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					                                                                     4. RENTAL TERM
                RENTAL AGREEMENT                                     The present agreement is for a period of              nights.
         Short‐term rental of furnished accommodation
                                                                              FROM:                         UNTIL:
1. PARTIES                                                           Number of occupants:                   persons.
The present agreement is entered between:
                                                                     It is understood that this agreement satisfies transient housing
                  Bertrand Fauroux and Scott Hale,                   needs only and that it automatically expires at the end of the
owners of the property described in article 5 and hereafter          rental term. Under no circumstance other than with a written
referred to as “Owner”, “we” or “us”                                 prior approval from Owner and subject to pre‐payment by
                                                                     Tenant can the rental term be extended. The premises must be
and                                                                  vacated by the time stated in this agreement as per article 17
hereafter referred as “Tenant” or “you” and residing at:
                                                                     5. PROPERTY
street address:                                                      The property to be rented is located at:
city:                                   state:                           6 Cité Noël – 22 rue Rambuteau – 75003 Paris (France)
country:                                zip code:                    It is a 225‐square foot fully equipped and furnished property
phone number (incl. country code):                                   comprising 3 rooms: one bedroom, one living room with an
email address:                                                       American‐style kitchen and eating area, and one bathroom.
date of birth:                                                       It is located on the second floor of a secure building fitted with
nationality:                                                         an elevator in the heart of historic Paris.
ID or passport (for non EU residents) number:                        A detailed description of the property as well as pictures can be
expiration date:                                                     found on our website at:
visa number (when applicable):                                                    
 2. DATE OF EFFECT                                                   The descriptions and pictures found on line or on print are
Your reservation will be firm and final only after the following 2   made in good faith. However, we decline responsibility for
conditions have been met:                                            discrepancies between these and the actual property. Such
 You have returned to us this agreement, duly completed             discrepancies do not entitle you to a refund.
     with the names, addresses, dates of birth and ID/passport
     and visa numbers of all prospective occupants of the             6. NUMBER AND IDENTITY OF GUESTS
     accommodation.                                                  You are required to provide us with the name, address, date of
 You have paid the reservation deposit in accordance with           birth, nationality, and ID/passport information of each person
     article 8 thereafter.                                           who will be staying in the property with you. Only these
By submitting this agreement via Internet and paying the             persons will be allowed to use the property.
reservation deposit, you implicitly acknowledge that you have        The number of people must not exceed the number of sleeping
read, understood and accepted all terms and conditions               places indicated below, except in the case of infants (under the
contained therein.                                                   age of two) for whom you bring a travelling cot and linen, or
You also acknowledge that you have accepted the rate quoted          arrange in advance for this to be available at the property.
to you by email, the conditions of payment and that you have         The selected property is recommended for 2-3 people. You
read the property description.                                       shall not be entitled to any refund and/or compensation should
                                                                     you find the conditions of living and comfort unacceptable
 3. OBJECT                                                           upon arrival.
Owner and Tenant hereby agree to the following:                      Second occupant
Owner rents to Tenant who accepts to occupy the property
described below on a short‐term basis. Tenant agrees to abide        full name:
by and comply with all rules and conditions set forth in this        street address:
agreement or elsewhere communicated by Owner. Tenant shall
use the premises only as temporary residence and shall not           city:                                   state:
engage in any commercial, illegal, dangerous or any other            country:                                zip code:
activity that could embarrass Owner or cause Owner to receive        date of birth:
complaints from other residents. The premises shall not be           nationality:
occupied by or left in the care of anyone not listed herein.         ID or passport (for non EU residents) number:
We reserve the right to refuse a booking without giving a            expiration date:
reason.                                                              visa number (when applicable):
Third occupant                                                      and must be paid by Tenant at least four (4) weeks prior to
                                                                    arrival, unless otherwise agreed in writing by Owner, i.e. on:
full name:
street address:
                                                                    at the latest.
                                                                    Should the balance not be received on the due date and if
city:                                   state:
                                                                    alternate payment arrangements have failed, we shall be
country:                                zip code:
                                                                    entitled to cancel your reservation without prejudice to our
date of birth:
                                                                    claim for cancellation charges and to retain the reservation
                                                                    deposit in accordance with article 11 thereafter.
ID or passport (for non EU residents) number:
