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									Examining Zeekrewards And Zeekler, Is Zeek Benefits A Legal
Organization ? Who's Henry Burks? Thorough Analysis Her E
There are a a lot of extra revenue options web them all promise long-term legitimate and also
workable revenue. One of the most the latest being popular is termed "ZeekRewards", work through
henry Burks involving "Rex endeavor class ".
In this center , i am going to go through all the freely available specifics of henry Burks, Rex endeavor
class , and also Zeekler / Zeek returns. I am going to independent the reality in the examination , and
also fine detail the source of knowledge. This really is in order to constitute your individual brain.
I 'm not necessarily going to let you know what things to consider. The truth is , we query any person
who desire you to definitely consider a certain way , upon why they'd need to do so. And i indicate
you think about why might anybody i would love you to think a certain way , as an alternative to
providing you with data in order to constitute your individual brain.
Instead, i am going to create a couple of questions that you simply *should* have previously inquired
before you decide to joined up with (and when anyone just joined , it isn't really too late to ask now...)
I 'm not necessarily going to sugarcoat your examination like me not necessarily trying to sell anyone
anything at all. If this comes across while "bad ", think about simply how much "beneficial "
propaganda you've been around , and just how very much data they didn't let you know. think
of that as you read this center.
NOTE: this center is within date get. The most current improvements are in ab muscles stop.
Latest improvements :
• 30-OCT-2012 recipient sent out 1200 subpoenas when preparing involving clawbacks via
  folks who benefited from this Ponzi scheme
• 27-SEP-2012 recipient introduced he attached above 300 million that is to be came back to
  subjects , will continue to do their job
• 27-AUG-2012 recipient appointed through the courtroom to seal down Zeek and also give
  back funds to victims
• 17-AUG-2012 ZEEK returns de-activate through SEC
• 04-AUG-2012 ZeekRewards father or mother organization says he will have got make contact
  with north carolina credit rating union and also "de-activate untrue stories " at the source
• 03-AUG-2012 upcoming "qualifiers" and also Zeebates anxieties affiliates
• 02-AUG-2012 Rex endeavor class / ZeekRewards bbb score back to F
• 02-AUG-2012 stories surface about north carolina credit rating union warning users about
  Zeek getting possibly fraudulent
• 02-AUG-2012 Keith Laggos, network marketing consultant to ZeekRewards, exposed he's an
  affiliate , along with asking pertaining to ZeekRewards, and also published advantageous
  articles about this upon their journal. Immediately after disclose , they don't used pertaining
  to ZeekRewards, said credit rating pertaining to moving settlement solutions ocean going ,
  forecasted federal trade commission will reach Zeek in under a year
• 27-JUL-2012 consultant which said to get results for Zeek father or mother organization
  directed takedown observe and also knocked this center traditional , nevertheless would not
  contact precisely how this center is violating art logos and also libel.
• 27-JUL-2012 Randy Schroeder, network marketing veteran and also brain involving major
  network marketing , calls ZeekRewards a new Ponzi scheme , predicts swift stop and also
  suffering to anybody which joined
According to a Zeek "instruction " internet site , Zeekler began it's existence throughout goal the year
of 2010 while "FSCAuction". FSC was obviously a part of Rex endeavor class known as "free retailer
membership ". Throughout june your auction ended up being rebranded Zeekler, and then for a
couple of months , it absolutely was also referred to as an alternative auction below Rex endeavor
class known as MyBidShack, nevertheless was made a separate auction throughout 12 , the year of
NPros, nonetheless , were built with a distinct history. This said that Zeekler failed to commence until
these people acquired a new atlanta dime Auctioneer known as iTicketBid, throughout september the
year of 2010. ITicketBid were built with a record involving failing to provide promised items. Atlanta
got ruled that dime online auctions must be accredited by the state auction fee and also driven
"Wavee" bankrupt since july the year of 2010.
It would seem the simple truth is a mix of the two : Rex endeavor class does commence FSCAuctions
throughout 04 the year of 2010 (a number of remnants can nevertheless be available on zynga and
such by means of yahoo and google research ), FSC online auctions ended up being rebranded
Zeekler throughout june the year of 2010 , plus some time then it acquired or even merged together
with MyBidShack. For a while both are existing collectively , however with distinct workers comp
programs. Zeekler acquired iTicketBid throughout september the year of 2010 and also merged this
straight into Zeekler. Throughout 12 , the year of 2010 the two independent internet sites (Zeekler
and also MyBidShack) are merged once again with a brand new affiliate plan and also relaunched
while merely Zeekler. MyBidShack continued to be productive nevertheless is often a website straight
into Zeekler.
If anyone research MyBidShack's the dynamic naming service you'll see it's registrar is indeed
Zeekler, handled through henry Burks, and also gives very same handle while Zeekler /
ZeekRewards. What exactly is interesting is MyBidShack ended up being owned in early next year
through Darryl Douglas, who is now one of several top 3 in Zeekler.
UPDATE: north carolina Auctioneer panel realises that Rex endeavor class retains auction company
licenses #9401, granted throughout goal 2012. Zeekler controlled for up to 2 365 day without
obtaining the suitable auction licenses.

ZeekRewards says he will certainly be a "returns plan " pertaining to Zeekler, a new "dime auction "
internet site in which visitors invest in rates for bids , being invested in items. Zeekler / ZeekRewards
is often a part of Rex endeavor class , that is work through henry Burks, who has an attractive
extended record throughout network marketing , spanning above 18 decades since first 2012.
nOnetheless , their record ended up being barely spotless. The present better business bureau score
pertaining to Rex endeavor class is "y ", or even are unsuccessful (since 07-MAY-2012). It was
changed to "no score " since 14-JUL-2012, nevertheless a new recheck in 01-AUG-2012 exhibits it is
back to y once again.
NOTE: Zeekler is not running a business pertaining to 14-15 decades. Rex endeavor class has
been in business pertaining to 14-15 decades. Zeekler name was just utilized given that june
the year of 2010 , and also ZeekRewards given that next year.

What is Zeekler?
Zeekler is often a dime auction site , in which men and women pay for rates for bids (because both
versions charge about a money or even much less ), that they post for assorted items upwards
pertaining to putting in a bid , utilizing one particular bet at any given time. The final person to obtain a
bet throughout "wins " them. They pays for that product and possess this sent to them , or even
choose to "spend " them and also receive the distinction between your MSRP and the "bet cost ".
Here's a sample auction : product pertaining to bet is often a inexpensive google android pill together
with MSRP involving $100. A new "most recognized five " auction means you need to use upwards
five rates for bids to start putting in a bid. Every bet improves the price tag on them through 1 dime.
Let' state won by you them in 14.60 (getting the final person to post an offer ), which could suggest
that 1250 rates for bids ended up posted through different visitors , each of who additionally paid for
extra five rates for bids to become listed on the task. Anyone probably expended two hundred rates
for bids or higher to acquire (probably nearer to 300 ). As the winner , you can then spend $12.60 ,
and also shipping , and the product will reach anyone in some months.
How very much can easily Zeekler clear ? every bet is sixty-five cents or so. Supposing you can find
a hundred visitors , 1250 rates for bids might internet $812.five upon rates for bids by yourself , as
well as another five rates for bids for every bidder (it is a most recognized five auction ) which could
put 325. nExt there's $12.60 for that product themselves. Full earnings for one product : $1150. This
is simply not keeping track of the price tag on jogging the slide or even the tariff of them , of course.
(or even shipping and also dealing with )
Let's assume spent two hundred rates for bids to acquire this product (somewhat for the minimal facet
when full rates for bids exceed 1 , 000 ), that's $130, as well as $12.60 for that product , as well as
$10 throughout shipping and also dealing with... You really paid for $152.60 with an product together
with MSRP involving $100, even when you "thought " anyone paid for just 14.60. So we are choosing
upbeat figures (rather nominal amount of rates for bids ). This really is so dangerous , the ftc truly
released someone alert particularly warning everybody about dime auctions.
There are some anomalous habits. Many people are choosing silly level of rates for bids , for example
above 1400 rates for bids (highly valued in approximately $910) pertaining to $100 funds. Which is
only one person , not necessarily total amount of rates for bids (that's thought to be above 5400 rates
for bids ) that creates zero impression in the bidder's POV. This can lead to a number of to imagine
that there be shill putting in a bid crawlers in order to bet the prices , there is however no evidence.
What is Zeek returns ?
ZeekRewards may be the "request just promoting department " involving Zeekler. It absolutely
was started in past due the year of 2010 (probably while past due while the month of january
next year ).
ZeekRewards themselves won't earn money , in line with the established description. Users are only
given a new talk about of the earnings (via Zeekler) pertaining to doing promotions and also getting
funds to the system by purchasing and also "handing out " rates for bids , and then for not
implementing earnings out of your system.
ZeekReward users do need to spend a new month to month membership price. You can find "free
affiliate marketers ", but they are not necessarily entitled to the profit expressing.

ZeekRewards compensation Plan
In any income opportunity , anyone perform a little routines for that organization , and in give back ,
you have paid for executing that task. This is known as your compensation plan , and also can
determine your viability and the legitimacy of the business.
Regarding ZeekRewards, you have paid for half a dozen different ways , that is for auction on their
site below "get paid ". As an alternative to regurgitating their particular vocabulary , i will merely let
you know tha harsh truth :
• ZAP fee -- get paid if you relate folks who acquire "bet delivers "
• Retail retailer -- offer things from your "outlet " and also wallet profits
• Retail things pool (previously generally known as income pool ) -- publish advertisements elsewhere
  , one particular per day , and make sure you have got men and women (which paid for to become
  listed on ) below anyone (see change below ), "share " your rates for bids to choose clients , and
  you can have a talk about of the "store things pool " (described as 50% involving daily earnings or
  even income ).

