The Truth About Credit Repair Review Sites by creditrestoreusa


									The Truth About Credit Repair Review Sites

Several websites claim to provide “honest” reviews of credit repair companies but it
is important that you understand how these sites really operate and what the motive
is behind them. By looking at any of these sites you will see that they all claim to
provide a free review service, but in reality it is simply just an advertisement for the
sites that they claim are top rated. They either charge the company money to be
placed on top, or they place their affiliate link or phone number within the review.
All of the review are fabricated and fake and the other companies that are listed on
the site are rated low in a way to draw attention to the sites that they want you to
visit, as they will make money when you sign up with those companies.

Simple logic will tell you that no company is going to put in all of that work to
maintain a site for free, not to mention spend thousands of dollars marketing the
site through pay per click campaigns. Sorry to burst your bubble, but they are
putting up these fake sites in an effort to make a profit. It is very unfortunate, as
many people will visit these sites and truly believe that they are review sites and
trust their opinions. They then write false comments on the companies that are not
paying for positive reviews only to make them look bad. This is very dirty business
and it is sad that they falsely rate and attempt to ruin a company’s reputation in an
effort to make money.

This form of advertising is a form of racketeering, completely illegal and immoral to
say the least. Put zero trust in these credit repair review sites and the companies
that they promote. Any company that willingly allows their program to be promoted
in this manner is not running an ethical business. Read the fine print on these
websites, and you will see that they are receiving monetary compensation from the
companies that they are rating at the top. They are fraudulently defying other
companies and pushing companies on the consumer that they are being
compensated by. Pretty dirty business, huh? If you want honest information, stay
away from these review sites and their false information.

Bottom line: credit repair review sites are not providing accurate information as
they claim. They are designed to steer you towards companies that are paying them.
Do not believe the false information you read on these websites. Think of the
internet as a big public chalkboard that is not regulated or patrolled. Anyone can
write anything, regardless if it is true or not. It is a very sad reality, but one that
everyone must face. These review sites will continue to post fake positive review of
the companies that are paying them and write false negative reviews about other
companies in a way to drive business to the sites that are compensating them. Just
be aware of how it really works, and do not trust the opinions of these credit repair
review sites.

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