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					Type      Phone          Name                              Hours               Street Address         City         St   Zip     Cnty    Comments
                                                           Tues 5:30-7pm; Fri
PANTRY    563-285-8638   North Scott Food Fantry           9:30-11am          215 North 2nd St        Eldridge     IA           Scott   TUES IS BUSIEST DAY

                                                           M 1-4pm; W 4-
PANTRY    309-786-6494   Central Community Circle          7pm; F Noon-3pm     530 Vine St            Davenport    IA           Scott   SHELTER
PANTRY   309-391-4519    Prince of Peace Lutheran Church   Mon 6-8pm           415 W 53rd St          Davenport    IA           Scott   send survey to 609 w leclaire red eldridge
OUP                                                        B: S 8:30; L WF                                                              Pantry consists of bags that people who attend the meal
KITCHEN 563-322-3970     KINGS HARVEST                     noon; Pantry S9:30 824 W 3RD ST            DAVENPORT    IA   52803   SCOTT   can take home afterwards

PANTRY    563-344-0974   Community of Joy Pantry           w-6-8, th-9-11      1330 SPRUCE HILLS DR   BETTENDORF   IA   52722   SCOTT
                                                           Tu, W 10-2; Thurs
PANTRY    563-289-4650   LECLAIRE NEW LIFE COMMUNITY       5-8pm               709 WISCONSIN ST       LECLAIRE     IA   52753   SCOTT   Linda 563-389-3629 send survery to PO Box 127
PANTRY    563-386-0282   DAVENPORT HERITAGE BAPTIST                            1601 N UTAH AVE        DAVENPORT    IA   52804   SCOTT   left message
PANTRY    563-322-5318   ST MARK'S LUTHERAN CHURCH         M-F 10am-2pm        2363 W 3RD             DAVENPORT    IA   52802   SCOTT   CALL BEV AT 324-8125

                         BETTENDORF COMMUNITY FOOD         MWF 9-11am;                                                                  Call Barb phone 563-332-0768 Send Survey to 4880
PANTRY    563-344-4113   PANTRY                            Tues 6:30-8:30pm    2204 GRANT             BETTENDORF   IA   52722   SCOTT   Davis Bettendorf
PANTRY    563-323-0047   DAVENPORT CITY CENTER MINISTRY    Tues 2-4            529 WESTERN AVE        DAVENPORT    IA   52803   SCOTT   532 W. 7th St. Davenport, 52803
                                                           M 3;30-5:00,W
PANTRY    563-322-3533   ZION LUTHERAN CHURCH              3;30-5:30           1229 W 8TH ST          DAVENPORT    IA   52802   SCOTT   322-3011 food pantry#
PANTRY    563-355-2249   BETTENDORF 1ST ASSEMBLY OF GOD    Thursday            1811 18TH ST           BETTENDORF   IA   52722   SCOTT
                                                           NO REGULAR
PANTRY    563-388-9081   GOSPEL MISSION TEMPLE             HOURS               5074 N PINE            DAVENPORT    IA   52801   SCOTT
PANTRY                   NEW HOPE PRESBYTERIAN                                 4209 W LOCUST          DAVENPORT    IA   52803   SCOTT
                         PENTECOSTAL APOSTOLIC FAITH       1st & 3rd Wed 5-
PANTRY    563-324-7232   CHURCH                            6:30pm              700 E 6th ST           DAVENPORT    IA   52803   SCOTT
                                                           1st & 3rd Sat 1-
PANTRY    563-359-9516   ALL SAINTS LUTHERAN CHURCH        3pm                 5002 JERSEY RIDGE      DAVENPORT    IA   52803   SCOTT

PANTRY    563-355-0598   BETTENDORF FIRST BAPTIST          Thanksgiving        3593 Middle Rd.        BETTENDORF   IA   52722   SCOTT
PANTRY    309-786-6494   Buffalo Community Center          Tues 9-11am         426 Clark St           Buffalo      IA   52728   Scott
PANTRY    563-322-1640   CHRIST APOSTOLIC FOOD PANTRY                          1206 6TH ST            DAVENPORT    IA   52802   SCOTT
PANTRY    563-391-5251   DAVENPORT 1RST BIBLE MISSIONARY                       6310 N PINE            DAVENPORT    IA   52806   SCOTT
PANTRY    563-332-9864   First Assembly of God             Thurs 9:30-11am     1811 18th St           Bettendorf   IA   52722   Scott
PANTRY    563-323-1821   FRIENDLY HOUSE                    M-F 11am-1pm        1221 MYRTLE ST         DAVENPORT    IA   52802   SCOTT
PANTRY    563-386-7140   GREATER FAITH BAPTIST                                 1902 E 13TH ST         DAVENPORT    IA   52803   SCOTT
PANTRY    563-322-7363   KIDS CAFÉ@UNITED NEIGHBORS                            712 SYLVAN AVE         DAVENPORT    IA   52803   SCOTT
PANTRY    563-322-3900   NEW LIFE CHURCH OF GOD                                2202 4TH               DAVENPORT    IA   52803   SCOTT
PANTRY    309-786-6494   Princeton Presbyterian Church     call for hours      630 3rd St             Princeton    IA           Scott
PANTRY    309-326-3392   PROGRESSIVE BAPTIST CHURCH        Sat 9-11am          1302 E 12TH ST         DAVENPORT    IA   52803   SCOTT
PANTRY   563-391-4570   Ridgeview Park Presbyterian Church   Thurs 9:30am-noon NW Blvd & Ridgeview Dr   Davenport   IA   52806   Scott
PANTRY   563-324-0625   SACRED HEART CHURCH PANTRY           MWF 9-11:30am      14 & BRADY              DAVENPORT   IA   52802   SCOTT
                                                             seasonal for
PANTRY   563-324-4808   SALVATION ARMY DAVENPORT             Christmas          3400 W CENTRAL PARK     DAVENPORT   IA   52804   SCOTT
PANTRY   563-322-2315   ST ANTHONY'S                         9-11 m-f           417 N MAIN              DAVENPORT   IA   52801   SCOTT
PANTRY   563-324-4165   ST JOHN METHODIST                    MWF 9-11:30am      BRADY & 14TH            DAVENPORT   IA   52804   SCOTT

                                                             M 9am-noon; TU 4-
PANTRY   563-676-8113   Word of Faith                        6pm; SU 8-9:30am 3414 Rockingham Rd        Davenport   IA           Scott

PANTRY   563-386-4414   YMCA DAVENPORT WEST                  Snacks after school 3503 W.Locust          DAVENPORT   IA   52804   SCOTT

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