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									President: John Vokins MBE                SOCIAL EVENTS & HOLIDAYS
Chairman: Graham Heap                     Wednesday 17 October 2012
30 Dunvan Close, Lewes BN7 2EY 472678     Group Meeting at Cliffe Church Hall
                                          at 7.30 pm
Secretary & Membership Secretary:         Speaker: Ian Rumley-Dawson
Janet Goodall                             Illustrated talk on the Wildlife of the
5 St Martins Lane, Lewes BN7 1UD          Isle of Mull                                                       LFG
Treasurer: Jill King                      Wednesday 16 January 2013
15, Highdown Road, Lewes BN7 1QA
                                          New Year Lunch at Stanmer House,
                                          Stanmer Park, Falmer
                                                                                                 1964 – 2012
Walks Organiser: Bertram Sharp
30 Fitzjohns Road, Lewes BN7 1PS
                                          12.30 for 1.00 pm
                                          Contact: Gill         479088                         Lewes Footpaths

Publicity Officer: Jeannette Swayne
                                          Tuesday 19 February 2013
                                          Annual General Meeting at
                                                                                               Group Walking
Paygate House, New Road, Ringmer
BN8 5HA                          812423
                                          Cliffe Church Hall at 7.30 pm
                                          Speaker: Michael Blencowe                            Programme
                                                     Sussex Wildlife Trust
                                          Illustrated talk on A Wildlife Walk along the Ouse   October 2012 –
Subscription Rates                                                                             March 2013
Individual Membership £5                                                                       _________________________________

Family Membership      £8                                                                      Members concerned about the poor
                                                                                               accessibility of any footpath within 10
Life Membership    £50                                                                         miles of Lewes should report this to the
_________________________________         ____________________________________                 Footpaths Secretary so that action can be
                                          Lewes Footpaths Group Publications                   taken.
Abbreviations                                                                                  Dogs may accompany members on walks
                                          Ten walks from Lewes £3                              provided they are kept under proper
Pub       Public house at end of walk     Favourite walks in and around Lewes £4               control and do not inconvenience others.

Pub-e-R   Public house stop en route      Available from the Tourist Information Office and    Also, they must be kept on a lead in
                                          selected bookshops in Lewes.                         the presence of livestock and when
Picnic    Please bring a picnic lunch                                                          requested by the Leader to do so.
                                          Available to members at a discount from the           _________________________________
F8        Figure of eight walk            Publicity Officer                                     Non-members welcome to attend rambles
                                                                                                and meetings

                                                                                               Web site:
  Meeting place for all walks unless otherwise stated is                   the walk. All-Day walks are normally between
  North Street Car Park, Lewes at 09.30am. All walks finish    7 and 10 miles, other walks are between 4 and 6 miles.
  at unless otherwise stated. The ‘Finish Time’ is the    All phone numbers are 01273 prefix unless otherwise
  actual end of the                                            stated