  EDIT: the requirement "have got men and women below anyone " ended up being taken out
  throughout goal 2012. Thanks to Georgi pertaining to distinguishing this mistake.
• Retail membership -- find fee away folks who "bought " to Zeek (we.elizabeth joined up with while
  affiliate )
• Shopping Daisy -- make fee giving aside this buying web browser toolbar (additionally employees
  men and women , nevertheless a minimum of this charge absolutely nothing )
• Matrix fee -- you additionally get paid for men and women below anyone... Which paid for to the
  system when you purchase rates for bids both with their personal funds , or even together with
  profits purchased from store things pool talk about while discussed above.
There aren't data or even graph and or chart that clarifies simply how much the average
affiliate received in the past via all the half a dozen methods to make. Out of your half a dozen
methods to make , several entails signing up men and women , as an alternative to offering
things. Your "revenue disclosure statement " introduced throughout goal 2012 won't lose any lighting
for this scenario. nOnetheless , your "typical " generating of an affiliate , as outlined by their particular
next year revenue disclosure statement , is actually zero. Though they claim to possess 15000
"productive " affiliate marketers in the usa , and also paid out above 58.five million.
Based upon study of varied discussion board posts , individuals are mainly interested in your "store
things pool ", which in turn works on the really unusual system to compute simply how much income
you can "talk about ", which in turn we're going to make clear in the next part. nEvertheless
essentially , your "talk about " of the income is mainly determined by the amount of money
you've expended to the system and just how extended you're maintaining this throughout and
not having out.
(because of java pertaining to nitpicking about "dime auction " compared to. "invert auction ")
Q: is ZeekRewards satisfying affiliate marketers for that function these people does , or the
amount of money these people invested in Zeek? (the previous is often a employment , the
second can be an expenditure.)

In ZeekRewards, to "talk about " within the income pool , you'll want to share a minimum of 15
rates for bids (we.elizabeth. You need to purchase for them first ), and also publish an advert
every 24 hours. Anyone , of course , need to be a new paying out affiliate while well. Prior to
you significant alteration of first 2012, you are needed to have got a minimum of 2 paying out affiliate
marketers below anyone (silver precious metal , precious metal , or even gemstone , $10, $50, or
even $99 monthly respectively) at the same time. It was taken out.
For every bet you acquire and provide aside , anyone make one particular "vip ProfitPoint" in your
pool. Towards the end of the day , ZeekRewards will file a profit talk about , which in turn averages
about 1.4%.
Let us all assume you possessed previously obtained 1 , 000 rates for bids , thereby , acquired 1 ,
000 vip things. 1.4% involving 1 , 000 is 18 , so that's the "income talk about " of that day , $14. You
can choose to invest most $14 upon repurchase involving rates for bids , that is added to the full (and
that means you now personal 1014 things ). Or else you can select 100% cashout, therefore you will
get 18 money and also $14 is added to your dollars equilibrium. Or else you can perform combining
what ever proportion you wish between repurchase and cash out there.
Each level has a lifetime of 90 days , like the things received upon "income talk about ". If you
acquired 1 , 000 rates for bids , but happened to be 1 , 000 things , in stop involving day 1 you will
have 1014 things , 1 , 000 of which ends throughout 89 days and nights , and also 18 ends
throughout 90 days (if you select full repurchase). Within the at the same time the things are entitling
you to definitely more gives of the income.
The settlement is generally directed through examine , which has a be involving 20 days and nights
as well as transportation time. Though ZeekRewards designed a drive to use settlement processor
chip for example AlertPay and also Solidtrust spend beginning 2012. Zeek have also extra NxPay.
The 3 have got carried on to have mistakes for several a few months , since stop involving july 2012
(see improvements below ).
NOTE: free affiliate marketers can get "bonus points ", that is essentially an easy method to your
things to keep if you choose to change the things straight into vip things through improving the
membership later on.
Q: in which does the profit originate from ? will they range from clients anyone allegedly will
get ? or even is he in the rates for bids you purchased ?

According to ZeekRewards, your daily income talk about is calculated by a proprietary system
utilizing statistics that are business secrets and definately will do not be introduced.
nonetheless , the amount could consist of 2.9% completely to two.0%, with an typical of just one.4%
or even 1.5%. To set this straight into point of view , a known fraud prosecuted by the SEC and also
us all secret assistance , "advertising surf daily ", offered "discount " involving 1% upon weekdays and
also 2.5% upon breaks.
Furthermore, throughout 04 , after they introduced banning of several nations around the world (see
below ), there was several black outs involving Zeekler for about 18 hrs. The income talk about
for that disruption days and nights remain virtually unaffected. Many experts have got inquired
bed not the culprit this "income talk about " truly calculated. Burks have got previously reported this
system is often a proprietary business secret and definately will do not be exposed. Experts upon
several internet sites charged that it must be far more probably that Burks just composed your figures
in his brain without regard to fact.
Many users and also experts have got made spreadsheets to model theoretical earnings determined
by expenditure quantity , income talk about rates , reinvestment quantity , and the like. Versions show
if your "income talk about " is larger than 1.1% 100% reinvestment would just scarcely offset any
expiring things. Thus, one can pull away "income " providing the common income talk about
exceed 1.1%.
Q: bed not the culprit Zeek generating effectively past 1.1% income determined by full level of
vip income things , that is probably within the tens of millions today ?
Based for the ZeekRewards next year revenue disclosure statement , utilizing amount of affiliate
marketers at each level , and also typical salary of such customers , the full payout to users
throughout next year is projected being 58.five million money. Which in turn happens being
$160,thousand income daily discussed.
UPDATE: ultimately involving may 2012, ZeekReward put in some day income talk about
involving 8.9%, next instantly submitted a new modification that they were built with a "guide
book decimal level misplacement". This is actually the full quotation off their reports internet
site :
A guide book decimal positioning mistake happened today while beginning your RPP. Changes will
likely be created to most records afflicted shortly. Most unchanged records will work commonly.
Thanks , Zeek.
Clearly, your daily income talk about is not calculated , but rather , physically joined. How else
can easily these people wrongly keyed in 8.9% instead 2.89%?
Q: Do you imagine that ZeekRewards, possessing only a few 100 online auctions per day , is
generating above $320,thousand (and also increasing ) daily , probably approximately 300
,thousand daily now? (remember , these people talk about "approximately 50% involving daily
income ") And can easily consistently make increase such to outpace level growth in your
foreseeable future ?

ZeekRewards began functioning throughout next year , at one time promised a great return on
your investment (return on investment ) involving certain 125%. This ended up being marketed
on multilple web sites through it's affiliate marketers. That changed in early 2012, while
ZeekRewards chosen a lawyer plus a network marketing consultant (among other men and
women ) to make certain their particular customers are agreeable with all of applicable laws.
After a few months , plan up-date ended up being forced in the market to most affiliate marketers :
STOP discussing ZEEKREWARDS while expenditure IMMEDIATELY
All us all dependent users are needed to spend $10 for the "submission package deal " and also
concur that these people recognize these kinds of restrictions , or even their particular membership
will likely be over instantly.
There are other misc modifications , but that's the one that afflicted essentially the most users.
Hundreds , probably a huge number of youtube. Com videos and also internet sites , articles , and
also posts , promoting ZeekRewards gone away virtually instantaneously.
ZeekRewards chosen many prominent lawyers and also attorneys along with network
marketing professional Laggos to evaluate pertaining to submission. One such attorney is
Gerald Nehra involving Nehra and also Waak. Mister. Nehra can be an network marketing
professional , getting supported while brain involving Amway's legitimate department pertaining to 9
years before you make this their principal business while equally consultant and also network
marketing lawyer and is also well known in the market. nOnetheless , Gerald Nehra has also been
famous for declaring a great affidavit (immediately after examining advertising surf daily
pertaining to submission ) showing a new national the courtroom that "advertising surf daily "
is not a new Ponzi scheme , something the federal the courtroom could not agree together
with. advertising surf daily ended up being prosecuted and also de-activate through federal trade
commission throughout 08 and also fifty-five million money given up and also paid back to individuals
throughout next year.
UPDATE: it's been taken to our interest that network marketing professional Keith Laggos, who was
chosen through Zeek while consultant , additionally recorded a great amicus quick to the
court showing your determine that ASD is not a new Ponzi. Evidently , they ended up being
incorrect at the same time. remember to additionally see reports up-date towards the end while
Laggos ended up being captured promoting something different and also rapidly don't consults
pertaining to Zeek.
UPDATE: submission package deal ended up being lastly published since 07-MAY-2012, and also
first response through users is put together , because it is a plain network marketing submission
program , not necessarily custom-made pertaining to Zeekrewards. It appears to be the same
common submission program in mlmcompliancevt.com.
Q: what exactly ended up being your network marketing submission program designed to
show ? that ZeekRewards is not an investment ? the particular business design can determine
if the customers are an investment together with putting on your Howey check. Same with
your submission program intended to appropriate a new misconception by the affiliate
marketers , as well as to propagate a new mirage?

In 04 2012, ZeekRewards easily over many international affiliate marketers. Currently ,
ZeekRewards declined to list your nations around the world that are afflicted , or even what
number of affiliate marketers were afflicted. nonetheless , through researching the nation listing
before and after the alteration , half a dozen nations around the world were found to be lacking within
the second option version. ZeekRewards haven't confirmed their email list involving prohibited
nations around the world , nor discussed why it was carried out.
Speculations were widespread , together with at least one network marketing advocate taking a
chance this had to do with federal trade commission warning about dime online auctions (except this
makes no impression while federal trade commission can be an national organization working with
national legislation , so just why prohibit international affiliate marketers ?) one particular Zeekreward
assist reply said this really is because of actions / policies via individuals nations around the world ,
not necessarily ZeekRewards. Members throughout individuals nations around the world will
likely be just paid back their particular month to month membership fees and also first bet
buying. Most vip things received are dropped.
One 7 days later on , upon ZeekRewardNews, Paul Burks, chief executive officer , said that
nations around the world that have been prohibited were done to comply with us all office
involving Treasury, office involving foreign tool command (OFAC) which looks after a report
on sanctions. Burks just described "prohibited nations around the world " and also offered no
Request to OFAC pertaining to opinion and also study involving OFAC report on sanctions
demonstrates you can find at the moment no sanctions in opposition to individuals half a
dozen countries that could trigger umbrella prohibit of those half a dozen nations around the world.
ZeekRewards at the moment does not have any opinion or even clarifications, bringing about outcry
among additional international affiliate marketers , in and also out of your afflicted nations around the
world. There are also stories on how the business is merely by using a free googlemail handle to
course of action refunds, and is also really slower or maybe flat out not necessarily responding to
concerns. This however , can not be confirmed. A lot of those stressing in the afflicted nations around
the world are actually users for upwards of annually and is also believed to have got significant vip
level bills.
Q: evidently your henry Burks description is not in keeping with details. So just why ended up
being this offered ? that which was the true history ?

