New Employee Joining Report

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					                                         EMPLOYEES JOINING REPORT

                                                                                        Dated: _______________
The Director

Subject;                               Duty Joining Report

Dear Sir,

With       reference        to      your       Letter      of      offer      /     Appointment           Letter    No
________________________                    dated__________________________

I hereby confirmed to have reported for duties as a _________________________________,
with effect from ____________________________ (Fore Noon / After Noon).

Further confirmed that I have been briefed about company rules and regulations and my
obligations towards the organization. I agree to abide by them.

                                                                    Acknowledged ____________________
                                                                                 Employee’s Signature &
Date: __________________                                                         Name:
Place: __________________
                                   Action taken at the end of HRD Section

    1)        Employee’s Induction has been done
    2)        Employee Introduced and Handed over to the relevant Section
              Name of the section: ____________________________________
    3)        Documents and necessary information / documents secured
    4)        Name got entered in Attendance Sheet at Security Gate

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