Myths and Truth about Homoeopathy by parnidhisharma


									• Homoeopathy works Slowly???
To understand this we will have to understand the Concept of working of Homoeopathy. The system of
Homoeopathy works on the Laws of Energy. Whatever is applicable for the ENERGY so is applicable
for HOMOEOPATHY. So we should understand the laws of thermodynamics very clearly. This will
make us understand that Homoeopathy is the fastest acting.
• You can’t be sure of your results in Homoeopathy ???
What makes us uncertain about the results in any case in Homoeopathy?? Our way of understanding
any case and execution of it’s line of treatment. Homoeopathy gives us lot of freedom for the way the
case should be taken, But it gives us 7 cardinal principles also so that we can asses that we are doing
justice to each an every case by putting it back on the path of recovery. e.g In the cases of renal calculii
very often berberis is prescribed. We get good results in 60% of case and we fail in 40% cases. Then we
become sad saying that we can’t be 100 % sure. Forgetting that we can be 100% sure if we practice
Homoeopathy Homoeopathically than allopathically. e.g I had a case of ureteric calculii 10mm he was
on ayurvedic and homoeopathic treatment for last 2 years without any results. He told me that he had
that berberis mother tincture without any positive response from an homoeopath. I took his case and
prescribed Calcarea carb 200 depending on his totality. The ureteric calculii was passed out in next 24
hrs painlessly.I am happy that I could bring back his trust on homoeopathy.
• Homoeopathy is not a science ???
A stream of medicine which is based on well proven laws and principles can never be denied that it is
not a science. If we cannot see energy it does not mean that is not present. We need to percieve energy.
Same is with homoeopathy, we need to percieve Homoeopathy rather than debating on it’s existence.
• Homoeopathy is a placebo effect ????
Any placebo effect can’t produce any reversible Visible changes in the pathophysiological appearance
in Human body. Eg Calculii, lipomas, Gangrene, Psoriasis, eczemas and many more cases cured by
homoeopathy are more evedential based. This proves the efficacy of Homoeopathy as an complete
medical Science.

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