In a genuine business in places you benefit the amount of money , the compensation depends on
how hard you work and also precisely what outcomes you are able to achieve with this function.
In Zeek returns , the profit expressing system motivates folks who suffer from really low good balance
to not necessarily taken money , while folks who suffer from huge level bills can easily pull away
plenty of funds. quite simply , you're not getting recognized for that level of function one does ,
however for cost you add to the system and also maintaining this there , and then for signing
up other people who perform the same.
Assuming 1.5% substance daily , and also 100% repurchase, a hundred things will end up 244 things
throughout 60 days. nOnetheless , this really is most "digital development ". nO actual funds provides
reached your pocket. Instead , you've paid for throughout a minimum of 100+10+10 money to the
system. If you invest the following four weeks (before the first a hundred things run out ) carrying out
100% withdrawal , you can draw about three or more.five money daily (progressively decreasing ).
That ought to imply your family will enjoy back again the $100 plus a extra therefore it is a new zero-
sum game. If you enjoy an extended expression game you might can certainly make some funds.
This things to a few fundamental issues :
1. They state this is simply not an investment , while it truely does work the same as a great
2. Business model could not make any impression , while ZeekReward is often a genuine reduction
    center without any obtain (it can be profitable out there funds , nevertheless does not have any
    revenue to check , mainly because it has to take cash in on Zeekler)
3. People which put in slightly funds increases virtually absolutely nothing , folks who put in a lot of
    money (and enable the amount of money to substance for longer than 90 days ) increases lots of
First difficulty... this a lot feels as though an investment , despite every attempt by it not to
make reference to themselves as a possible expenditure. the truth is , throughout feb and also
goal 2012, the brand new submission group in ZeekRewards were built with a attack upon most
affiliate marketers forcing these phones pack up any mention of ZeekRewards while "expenditure ".
These people actually produced a new volunteer "Zeek group " to go immediately after non-compliant
affiliate marketers.
Second difficulty... E-commerce model could not make any impression. ZeekRewards, whether it is
certainly having to pay a huge amount of $$$ towards the affiliate marketers , exactly what
these people stepping out of your affiliate marketers ? you will find there's ) membership fees , b
) posting involving advertisements , and also h ) recruitment. The 3 have got issues.
If you make payment for to become listed on a plan , next get paid through signing up other people
who additionally spend to become listed on , what we have got is often a chart scheme. This is very
clear via federal trade commission past rulings. (see federal trade commission compared to. Koscot,)
creating a free affiliate level is irrelevant.
Paying people to publish advertisements is okay , nevertheless why might Zeek spend somebody
that got a lot more things (we.elizabeth. Placed more money to the system ) more money ,
while she or he does the same level of act as somebody that got much less things ? folks who
suffer from 10000 things are paid for a hundred periods over folks who suffer from a hundred things ,
which does the same function. The distinction is how very much funds these people paid for to
the system , not necessarily whatever they does for that organization. Evidently , your
advertising positioning is not the actual profit to ZeekRewards.
Finally, if you study the device , you may know that essentially the most "things " an affiliate provides ,
the greater that affiliate rewards. And just how *do* you have a lot more things ? through carrying out
a pair of things :
• Put funds to the system (acquire rates for bids pertaining to free gift )
• Keep the amount of money throughout system (repurchase rates for bids whenever possible ), take
  absolutely nothing out
The a lot more one does these items , the better you're allegedly recognized by means of this
"income talk about " thing. This can be an expenditure. Sort of search these people firmly insist
it isn't an investment ? What type of expenditure that just motivates people to preserve getting
make the most , and don't take any out there ?
At the very least one particular new member pondered this income expressing is just pertaining to
placing advertisements. nOnetheless , this makes no impression. Your proceeding charge pertaining
to paying out someone to publish advertisements upon cl and such is often a miniscule 60 cents for
every advertising. ZeekRewards won't submit full paid out however the charge is determined by what
number of things you've. If you should only have got 15 things , then you're paid for cents.
Should you have 10000 things , you're paid for one hundred fifty. Money (supposing 1.5%
income talk about ). Equally pertaining to carrying out the same function daily.
Furthermore, within the international debate above , your international users , many of who are
actually together with ZeekRewards for upwards of annually , is merely getting back the
amount of money they put throughout (monthly fees and also rates for bids obtained ).
Everything carried out in that yr ? entirely worthless.
When anyone put the two details collectively , summary is inescapable : ZeekRewards is not
immediately after your projects , nevertheless is merely immediately after your cash. Tasks
are a great afterthought.
Furthermore, people that were by now throughout , and possess amassed a huge amount of
vip things , will likely be receiving almost all of the income. Past due joiners are getting
virtually absolutely nothing.
Q: why might they assert they're not an investment , when they really would like your cash ?

In america , it really is illegal to provide upwards expenditure deals for sale towards the public
without signing up with the sec and also swap fee (sec ), a new national economic regulatory
organization. Most companies , including Ponzi strategies , were investigated by the sec and also
involved in offering "non listed sec ", and then for disguising the truth that they're doing so. The truth
that ZeekRewards began this "submission activity " throughout feb 2012 to strategic stop
mentioning themselves as a possible expenditure indicate it may be considered as a possible
expenditure agreement in certain conditions. Would it be genuinely an investment agreement
though ?
According to American University's program upon economic regulations (pdf file ), the federal check
about what is often a "economic agreement " provides several elements (founded throughout sec
compared to. Howey, also referred to as your "Howey check "):
1. investment involving money
2. in perhaps the most common enterprise
3. w/ expectation involving profits
4. solely in the attempts involving others
As you acquire bet via Zeek, trade this pertaining to vip Profitpoints, next expect income talk about , it
seems that Zeekrewards a minimum of contours to elements 1 , two , and also three or more. And so
the main question for you is factor several... Does any additional needs , for example "publish one
particular advertising daily " negate factor several ?
While a new rigid decryption of the word "exclusively " would seem to guide the positioning that this
more needs ZeekRewards would mean it isn't an investment agreement , until recently the federal
courts have got ruled that "exclusively " is construed rather generally. Most of the time , factor several
is often a check on how very much command perform your participant have got above day-to-day
The 4th element of your Howey check , “to be derived exclusively in the attempts involving people ,”
requires a test to the level of command retained by the trader. Courts will take a look at your
investor’s participation within the day-to-day functions or even operations decisions of the
business enterprise to determine if the expenditure will depend on exclusively for the
attempts involving others. The following , your courts care more about material above type.
Example 1 : in the event sec compared to. Glenn Turner enterprises , Turner contended that
participant need to get to get coming back , therefore your give back is not "exclusively " via attempts
involving additional. The judge declined your disagreement. Your "attempts " throughout factor
several are considered to be vital managing decisions that has an effect on the achievements your
scheme , and also signing up is not this type of selection.
Example two : in the event sec compared to. Advertising surf daily , Boudwin, brain involving ASD,
and his awesome attorney contended that given that they call for individuals to click on
advertisements , to find the earnings , your give back is not "exclusively " in the attempts involving
people. The judge declined your disagreement for the similar purpose.
Is posting involving advertisements "crucial functioning " necessary for failure or success
involving Zeekler and also Zeekrewards? logically the reply is "no ".
As any additional needs won't wipe out factor several "energy involving people ", Zeekler
suits all four aspects of "expenditure agreement " and also "sec ", thereby , ZeekRewards may
the truth is be responsible for offering non listed sec.
ZeekRewards allegedly got chosen former-SEC lawyers pertaining to submission , therefore ,
observation above is merely good for that latest business design , since 04 2012. Should they alter
their particular business design , a brand new examination will likely be executed.
Q: why might ZeekRewards firmly insist they're not an investment , actually chosen lawyers
and also specialists training so , if they are , as outlined by national description , an
investment ?

