,246   5,922   1997    Prince of Waves     402,900   4,569   1993    Adriatic          182,510     2,006     1984
                                              Prince of Tides     402,574   4,546   1993
Southern Bay        535,093   5,924   1997    Pacific             398,470   4,736   1996    Spitsbergen       154,655 1,802         1982
Eastern Bay         533,899   5,915   1997    Prince of Seas      371,412   4,121   1993    Ice Flowers       145,005 1,259         1977
Hope Bay            531,764   5,939   1996    Cool Express        362,350   4,312   1994    Ishikari          139,960 1,253         1984
Mexican Bay         532,061   6,351   1994    Badrinath           373,776   4,012   1987    Joint Frost       139,335   998         1979
Fortuna Bay         532,061   6,351   1993    Kedarnath           372,951   4,008   1986
Eagle Bay           527,422   5,853   1992    Tama Hope           350,922   3,802   1986    Non-Pool vessels managed by Seatrade Groningen B.V.
Condor Bay          527,401   5,856   1990    Tama Star           350,922   3,802   1987    -Reefers-
Buzzard Bay         526,909   5,852   1992                                                  Vessel           Cbft     Sqm      Built
Hawk Bay            526,764   5,851   1992    Bristol Bay         355,438   3,826   1984    Cala Pino        720,000 7,781 1999/2007
Falcon Bay          525,925   5,839   1993    Boston Bay          355,393   3,826   1983    Cala Pula        720,000 7,781 1999/2006
Frio Hellenic       499,546   5,898   1999    Barents Bay         354,958   3,814   1984    Cala Palma       720,000 7,781 2000/2007
                                              Tasman Bay          333,081   3,543   1989    Cala Pedra       720,000 7,781 2000/2007
Santa Catharina     463,986   5,140   2000
Santa Maria         463,963   5,140   1999    Salica Frigo        336,436 3,685     2001    -Container vessels-
Santa Lucia         463,652   5,140   1999    Cape Vincente       300,124 3,441     1991    Vessel           TEU          DWAT Built
Cold Stream         456,785   5,217   1994    Cape Passero        300,124 3,441     1991    Cala Pancaldo 2,700           37,212 2007

Spring Tiger        470,494   5,569   1984    Sun Beauty          306,983   3,368   1983    Cala Portofino    1,730       23,051 2002
Spring Bear         466,871   5,543   1985    Nova Galicia        305,010   3,364   1983    Cala Ponente      1,730       23,051 2002
Spring Panda        461,816   5,534   1984    White Dolphin       300,996   3,282   1988    Cala Positano     1,730       23,023 1997
Spring Bok          461,106   5,535   1984    Nova Florida        298,320   3,512   1989
Spring Bob          460,895   5,540   1984    Nova Francia        298,217   3,514   1989    all particulars believed to be correct but not guaranteed
Spring Dragon       454,207   5,414   1984    Nova Friesia        296,538   3,161   1987
Spring Deli         453,088   5,410   1984    New Breeze          293,044   2,966   1983    Status 17 March 2008

                                                                                                               Simply Seatrade    March 2008       31
                                                                                           croW’s nesT
The Thermostat Wars

                                                                                                                                       Simply Seatrade is the corporate magazine of the Seatrade group of companies, published quarterly in March, June, September and December
                                                                    front of the building with a leaf blower. There are two large
   Me: It’s freezing in here. I’m turning up the heat?              palm trees in front of the building and nothing else. If you’ve
   Bob: Nooo, it’s too hot. Don’t touch that thing.                 seen a typical palm tree, they don’t easily shed leaves. Leaves
                                                                    or not, the handyman is out there every morning with his
And so the thermostat war has started anew in our office. It’s      leaf blower. One morning I asked the handyman what was
the same fight almost every day. However, this time of year         behind this obsession. He said he didn’t know, but he felt
results in near hourly skirmishes. Winter in Florida can see        so guilty about wasting time that he started bringing leaves
temperature extremes from an early morning low of -2ºC up           from home and dumping them in front of the building first-
to a mid afternoon high in excess of +30ºC.                         thing every morning – just so he would have something to
                                                                    do. There are no oak trees within a good kilometer of the
Exasperating the problem in the office is the crazy landlord.       building, but I’ll be damned if there aren’t oak leaves stuck to
In the winter, he sets the thermostat to kick on the heat when      my windshield every evening.
the room temperature drops below +16ºC. I don’t know
about the rest of you, but my blood has thinned quite a bit         The landlord recently had the building common areas and
in the 20+ years I’ve lived in Florida and that’s bloody cold       hallways redecorated. The hallways now have a wallpaper of
working conditions. That’s a temperature more conducive             deep forest green and new carpeting, which - I am not kidding
to curing beef. In fact, I’ve been considering subletting the       - is in the design of vines and leaves. Any day now, I expect
conference room to a local butcher.                                 that the handyman will be running up and down the halls with
                                                                    his leaf blower.
Yeah, yeah, yeah, I can just imagine all the crocodile tears
dampening these pages... How dare those Floridians, complain        Every time I run across the landlord, he asks me the same
about the cold. It’s not all paradise. We spend all summer          question: How’s business? Any new reefers? He winks
dodging hurricanes and now the heat wars start. While I can         when he says the word “reefer”, as if implying something
understand the landlord’s interest in saving money on heat in       indecent. He gets a tremendous kick out of the Joint Frost
the winter, his summer logic is completely the polar opposite.      picture hanging in the office – chuckling again, when he
He’s got the thermostat programmed to keep pumping out              says the word “Joint”. He’s fascinated by my frequent travels
cold air until the room temperature falls below +19ºC. Maybe        through Amsterdam. He’ll jokingly ask if I’ve been to any
he’s already got the third floor leased out to that butcher after   good coffee houses. Maybe this has something to do with
all?                                                                his leaf fetish? Next time he comes to check the thermostat
                                                                    - which coincidentally is on the wall behind my desk, I think
Of course, the office thermostat is locked and of course,           I’ll put a picture of a marijuana leaf on my computer desktop.
we’ve figured out how to “pick” the lock. Going on nearly 10        That should distract him from the thermostat.
years and the landlord still hasn’t figured this out. He’ll come
down a couple of times a month to check on the thermostat.                                                             Howard Posner
He’ll ask us if anyone has touched it and we give the standard                                                          Seatrade USA
reply: No sir, you’ve got the key. He’ll then curse his assistant
under his breath, sure that the stupid woman couldn’t program
a toaster. He then drags her back down to our office and
proceeds to give her a 15-minute lecture on the proper way
to program a thermostat. I know it sounds mean, but he goes
through three or four of these assistants each year, so it’s
not like these women wouldn’t eventually
up and leave any way.

The landlord is a bit
certifiable. He’s got a fetish
about leaves. Every morning,
he has the handyman out in

                                                                                  Simply Seatrade   December 2007

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