Tues 2 Oct      Finish 13.30 hrs                                                                                                        Flat/Hilly              Pub
                The Weald around Newick                                                                                                 Option 2: 4 miles
                Undulating                                    Tues 27 Nov     Finish 13.15 hrs                                          Brighton to Rottingdean
                Leader: Margaret     814057                                   Chelwood Gate                                             Flat
                                                                              Undulating/Hilly                                          Return by Buses
Sun 7 Oct       Finish 13.30 hrs                                              Leader: Robert             474357                         To Old Steine 03, 09. 24, 33, 39 & 54
                Alfriston & Wilmington                                                                                                  minutes past the hour
                Hilly                                         Sun 2 Dec       Laughton                                                  Old Steine to Lewes Buses 29 & 28
                Leaders: Hilda & Graham 472678                                Slightly undulating                                       10 & 40 minutes past the hour
                                                                              Leader: Roy                 477740                        Leaders: Hilda & Graham 472678
Wed 17 Oct      Finish 13.30 hrs
                Copsale                                       Wed 12 Dec      Finish 14.30 hrs                            Wed 16 Jan    Stanmer Park followed by
                Undulating                                                    Ardingly & Balcombe                                       New Year Lunch
                Leader: Heather            473505                             Undulating/Hilly        Picnic                            Part Hilly
                                                                              Leaders: Jill & Graham 473779                             Leader: Graham         472678
Wed 17 Oct      Group Meeting                                                                                                           See back of card for details
                See back of card for details                  Sun 16 Dec      Nutley
                                                                              Fairly Hilly                                Tues 22 Jan   Finish 13.30 hrs
Sun 21 Oct      Waldron                                                       Leaders: Sally        01825-762957                        Cowfold
                Undulating                                                                                                              Slightly Undulating
                Leader: Roy                477740             Wed 26 Dec      Boxing Day                                                Leader: Bert            473052
Tues 30 Oct     Meet Bus Station                                              Part Hilly                                  Sun 27 Jan    Ashdown Forest
                09.40 Bus 125 to Barcombe                                     Followed with Refreshments at the                         Undulating
                Barcombe                                                      Leaders’ Home                                             Leaders: Sally 01825-762957
                Flat                                                          Leaders: Hilda & Graham 472678
                Rtn: 14.03                                                                                                Wed 6 Feb     Lewes
                Leader: Jeannette     812423                  Tues 1 Jan      Wilmington                                                Part Hilly
                                                                              One Hill                      Pub                         Leader: Anne            474697
Sun 4 Nov       Finish 13.15 hrs                                              Leader: Keith               471763
                Hartfield & Pooh Bridge                                                                                   Sun 10 Feb    Finish 13.30 hrs
                Undulating                                    Wed 9 Jan       Finish 14.00 hrs                                          Henfield
                Leader : Pat          471823                                  Withyham                                                  Undulating
                                                                              Undulating                                                Leader: Janet           475867
Wed 14 Nov      Finish 13.45 hrs                                              Leader: Robert              474357
                Findon & Cissbury Ring                                                                                    Tues 19 Feb   Finish 13.15 hrs
                Some Hills                                    Sun 13 Jan      All-Day            Finish 17.00 hrs                       Meet Railway Station
                Leaders: Eileen & Gordon 480153                               Morning            Finish 12.30 hrs                       09.30 Train to Newhaven
                                                                              Meet Bus Station                                          Cuckmere Valley
Sun 18 Nov      Ditchling                                                     09.47 Bus 28 to Brighton Old Steine                       Undulating + Two Hills
                Part Hilly                                                    Option 1: 11½ miles                                       Rtn: 13.22 Bus 12 to Newhaven
                Leader: Janet              475867                             Brighton-Rottingdean- Lewes                               13.58 Train to Lewes
              Leaders: Jill & Graham    473779

Tues 19 Feb   Annual General Meeting
              See back of card for details

Sun 24 Feb    Rushlake Green                                     Strolls – A new Venture
              Leaders Sue & Penny 01825-765726                   Walks of between 2 to 3 miles

Wed 6 Mar     Finish 14.30 hrs                                   This Winter the Group is trialling
              Cuckfield                                          three Strolls
              Undulating                Picnic
              Leader: Dave              473227    Sun 21 Oct     Waldron
Sun 10 Mar    Holtye                                             Leader: Martin             474671
              Leader: Wolfgang         470285     Sun 2 Dec      Laughton
                                                                 Slightly Undulating
Tues 19 Mar   Springtime at Wakehurst                            Leader: Clare         07743-472612
              See separate letter
              Leader: Bert         473052         Sun 10 Feb     Henfield
Sun 24 Mar    All-Day          Finish 16.30 hrs                  Leader: Martin             474671
              Morning          Finish 12.30 hrs
              Walk No: 2 From 10 Walks from       For full details about these Strolls please see
              Lewes with variation at start       the Secretary’s letter enclosed with this
              Option 1 12½ miles                  programme
              Lewes-Mount Caburn-Glynde-Firle-
              Hilly                     Picnic
              Rtn: 16.48 Train (hourly service)                 Walks using Trains
              Option 2 4½ miles                   Where we travel on the Train to the start of the
              Lewes-Mount Caburn-Glynde           walk will you please be at the railway station
              Hilly                               twenty minutes before the timed departure, but do
              Rtn: 12.53 Train (hourly service)   not purchase a ticket until you have checked in
              Leaders: Hilda & Graham 472678      with the leader, as it is cheaper to purchase tickets
                                                  for groups of four (this saves even more money
                                                  than using a Senior Railcard) and the Leader will
               Strolls – A New Venture            arrange this.

                    See back of card                             Bus and Train Times
                                                  Please note the times given for both buses and
                                                  trains are taken from current timetables and may
                                                  vary in the Winter timetables when these walks
                                                  take place.

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