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									                                                  JOB DESCRIPTION

              Since its inception in 1953, Mennonite Economic Development Associated (MEDA) has been
              committed to local ownership and sustainable outcomes. MEDA is currently working in many
              countries all around the world MEDA uses business-oriented approaches to international economic
              development that results in sustainable enterprises to benefit the poor and to help them improve
              their livelihoods. Our development values are wealth creation by adding value in managing human,
              financial and environmental resources; participation of those with whom we work at all stages and
              levels of a project – regardless of gender, race, class, ethnicity, nationality or religion; collaboration
              with others engaged in development to avoid duplication and competition; sustainability, both
              programmatically and environmentally; and direct investment in businesses that serve the poor.
              MEDA has been working in Pakistan since 2004 in the field of women's economic development.
              USAID Pakistan Entrepreneurs, a USAID funded project will, over the next 5 years benefit thousands
              of homebound and isolated women in all four provinces of Pakistan. Women's economic
              empowerment in Pakistan requires a concerted effort that goes beyond establishing micro-
              enterprises or providing employment opportunities, it should also include: access to business and
              skills training, market exposure, technology transfer, availability of credit, awareness of rights,
              knowledge of pricing, negotiation skills, to name of few. Through these efforts women will not only
              earn increased incomes but they will also be able to assume a more active role in decision-making
              for their families and communities.

              JOB TITLE:     Communication Specialist
              REPORTS TO:    Communications Director
              DUTY STATION : Islamabad

              PROJECT:               USAID Pakistan Entrepreneurs

              Key responsibilities
                     Assist in developing and implementing communication plan for USAID’s Entrepreneurs
                      Project with the aim of reaching target audiences to make them aware of the objectives,
                      activities and accomplishments of the project, to encourage women to pursue
                      entrepreneurship and to encourage wider society to support women empowerment.

                     Work with program teams to understand their plans and communication needs and
                      proactively facilitate and compliment program milestones and activities with quality
                      communication products and support.

                     Develop working relations with USAID communication and program department and related
                      stakeholders for effective Implementation of communication plans.

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                                  To coordinate with USAID program and communication officers to update
                                   Entrepreneurs page on USAID official website and USAID’s social media

                 Ensure compliance to USAID regulations on branding and marking of project activities and
                  communication materials developed by the Entrepreneurs project and partners.

                 Develop reports, newsletters, sector profiles, success stories, scripts, articles and letters to
                  the editor in the international/national media. Generate quality business and creative
                  written content for a wide range of communication and promotional material.

                 Plan and manage events including a broad range of activities including but not limited to
                      o Developing and implementing event layout and display design
                      o Event Briefing Memos, Press Releases and other documentation required for USAID.
                      o Working with beneficiaries and program teams to facilitate program
                      o Liaising with media contacts and coordinating coverage

                 Help develop Branding and Media strategy, plans and budgets.

                 Liaise closely with key facilitating partners and key players to ensure a coherent approach to
                  media, publicity and advocacy activities; and provide guidance to the development of
                  partners’ communication plans. Provide branding and communication training to key
                  facilitating partners.

                 Periodically develop and update content for project website and other social media
                  websites like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr etc. Ensure consistent branding and
                  representation of project across the various platforms.

                 Identify opportunities for cooperation to raise awareness with other stakeholders, donors
                  and relevant programs. Capitalize on developing opportunities to promote the project and
                  its interventions in collaboration with partners, government and other.

                 Travel to focus regions to cover trainings, meetings and other key activities and milestones
                  as well as work directly with beneficiaries to document and track success stories. Work with
                  beneficiaries to develop brand ambassadors, and create an inventory of brand ambassadors
                  across sectors and regions to be capitalized on during events, in reports and updates and for
                  documentaries and success stories.

                 Photography of events and stories in the field. Maintain a well-organized picture data

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                                         Act as a custodian of all communication products, pictures, reports and
                                          data. Maintain an organized and easily accessible database of
                       communication data. Develop and maintain a well-organized and easily accessible database
                       of pictures, slips and media coverage.

                      Work with vendors to budget, design and ensure delivery of quality products and services
                       on time. Be able to develop terms of reference and briefs for a wide range of
                       communication products and services.

                      Any other responsibility assigned by the supervisor.

              Skills and Qualifications:

                  1. Bachelor’s degree in communication, or a related field, from a reputable university; Masters
                     is an advantage.
                  2. Six- Eight years of relevant (communication) experience.
                  3. Experience with USAID projects; and strong understanding and familiarity with USAID
                     branding and marking regulations.
                  4. Excellent oral, written and interpersonal communication skills.
                  5. Wide network with media practitioners.
                  6. Ability to rapidly assimilate information and be able to work under pressure to meet tight
                  7. Creative and strategic thinker, able to analyze, problem solve and clearly articulate concepts
                     and solutions, with a strong eye for detail.
                  8. Strong initiative and ability to work autonomously, while being a good team player.
                  9. Basic photography skills, colour correction and treatment of pictures specifically Adobe
                     Photoshop, design work on Microsoft Publisher and Adobe Illustrator.

              MEDA offers competitive salary packages and excellent working environment. We highly encourage
              qualified females to apply, if you like to become part of a dynamic team and an organization that is
              truly committed to bring change in people’s life.

              Please send your CV along with covering letter describing your suitability for the position to
              the following email address; (Please mention “position title” in the subject
              line of the email)

                      Deadline for Submission of Applications is Sunday October 14th, 2012

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