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									             Desktop PC Linear Power Supply Circuit
Desktop PC power Useful for fans "electronic circuit to convert the voltage of Office the
nonlinear established' input high (12V), PC-voltage (9 V 1.25). Voltage regulator
LM317T chip fixed EST (IC1) positions in tension. Current voltage regulator LM317T
TO-220 package has been criticized, as can practise up to 1 amp.

Supply circuit diagram

In the photo on the Office supply circuit. A standard format for the application is control
IC LM317T. Guards and the diode D1 C1 capacitor polarity is an additional buffer. The
green indicator light (Del 1) shows the entry. Diode D2 is that the connected input
voltage exceeds the output voltage capacitive or inductive. It also prevents that C3 is the
capacitor shaft.
Connection at the same time is the standard digital voltmeter that determines exactly the
desired variable resistor VR1 output voltage. You can also use a digital multimeter if the
digital voltage is not available. Switch S1 and the voltage setting and read the digital
voltage VR1 NEET.
The power supply is now ready for use.
The circuit can be connected to the circuit board. After production on the Panel. Open the
Office computer and gadget to connect to the available free of charge (according to the)
motor makes four input power is in the early stages.

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