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									                                  Office of the Development Commissioner (Handicrafts)
                             Government of India, Ministry of Textiles, West Block 7, R.K.Puram,
                                                    New Delhi-110066

                                         “CENSUS OF HANDICRAFT ARTISANS”

The Office of the Development Commissioner for Handicrafts, Ministry of Textiles invites “Expression of Interest”
(EOI) from the reputed institutions, Organizations, Government sponsored Institutions, PSUs, autonomous bodies
for conducting the Census of Handicrafts artisans in the 60% districts of the country. The details of eligibility
criteria and terms & conditions for the bids can be obtained from the website http:/handicrafts.nic.in. This can
also be collected from Ms. Alka Arora, Additional Development Commissioner (Handicrafts), at the above address
at New Delhi Phone No.26191569 from 11.00 AM to 5.00 PM on working days.

         The eligible organizations may submit their bid in sealed envelopes on or before the due date, the details
of which are given in the tender document uploaded on the website of this office.

         A pre-bid conference will be held 25.09.2009.at 15.00 hrs (3.00 P.M) in the Committee Room of the Office
of the Development Commissioner Handicrafts at the above mentioned address.

          Information on bid opening date shall be published on the web site and shall also be known from the
Office of the Development Commissioner Handicrafts on the closing date.

                                                                                                (Sanjay Agarwal)
                                                                          Development Commissioner (Handicrafts)
                                                                         Telephone No.26177790/26103708 (Office)

                                                    Government of India
                                                     Ministry of Textiles
                                   Office of the Development Commissioner (Handicrafts)
                                                                                                    West Block No.7,
                                                                                                   New Delhi-110066
                                                TENDER DOCUMENT
                                          INCLUDING TERMS OF REFERENCE
                                             “EXPRESSION OF INTEREST”
                                 FOR CONDUCTING “CENSUS OF HANDICRAFTS ARTISANS”

          Kind attention of interested bidders is drawn to this office tenders in the recent past inviting “Expression
of Interest” for conducting census of Handicrafts Artisans during the year 2007-08 & 2008-09 in the identified 40%
districts of the country, made available through our official website www.handicrafts.nic.in .

        The census of handicraft artisans now for the remaining 60% of the districts in the country as per the list
enclosed is to be undertaken as one time survey & will be completed in 12 months during the 11 Five Year Plan.

          The interested bidders may kindly note that the census of handicrafts artisans planned is a complete
census which will involve survey/enumeration, in every villages, in every locality of urban bodies and every
household of the cluster of artisans in villages and urban areas of the selected district to adopt an appropriate
and adequate procedure and strategy to ensure total            identification & enumeration of the handicrafts
artisan. In this census also the enumeration of handicrafts artisans is the foremost idea, the evaluation of which
will be based on criteria that the artisan contacted satisfies that the handicrafts produced by him fulfill the
requirement of definition of handicrafts i.e. “items made exclusively by hand often with the help of tools to give it
both a decorative and utilitarian value”.

         Considering the large volume of work involved, the whole country has been divided into following six
regions indicating therein the states in the jurisdiction of each Region with census figures of the last census
conducted in the year 1995-96.

       Region                                     States                             No. of Artisans as per census
                                                                                                         (in lakhs)
Northern Region         Delhi, Punjab, Rajasthan, Himachal Pradesh, Jammu &                       12.64
                        Kashmir, Haryana, Chandigarh (UT)
Central Region          Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand                                               11.77
Eastern Region,         West Bengal, Bihar, Orissa                                               8.37
                        Jharkhand, Chattisgarh
North       Eastern     Assam, Manipur, Tripura, Arunachal Pradesh, Mizoram,                      8.89
Region,                 Nagaland, Sikkim,Meghalaya
Western Region          Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Goa, Gujarat, Daman &                        3.07
                        Diu (UT)
Southern Region –       Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka,                            2.87
                        Pondicherry (UT), Andaman & Nicobar (UT),
                        Lakshadweep (UT)

