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					Job Description

Please complete all accessible boxes so that your submission is not delayed because of missing information
Managers please refer to the guidance on writing Job Descriptions & Person Specifications

MMU Department:             This should be the Faculty e.g. MMU Business School
MMU Section:                This should be the Department within the Faculty e.g. Marketing & Retail
MMU Unit:                   This should be the actual unit, where appropriate e.g. Marketing
Job Title:                  Lecturer
Vacancy No:                 Recruitment Team        Closing Date: Recruitment Team
Grade:                      8
Hours of Work:              ? Hours per week
Contract:                   Permanent or fixed –term?
Report To:                  To whom does the postholder directly report?
Responsible For:            Who reports to the postholder?

Principal Accountabilities:

The post holder will teach on undergraduate and taught postgraduate [INSERT NAME OF
PROGRAMME HERE] programmes and contribute to the management of these programmes
wherever possible.

He/she will contribute, where appropriate, to commercial income generation activity, and will
undertake research and scholarly activity to contribute to the development of new areas in their
relevant subject field.

Key Tasks:

Teaching & Learning Support

Develop and deliver resources and teaching materials to meet course frameworks and learning

Develop assessments to measure accurately students’ performance and understanding.

Supervise the work of taught postgraduate and/or research students, as required, to support the
development of students’ research skills.

Set, mark and assess students’ work, ensuring that learning outcomes have been met and that
feedback is both detailed and constructive.

Research Activities

Undertake research and/or other agreed scholarly activity in order to contribute to the development
of the field (as an academic discipline).

Prepare proposals and applications to external bodies, as required, to secure research funding and to
generate additional income for the University.
Write and publish results of innovative research in the field to further the University’s standing in the
HE sector and the wider community.

Analyse data and evaluate information that can then be used to inform teaching and learning.

Develop research objectives and proposals for own and/or joint research which meet funding criteria.

Use initiative, creativity and judgement in the development of appropriate research methodologies
that further scholarly activity in the area.

Academic Enterprise

Participate in the development of internal and external partnerships in order to disseminate
information, share best practice, establish opportunities for collaborative work and enhance the
reputation of the University.

Participate in formal networks to build new relationships that benefit both the department and the
Faculty as a whole.

Service Provision

Design, review and adapt module and unit content in response to student feedback and need, with a
view to improving student retention.

Engage with quality assurance procedures to ensure that University standards are met.

Collaborate with academic colleagues on subject/unit/programme development and delivery within
the department, the Faculty and across the University (where appropriate) to ensure that the
curriculum portfolio remains current and the assessment procedures are relevant.

Co-ordinate student events, as required, ensuring the effective use of time and resources.

Assist in appropriate pre-entry, recruitment, selection and admissions activities (including Open Days
and Visit Days) in order to promote the department and gain a better understanding of student

Provide a first point of contact for student welfare issues, referring problems on where they are
complex or serious.

Team Working

Attend Faculty, Department and Programme meetings/boards, as required, in order to contribute to
the decision-making process and to develop productive working relationships within and across

Introduce new starters to the department by providing support and training on the skills, processes,
systems and activities that are specific to the department.

Provide feedback to colleagues via peer mentoring schemes to support the development of self and
others and to ensure the continuous improvement of departmental performance.

Reward & Planning Only
Role Profile                            Grade            Analyst           HERA Number          Date
Special Features:
GUIDANCE (To be Removed by User)

This section is designed to allow any special features of the post, that you would not require normally,
to be captured.
This could be the ability to travel, work specific hours or to speak a foreign language. The statements
should be constructed in the same format as in the key tasks section.

You have a legal duty, so far as is reasonably practicable, to ensure that you do not endanger yourself
or anyone else by your acts or omissions. In addition you must cooperate with the University on
health and safety matters and must not interfere or misuse anything provided for health, safety and
welfare purposes.

You are responsible for applying the University’s Equal Opportunities Policy in your own area of
responsibility and in your general conduct.

You have a responsibility to promote high levels of customer care within your own areas of work.

You are expected to co-operate with the PDR process, engaging in the setting of objectives in order
to assist in the monitoring of performance and the development of the individual.

Such other relevant duties commensurate with the grade of the post as may be assigned by the
Manager in agreement with you. Such agreement should not be unreasonably withheld.

You may be required to undertake a specific Health & Safety role, commensurate with your grade, to
support the University in meeting its statutory Health & Safety obligations. This could include acting as
a DSE Assessor, First Aider, Fire Marshall or Departmental Safety Co-ordinator. The allocation of
such roles will be subject to the provision of appropriate training and assessment of competence.

