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									Business Planning to Reduce the Chances of Incurring Debt

When you start a business, it is crucial that you develop an effective business plan. Solid
business planning is the foundation of success. Do not make the costly mistake of overlooking
the value of a good business plan. This could lead to incurring business debt unnecessarily. An
operative business plan will allow you to turn your personal vision into a coherent business. Our
firm specializes in business plan development. Contact our attorneys today to find out how to
begin the business planning process.

Business Planning Legal Requirements

We specialize in determining which laws apply to your particular business. Regardless of the
size of your business, you must comply with certain legal requirements in order to operate
within the law. Many businesses will require you to apply for a business license and renew it
annually. To handle certain products or provide specific services, you may need to register with
city and state authorities. Our attorneys regularly assist entrepreneurs with state and federal
labor laws, employee benefits, lawful hiring practices, and tax-withholding requirements.

Selection of Legal Structure

To prevent the incurrence of debt, you must structure your business to plan for possible tax and
liability consequences. You can choose to operate as a limited liability company (LLC), a
partnership, a corporation, or a sole proprietorship. The unique facts surrounding your business
contribute to your choice of structure. Let our firm assist you with the selection and
implementation of your business legal structure.

Tips that Allow you to Create an Effective Business Plan

Know Your Business – Before beginning a business, gather all the information you can about the
numerous aspects of this business. Understand about the products, know the nature of your
competition, and study the differences.

Research the Market – Now that you are a business owner, you must extensively research your
market. Your business plan should include reference to the market size, its plotted growth path,
and how your business will gain entry into the market.

Develop a Budget – Every successful business plan includes a budget and financial forecast.
These components are vital so that your business expenditures do not exceed your income.
When expenditures exceed business earnings, you are likely to incur business debt that can
affect your personal financial affairs as well.
Get to Know your Customers – While this sounds obvious, many business owners presume that
they know exactly what the customers need without bothering to ask. Take the time to get to
know your customers and develop your plan around their requirements and needs.

Investigate the Competition – Do not make the mistake of thinking you are the only game in
town. Your competition should be listed in your business planning, including their strengths and

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