         It has now been decided to invite “Expression of Interest” for conducting further census of handicraft
artisans in the remaining 60% of the districts in the country as one time survey, as per the list of the districts
identified and given in the Annexure, on the basis of following TORs and other Terms and conditions :

                                                     TERMS OF REFERENCE (TOR)

   i.         To evaluate the number of artisans in different crafts all over the country.
  ii.         To study the employment and wage structure of handicrafts artisans.
 iii.         To carry out social and economic mapping of handicrafts workers indicating the following:
        a)    Number of artisans by sectors of production, by location, & by specific and major craft groups.
        b)    Classification of artisans by religion, by social status (SC/ST/OBC/Minority, including its sub
               categories/Below Poverty Line, by gender, by physical infirmity and age group.
        c)    Sources of working capital, requirement of working capital and availability of credit.
        d)    Estimates of raw materials, production, value addition in different crafts sale and marketing channels
               through which manufactured products are sold.
        e)    Distribution of daily working hours and the seasonal calendar, .
        f)    Average wage rate in crafts, Annual household income from crafts, income from other sources, income
               from all sources, and per capita income in different crafts.
        g)    Contribution of handicraft sector to the family income.
        h)    Distribution of households by levels of dependency on handicraft activity.
        i)    Identification of craft communities by their caste state-wise, bringing out their economic status.
        j)    Identification of artisans holding awards like Shilp Guru/National Award/State Award/National Merit
               Certificate/State Merit Certificate/any other, having Identity cards issued/not issued, holding credit
               card/not holding credit card, availing facilities of welfare programmes like Rajiv Gandhi Shilpi Swasthya
               Bima Yojana/Bima Yojana etc.
        k)    To evaluate & collect details in the sector of the artisans who have formed cooperative
               societies/Federation and are equipped with the knowledge of cooperative movement and its benefits.
        l)    Consolidating all the above information in tabular form at the National level, state-wise, District-wise in
               rural areas upto Block level and in Urban areas local body wise upto population of 2.5 lakhs and for local
               bodies with population over 2.5 lakhs ward wise, and to conduct detailed mapping of the handicrafts
               being practiced, introducing each section with a brief background note, indicating topography of the
               area, crafts and the craft pockets.

                                                    SUBMISSION OF PROPOSALS

               The interested organization must submit separate proposal for each region for undertaking the census
         work. organization/Institution are free to submit their proposals for one or more regions, however not more
         than three regions shall be awarded to any organization/Institution. Organizations/Institutions interested to
         conduct census of handicrafts may submit their proposal in two separate envelops containing bid forms for
         technical and financial bids. However for applying for more than two regions the Organization/Institution
         may submit single technical bid for all the regions and separate financial bids for the regions they are
         interested to quote. The Organizations/Institutions interested must submit their proposal upto 17.00 hrs of
         05.10.2009, accompanied with Earnest Money amounting to Rs.50,000/- (Rupees Fifty Thousand only) along
         with the technical bid addressed & pledged to Office of the Development Commissioner (Handicrafts) for
         each region along with the proposal separately, the census of which they are interested to undertake
         fulfilling the following conditions:

i.            Technical proposal should be sealed in a separate envelope clearly marked in BOLD “SECTION A –
              TECHNICAL PROPOSAL FOR CENSUS OF HANDICRAFTS ” written on the top of the envelope, which
              should contain the following details in it & also in brief on a separate sheet duly authenticated by the
              authorized functionary of the organization at the beginning of the technical proposal.

