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									      CASE STUDY

How I Generated 650
New Email Subscribers
    In 24 Hours
        This is a free report by…

        James Penn
At time of writing I’m 24 hours into a list building experiment...

An experiment that has so far generated over 650 new subscribers and over 150 new
Facebook fans.

In this report I’m going to reveal everything that I’ve done so far so that you can copy me –
and everything that I plan to do to make this ever more successful.

This won’t be a 50 page PDF. This will be a short, snappy report that you can read in 10
minutes and act upon fast so that you can put this guide to work.

This is a free report and there are a few reasons for this and I’m going to be totally up front
and honest about why…

1. To access this report you had to join my email list (unless you were an existing
subscriber). I will soon be releasing a new report revealing how I generated over 44,000
visitors from Facebook in my first 100 days using the social networking giant from OTHER
people’s pages and I’ll be notifying you of when that launches.

2. To make my experiment work I used a Wordpress plugin that is currently $37. I will be
recommending that piece of software in this report and if you buy, I will earn an affiliate

3. When starting this experiment I already had a number of resources that have made this
more successful. I’m aware that not everyone will have the resources I had (such as a
popular blog, existing email list and Facebook fan page) but everyone can make this method
work even if you are starting from scratch.

An Overview
First let me briefly reveal what I’ve done and then I’ll go through the entire process step by
step so you can follow along.

I run a natural health and beauty blog. On the blog I often talk about using essential oils for
your health and beauty and regularly recommend a company called Edens Garden Essential

They have a product which I often recommend which is a 32 Bottle Essential Oil Collection
which retails for $99.95.

I decided I wanted to run a giveaway for this product to my blog readers, Facebook fans
and email subscribers so I contacted the company, asked if they’d like to sponsor the
giveaway by providing the products and they were more than happy to.

So I purchased a Wordpress plug-in called Contest Domination, set it up on my blog and
created my first contest (it took about 15 minutes max!) and then I was ready to go!
You can take a look at the contest, and enter for a chance to win if it is still open, at:

Then I started to drive traffic to the giveaway and let the viral nature of the giveaway take
hold. (Your contest spreads virally since entrants can gain more entries by referring their

Right, now that you know the overall process let me get into the nitty gritty details.

Step #1
Get Contest Domination
Buying Contest Domination has probably been one of the best investments I’ve ever made.
It costs just $37 and makes running a giveaway and getting your giveaway to go viral
incredibly easy.

It’s a Wordpress plug-in that takes just 30 seconds to install and then it takes just another
five minutes to set up your giveaway.

You can see it here:

Here’s how it works…

- Visitors arrive at your giveaway page and in order to enter to win the prize they have to
submit their name and email address which will automatically add them to your email list.

- They then get redirected to another page which looks like the image below. It provides
them with a unique referral link that they can use to refer others to your giveaway and for
every person they refer they can earn additional entries. This is how your giveaway can go
It also has a like button for your Facebook page so as well as new subscribers, you can also
build your Facebook following.

Step #2
Choose A Giveaway, Set It Up &
Contact The Company
Since it only takes 5-10 minutes to set up your giveaway, I’m going to suggest you create it
FIRST and then contact the company asking if they’d like to sponsor by providing the prize.

There are two reasons for this:

1. If they see you have already gone to the effort of creating the giveaway then they’ll be
more likely to sponsor it.

2. They’ll see that you have a professional set up for your giveaway and that you know what
you’re doing.

Choosing Your Giveaway Product
You’ll want to choose a product to give away that is:

- Relevant to the theme of your blog/website

- Realistic in terms of value and company – for example, you’ll have more luck contacting a
small company and asking to give away a product that costs less than $150.

- Worthwhile for your blog readers to enter – most people won’t enter to be in with a
chance of winning a cheap product so it must be reasonably valuable.

Once you’ve chosen a product, set up your giveaway page much in the same way as I did

Then contact the company that own the product asking if they would sponsor you and
provide the prizes. In your proposal email you’ll want to say…

- What you plan to do to benefit the company (such as provide brand exposure, generate
more Facebook likes, increase their web traffic etc.)

