KITTYHAWK POST
DATE OF MEETING:       5 November (11:30AM)

LOCATION:                         88 ABW/CE Conference Room (Room 205)

SUBMITTED BY:                     Ms. April Lewis, Assistant Secretary

ATTENDANCE:                       See attached roster

NEXT BOARD MEETING:               3 December 2009; 16:00 – 17:30
                                  El Toro, 4448 Indian Ripple Road
                                  Call in Number (712) 432-0950 Host Access Code:
                                  722792* Participant Access Code: 722792#

GENERAL MEMBERSHIP:               3 December 17:30 – 20:00, Holiday Social
                                  El Toro, 4448 Indian Ripple Road


  1.   President’s Corner (Mr. Grant Bartee)
        Gran congratulated Ken and his team on a successful Round Table.

  2.   Secretary’s Report (Mr. Drew Titone / Ms. April Lewis)
        October Meeting Minutes were accepted by the Executive Board with no
        No further report
  3.   Treasurer’s Report (Ms. Jennifer Russell / Mr. Joe DiMisa)

           Joe reported October expenses and income as well as summary of the profits from
            the Round Table. A correction was made to the profit for the Round Table –
            changed from $1,278.46 to $2878.46. See attached report.

           He reported that our budget is on track for year and we are on track to stay fluid
            through the regional. The group discussed and then asked the treasurer to look at
            a long term investment strategy, perhaps a money market fund or an annuity type

           Committee Chairs were asked to develop their budget needs for next year and let
            Jennifer or Joe know

       Committee Reports

       Membership (Ms. Kim Duncan)
        Kim reported that the post has 26 students and 127 individual memberships.
         There are also 212 sustaining, members for a total of 348. We are still 6 short of
   our goal with only a month left in the year. Additionally, there are 50 sustaining

Sustaining Membership (Ms. Rose O’Grady)
 No report

Programs (Mr. Michael Kerr / Mr. Jeff Leonard)
 Mike Kerr passed out the agenda for the November meeting and noted that the
   announcements would include information on the Holiday Social, the 2010
   Conference, our newest Fellow – Dr. Goltz, and the need for science fair judges
   and ACE mentors. BAH is the sustaining member presentation.
 Mike said he is investigating the possibility of getting a Kittyhawk Post Coin
   made and the action was supported by the executive board.
 There is still a critical need for someone to accomplish the lunch planning
   activities Jeff Leonard has been working. For this month only Ryan Schlosser
   will ensure the planning for the meeting is completed.

Education/Scholarships/Science Fairs (Dr. Mark Goltz)
 No report.
Industry Affairs (Mr. John Koerner)
 Ken Stegall provided a closing report on the Round Table. All but 3 presentations
   are on the web site, there were over 60 attendees plus 20 speakers/facilitators.
   There were issues with the room at the Hope, but those were resolved and the
   Liberty Room worked. The event made approximately $2900 in profit. There
   were 5 exhibitors at the social but turnout was light, with limited attendance from
   the BCE conference. All comments received were positive.
 With the 2010 Conference next year, it is likely that we may not have a Round
   Table next year.
 Kim asked the post to consider getting credit card capabilities including a swipe
   machine for events like these and asked if the treasurer could evaluate. Reg on
   Line offered through National is an option but registration must be done in
   advance and it costs $3 per transaction. It is possible obtaining credit card
   capabilities for the post is too expensive for the limited use and we’ll just need to
   continue to publicize the post does not accept credit cards at the door.

Readiness (Capt Aaron Cooper)
 The streamer submission is due the end of January but actions must be completed
   by December. There is a need for 2 more people to complete the required IFMA
   training. Ryan Schlosser will see if he has already completed or if anyone in the
   88 ABW/CE has completed.
 Additionally a replacement is need for Chief Walsh, please be trying to identify a

Social (Mr. Mike Howe)
 Mike proposed to have the Holiday Social December 3, at El Toro’s. Appetizers
   would be provided by the post from 17:30 to 20:00. The Executive Board
        approved and will have their monthly meeting at El Toro’s at 16:00 prior to the

     Young Members (Capt Seth Platt)
     No report.