         1.       Name, Address, Telephone/Fax No. and E-mail Address.
    2.           Year of establishment and registration details.
                 (Should be supported by an authenticated copy of the Registration)
    3.           Financial turnover during the last five years, year wise.
                 (should be supported by an authenticated Balance sheet year-wise.)
    4.           Details of past experience of conducting census assignments, large socio economic surveys and
                 research studies during the last three years.
                 (Should be supported by a list of activities conducted pertaining to surveys and Census & the name of
                 the awarding organization duly authenticated).
    5.           Proposed methodology for conducting the Census.
    6.           Time frame for completing the census of Handicrafts artisans.
    7.           CVs of the Project Coordinator, key personnel and manpower proposed to be deployed for the
                 (should be supported in brief containing the details of the team on a single sheet.)
    8.           IT infrastructure available with the organization (Should be supported with details on a single sheet)
    9.           Any other information which is relevant to the assignment.

    ii Financial proposal should be sealed in another envelope clearly marked in        BOLD “SECTION B –
    FINANCIAL PROPOSAL For Census of Handicrafts”            written on the top of the envelope.
    iii Both envelopes should have the bidders Name and Address clearly written         at the Left Bottom Corner
    of the envelope. Both envelopes should be put in a larger cover/envelop, sealed and clearly marked in BOLD
    “Proposal for        undertaking census of handicrafts artisans …………region” with the bidders         Name
    and Address clearly written in BOLD at the Left Bottom Corner.


         (i)         In case Technical Bid envelop contains financial bid details also, the bid of the concerned
                     organization will be rejected
         (ii)        Conditional bids will not be considered.
         (iii)       Any document/sheet not signed shall tantamount to rejection of bid.

                                                      ELIGIBLE ORGANIZATIONS

          Agencies preferably National Level agencies such as reputed institutions, organizations, Government
sponsored Institutions, PSUs, & autonomous bodies with presence in at least five states/UTs and having
previous experience of conducting Census at the State/National level and large surveys preferably in the field of
Handicrafts. The organization based on the eligibility fixed will submit their Expression of Interest in a two-bid
format i.e. separate Technical and Financial, adhering, to the qualifying conditions in the technical bid, given in
the eligibility criteria below :

                                                        ELIGIBILITY CRITERIA

      The institution/organization should be a registered entity with minimum Ten years of existence.
      Total turnover of the organization should be minimum five crore in each of the last three years.
      Having minimum ten experienced professionals in the field of survey/census on their rolls.
      Having the working place equipped with desired IT infrastructure.
      The consultancy organization should submit its profile including i) Background of the agency, ii) Brief
       details of past experience in the field, iii) Copy of the Report of Census conducted, if any, iv) Bio-data of
       Project Coordinator and other key personnel, v) the manpower that will be deployed for conducting the
       survey, vi) additional information if any, and other related details.
      The consultancy organization should develop a concept paper indicating methodology, coverage, time
       frame and other related aspects.

                                                    PRE- BID CONFERENCE

        Pre bid conference will be held in the Committee Room of the Office of the Development
Commissioner (Handicrafts), New Delhi on 25.09.2009 at 3.00 P.M. in presence of prospective bidders/their
representatives for clarification of doubts if any.

                                               OPENING OF BIDS

         The Bids received will be opened for evaluation of Technical Bids only at on 08.10.2009 at 3.00 P.M.
followed by presentation of the shortlisted bidders in the technical bid on 19.10.2009 at 3.00 P.M. The Financial
Bid of the shortlisted bidders in the Technical Bid evaluation/Presentation will be opened on 22.10.2009 at 3.00
P.M in presence of the interested bidders.

                                 CRITERIA FOR EVALUATING BIDS / PROPOSALS

         The Technical Proposals will be evaluated by a panel of nominated officers, on the basis of two-stage
Quality-cum-Cost basis selection procedure (giving 70% weightage to the score obtained in the technical
evaluation and presentation together and 30% weightage to the score obtained in the financial evaluation)
adopted by the office. Once the technical bids have been evaluated, the successful shortlisted bidders will be
requested for making a presentation of the road map & the Methodology they will adopt for census work, followed
by opening of the Financial bids on the dates fixed. Financial bids will be opened, on the date fixed, in presence of
the interested bidders or their representatives who are declared successful in the technical bid & the presentation
made by them.