Many individuals have asked yourself whether or not ZeekRewards is often a Ponzi scheme ,
because it is having to pay virtually usurious costs (1.5% daily pertaining to 90 days !) to respond to
that , we should instead first establish what exactly is a new Ponzi scheme.
“A ‘Ponzi scheme’ typically details a new scheme in which before people are paid for in the assets
involving more recent people as opposed to via any main business concern , until the scheme
prevents to draw in new people and the chart collapses.” Eberhard sixth is v. Marcu, 530 y.3d 122,
132 and.several (2d Cir. 08 )
Noted network marketing lawyer Gerald Nehra (among those chosen through ZeekRewards
pertaining to submission ) utilized this 3 criterias in his professional accounts succumbed your
advertising surf daily case.
1. the promise of an return on investment to stimulate your participant to set funds to the plan ;
2. the deficiency of any main legitimate service or product or even tool adequate to preserve your
   promised affiliate marketer payouts ; and
3. the demand for a continuing flow of latest investors/participants to finance your payouts
Do these kinds of 3 conditions match ZeekRewards?
A1. does Zeek returns promise return on investment ? prior to 2012 these people positive did,
while Zeek returns truly certain 125% return on your investment (which in turn , as an aside , can be
the amount found in advertising surf daily ) After your submission evaluation , the word
"expenditure " disappeared via almost all promoting. nOnetheless , the essential business design
would not alter. You placed make the most to buy rates for bids , that you simply give them
away to trade pertaining to vip things , and you make give back upon vip things. Therefore ,
it's still operating as an expenditure.
Furthermore, examination (see above "is Zeekrewards an investment ?") demonstrates
ZeekRewards contours towards the 4-element "Howey check " that can determine whether or
not something can be viewed a great "expenditure agreement ". A simple please note "not an
expenditure " may not be adequate to stop a great sec study.
A2. Does Zeek returns come with an main manufactured goods is legitimate ? or even merely
deceptive conceal ? controversial. Zeekler is equipped with the best merchandise : rates for
bids. you should buy rates for bids being invested in your "dime online auctions ". Certainly , in a very
distinct document , Mr. Nehra proposed that this merchandise have to have "intrinsic price "
that people might acquire this due to the personal welfare , instead of just to take part.
However, affiliate marketers don't think of buying rates for bids for that rates for bids. They
purchase free gift rates for bids (not necessarily store rates for bids ) to get vip things , and
also earnings are received upon vip things , not necessarily rates for bids. this really is
therefore , folks who become a member of ZeekRewards are not following rates for bids because of
their intrinsic price. That this rates for bids can be utilized throughout dime online auctions is very
inadvertent for that individuals. Indeed, the state history is that the rates for bids are "given away
A3. does Zeek returns call for continuous influx of latest users to deliver payout to old users ?
controversial People would be purchasing rates for bids in hopes involving profitable items , which
could offer Zeekler a profit being distributed to users involving ZeekRewards. However, people are
using rates for bids really funnily. The events in which men and women utilized like 1400 rates
for bids (worth $900) to acquire $100 throughout funds are in reality quite repeated. folks who
use rates for bids to actually bet may not accomplish that (could not make any impression ).
nOnetheless , folks who will not must have your rates for bids might accomplish that , as is also not
necessarily immediately after profitable them , nevertheless merely to eliminate your rates for bids
just for them to acquire a lot more , trade them pertaining to vip things , and get your give back in the
vip things. The true question for you is , are there adequate store clients which acquire rates for bids
to deliver that much income towards the ZeekRewards affiliate marketers ? or even are the
ZeekRewards affiliate marketers generating the gains them selves when you purchase individuals
free gift rates for bids , therefore paying out them selves ?
Mr. Nehra discussed in his affidavit and also accounts that there should be a new dividing
range between "users " and also "clients ", plus a Ponzi would've almost no distinction
between users and also clients. Essentially , your users are paying out the other , as an alternative to
expressing "earnings " via clients , thereby , call for constant influx of latest users , not necessarily
Zeekrewards won't submit data on how many paying out clients (which just acquire rates for
bids ) that aren't users involving ZeekRewards.. Therefore , it really is extremely hard to
convey whether or not Zeekler already have significant amount of actual clients providing
actual income being discussed one of several ZeekReward members, instead of just
ZeekReward users getting funds to the system while rates for bids that is used older users
(individuals with a lot more vip things ). nOnetheless , your anomalous bet conduct appears to be to
indicate these visitors are not clients (no one's that ridiculous ), but rather users or even shill records
controlled through users.
In most Ponzi strategies , any sort of withdrawal is disappointed , and all sorts of individuals
are encouraged to "rollover " their particular increases while "reinvestment" to help keep the
amount of money within the system as an alternative to having out. ZeekRewards has a built-in
system involving "ninety day expiry " to encourage you to definitely keep the make the most
for at least 60 days , and also ideally longer. Furthermore , this endorses 80/20 repurchase,
therefore maintaining 80% of the payout within the system. Which is same as carry over.
Furthermore, Ponzi strategies have got 3 a lot more characteristics : atypically regular earnings ,
secrecy, and also phony product/business. ZeekRewards has the atypically regular earnings and also
secrecy (while discussed above ), and its product is somewhat for the iffy facet , because "twin use'
ability. So it provides two.five from three or more indicators.
There isn't any evidence that you have significant amount of people actually buy store rates
for bids when compared to the quantity of rates for bids affiliate marketers acquired , and also
always acquire daily while repurchase, therefore generating the gains throughout Zeekler that
are getting discussed through ZeekRewards. Affiliate marketers choose the rates for bids to "enjoy
", we.elizabeth. Be associated with the gains , nevertheless as it is your rates for bids that generates
the gains (and also repurchase involving a lot more rates for bids daily ), your affiliates are
fundamentally paying out them selves when you purchase rates for bids and also generating
the gains being discussed , next talk about the gains. Which makes it a new Ponzi scheme.
It can be very worthwhile to notice that ZeekRewards is greatly used through refugees coming from a
Ponzi scheme known as "advertising surf daily " leaped through Andy Bowdoin. Among openly
determined users that belonged to both are the following.
• Terralyn Hoy
• Todd Disner
• Dwight Owen Schweitzer
• Jerry Napier
• Trudy Gilmond
Disner and also Schweitzer have got recorded legal action contrary to the federal government
pertaining to prosecuting your ASD Ponzi scheme, claiming wrongful requested by
prosecution and also various other malfeasance. Others are actually referred to as top earners
in Zeek through ZeekRewards, and/or in the role of "personnel " pertaining to Zeek throughout
on-line community forums and/or run their unique internet sites selling Zeek.
One a lot more product involving be aware : dawn Wright-Olivares, CMO involving Zeek, can be an
affiliate by the handle involving HippieDiva. It is a puzzle what number of vip things does the girl have
got , nevertheless she's been there since start.
Q: how does ZeekRewards seem like a new Ponzi scheme via different angles ?
Q: what are different elements , like rates for bids , income talk about , and the like ? is he
authentic income expressing mechanisms , or maybe obfuscation and also conceal ?
Q: how does ZeekRewards search similar to advertising surf daily , a new guilty Ponzi scheme

There could be more difficulty with Zeekrewards.
ZeekRewards could be a great illegal lottery
As stated earlier , a number of Zeekler dime online auctions are pertaining to $100 funds. This
improves probable legitimate financial obligations mainly because it might be deemed a great "illegal
lotto ". In the usa , just governing bodies can easily work lotteries in places you pay for the opportunity
to acquire. Exclusive lotteries are illegal.
What is regarded as a new lotto ? 3 elements:
1. Prizes
2. Winners decided on through Chance
3. Consideration
So far , your dime auction genre , in places you acquire rates for bids to learn , haven't been
questioned in the court to be a lotto , because they deal that those who win are not decided on
through probability , together should apply certain type of an art form to determine whether to post an
offer or otherwise not for that product. nOnetheless , with computerized putting in a bid , does this
type of expertise truly exist ? can you actually state that a person investing 1410 rates for bids
(in $0.sixty-five every ) pertaining to $100 funds already have any expertise throughout putting
in a bid ?
Keep in your mind that declares have got de-activate keeping programs that features a lotto mounted
on this (it is a "no reduction lotto ", in places you keep the funds anyone enjoy , as you just make
much less awareness ), though it is apparently an excellent treatment for remedy the lower savings
charge involving americans. What will they certainly to dime online auctions , whether it at any time
draws in their particular interest ?
Q: dime online auctions are legitimate , but rather dangerous , according to the federal trade
commission. nOnetheless , is auctioning away funds legitimate ?

Zeekler rates for bids while business cost may not be the complete story
ZeekRewards got Kaplan, your taxes consultant , to convey that for those who acquired rates for bids
and also offered the offending articles , your rates for bids could be taxes insurance deductible. That
can be a could be correct , how would you report individuals vip things you will get if you offered aside
your rates for bids ? is he revenue ? tool ? additional ?
They are not tool as is also worth absolutely nothing by themselves. You simply can't trade them for
the money. It is just various anywhere throughout Zeek's computer.
They are not revenue as you didn't truly obtained money. It isn't really results or even awareness
because they state it is "not an expenditure ".
If you never report them , you then got a huge internet reduction which may induce a great examine.
So what can anyone report it ?
ZeekRewards meeting together with taxes professional Howard Kaplan offered a very puzzling
response :
Q: i am aware which i will receive a 1099 pertaining to vip rates for bids over a “Constructive bill.”
consequently , i will be able to take via our 1099 your things that run out as a possible
A: assuming that anyone run like a only proprietorship, the Zeek customers are reportable upon
routine h. See part we , range two.
A type "1099" is ready by a business to "installers and also non-employees" while proof revenue. A
"constructive bill " is often a type of revenue that has not necessarily been truly obtained , but
nevertheless must be reported, for example share. The solution seem to imply what ever ended up
being inquired holds true : vip rates for bids are considered revenue. nOnetheless , it is not vip rates
for bids that are revenue , nevertheless "income talk about " daily.
A theoretical example , supposing a hundred vip bet invest in upon the month of january 1 , 80%
reinvestment, 1.4% typical income talk about , show that in stop of the year , your pool ended up with
above 5700 income talk about (just 1100 is within funds ), and also over twenty five hundred things
"run out ". So what do you report while revenue , and also precisely what while expenditures , and
also precisely what while additional ?
Profit involving 5700 is obviously revenue , even when you just obtained 1100 throughout funds ,
getting reinvested the remainder.
Membership fees must be cost (15 monthly is one hundred twenty )
What about... rUn out things , like your Q&a new ?
Checking your interest rates documentation exhibits there isn't any record pertaining to "range two "
upon established interest rates instructions pertaining to routine h on how it must be done. rEsearch
involving interest rates internet site demonstrates you will find there's "advice " that range two is not to
use except in case there is "earnings and also considerations ". Browsing your interest rates internet
site says "earnings and also considerations " are merely employed for tariff of rebates and also
earnings away income expense of actual products. As vip rates for bids are not solutions
distributed through affiliate pertaining to earnings , very easy look appropriate to list "run out
things " on line two involving routine h at all while "considerations " being cheaper away your
wages. with this predicament , you should only acquired a hundred rates for bids. You will never take
twenty five hundred. Where does your run out things go , folks who wants rely this below
"considerations ", and it's not an cost ?
Also, are you currently genuinely being released in advance should you have just obtained
1100, nevertheless need to report revenue upon 5700? supposing your wages group is 25%, the
fees upon 5700 is 1425... That is over the amount of money you really pocketed (1100).
Even if you take your twenty five hundred run out things (supposing the deduction is granted , which
in turn and we don't recognize nevertheless ), so your "net gain " is 3200, taxes is $800, so your
"internet " earnings are merely $300 (immediately after taxes ). Anyone paid for taxes upon $3200,
even when you just got $1100 straight into your pocket. If the income tax bracket is greater , this
will likely be even worse.
Some ZeekRewards affiliate marketers want to take most bet buying , including
"reinvestments" while business cost. this makes more impression. Using the same figures while
above , 5700 things acquired around , 1100 throughout funds , and also 4600 while reinvestment/
rates for bids repurchase. And that means you are claiming the company "built " 5700 nevertheless
"expenditures " are 4600 pertaining to "internet " income involving 1100, pertaining to taxes
responsibility involving 275 (25% income tax bracket )
There is a lot more possibility : reward expenditures. nOnetheless , reward expenditures tend not to
affect "new " clients , and furthermore , gift cost reductions are tied to $25 for every person. folks who
wants demonstrate what number of folks were the rates for bids provided to , the deduction may not
be granted. And when most of your company cost contains reward reductions , which in turn is higher
than your wages , you will likely induce a great examine.
Seems your best bet is with "business cost " deduction. So what do you do with the twenty five
hundred run out things ? if you take *that* at the same time , you opt for -1400 net gain , even when
you truly pocketed 1100. Evidently , that can't be appropriate. Apparently , your twenty five hundred
run out things can not be taken. It's just dropped.
IRS guidelines are clear : you can find "buying ", and there are "expenditures ". Your "established "
range via Zeekrewards is that the rates for bids anyone buying are "expenditures " since they're given
away while campaign thereby counts while immediate business cost. That could embark on range 8
of the taxes give back while expenditures. rEmember , find documentation in the event you got
Q: why ended up being your taxes advice so puzzling ? why can't Zeek's taxes professional
merely offer clear advice on what exactly is insurance deductible and also precisely what just
isn't ?