expiration date:
                                                                    10. LAST MINUTE BOOKINGS AND SHORT STAYS
visa number (when applicable):
                                                                    For bookings made within four (4) weeks of the arrival date,
Pets are not allowed without prior written approval of the
                                                                    and for very short stays (3 days or less), Tenant is required to
Owner. A             euros non-refundable pet deposit will apply.
                                                                    pay the full rental amount at the time of booking. The funds are
                                                                    not refundable should you later cancel in accordance with
                                                                    article 11 thereafter.
The rent for the above rental term is:
                  euros (EUR) or                                     11. CANCELLATION CHARGES
                                                                    Should you cancel all or any part of your booking or should we
payable as detailed further in articles 8 and 9 i.e.:
                                                                    cancel the agreement for any reason defined in article 15
           50% upon reservation
                                                                    thereafter, we shall be entitled to keep the following
           50% four (4) weeks prior to arrival                     percentage of the total rental cost:
It includes taxes, fees and utilities (see article 19).
                                                                     Cancellation 4 weeks or more before arrival: 50%
In all our literature rates are quoted in euros. They are
                                                                     Cancellation within 4 weeks of arrival: 100%
indicative only and subject to change without prior notice
                                                                    All cancellations must be confirmed in writing.
depending on exchange rate, availability and season.
                                                                    To avoid cancellation charges, Tenant is advised to purchase
                                                                    travel insurance.
Because it is simple, fast and safe, we recommend making
                                                                    12. SECURITY DEPOSIT
online payments by credit card, using PayPal for instance.
                                                                    The security deposit for the selected property is:
However, we also accept payment by bank transfers and in rare
instances by checks (in euros or US dollars) and in cash.                              euros (EUR) or
Selected method of payment:
                                                                    It is payable upon arrival.
                                                                    Part of it   (                euros or                       )
                                                                    must be paid cash.
A non-refundable reservation deposit (representing 50% of the       The balance (                 euros or                       )
total rental due for the booked period) must be paid by Tenant
                                                                    can be paid by personal check or by any other method of your
upon reservation.
                                                                    choice: cash, money order, PayPal, bank draft.
The reservation deposit amounts to:
                                                                    However, if you select to pay via PayPal or by bank transfer,
                  euros (EUR) or                                    your payment must be received before arrival. Your personal
                                                                    check will not be cashed (unless it is necessary after departure).
You will receive confirmation of your reservation once we have
received the reservation deposit. Should you later cancel,
                                                                    The security deposit covers the cost of any damages, breakages
cancellation charges will become payable in accordance with
                                                                    or losses to the property and its contents, inside and outside,
article 11 thereafter and your reservation deposit will be
                                                                    excluding normal wear and tear, that happen during your stay.
                                                                    Judgment as to the condition of the property is left to the sole
To avoid any cancellation charges, we recommend that you
                                                                    discretion of Owner or his representative.
book only when your travel dates are firm and we strongly
                                                                    The security deposit received, less any applicable claims, will be
encourage you to purchase travel cancellation insurance at the
                                                                    refunded upon departure or in case of damage within 7
time of booking.
                                                                    business days of your departure. Checks received will be
                                                                    In the event Tenant is allowed to self-checkout without
The rental balance amounts to:
                                                                    meeting Owner’s representative, Tenant’s deposit will be
                  euros (EUR) or                                    reimbursed via PayPal.
Should damages exceed security deposit Tenant agrees to
promptly pay all additional charges via PayPal upon Owner’s        Our representative will meet you at the property at that time
request.                                                           to reclaim the keys, check the state of the property, and refund
                                                                   the security deposit.
 13. CHANGES TO RESERVATION                                        In rare instances (e.g. departure in the middle of the night), you
Changing your reservation dates after confirmation will nullify    will be allowed to self-checkout. In that case we will ask you to
this rental agreement.                                             leave the keys in the property and slam the door shut. The
Your reservation deposit and any other payments made by you        security deposit will be refunded via PayPal.
are subject to the cancellation conditions shown in article 11     An extra charge will apply if you wish to checkout after the
there above.                                                       contractual time.