                                                  TIME PERIOD

         The selected Institutions/organizations shall have to complete the census work within twelve months from
the date of award of work and thereafter submit final report within one month.

                                               PENALTY CLAUSE

          In case of time overrun beyond the stipulated period, the defaulting organization shall have to pay a
penalty @ 1 % of the awarded project cost for the first month of delay and thereafter additional 2 %, 3%, & 4% for
                                   nd  rd   th
the delay caused respectively for 2 , 3 & 4 month, which may be adjusted from the amounts payable at the
time of final settlement.
                                     MODUS OPERANDI & DELIVERABLES

        The Regional agency appointed shall finalize the standard methodology, questionnaire and sampling plan
in consultation with the Office of the Development Commissioner (Handicrafts), to be followed by them for
conducting of census operation. The final deliverables for the Regional agencies would be as under :-

        i)      Raw data in (5 hard copies & 5 soft copies to the Office of the Development Commissioner
                (Handicrafts) & the Nodal Agency to be appointed and the Office of the Development
                Commissioner (Handicrafts) as per the format to be supplied by the Nodal Agency.
        ii)     State-wise detailed reports (20 hard copies and 10 CDs) covering, but not limited to, all the points
                mentioned in the Terms of Reference.

                                                        MODE OF PAYMENT

          Selected agency after the award of work and fulfillment of Terms and conditions required under the rules
will be paid 50% of the sanctioned amount as first installment with appropriate security from the organization for
the amount released. 30% of the sanctioned amount will be paid as 2 nd installment when presentation of the report
will be made at the draft stage subject to submission of Utilization Certificate of the 1 st installment of payment made
audited by the Chartered Accountant. The balance 20% of amount will be paid when the final report is submitted in
the office as per the stipulation in the sanction along with utilization certificate from the chartered Accountant of the
2nd installment of payment made, for final settlement of accounts.

        The Office of the Development Commissioner (Handicrafts) reserves the right to accept or reject any
Bid or annul the Bidding process and reject all Bids at any time prior to award of contract, without assigning
any reason thereof.

Detailed List of Balance 60% Districts in the country (State Wise)
                                                                                     Annexure -1
ANDHRA PRADESH                                               47. Kishanganj
      1. Adilabad                                            48. Lakhisarai
      2. Anantpur                                            49. Munger
      3. Chittor                                             50. Muzaffarpur
      4. Guntur                                              51. Nalanda
      5. Hyderabad Urban                                     52. Purnea
      6. Karim Nagar                                         53. Rohtas(Sasaram)
      7. Kurnool                                             54. Saharsa
      8. Medak                                               55. Sekhpura
      9. Mehboobnagar                                        56. Seohar
      10. Nizamabad                                          57. Sitamarhi
      11. Prakasam                                           58. Vaishali(Hajipur)
      12. Ranga Reddy                                        59. West Champaran
      13. Vizianagaram                                Chandigarh
      14. Warangal                                           60. Chandigarh
      15. West Godavari                               Chattisgarh
ARUNACHAL PRADESH                                            61. Dantewada
      16. Changalang                                         62. Dhamtari
      17. Daporijo                                           63. Durg
      18. Diban Valley( Anini Valley)                        64. Kanker
      19. East Siang(Passighat)                              65. Kawardha
      20. Itanagar                                           66. Korba
      21. Khonsa                                             67. Raigarh
      22. Roin                                               68. Rajnandgaon
      23. Tawang                                             69. Surguja
ASSAM                                                        70. Bastar
      24. Karimganj                                          71. Janjgir-Champa
      25. Cachar                                             72. Koriya
      26. Darrang                                            73. Raipur
      27. Dhemaji                                     Daman & Diu
      28. Goalpara                                           74. Daman
      29. Golaghat                                           75. Diu
      30. Hailakandi                                  Delhi
      31. Karbi-Anglong                                      76. Central
      32. Kokrajhar                                          77. North
      33. Lakhimpur                                          78. North East
      34. Nagaon                                             79. North West
      35. Nalbari                                            80. West
      36. Sibsagar                                    Goa
Bihar                                                        81. North Goa
      37. Araria                                             82. South Goa
      38. Aurangabad                                  Gujarat
      39. Banka                                              83. Anand
      40. Bhagalpur                                          84. Banaskantha
      41. Bhojpur(Arah)                                      85. Bharuch
      42. Buxar                                              86. Dangs
      43. Gaya                                               87. Gandhinagar
      44. Gopalganj                                          88. Jamnagar
      45. Jamui                                              89. Kutch
      46. Khagaria                                           90. Mehsana