In goal next year ZeekRewards published "revenue disclosure statement " pertaining to next year ,
plus some very worthwhile figures emerged. Pertaining to submission causes , i'm not permitted to
connect to this , but it is quickly discovered if you look for "ZeekRewards revenue disclosure
statement " on google. Here are some highlights pertaining to 2011
• Total amount of productive users is 15318
• Calculating the whole revenue through their particular typical exposed full payout being $58.five
• Average daily payout is $160000 to all or any users (above partition through 365)
• As ZeekRewards pay out half of income , so full income is 320000 DAILY
• 15318 is 23.99% involving full users , so full users is 63852
• average payout for every new member happens to be roughly $170
• Yet the highest paid for affiliate received 700000 (of course , that's seven-hundred thousands of
  money )
• Zeek says he will share fifty percent their particular income to users , so Zeek yucky twelve-monthly
  income is 117 million
While these kinds of figures aren't question remarkable (probably somewhat much less remarkable
than anyone imagine ), there are a few flaws.
• ZeekRewards will not become a business that received 58 million throughout next year. Internet site
  issues , auction issues , machine black outs , and the like are quite repeated. Customer service
  ended up tagged by a number of while terrible.
• This *huge* difference between lowest paid for (actually zero ) and also maximum paid for (700000)
  affiliate marketers indicate that if you do not get this amazing network involving downlines and/or
  large numbers involving vip things , you've little probability of generating large revenue throughout
  ZR. Supporting ZR to offer rates for bids truly won't cause you to be prosperous.
• Do you really believe they may be generating $320,thousand daily throughout yucky income ?
• Roughly 75% involving users are not "productive ", which may suggest users which joined up with
  next quit. This would advise a huge 'churn' charge , while individuals are quitting being exchanged
  through clean users (and also their particular bet buying ).
Q: your "typical " revenue for every affiliate pertaining to next year is $170 pertaining to
complete yr... So just why a large number of men and women claiming they made "1000's "? in
which are the all them ?
Q: when those individuals quit , precisely what built these people joined up with , next halted
contributing (thereby deemed not necessarily "productive ")? posting one particular
advertising daily can't be efforts...
Q: will ZeekRewards always publish excellent earnings (probably above 400000 daily now ),
while additional dime online auctions internet sites are achieving america ?

During your memorial service day weekend (stop involving may 2012), ZeekRewards built a
comment urges most affiliate marketers to downpayment their particular checks as is also
transferring banks. And any checks not necessarily transferred through june very first , 2012
is regarded as VOID. Your new lender never was named.
There any description upon why they cannot abandon adequate funds to pay your checks.
A later on up-date said the credit card processor chip is within Hong Kong. It can be not
necessarily named. And that affiliates will likely be paid for within their eWallets, not
necessarily checks. While there is chat that ZR was going to go to "eWallets" back goal 2012, your
"why " never was pointed out.
This cause widespread speculation one of several affiliate marketers , along with many phrases via
additional affiliate marketers that offered no solutions apart from "trust in Zeek". Doubts about
precisely what lender is Zeek utilizing ended up being often yelled down through additional affiliate
marketers with the rhetoric : "so why do you want to know ? do you want to contact them about Zeek?
phone Zeek if you wish to ask questions about Zeek!" see monitor shot involving discussion board
The "established " purpose proposed by ZeekRewards is the fact that their particular existing
2 finance institutions cannot handle them. Experts involving ZeekRewards mention you can find
plenty involving additional us all finance institutions throughout north carolina which could
handle any sort of sensible transactions, and also speculated that this purpose to maneuver
settlement processor chip out of your region is always to avoid us all law, similar to Full tip
poker Ponzi scheme does until these were de-activate throughout 2011. Your experts additionally
speculated that probably ZeekRewards ended up being reported PNG by the 2 banks this got
utilized , and this "cannot handle " is just public realtions spin, nevertheless this got no evidence
thereby can not be deemed reliable. nOnetheless , it will make clear why Zeek cannot abandon
adequate make the most your bill to pay your checks.
Q: why is Zeek so vehemently trying to preserve their particular bank's id a new secret ?
UPDATE: Zeek assist is apparently additionally banning speculations for the lender , to users taking
the facet involving Zeek throughout not necessarily answering precisely what lender ended up being
Zeek utilizing. Here is a monitor shot of these assist panel , with the several "taken out feedback "
pointed out :
Update: Zeek assist panel is advising which a the latest "instruction phone " advised Zeek affiliate
marketers to accept expenses via the philipines. (this evidently can't be northern Korea...)
NOTE: ZeekRewards logo ended up being taken out for every ask for.
Compared towards the earlier "remember to recognize expenses via ZonaLibre1" (that is obviously
compact country of panama ) this really is a lot more bewildering.
Q: where is ZeekRewards charge card processor chip ? failed to ZeekRewardsNews state
Hong Kong previously ?

End involving may 2012 Zeek submitted a day-to-day income talk about (RPP) involving 8.9%, next
easily introduced that they designed a decimal level information accessibility oversight and definately
will recalculate everyones things.
This cause experts indicating this just realises speculation that this income talk about is not calculated
, nevertheless physically joined (via precisely what ?). rEmember to see "is Zeek returns having to
pay too much ?" part above to find out full point of view.

Zeek affiliate marketers are canceling that this crimson rug event prices keep going upwards or more.
On ZeekRewardNews, case charge ended up being described being $25. And they're maintaining the
complete area a new secret , because they state your location ended up being at a loss for callers.
However, Zeek affiliate marketers report that instead of a 300 attendee event , Zeek extended case
for about 1 , 000 seats , and is also apparently charging extra $$$ if you wish to have dinner and also
wring palms with the Zeek execs like Burks and also dawn and the like.
(previously the line ended up being misinterpret as the event charging $1000, the big mistake has
been set )
Search involving Clemmons north carolina demonstrates you can find just 2 suited locations
throughout Clemmons: holiday resort express , and also VIllage resort event Center. Your Holiday
resort express has a 550 sq foot hospitality place which may be suitable. A number of users have got
described that it is apparently found in prior crimson rug situations.
Apparently cameras as well as other recording devices are disallowed at the crimson rug
event , according to the "established " may event display.
Q: simply how much does your crimson rug event genuinely charge ? simply how much to
wring palms together with henry Burks, dawn , and the like ?
Q: why so much secrecy? (no camera , no precise handle , etc.)

An established rep involving ZeekRewards is showing affiliate marketers upon established
discussion board that they must stop asking questions , and when they should inquire such
questions they ought to abandon the business.
The just the latest occurrence which i can easily think of which is comparable is how Bernie "most
significant us all Ponzi scheme " Madoff supposedly advised folks who inquired way too many
questions to leave.
The entrepreneur is constantly on the quiz him — that’s their type , while their accountant can easily
attest. They pokes and also prods until they receives solutions.
Abruptly, mister. Madoff will become stronger. “Listen,” he admits that. “You inquire a great deal of
questions. Among the best to make one thing clear : with all of credited respect , after you commit ,
anyone can’t phone me. You’ll take care of another individual.”
The entrepreneur joy — their accountant is aware your opinion provides close the threshold upon any
possibility of an arrangement. Probably that’s precisely what mister. Madoff planned.
As almost as much ast they needs this man’s funds , they do not want this unremitting fascination.
After a few a lot more pleasantries, these people rise , swap handshakes and also go walking
towards your double goblet doorways bringing about your elevators.
Consider your questions for yourself :
Q: is inquiring "would you Zeek lender together with " a fair query ? otherwise , you will want
to ? if that's the case , what exactly is Zeek hiding ?
Q: how does the official Zeek rep , upon discussion board , suggest that questions are not
tolerated ?
UPDATE: an explanation provides surfaced lately , by means of unofficial stations , that Zeek is
hiding your id of these new lender as their old finance institutions were receiving calls via angry
affiliate marketers who would like to recognize why their particular examine provided for Zeek wasn't
submitted within their Zeek bill. This equally solutions a number of questions , nevertheless develop
brand new ones , if this sounds like correct.
Q: in the event the description ended up being correct (see above ), it is evidently a new assist
issue with Zeek, so that they have to repair your assist concern. Why are they operating like
dictators, we.elizabeth. "close upwards or even abandon "?
Q: in the event the description ended up being correct (see above ), next their particular state
about their particular finance institutions cannot "handle them " is public realtions spin. These
were "nicely inquired " to lender elsewhere. So why do these people not necessarily admit so ,
but rather , experimented with whitewash the situation ?

When ZeekRewards ask for that you simply publish advertisements to promote Zeekler, evidently ,
you're designed to take it seriously and also publish in a very location in which they may be expected
to be examine through those who are truly exciting throughout reading through such things.
Would a new ZeekReward "lover website " become qualified as such ? definitely not necessarily !
men and women there already know about Zeekler!
How about a opinion area of a new weblog ? definitely not necessarily ! do you read the feedback by
visiting a number of arbitrary internet site for that advertisements ?
So have no idea of new member known as joe Chapman (whoever extended record throughout
network marketing i am going to not necessarily go into the following ), exposed a new Zeekrewards
lover website (in which it is obviously attracting folks who know about Zeekler and also
ZeekRewards), and is also motivating people to post their particular advertising in his feedback part ?
who're designed to examine these kinds of advertisements ?
UPDATE: i've been informed by a reputable supply that this internet site is finished.
nOnetheless , i have not obtained word upon fortune involving mister. Chapman, whether or
not they continued to be a new Zeek affiliate.
The questions below continued to be though.
Some questions that you should consider...
• Does Zeek truly *check* in the event the advertisements are submitted ?
• Do they care about in which the advertisements are submitted ? it might just be in certain
  arbitrary opinion anywhere , like for this guy's Zeek fansite! (or even your individual free
  weblog )
• Do you really want to get results for a business in which it's users are violating a minimum of
  your nature , otherwise the entire body of the function , and also motivating people to do so
• If Zeek doesn't really love your advertisements getting submitted , next precisely what *are*
  anyone getting money upon ?

