Empathic Questions by xuyuzhu


									Empathic Questions:

   1. You are Carol Lang at the end of On Her Knees. You have been accused of stealing the earrings.
      Write your thoughts.

   2. You are Mala in The Third and Final Continent. You have just arrived in Boston and your
      husband has taken you to your new home. Write your thoughts.

   3. You are the mostly silent victim in The Lemon Orchard. Write your thoughts as the story

   4. You are Mr. Wills at the end of A Taste of Watermelon, after you have just shown the narrator
      the salt. Write your thoughts.

   5. You are the narrator’s chauffeur, Perkins, in How It Happened. Write your thoughts.

   6. You are Sally after Graham has sprayed the pink objects at the end of Meteor. Write your

   7. You are the mostly silent leader of the gang in The Lemon Orchard. You have just left the
      orchard at the end of the story. Write your thoughts.

   8. You are Mrs Croft in The Third and Final Continent. You have just met Mala for the first time.
      Write your thoughts.

   9. You are Willadean Wills at the end of The Taste of Watermelon. Write your thoughts.

   10. You are Aunt Mary in Secrets. You have just discovered that your nephew has read your letters.
       Write your thoughts.

   11. You are John in The Yellow Wallpaper. Your lease on the house will expire in three weeks’ time
       and your wife has asked you to take her away. Write your thoughts.

   12. You are the Signalman in The Signalman. The visitor has just left after making his first visit to
       you. Write your thoughts.

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