      91. Narmada                   138.    Bangalore Urban
      92. Patan                     139.    Belgaum
      93. Porbander                 140.    Bijapur
      94. Rajkot                    141.    Chamrajnagar
      95. Surendranagar             142.    Chickmagalur
      96. Vadodara                  143.    Davanagare
      97. Valsad                    144.    Dharwad
Haryana                             145.    Gadak
      98. Faridabad                 146.    Haveri
      99. Fatehabad                 147.    Karwar
      100.     Gurgaon              148.    Kolar
      101.     Jind                 149.    Mandya
      102.     Kaithal              150.    Mysore
      103.     Karnal               151.    Raichur
      104.     Panchkula            152.    Udupi
      105.     Panipat              153.    Yadgir
      106.     Rewari          KERALA
      107.     Sonipat              154.    Alapuzzha
      108.     Yamunanagar          155.    Idukki
Himachal Pradesh                    156.    Kasaragod
      109.     Bilaspur             157.    Kottayam
      110.     Kangra               158.    Palghat
      111.     Kinnaur              159.    Pathanamthitta
      112.     Kullu                160.    Quilon
      113.     Shimla               161.    Wayanad
      114.     Sirmour         LAKSHDWEEP
      115.     Solan                162.    Lakshdweep
Jammu & Kashmir                Madhya Pradesh
      116.   Badga                  163.    Anooppur
      117.   Poonch                 164.    Balaghat
      118.   Rajauri                165.    Betul
      119.   Udhampur               166.    Bhind
      120.   Jammu                  167.    Chhattarpur
      121.   Kupwara                168.    Chhindwara
      122.   Srinagar               169.    Damoh
      123.   Leh                    170.    Dhar
      124.   Kargil                 171.    Dindori
Jharkhand                           172.    Guna
      125.   Chatra                 173.    Hoshangabad
      126.   Deogha                 174.    Indore
      127.   Dhanbad                175.    Jabalpur
      128.   Giridih                176.    Khandwa
      129.   Godda                  177.    Khargone
      130.   Gumla                  178.    Mandla
      131.   Jamtara                179.    Narsinghpur
      132.   Koderma                180.    Neemuch
      133.   Latehar                181.    Panna
      134.   Palamu                 182.    Ratlam
      135.   Ranchi                 183.    Rewa
      136.   Sahebganj              184.    Sagar
KARNATAKA                           185.    Seoni
      137.   Bangalore Rural        186.    Shahdol
       187.   Shajapur                 233. Bargah
       188.   Sindi                    234. Bhadrak
       189.   Tikamgarh                235. Boudh
       190.   Ujjain                   236. Dhenkanal
Maharashtra                            237. Gajapati
       191.   Ahmednagar               238. Ganjam
       192.   Akola                    239. Jharsuguda
       193.   Amravati                 240. Kalhandi
       194.   Beed                     241. Kendrapara
       195.   Bhandara                 242. Koraput
       196.   Buldhana                 243. Malkangiri
       197.   Gadchiroli               244. Mayurbhanj
       198.   Gondia                   245. Nayagarh
       199.   Hingoli                  246. Phulbani
       200.   Kolhpur                  247. Puri
       201.   Latur                    248. Sonepur
       202.   Mumbai-City              249. Sundergarh
       203.   Nandurbar            PONDICHERRY
       204.   Nashik                   250. Karikal
       205.   Osmanabad                251. Pondicherry
       206.   Raigad             Punjab
       207.   Ratnagiri                252. Amritsar
       208.   Sangli                   253. Bhatinda
       209.   Sindudurg                254. Ferozepur
       210.   Thane                    255. Gurdaspur
       211.   Wardha                   256. Hosiarpur
MANIPUR                                257. Ludhiana
       212.   Bishnupur                258. Mansa
       213.   Chandel                  259. Moga
       214.   Churachandpur            260. Patiala
       215.   Senapati                 261. Ropar
       216.   Tamenglong               262. Sangrur
       217.   Thoubal            Rajasthan
MEGHALAYA                              263. Banswara
       218.   East Khasi Hill          264. Baran
       219.   Jaintia Hill             265. Barmer
       220.   Ri-Bhoi District         266. Bikaner
       221.   West Khasi Hill          267. Bundi
MIZORAM                                268. Chittorgarh
       222.   Aizawal                  269. Dholpur
       223.   Champhai                 270. Dungarpur
       224.   Lawngtlai                271. Ganganagar
       225.   Luglei District          272. Jaisalmer
       226.   Mamit                    273. Jalor
NAGALAND                               274. Jhalawar
       227.   Kohima                   275. Karauli
       228.   Mokokchung               276. Kota
       229.   Mon                      277. Nagaur
       230.   Wokha                    278. Sawai Madhopur
       231.   Zunheboto                279. Sikar
Orissa                                 280. Sirohi
       232.   Angul              SIKKIM