In june independence day 2012 "control phone " managed through dawn Oliveiras, in concerning the
20 minute tag the girl pointed out that 700 affiliate marketers throughout montana ended up being
afflicted , without specifying the situation , that Zeek provides "hoops to leap by means of ", about
how exactly these people leaped through the hoops, flaming or otherwise , throughout north carolina
and they're going to achieve this throughout montana at the same time.
UPDATE: now there are stories upon zynga and also ZeekSupport discussion board that
equally fellow member register along with bet buying throughout montana are actually
suspended through Zeek, no causes received since 10-JUN-2012.
Considering that Zeek is based throughout north carolina , nevertheless got lately forgotten the two
finance institutions (Zeek claims banks can't handle them any further ) throughout north carolina and
also relocated a great unspecified lender (throughout unfamiliar location ), one particular speculates
whether or not this unspecified difficulty (or even issues ) could be associated with legal issues. Think
about that montana is among the first declares to sue FHTM like a chart scheme , this can be a great
very worthwhile growth.
Q: is ZeekRewards experiencing difficulity throughout montana ? if that's the case , what sort
of issues ? is he legal problems ? and also why are they getting so secretive about this
difficulty ?

Previously ZeekRewards's discussion board is available pertaining to public see. nOnetheless ,
began this wednesday 13-JUN-2012 they are going "exclusive ", we.elizabeth. Just ZeekRewards
new member can easily logon and also see the down sides and/or publish them. This really is their
particular statement :
On wednesday june tough luck , 2012 this community will likely be under-going cross over.
With this migration coming from a public community to a exclusive community we have some caveats
that will come about , all the content material with this latest community will progress above.
How does hiding all your dirty clothes via public see supply "greater assistance "? very easy.
It additionally skins most troubles getting endured through affiliate marketers via probable affiliate
marketers , therefore producing your optical illusion that everything is okay , until that affiliate runs
into a problem and also ended up being directed to your discussion board.
ZeekRewards has already been well-known for not tolerating dissent. Established rep of that
discussion board submitted communication that anyone who preserve asking questions must close
upwards or even abandon Zeek. (see above ).
The ZeekRewardsNews internet site can be significant pertaining to hiding vast majority of the
feedback , as the monitor shot exhibits. From sixty-five feedback , just six are revealed. And this is
typical of virtually most topics on websites.
This is extremely typical of most ZeekRewardsNews internet site : just pleasant or even natural
feedback are published. Most "bad ", "crucial ", or even "questioning " feedback are hidden.
Q: precisely what else is he hiding via public see ?

Currently, ZeekRewards don't products leads , but rather , pertains most affiliate marketers
which needs brings about share a number of rates for bids to , to contact and purchase leads
via ZCustomers
However, ZCustomers provides this very worthwhile product inside their frequently asked questions :
Q: perform your prospective customers understand that they may be getting enrolled in Zeekler online
auctions ?
A: no. They are informed concerning the Zeekler when they get their particular first e mail via
Zeekler together with specifics of using their particular free rates for bids. they only recognize
they're going to get a minimum of twenty five free rates for bids.
This "buyer " steer anyone allegedly got will not be aware of precisely what s/he provides opted.
nEvertheless these people can be found in the "buyer listing " together with records and also
accounts and such by now developed.
Q: which developed them , should they will not be aware of they have opted ?
Q: you don't expect such "leads " to buy any rates for bids immediately after trying the free
rates for bids ?
Tracing owners behind ZCustomers says they might really be ZeekRewards users , nevertheless they
claim they're not connected to Zeekler or even ZeekRewards.
Q: is he value $2.double zero every if you opt for in lots of two hundred ?
UPDATE: an individual claiming being Bessoni, owner of ZCustomers, submitted 2 feedback
in BehindMLM that denies any wrongdoing, promised to respond to questions , next in no way

Recently a neighborhood television set place to Zeekler does a new message upon dime auction
market and usually portrayed Zeek in a very beneficial lighting. nOnetheless , an announcement
ended up being examine by the media reporter towards the end that seem to imply Zeekler and also
Zeekrewards are actually vetted through north carolina lawyer General's office and possess been
looked at as legitimate. This ended up being an error , while no such declaration made an
appearance within the composed version , when queried, your north carolina AG's office
spokesperson replied they may have contacted the television place to produce a modification , that
AG's office has not built any determination upon whether or not Zeekler and also
ZeekRewards are legitimate or even not.
This would not stop ZeekRewards reports , the state Zeek reports channel , via instantly writing a
blog about their particular "accomplishment ", and its affiliate marketers to spam feedback at the
television set place internet site together with signing up back links. In which went as far as claiming
that ftc and also sec swap fee got "cleared " the business , even though no such thing got transpired.
Q: may be the report a real report by the nearby reports , or even would it be a new "fluff part
", fundamentally a great advertorial?

There are repeated stories involving charge card issues in Zeek, concerning the month to
month expenses by means of charge card billed not necessarily through Zeek or even Zeekler
, however with really peculiar brands and also stores not necessarily in the usa !
In may all of us by now seen that there is at least one incident including charges pertaining to
"Zonalibre1", that is compact country of panama , that have been allegedly charged through
In stop involving may all of us seen another incident , confirmed through ZeekRewardsNews that
there was a number of expenses through Zeek that have been branded while Korea.
Now throughout june we merely seen that there is a cost through Zeek branded while blessed star
layout , but usually originated in costa rica.
Now were receiving stories that Zeek advised affiliate marketers to accept expenses via Lamda
EC from cyprus , and also CCBILL dependent from Malta.
Clearly anyone who Zeekrewards went along to immediately after their particular leaving in the
2 north carolina finance institutions is not dealing with their particular load properly. Or even
Zeek's purchased it is getting a bad information within the career fields.
Q: what is going on above there that they preserve getting these problems ?
According to Zeek reports , via june sixth 2012 upon , they only recognize cashier's checks , funds
requests , cards (when they function ), and also eWallet dealings.
Q: is this intended to enhance customer service ? or even minimize their unique risk ? none of
the settlement procedures the following may be halted except charge card , which can be
"debated ".

In a new june control phone , (on youtube. Com like a secret record ), dawn Wright-Oliveras, COO
involving Zeek, provides ready a new something like 20 minute pre-recorded declaration. rEally
strangely enough , in concerning the several :20 tag , the girl said that Zeek's NxPay bill does not
have any funds , and it's not only a bank account , and also affiliate marketers must pay things to
Zeek by means of NxPay so additional affiliate marketers will take funds from NxPay. Why Zeek
cannot exchange more money within their NxPay bill is often a puzzle , as wll as many affiliate
marketers have become receiving really sick and tired with these explanations... These people
fulfilled their part of the understanding and so they have to get paid for.
Following can be an precise quotation (except your "uhs" and also "fine ") in the june sixth 2012
control phone (striking extra pertaining to focus )
When you are taking your budget from the purse or even the backpocket what ever funds you've ,
anyone individually put in there , may be the just funds you've you can use to pay for your household
goods together with. You could have a number of playing cards within , you could have a number of
checks within , however , if were having about funds , that is how a great eWallet operates ,
whatever everyone might use , to go forward make purchases via us all together with , is what
exactly is within the eWallet, is exactly what we can change and also spend payroll together
with. It isn't really a new lodging lender account.
However, this description immediately disagrees with precisely what NXSystems states on their
website :
Your organization determines a great NxPay® bill by which anyone downpayment the payroll /
income funds (through examine , line exchange or even very ). next each of the unbiased reps
determines a great NxPay® bill at the same time. When all the records are actually set-up, your small
business generates a new spread sheet (within your NxPay® bill ) that informs NxPay® how we want
to send out your funds transferred.
You *do* downpayment funds to eWallet company and also distributes these phones men and
women you want to spend , which also provide eWallet records sticking with the same company.
Everybody operates this way , including AlertPay, SolidTrust spend , Payza, freedom arrange ,
actually PayPal, your granddaddy ones most.
Dawn Wright-Olivares is ABSOLUTELY drastically wrong about how exactly eWallet operates.
Which begs your follow-up questions :
Q: how do a new COO not necessarily understand how the device operates ?
Q: when the girl *does* recognize this , why might the girl sit ?
UPDATE: apparently dawn Wright-Olivares now suggests that Zeek is not paying out funds straight
into eWallet, and also affiliate marketers need to supply funds straight into Zeek's eWallet so
additional affiliate marketers can get paid for. Following is yet another records involving june
"instruction phone ", by incorporating BOLD sections extra.
What you spent it really is what you might take out and also hand to somebody else. fine , now
photograph that in electronic format and also you’re going to know very well what NxPay is. Fine. It is
just a world-wide payroll eWallet. It is just a group involving natural leather in your hand. And also
what all of us placed into your Zeek group involving natural leather – exactly what the affiliate
marketers invest in type Zeek by means of NxPay, is exactly what they put to the group
involving Zeek leather…
And what ever is within there , is exactly what Zeek can change about and provide out there
through fee works. It isn't a new lender. it isn't fortification Knox. It isn't a highly which is spring
given in the planet and also can make funds. It's a group involving natural leather , it is just a
container , and yes it retains precisely what everyone put in this by making buying , fine.
It doesn’t have got any spring given effectively. This doesn’t have a wonderful power to show itself
funds. And it isn't a new lender we can easily downpayment oodles of funds straight into via
additional assets. simply because eWallets recycling funds.
Q: when Zeek cannot spend men and women in the earnings they may be generating via
Zeekler, next how are one of the men and women getting money ?
From another june "control phone "
Whatever everyone have purchased via Zeek together with , is exactly what we can next
change and also spend income together with. All of us can’t merely use there together with
bags of greenbacks and go ‘here’, no chance. the greater you are going in advance and also
change the buying to Zeek returns by means of NxPay, the greater we can afford to pay throughout
income by means of NxPay.
Apparently, Zeek COO dawn Wright-Olivares merely accepted that affiliate marketers are
paying out additional affiliate marketers. That could help to make Zeek a new Ponzi scheme.