You may, with reasonable notice, be required to work at any of the Manchester Metropolitan
University sites.

You have the responsibility to engage with the University’s commitment to Environmental
Sustainability in order to reduce its waste, energy consumption and carbon footprint.

You have the responsibility to engage with the University’s commitment to delivering value for money
services that optimise the use of resources and therefore should consider this when undertaking all
duties and aspects of your role.

This is a description of the job as it is presently constituted. It is the University’s practice periodically
to examine job descriptions and to update them to ensure that they accurately reflect the job
required to be performed, or to incorporate proposed changes. The procedure is conducted jointly
by each manager in consultation with the individual whose job is being reviewed. All staff are expected

Reward & Planning Only
Role Profile                             Grade             Analyst            HERA Number          Date
to participate fully in such discussions. It is the University’s aim to reach agreement to reasonable
change, but if agreement is not possible, it reserves the right to insist on changes to the job
description after consultation with the individual concerned.

Reward & Planning Only
Role Profile                          Grade            Analyst          HERA Number         Date
Person Specification
Job Title:                      Lecturer                                   Vacancy No:
MMU Department:                 This should be the Faculty e.g. MMU Business School
                                This should be the Department within the Faculty e.g. Marketing &
MMU Section:
MMU Unit:                       This should be the actual unit, where appropriate e.g. Marketing

In order to be shortlisted you must demonstrate that you meet all the essential criteria and as many
of the desirable criteria as possible. Where we have a large number of applications that meet all of
the essential criteria, we will then use the desirable criteria to produce the shortlist.
         All disabled candidates who meet the minimum essential criteria will be included on the
    Attributes           Item                    Relevant Criteria                                  Rank

                         1.1    Ability to convey complex information (both                           E
                                orally and in writing) to a range of diverse

                         1.2    Ability to devise creative solutions that meet the                    E
                                requirements of existing teaching and learning

                         1.3    Ability to work independently and as part of a                        E
1 Skills & Abilities
                                team in order to deliver individual and team

                         1.4    Ability to supervise student work and to provide                      E
                                appropriate support/feedback.

                         1.5    Ability to use initiative, creativity and judgement                   E
                                to further research and scholarly activities in the

                         2.1    Possess sufficient breadth and/or depth of                            E
                                specialist knowledge to work within established
                                programmes and to write authoritatively in the
                                area of [INSERT FIELD].
  General &
2 Special
                         2.2    Knowledge and understanding of current                                E
                                practices in the field of [INSERT FIELD HERE].

                         2.3    Knowledge of WebCT Vista (or similar package)                         D
                                and/or use of web-based learning methods.

    Education &          3.1    A degree or equivalent in a relevant subject             A/C          E
    Training                    area.

Reward & Planning Only
Role Profile                             Grade            Analyst           HERA Number            Date
                         3.2   Evidence     of      continuous       professional    A/C      E

                         3.3   A PGCE, Certificate of Education, PGCAP or            A/C      E
                               membership of the Higher Education Academy
                               or willingness to obtain a University approved
                               qualification within 3 years of appointment.

                         3.4   A higher degree/postgraduate qualification or         A/C      D
                               equivalent in a relevant subject area.

                         3.5   [INSERT any requirements for membership of            A/C      D
                               professional bodies and/or attainment of
                               professional qualifications].

                         4.1   [INSERT any        requirements     for   relevant             E

                         4.2   Experience of teaching in the area of [INSERT                  E

                         4.3   Experience of designing and delivering content                 E
                               and/or learning materials within existing

                         4.4   Experience of supervising the work of                          E
                               undergraduate and/or postgraduate students.
4                        4.5   Experience of providing pastoral support to                    D

                         4.6   Experience of preparing proposals and                          D
                               applications to external bodies to secure

                         4.7   Experience of publishing results of research.                  D

                         4.8   Experience of developing partnerships with                     D
                               internal and/or external agencies.

                         4.9   Experience of contributing to and implementing                 D
                               quality assurance procedures.

                         5.1   Anything that is outside the areas above and is                E
    Special                    required to undertake the role e.g. the willingness
    Requirements               and ability to travel overseas, work occasional
                               evenings and/or weekends.

Reward & Planning Only
Role Profile                            Grade            Analyst           HERA Number     Date
Date Revised:            Date Person Specification last updated
                                                   A          Application
                                                    I         Interview
                         How Identified            T          Test
Key:                                               C          Copy of Certificates
                                                   P          Presentation
                                                    E         Essential
                                                   D          Desirable

Reward & Planning Only
Role Profile                     Grade           Analyst           HERA Number       Date

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