       281.    East                       323.    Jaunpur
       282.    North                      324.    Jhansi
       283.    South                      325.    Jyotiba Phoole Nagar
TAMIL NADU                                326.    Kanpur(Nagar)
       284.    Coimbotore                 327.    Kaushambi
       285.    Cuddalorei                 328.    Lakhimpur-Khedi
       286.    Dharmapuri                 329.    Maha Maya Nagar
       287.    Kancheepuram               330.    Maharajganj
       288.    Kanniyakumari              331.    Mahoba
           (HQ : Nagercoil)               332.    Mau
       289.    Karur                      333.    Meerut
       290.    Namakkal                   334.    Mirzapur
       291.    Nilgiris (HQ:              335.    Oraiyya
           Udhagamandalam)                336.    Padrauna
       292.    Perambalur                 337.    Pilibhit
       293.    Salem                      338.    Rampur
       294.    Sivaganga                  339.    Saharanpur
       295.    Thanjavur                  340.    Sant Kabir Nagar
       296.    Tiruchiorappalli           341.    Shravati
       297.    Tirunelveli                342.    Siddharth Nagar
       298.    Tiruvallur                 343.    Sitapur
       299.    Vellore                    344.    Unnav
       300.    Villupuram                 345.    Varanasi
       301.    Virudhunagar         Uttaranchal
TRIPURA                                   346.    Almora
       302.    South District             347.    Champawat
       303.    West District              348.    Dehradun
Uttar Pradesh                             349.    Garhwal(Pauri)
       304.    Agra                       350.    Pitoragarh
       305.    Ambedkarnagar              351.    Rudraprayag
       306.    Azamgarh                   352.    Tehri-Garhwal
       307.    Bagpat               West Bengal
       308.    Balrampur                  353.    Bankura
       309.    Banda                      354.    Bardhaman
       310.    Barabanki                  355.    Birbhum
       311.    Bhadoi                     356.    Darjeeling
       312.    Bijnor                     357.    Hooghly
       313.    Budaun                     358.    Howrah
       314.    Deoria                     359.    Medinipur
       315.    Etah                       360.    Murshidabad
       316.    Etawah                     361.    Nadia
       317.    Fatehpur                   362.    Siliguri
       318.    Firozabad                  363.    South 24 Parganas
       319.    Gautam Budda Nagar         364.    Uttar Dinajpur
       320.    Gonda
       321.    Gorakpur
       322.    Hamirpur


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