Zeek COO dawn Wright-Olivares built a great up-date upon ZeekRewardNews, only a day after
her own control phone in which the girl advised most affiliate marketers if you never spend
Zeek together with NxPay you're not getting money together with NxPay either, implying that
Zeek (pertaining to unfamiliar causes ) is not getting more money straight into its own NxPay bill.
Affiliate marketers must pay them selves.
In your up-date , dawn demands that this eWallet company discussed this to your ex this way , so it
can't be your ex fault :
It ended up being explained to me (dawn ) by the owner of a great eWallet organization (un-named )
who were along the way to construct a brand new partnership with…that your model should ‘recycle
funds getting expended through every company’s affiliate marketers – being reimbursed in the market
to your affiliate marketers available as payroll. That it’s not only a “deposit account” in a lender.
The concern is this really is immediately contradicted through NXSystem's personal webpage. Your
ex attempt to deflect guilt through "stating nameless authority " is "spin command ".
Dawn next digress straight into why they can not spend individual customer's eWallets (something
about it is a intricate course of action )
There are a a lot of extra hoops to leap by means of pertaining to firms being accredited to
“deposit/wire” funds straight into everyone eWallet company and just how much will definiately a thing
that is limited by the finance institutions associated with them.
However, people happen to be paid for by means of NxPay within the past many weeks. So
these kinds of hoops are actually leaped sometime ago !
This additionally won't make clear why the girl implied that Zeek cannot or even won't finance its own
eWallet the previous day. Dawn rescued your burger analogy pertaining to previous :
...carrying on with your analogy is much like inquiring us all to help you to spend some money in
burger King® and also making it mandatory you select up your major Mac® in Wendy’s®.
A a lot more accurate analogy is you built a web based settlement to convey , greatest coupe , and
you want to get it in a nearby retailer. Upon best Buy's internet site , you should check if the nearby
retailer has the inventory that you should pick up. Given that Zeek does not have any sign which
eWallet company provides funds to ask for settlement via , and has declined to explain why
they cannot merely exchange funds derived from one of eWallet company to another (vessel
to our closest retailer ), or even downpayment funds off their personal lender (vessel via
storage place ), and also insist on this disastrous description about affiliate marketers paying
out affiliate marketers through 'recycling your cash' (await someone to give back something
towards the retailer ), precisely what feeling will they expect all the affiliate marketers to get ?

Just obtained stories that Zeek has trouble with SolidTrust spend since june 27th, 2012. Because
they additionally got NxPay issues , that results in just charge card and also AlertPay (or even Payza)
while methods to spend Zeek. nOt a clue the length of time this disruption might previous.
UPDATE: you can find stories that it is set just before july independence day.
Getting stories from Zeek that different this and also machine issues appear to be plaguing the
website. Here are some of the described issues through july independence day and also future days
and nights :
• Lost logon details immediately after moving over between ZeekRewards and also assist website
• Cannot develop new customers to get bids
• Random 500 inside machine errors
• Cannot logon or even dropped session
According to a e-mail attained through Ponzi and also fraud media reporter PatrickPretty.com
, top ZeekRewards new member reported that Zeek's business design is based on a new guilty
100+ billion dollar Ponzi scheme advertising surf daily. this e mail next employs this connect to
get donations towards the inventor on this fraud , Andy Bowdoin, which just lately beg accountable
and is also sitting in deborah.h. Location prison.
The certain e-mail ended up being via Barbara Alford, an old ASD new member and also at the
moment ZeekRewards new member , although it is believed to have got descends from Todd Disner,
former ASD new member and also at the moment top ZeekRewards new member. Additional brands
mounted on this ask for contains different former ASD users , for example Jerry Napier, a premier
ZeekRewards new member pointed out like a accomplishment history for the ZeekRewardsNews
internet site.
It can be exciting to notice that Terralyn Hoy, an old ASD new member , shows up like a
ZeekRewards personnel upon ZeekRewards support internet site (which has been subsequently
taken behind a new signing up wall membrane ).
Below can be an excerpt in the e mail. You can see the total e-mail in PatrickPretty.com. (Bold extra
pertaining to focus )
As everyone are aware , Andy, is sitting in a new electricity prison ward. He's needing funds in his bill
so that he can invest in footwear , tooth brushes , tooth stick etc. Your the penitentiary system
expenses silly prices for this things. A pair of footwear by yourself within expenses sixty-five.double
You are most conscious in my opinion those of us throughout Zeek as well as other
applications that modeled them selves following business design that Andy created are
obligated to repay this man a great deal of appreciation plus more. rEmember to speak to the
down traces at the same time.
I have received details in which funds may be sent straight into their bill to aid him with his daily

As previously checked (since first may 2012), Rex endeavor Group's bbb score was obviously a
miserable y. nOnetheless , it seems that a new slew involving sorted troubles provides steer bbb to
remove that score. Since 14-JUL-2012 your score now could be "no score ".
Checking your bbb score record pertaining to "Rex endeavor class " exhibits over a dozens of solved
situations via 04 to june 2012. Previous to may 2012 there was a dozen distinct issues that have
been wavering. Full solved incident is twenty six.
There are 2 interpretations to this simple fact , a good one plus a bad one particular.
Good decryption : customer service ended up being enhanced significantly and the bbb alter involving
score demonstrates that.
Bad decryption : situations were solved exclusively to "game " bbb rankings , and now this don't
states y , issues will magically end.
Only extented observation can we be able to see a new pattern , and also recognize which in turn
decryption is appropriate. A business must typically get issues rather erratically , nevertheless
consistently. Constant issues pertaining to like decades , next out of the blue a dozen issues
throughout a few months ?
UPDATE: since 02-AUG-2012 your score has returned to "y "
Reports that ZeekRewards is running membership fees by means of a number of arbitrary
organization brands throughout Korea provides resurfaced upon zynga. "internet Paygate Seoul" and
also "world-wide Kamba" are actually pointed out , and also apparently Zeek provides confirmed
individuals being authentic.
Previously we've protected that Zeek ended up utilizing charge card cpus from the island of malta
(CCBILL), cyprus (Lamda), compact country of panama (ZonaLibre1), costa rica (star designs ?), plus
more , most determined by new member issues. Korea got already been pointed out one or more
The new member described that in general us all dependent cards do not allow expenses via foreign
nations around the world like a security calculate (if you do not say to them you have out of your
region ). Therefore , enabling "foreign " dealings places anyone in a and the higher chances involving
taking deceptive expenses via in another country. Be warned.
I 'm not necessarily going to make clear which Randy Schroeder is. You can search that upwards
oneself. I will merely state he's providing an individual view , nevertheless he's additionally a brain of
an significant international network marketing. And also on a world wide web meeting , they emerged
appropriate out there and also known as ZeekRewards a new Ponzi, and also forecasted it is going to
fulfill a new hot stop , sooner than later on.
Reaction one of several audience ended up swift. Zeek defenders are fast to level your "bitter
vineyard " excuse , and so they *do* have some facts... Apparently many advanced affiliate marketers
via that business leaped to ZeekRewards lately (and also delivered above several downlines ). While
others built extended information upon why retaliating is incorrect , it really is damaging the industry ,
it features a chilling impact , blah blah blah. One particular known advocate actually invited mister.
Schroeder to visit ZeekRewards HQ and also match the ZR group one on one and also negotiate
their particular distinctions as an alternative to having out for the affiliate marketers.
It seems that mister. Schroeder, in his attempt to not necessarily set off matter too much (he's there
to train his very own men and women , never to go over additional companies ), just advised your
audience members to trust him , like a while veteran in the market. He knows precisely what he's
referring to. It becomes an hour-long meeting and the man expended merely three or more minutes
for this matter.
You will get site elsewhere. I'm not linking with it.
I current anyone facts and also logical examination. We came to a certain summary , which in turn will
follow mister. Schroeder's summary.
Maybe we believe likewise , maybe and we don't. I'll have to talk about , basically have you ever
gotten the chance to.
But their phrases perform hold a great deal of weight.
So here is a query to all or any your Zeek defenders, which firmly insist that our phrases absence
"authority ", that i'm a new no person , an individual behind a new keyboard. To you personally , our
facts and also judgement are useless even when they may be correct and also logical. Given that a
new network marketing veteran , generating over you can rely , primary more people than you can
fulfill , provides known as ZeekRewards a new Ponzi, are you currently getting a number of concerns
to your certainty ?

A consultant claiming to stand for Rex endeavor class directed a new observe to HubPages, sponsor
on this center , demanding your center being taken traditional. Your observe ended up being riddled
with transliteration errors , and also claims that this center is interfering inside their business , violated
their particular copyright laws , trademark , and possess built untruthful and also libel phrases about
Rex endeavor class and its companies.
As a new precaution , Hubpages required your center traditional although it investigated this personal
claims along with speak to me.
The problem describes art logos not necessarily owned through Rex endeavor class (despite claims
that they're ), copyrighted phrases that are included in "honest use ", while naming sections that are
supposed being "untruthful " and also "libelous" without describing what exactly is untruthful and also
libelous about them.
When we wanted details using this person , he said they could hardly possibly make a list involving
what exactly is untruthful or even libelous and also why concerning the center through friday. (we
contacted him upon thurs ). Once i pressed for additional information , they replied together with
veiled legitimate hazards about "follow most legitimate locations ".
EDIT: your center has returned on-line upon july very first , 2012, six days and nights following
problem ended up being sent in. One other get together in no way told me or even Hubpages what
exactly ended up being untruthful or even libelous, nor does they obviously have authority to concern
takedown updates. nOw it is over a 7 days later on and not one particular word ended up obtained.

Keith Laggos, network marketing consultant , and also author involving NMBJ, a business "record ",
was found being selling Lyoness, a new imagine scheme that aspects of repeated shopper card and
also chart scheme , to Zeek affiliate marketers. During a new business call , they said credit rating to
possess led Zeek towards federal trade commission submission through shifting their particular
charge card processor chip ocean going (this center have got previously determined a minimum of
five cpus in 5 distinct nations around the world utilized ). nOnetheless , they additionally exposed he's
a new Zeek affiliate together with 40000 downlines , and is also generating $45000 per month , and is
also selling Lyoness like a "plan b " for many Zeek affiliate marketers that listened throughout.
Furthermore , Laggos forecasted that federal trade commission will nevertheless reach Zeek in some
a few months.
The shock is complete in equally Zeek and also network marketing promoters. While Troy Dooly,
market insider attemptedto validate this in Zeek, Zeek COO reported that Laggos don't consults for
the kids. Furthermore , Zeek affiliate guidelines particularly prohibits "poaching" (we.elizabeth. Cross-
Analysis and also reaction
Mr. Laggos is within a very dreary location equally legitimately and also ethically. You ought to 't be
permitted to be an affiliate in business they consults as effectively while submit articles lauding that
business. It is a serious turmoil of curiosity , upon several ranges. nEvertheless it really is clear he
done so together with Rex endeavor class / Zeek returns. To possess him change , violate affiliate
guidelines , and also drive nevertheless various other scheme is simply... Past your light.
However, not enough people understand that mister. Laggos were built with a work in with your sec
back 2000 while they published an article in a very distinct record lauding an alternative business
(known as "meet ") without disclosing that he's getting paid for to do so , and also helped to
perpetuate a standard fraud.