     College Outreach (Nichole Lashley / Travis Burr)
      A meeting with SAME and ASCE at Ohio State University will be held next
        week, to determine if there is interest in perusing student involvement from the
      It was asked if there was a student roster available for the chapter. Kim said she
        could pull a list of student members from the membership files, but it would be
        limited because students still need to complete the application process to be
        identified as a member.

     K-12 (Ms. Laura Schwarz / Mr. Ryan Schlosser)
      Ryan reported that the STEM school is still looking for Mentors for 3 High
        School students from Dayton and Springfield public schools under the Area
        Coalition for Engineer Excellence (ACEE) program. Kim Duncan repeated her
        firm may still have some coupons available for basic training classes could
        sponsor students to attend perhaps using surplus coupons purchased at the
        beginning of each year.

     Yellow Ribbon (Nikki Kelley)
      No Report
     Awards (Ms. Nikki Kelley/Jennifer Tamburino)
      Nikki reported that awards will be submitted at the end of January. We should be
       able to get everything completed in time to get them all.

     Fellows (Mr. Nick Scambilis)
      Mark Goltz has been accepted as a Fellow and will get his award at the Golden
         Eagles Awards in March 2009.

     Small Business (Mr. Ken Stegall/ Mr. Sam Reed)
      No Report
     Public Relations
      A replacement is need for Leigh.
     Affiliates Societies Council (Mr. Drew Titone)
      No Report
     2010 Regional Conference Steering Committee
      No Report
4.   Old Business:
      No report.
5.   New Business:
      No report.

6.   Adjourn: 1:00 P.M.

     APRIL LEWIS                           GRANT BARTEE
     Assistant Secretary, Kittyhawk Post   President, Kittyhawk Post
Meeting Date: 3 September 2009                Attendance                         SAME Kittyhawk Post Executive Board


        Position                 Name                                        Organization                       Email

President                  Grant Bartee       x                          LJB                    ''
President-Elect            David Perkins                        x        WPAFB 88 ABW CE        ''
1st Vice-President         Alan Hautman       x                          Emersion Design        ''
Secretary                  Drew Titone                          x        Woolpert               ''
Asst Secretary             April Lewis        x                          HQ AMFC                ''
Treasurer                  Jennifer Russell                     x        LJB                    ''
Asst. Treasurer            Joe DiMisa         x                          Woolpert               ''
1st Director               Gary Koenig                          x        WPAFB 88 ABW CE        ''
2nd Director               Marci Snyder       x                          Woolpert               ''
3rd Director               Tim Bridges                          x        HQ AMFC      
Programs                   Michael Kerr       x                          MAKSolve, LLC
  Co-Chair                 Jeff Leonard                         x        WPAFB 88 ABW CE        ''
/Public Relations
Education                  Mark Goltz                           x        AFIT                   ''
  Co-Chair                 Nadja Turek                          x        Woolpert               ''
Industry Affairs           John Koerner                         x        Weston Solutions       ''
  Co-Chair                 Andy Litke                           x        Messer Construction    ''
  Co-Chair                 Mike Clare                           x        Chevron Construction
Small Business             Ken Stegall        x                          CMS          
  Co-Chair                 Sam Reed                             x        AEC                    ''
Awards                     Nikki Kelley                 x                Emersion Design        ''
                           Jennifer           x
 Co-Chair                  Tamburino
Membership                 Kim Duncan         x                          Elements IV            ''
Sustaining Members         Rosie O'Grady                        x        TesTech      
                           Capt Aaron         x
                                                                         AFIT                   ''
Readiness                  Cooper
 Co-Chair                  TBD
Social                     Mike Howe          x                          WPAFB 88 ABW CE        ''
                           Jennifer           x
 Co-Chair                  Tamburino
Young Members              Capt Seth Platt                      x        AFIT
K-12 Outreach              Laura Schwarz      x                          WPAFB 88 ABW CE        ''
 Co-Chair                  Ryan Schlosser     x                          WPAFB 88 ABW CE        ''
Affiliates Societies       Drew Titone        x                          Woolpert               ''
                           Capt Krista
                                                                         AFIT                   ''
Yellow Ribbon              Hickman
College Outreach           Nichole Lashley    x                          Lawhon & Associates    ''
 Co-Chair                  Travis Burr                          x        TesTech                ''
Fellows                                       x                          Sinclair Community
                           Nick Scambilis                                College
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