; Benefits of fruits
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Benefits of fruits


This document about how food are very beneficial in human body.

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									Benefits of Fruits

     • Apple:
       Apple is a very healthy fruit. Apple is very helpful for making bone stronger. It keeps
       cholesterol low, It is useful in prevevting breast cancer and liver cancer. Apple is helpful
       for weight lose. It makes skin beautiful.

     • Bananas:
       Banana helps in keeping lower blood pressure. Banana reduces the irritation and
       swelling againts mosquito bites. It reduces the depression and lower the risk of heart
       diseasas. Banana absorbs calcium and keeps bones stronger and healthy. Bananas are
       very useful for ulcer patients by reducing the acidity of stomach. It help smokers in
       giving up smoking, banana contains vitamins B6 and B12 these vitamins reduce the
       nicotine level in smokers.
• Mango:
  Mango is healthy food for eyes. Mango is source of vitamin A and it prevents night
  blindness and dryness of eyes. Mango has enzymes to break down the protein and
  helpes in digestion of food. Mango increases the immune system, prevents heart stroke
  and many diseases. It is used to clean the clogged poras and eliminate pimples.

• Orange:
  Oranges contain low calories, no fats and no cholestrol. Mango is a rich source of
  vitamin C. It control the fever, cough and influenza. It is useful against tumors.

• Peaches:
  Peaches keep skin very glowing. It has benefit for eyes. This fruit is lower in calories.

  Peach prevent intestinal worms. It helps in weight lose. Peaches are source of many

  Vitamins, potassium and sodium.
• Pineapple:
  Pineapple is useful for digestion system to break down the food. It clean body by
  romoving toxins, it boost up the external injuries and reduce swelling. It help in bone
  formation, in healing wounds and in keeping skin healthy and beautiful. It reduces the
  risk of hypertensoin. Help in weight lose. It maintain teeth and eyes healthy.

• Pears:
  Pear contains low cholesterol. Pear are source of energy and immune booster. It
  prevent cancer, constipation and high blood pressure <HTML><META HTTP-
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