Reports surfaced upon BehindMLM that at least one Zeek affiliate obtained a new phone coming from
a nearby credit rating union (throughout north carolina , same as Zeek) , which realized that your new
member is performing business together with Zeek and even advise your new member that Zeek
could possibly be deceptive. Subsequently many individuals have contacted the credit union by
means of independent stations and possess obtained somewhat distinct solutions , that appears to
stop short of contacting Zeek a great outright scams , nevertheless warns most users to exercising
more homework.
We are expecting clarification, which may or even may not be approaching. It isn't acknowledged
precisely what steer the credit union to this type of selection , when certainly one particular ended up
being reached.
UPDATE 04-AUG-2012 ZeekReward reports introduced an announcement through new COO
Caldwell that he contacted the credit union and also tracked down the one who "like every each of our
experts , they ended up being operating unprofessionally through working on phony data ". However ,
Caldwell failed to mention what exactly ended up being phony concerning the suggestions. They said
the individual accepted not to figuring out immediate offering connected laws and regulations ,
nevertheless failed to name your laws and regulations involved.
Caldwell transformed about and also blames your affiliate marketers which distributed this news ,
claiming that this memo is inside towards the credit rating union thereby irrelevant , and also said
"often , were your own most detrimental opponents ", furthermore , Caldwell noticed that any affiliate
marketers which is constantly on the "lover your fire involving problems that are the proper obligation
involving Zeek Corporate…and it’s a new violation of the Zeek policies and also methods that
violators will likely be held accountable."
Unfortunately for that affiliate marketers , as an alternative to handling *what* might result in a credit
rating union to flow an enclosed memo known as RVG and also Zeek possibly deceptive , the brand
new performing COO carried on to pay your "guilt your affiliate marketers and the experts " game like
their forerunner.
By representing your experts while "self-appointed experts without any browsing your specialist
community ", they expectation to discredit most experts. However , more and more network marketing
masters think about RVG and also Zeek to be a probable scams. Schroeder ended up being the very
first , and also Laggos only a few days and nights previously. Evidently , individuals are not men and
women "without any browsing your specialist community ".
There is often a oriental declaring , "those who work in your snare can't see the snare , individuals
outdoors can see evidently." mister. Caldwell is utilizing one of several bad reasons we have
determined , i known as "you simply can't determine us all unless you are around " disagreement.
Apparently , through mister. Caldwell's judgement , just ex-Felons and also ex-Cons may be
prosecutors and also police officers. They'd have got "browsing specialist community " involving bad
The promise to go immediately after Zeek affiliate marketers who was scattering the data can be
scary. As an alternative to "thanks for getting this to interest ", it is "f*** anyone pertaining to
scattering rumours !"
IMHO, Caldwell ended up being brought in as the "bad policeman " to counter Wright-Olivares's
"excellent policeman ". Apparently , peas are not adequate to bring your affiliate marketers
throughout range , so that they brought in your adhere.

In Mid-July 2012 your bbb score ended up being short-term changed to no score. nOnetheless , it
seems like being back to y , mainly because it ended up being before the "no score " interval.
ZeekRewards is bringing out several applications , which may or even might not make it achieve
ZeekRewards definitely seems to be bringing out a new "necessary " $30 monthly advertising
package deal made by their particular established video creator USHBB that's needed is for many
affiliate marketers of an selected level. Details using this is sketchy and will also be current because
they become accessible. USHBB is renowned for generating videos featuring Andy Bowdoin and his
awesome advertising surf daily Ponzi scheme , in support of can make videos pertaining to "website
marketing " firms.
ZeekRewards introduced Zeebates, which is supposed to be some kind of a new repeated shopper
card that offers you lots of bucks back again. Details and also contributing stores are sketchy. A
number of have got compared this to a plan known as Lyoness, which has been below suspicion
throughout the european union like a chart scheme , and also ended up being prosecuted as such
through one particular ex-member. While details become accessible this can be current.
Zeek have got previously hinted in a number of significant modifications towards the affiliate's
qualifiers, and this ended up being duplicated in a number of internet sites , nevertheless few details
have got surfaced , that major modifications are arriving. The word "qualifiers" is exciting , mainly
because it suggests more conditions to satisfy. A number of affiliate marketers are pondering whether
or not it's a means to spend much less men and women , we.elizabeth. Individuals have to do a lot
more things , like find clients prior to them getting paid for. While additional information arise this can
be current.
On july seventeenth , Zeek returns and its connected firms , Zeekler and also Rex endeavor class ,
ended up being de-activate through sec , throughout assistance together with secret assistance.
If anyone dropped funds to this fraud , make reference to one other center :
To sum it up your findings :
• ZeekReward controlled for upwards of annually prior to choosing to examine whether or not
  is agreeable together with law or otherwise not , and also upon concluding , implemented huge
  adjustments to promoting , nevertheless little fundamental business modifications.
• ZeekRewards returns explore to your function , but for the cost you add to the system , and
  also maintaining this within the system providing achievable , and then for signing up other
  people who perform your same
• ZeekRewards pays off usurious costs involving typical 1.4% daily income (a huge number of
  % each year ), which in turn far exceeds income talk about involving ripoffs , for example
  advertising surf daily and is also just matched up or even surpass through a number of HYIP
  internet Ponzi strategies.
• Despite your compensation package deal satisfying anyone pertaining to getting make the
  most and also maintaining this throughout , and also suits meaning of "expenditure
  agreement " as per "Howey check " through sec , ZeekRewards demands it isn't a great
• ZeekRewards abruptly over hundreds (probably , 1000's ) involving affiliate marketers
  throughout several foreign countries without any suitable explanation. Information so far
  offered won't help to make for good business and also modifications via 7 days to 7 days.
• ZeekRewards suits , a minimum of in part , a few conditions network marketing lawyer
  Gerald Nehra accustomed to establish a new Ponzi scheme
• ZeekRewards could be deemed illegal lotto while profitable seem to be determined by
  probability as an alternative to expertise , and also profitable funds (sometimes ).
• ZeekRewards is extremely secretive , deletes/hides bad or even questioning feedback via
  public see , actually revoking public looking at of the company's discussion board.
• ZeekRewards declined to debate who're these people financial within america , immediately
  after forgetting 2 finance institutions throughout north carolina , together with established
  distributors advising that anybody who would like to recognize must abandon the business.
• ZeekRewards relieve imprecise phrases about "hoops to leap by means of " throughout
  north carolina and also montana , nevertheless offered no details.
• ZeekRewards' top affiliate marketers including many former users involving Ponzi strategies
  for example advertising surf Daily
Does ZeekRewards make sense ? no. It claims it isn't an investment , nevertheless this acts as
an investment, satisfying anyone pertaining to giving it funds and also maintaining the amount of
money in for providing achievable. Any function one does is simply inadvertent. Furthermore , it is
operating like a really inadequately leaped company, it's unlikely that any that allegedly received
millions and also paid out millions throughout 2001. Its secrecy and also frame of mind towards
questions fits Bernie "Ponzi king " Madoff. It's customer service is apparently receiving via
bad to worse.
Can ZeekRewards be rewarding ? of course , if you provide funds first (hundreds , probably 1000s
of dollars ), and also keep it in for nearly a year or even lengthier. However , so can easily many
ripoffs , a minimum of for the short term.
Would we become a member of ZeekRewards? no. The business model could not make any
impression. you ought to not need to spend some money to generate money. The firm's
compensation model can make it clear it really is immediately after your cash , not necessarily
the hard work. I will be very worried about any organization that would like funds as an
alternative to function , next firmly insist it isn't a great INVESTMENT. Certainly , many critics
have got noticed that this really is essentially a new Ponzi scheme , your location getting paid
for with your own personal money (essentially anyone offered it free mortgage to Zeek, together
with promise a vast amount of future $$$).
Was we getting bad ? no , merely honest.
Now consider this to be final question
Given the risk (all the left unanswered questions , probable and also actual legal problems , time
wait to get your cash out there , misrepresentation "not an expenditure ", Zeek customer service
issues , whether or not it's for real i'm going to be outcast via my buddies and also loved ones ,
refusal to respond to questions , and the like and so forth...)
And the quantity of function (nominal , placed some funds throughout , publish one particular
advertising per day , and perhaps get some more people to become a member of )
Is your incentive (possibly make a lot of money , 1000's , probably tens or even 1000's or higher ,
above some unknown stretch of time ) worth the cost ?
THAT may be the query you need to consider for yourself.
I hope you tend to be more informed now with regards to ZeekRewards, to make up your mind
whether to become a member of or otherwise not. Should you have feedback , remember to put them
below. Take into account that i am going to reject feedback that features recommendation IDs, along
with frivolous "we built funds ! become a member of today !" kind feedback.

So far , reader side effects generally grouped into the following types
A. ZeekRewards is often a okay plan and you're simply merely ridiculous to bad-mouth this.
My response : the facts can easily hurt , often , a good deal.
B. ZeekRewards could make / made me funds and so i will not treatment what we state.
My response : then you're choosing together with your coronary heart , avoid your face. And the
coronary heart is not the best of the organs.
C. ZeekRewards is indeed suspect and i am escaping the moment we recover our funds.
My response : your decision is the own business , nevertheless appreciate expressing.
D. You've confirmed our accusations throughout Zeekrewards and i am happy we / pal /
relative would not join
My response : i will be happy our data ended up being helpful to anyone.

The Zeek returns Ponzi scheme ended up being the greatest at any time in the usa in terms of
amount of subjects. This really is sad , as the indicators got most already been through it.
Those who're looking for revenue options must study this fraud and also be aware your indicators that
experts are actually directing at all along , and also why they may be disregarded... And make sure it
doesn't repeat your blunders involving million men and women.

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