Geography by xuyuzhu


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Q. 1   In which ocean is Hawaii?

              A. The Indian

             B. The Pasific

             C. The Atlantic
Q.2 Which is bigger, a lake or
        an ocean?

              A. lake

            B. an ocean
Q.3 Which country has the
    largest population?
          A. Egypt

          B. China

          C. India
Q.4 In a desert, what is an area
    which has water called?
            A. An oasis

             B. A lake

             C. A pole
Q. 5   What is the world's biggest
               A. The Indian

              B. The Pacific

              C. The Atlantic
Q. 6   What is the capital of the
        United Kingdom?
                A. Wales

               B. London

              C. Manchester
Q. 7   What is the world's highest
             A. Mount Everest

                  B. Alb

                C. Tahama
Q.8 In which country is Mount
           A. Switzerland

             B. France

             C. Nepal
Q. 9   Which continent has the
       biggest population?
              A. Asia

              B. Europe

              C. Africa
Q.10 What is the longest river
       in the world?
           A. The Amazon

            B. The Nile

           C. The Danube
Q.11 Where is the Antarctic?

        A. In the South Pole

         B. In the North Pole
Q.12 Where is the Eiffel
         A. New York

          B. Paris

         C. London
Q.13 Which country does
 spaghetti come from?
          A. Italy

         B. America

         C. Canada
Q.14 Which country names its
     years after animals?
            A. Japan

          B. Philippines

            C. China
Q. 15   Which is the world's
        biggest desert?
           A. The Big desert

            B. The Sahara
Q. 16   Where are the Amazon
             A. In Brazil

             B. In Taiwan

            C. In Argentina
Q.17 On which continent is the
       Sahara desert?
             A. Asia

            B. Africa

            C. America
Q. 18   Which sea does the river
          Nile flow into?
              A. The Red Sea

              B. The Black Sea

            C. The Mediterranean
   Q. 19 The largest coffee
growing country in the world is
             A. Mexico

            B. America

             C. brazil
Q.20 How many colours are
 there in the Kuwaiti flag?
           A. Two

           B. Three

           C. Four
Q.21 The coldest place on the
         earth is in
           A. Denmark

           B. Siberia

           C. Germany
Q. 22   The river Jordan flows
          out into the
             A. Dead Sea

              B. Red Sea

             C. Black Sea
Q. 23   The oldest city in the
            world is
              A. Birut

              B. York

            C. Damascus
Q. 24Which country is known
as the land of White Elephant
           A. Malaysia

           B. Thailand

           C. Singapore
  Q. 25The world's largest
diamond producing country is
            A. America

          B. South Africa

             C. Sudan
Q.26 Which animal is usually
    ridden in the desert?
          A. The camel

           B. The horse

          C. The elephant
Q.27 Munich, Berlin and
    Hamburge are in
          A. Italy

         B. Holland

        C. Germany
Q.28 Where is Mombay?
       A. Sri Lanka

         B. India

       C. Singaphore
Q.29 Which is the odd one out
             A. Asia

           B. Australia

            C. China
Q.30 How many islands are
     there in Bahrain?
           A. 32

           B. 34

           C. 36

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