- How you plan to promote the giveaway and how many entries you would expect to get.

For my essential oil giveaway I stated that I would generate brand exposure for Edens
Garden (since they are a relatively small essential oil provider), that I would continually
recommend them via my blog (which receives over 125,000 page views per month) and that
I would drive Facebook likes to their page.

I also stated that while I’ve never run a giveaway like this, that I would hope for 1,000
entries over the two week giveaway.

Step #3
Optimize Your Entry Process
Once you’ve secured your sponsor and your giveaway product, you need to optimize your
entry process to make it just that little more powerful and to help your giveaway go even
more viral.

First of all, if using double opt-in then you’ll want to optimize your opt-in process. Customize
your confirmation email title to increase opens and customize the email body to make sure
as many people confirm their email address as possible.

I also set my process up in a way whereby when anyone clicked to confirm their email
address they were taken to a page on my blog which revealed six ways that they could
boost their chances of winning.

You can see that page here:

This also gave me an opportunity to generate new likes for my sponsor, for my own
Facebook page and to get visitors moving around my blog.

That’s everything set up now and my giveaway was ready to go. Now it was just a case of
generating entries and hoping the viral nature of the giveaway would help it take off.

Step #4
Get Entries
I’m fortunate that I already had a certain amount of resources to promote my contest so I
kind of had a head start compared to what you may currently have – but I still have no
doubts that you can run a successful giveaway and get 1,000+ entries.

Here’s what I have done so far to get entries…

- Sent an email to my existing email subscribers totalling about 3,000 notifying them of the

- Published an update to my 4,000 Facebook fans

- Sent a number of Tweets to my 400+ Twitter followers

- Pinned the giveaway to my 1,200 Pinterest followers

- Posted an update to my Google Plus followers which is only about 60 people

- Published a new blog post talking about the contest -

- Added an image and brief block of text to my sidebar talking about the contest and
providing a link to enter

And here are some things I haven’t yet done, but will soon be doing (these are
the things that everyone can do even if you have no existing resources)…

- Submit your giveaway to contest/giveaway sites. Here’s a big list of them:

- Contact related Facebook page owners (for example in my case pages about essential
oils), let them know of your contest and that they can enter and after entering they could
get many more entries simply by referring their Facebook fans.

- Contact Facebook page owners who have pages about giveaways/contests and ask them
to share your contest.

- Post in contest/giveaway related forums.

- Send follow up emails to existing entrants informing them that they can greatly increase
their chances of winning by referring their friends and providing them with the training to be
able to do so.

- Ask your sponsor to share your giveaway with their Facebook fans and followers. My
sponsor only has a following of about 500 people but I’ll be contacting them later giving
them a progress report and asking them to share the contest.

- Post more Twitter updates, share your contest more on Facebook, and notify your existing
subscribers again. Many will have missed your first messages so a second or third will help
you get more entries – and who knows, one of those entries could share your contest with
hundreds more people!

The key is to get as many entries as possible yourself, and then to work to convince those
entrants to boost their chances of winning by sharing their unique referral link.

I have now generated over 650 new subscribers in just 24 hours by running a really simple
to set up giveaway and then letting the viral nature of it take over.

This has only been possible because of Contest Domination which makes everything
incredibly easy and turns your giveaway into a viral machine generating new subscriber
after new subscriber.
If you’d like to run a giveaway and if you’d like to build an email list of hundreds of
subscribers the lazy way then get yourself a copy of Contest Domination at the link below
and start following the advice in this quick start guide…

Plus, Travis (the maker of Contest Domination) also has a number of training videos in the
members area sharing some great tips for coming up with an ideal prize, sourcing that prize
and for generating buzz (entries) for your giveaway.

Download Contest Domination now, set it up on your Wordpress site, create your contest
and then start building your email list (and growing your Facebook page) like lightning…

Good luck!

P.S. Let me know about your contests once they’re live and I’ll see what I can do to help
you promote them 

                     Thanks For Reading
                               James Penn

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