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       Did you heard of Formspring? – is a great social questioner site. You can
ask anything you want and people will answer it. You can answer any
questions you want as well and interact with others.
In this report you will discover how you can take leverage the
formspring traffic to cash in on CPA email submit offers.

Step 1.
Get some good CPA offers. If you are not already a member of at
least 1 CPA network, here is a great list : CPA Network List.

Try to get easy Email/ZIP submits. They are the ones that work best.
Make sure you have geo redirect, meaning that you will still make
money if the user is from another country. Usually CPA networks will
redirect the visitor to a related offer in their country.

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Step 2.

It’s easy as 1,2,3. You can simply log-in with your Facebook account
or you can create a new one using your email.
Upload a nice looking profile picture. Make sure it’s not to generic,
the more real the person looks the better.

Step 3.

Once inside. Go to “Browse Tags” on the left side menu.
You will be redirected to the tags page.

Go to : “Spam” tag .

Now here is where the method is.

You now need to ask questions related to your CPA offer and post a
link to that offer using url shortner services like

                OMABU.COM – Online Marketing And Business University

Here is an example of question for a free iPhone CPA offer :
“Hey guys, do you think it’s possible to get a free iPhone with this
contest? “ link here”

Just use your imagination, the more creative it is the better traffic you
will get. Now everyone who is browsing this tag will see your
questions and some of them will be clicking on your link and
completing the offer which will result in $ for you.

You can also search for other tags using the “Get more questions:

For example search for questions about coupons and you can direct
them to a free coupons offer. Questions about food and recipes can
be redirected to recipes books and websites. Just use your

This can be monetized with tons of different offers.

         Enjoy the Profits.
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