 14. ALTERATIONS AND CHANGES                                        18. SECURITIES AND VALUABLES
Though it is extremely unlikely that we will have to make any      All personal valuables and belongings brought to the property
changes to confirmed arrangements, it may occasionally             and left in the accommodation will be at your own risk.
happen and we will advise you at the earliest possible date.       We accept no responsibility for any loss, damage or
If, for any reason beyond our control, we are unable to provide    consequential loss due to theft, burglary or any other security
you with the property you have booked or if the property           incident. We recommend that the entrance door always be
becomes inhabitable during your stay, we reserve the right,        locked when you are out of the property.
when possible, to transfer you to a hotel or to an equivalent
property. Under such circumstances you will not be responsible      19. UTILITIES
for any additional expenditure.                                    The cost of all utilities, other than phone calls, is included in the
If such alternate arrangements are not possible, or if you do      rent.
not wish to be transferred for any reason, we will cancel the      You agree to make sure all lights are switched off when you
booking and refund all amounts paid by you in full or prorated     leave the property and to keep all the windows closed while
from the date the property becomes inhabitable. We will not        the heaters are on.
be liable for any further obligations or claims by you.
                                                                   As a rule, the telephone located in the property will only let
 15. NO‐SHOWS AND CANCELLATIONS                                    you receive calls. You can place phone calls over the Internet
We shall be entitled to cancel this agreement and to retain the    using the computer left at your disposal in the property.
full rental from you:                                              You may be allowed by Owner to use the telephone to place
 if you do not arrive on the first day of your stay (unless you   calls against a pre‐payment in cash of a telephone deposit.
      have given us advance notice of your late arrival).          The deposit is               euros.
 if you vacate the property before the end of the rental          An invoice listing your calls will be sent to you shortly after your
      period.                                                      departure. Owner will refund the unused part of the telephone
 if you accommodate people not listed on this agreement.          deposit via PayPal. Should the cost of placed calls exceed the
 if you fail to settle the security deposit upon arrival.         telephone deposit, you agree to promptly pay the difference
 in case of late or non payment of any amounts due to us as       via PayPal upon receipt of the invoice.
      per the above provisions.                                    A             surcharge will apply on all calls placed.
 If you do not behave in a decent and civilized fashion, in
      particular if we receive complaints from neighbors (see       20. COMPLAINTS
      article 22).                                                 Descriptions in our literature (web sites, brochures, ads, emails,
                                                                   property listings and other printed materials) are made in good
 16. ARRIVAL AND CHEK‐IN TIME                                      faith.
Unless otherwise agreed by us beforehand, check‐in time on         However, while we make every effort to ensure that the
your arrival day is:                                               descriptions and pictures are accurate, we cannot accept any
                                                                   responsibility for errors, omissions, and discrepancies and/or
At that time one of our representatives will give you the keys     for subsequent alterations or improvements contained therein
and take you to the property.                                      or the results thereof.
You may be required to sign a hard copy of the rental              We cannot accept responsibility for any breakdown of the
agreement and you must pay any unpaid dues prior to being let      supply of elevator service, or utilities (electricity, water, cable
in, in particular the security deposit.                            TV, internet access…) or for the occurrence of events that are
A fee for late arrival may apply.                                  beyond our control.
                                                                   We will, however, endeavor through our local agents to resolve
 17. DEPARTURE AND CHEKOUT TIME                                    any such problems as quickly as possible.
Unless otherwise agreed by us beforehand, checkout time on         Such inconveniences do not entitle you to a refund. However
your departure day is:                                             should you have to vacate the property for part of your stay,
for the duration of repairs for instance, we will refund the          all liability arising out of or in any way connected with your use
property rental price paid for those days (on a prorated basis)       and occupancy of the property, including personal injuries,
and help you find, when possible, a suitable replacement              death, damages, consequential damages or losses from fire,
accommodation.                                                        theft or criminal activity.
If you have any problems during your stay, please call the            In particular, we shall not be liable for any loss, breach or delay
concierge or our local representative immediately. If for any         due to any cause beyond our reasonable control including
reason you cannot reach our representative in case of                 though not limited to act of God, explosion, flood, tempest, fire
emergency, call us or send us an email.                               or accident, war or threat of war, civil disturbance, acts,
Complaints lodged at the end of or after the rental period will       restrictions, regulations, by‐laws or measures of any kind on
not be taken into consideration.                                      the part of any governmental or local authority, strikes,
Please do not try and fix appliances in case of breakdown, in         lockouts or other industrial actions or disputes, or adverse
particular if you loose the Wi-Fi signal. Tampering with              weather conditions.
appliances will make Tenant responsible for the cost of repair.       In any such case, we shall be entitled to treat the agreement as
 21. CLEANING UPON DEPARTURE                                          We cannot be held responsible for the breakdown of
The property will be cleaned throughout prior to your arrival.        mechanical equipment common to the building, such as
We also take care of the cleaning upon your departure.                pumps, boilers, lifts, electric doors, heater systems, TV antenna
However additional cleaning charges may be assessed against           etc., nor for failure of public utilities such as water, gas,
the security deposit if the property is not left in a reasonable      electricity, telephone, cable TV, cable or DSL internet supply.
condition.                                                            Neither Owner nor his/her representative shall be responsible
In particular, please do not leave any trash or dirty dishes in the   for noise or disturbance originating from beyond the
property, empty the fridge, close all windows and switch off all      boundaries of the accommodation.
lights and radiators.
Leave the keys on the table.                                          25. APPLICABLE LAW
Should you need cleaning service at any time during or at the         This rental agreement represents the entire agreement
end of your stay, please let us know, we will try to arrange for      between the parties, and shall not be modified, except in
it. Cleaning fees will be at your own charge. You will pay the        writing.
cleaning person directly.                                             This agreement shall be governed by and interpreted in
The current hourly rate is:          euros.                           accordance with the laws of France.
If you have used the computer in the property, please make
sure you delete all personal files and uninstall any software you
may have installed.

Tenant is responsible for the general good behavior of his/her
Should you and/or any member of your party behave in any
uncivilized manner, we may ask you to surrender the keys and
vacate the property immediately without compensation. All
sums paid to us will be forfeited.
You are not allowed to alter nor add any fixtures and fittings in
the property.
You must not refuse access to the property to Owner or his
representative in case we need to gain access for repairs or
maintenance, future client visits, electricity meter readings, etc.
Advance notice will be given whenever possible.

 23. KEYS
Upon check‐in you will be given 1 or 2 sets of keys. You must
surrender them all on the day of departure.
Your will be charged           euros per lost or missing key.
You agree to always lock the door to the property when you

You and your party hold Owner or his representative free from

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