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Sri Lanka Bureau of Foreign Employment (PDF)

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									"Experience of Sri Lanka in establishing and operating Marketing Unit and developing marketing strategies"
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P.G.G.S. Yapa Actg. Manager (Marketing) Sri Lanka Bureau of Foreign Employment

The Background of Sri Lanka Bureau of Foreign Employment (SLBFE)
It’s a government institution established in 1985 by the parliament Act of 21 of 1985. The main objectives of SLBFE are

Promotion of Job opportunities in overseas markets for Sri Lankans Regulating the activities of Licensed Foreign Employment Agencies Ensure the protection and well-being of the migrant workers & their family members.

Role of SLBFE as a Sociocommercial Organization
Welfare/ Regulatory +
Regulatory Activities

Welfare activities

Job promotion

Why SLBFE need to engage in market promotional activities?
Receiving of overseas job vacancies is totally depend on private sector (licensed agencies) performance. Market diversification. (95% Sri Lankan migrants are working in Middle Eastern Countries). Government intervention is needed for expanding and securing existing markets and to explore new markets. To reduce social cost of migration. (Encourage skilled/trained workers for overseas jobs). To minimize migration cost. Indirect support for minimizing of undocumented labour migration to popular destinations (eg. Italy) and thereby secure rights of migrant workers.

How does SLBFE involve in promotional activities?
Established separate Division for market promotional activities (Marketing Division) in early 2005. Established separate Division for job placements (Recruitment Division) in early 2006. Build up a model for Marketing to work on short term. Discussions are being held for a long term Marketing plan with the experts in this field.

Model for Market Promotion (Short term)


Channel Marketing Process


Market survey and Establishment of Channel
During the year 2005, a survey was carried out on the overseas labour market with the assistance of Sri Lankan Missions Overseas. Findings, such as most demanded job categories, required qualifications etc. were disseminated to relevant authorities. Eg. Vocational Training Institutions, Ministry of Labour


Channel has been strengthen; by appointing officers to the Sri Lankan Mission Overseas, upgraded their rank to Counsellor (Employment & Welfare) and increase resource allocation for market promotional work by appointing Country Co-ordinators at SLBFE to liaise with those mission

Awareness – Prospective migrant workers on Job availability, skill requirement, migration procedure (for existing markets) etc. by attending to local job fairs and public seminars. Job Bank – short term solution for skills mismatch – Operate through the SLBFE web site (, currently, more than 3,000 skilled foreign job seekers are available. Permission has been given to Licensed Agencies to make selections.


Involvement of training of highly demanded job categories. Eg. Nurse Aids training programme, Nurses (discussions are being held with the Heath Ministry-SL) Some of the Vocational Training Institutes has increased intake and revised their curricular according to the market requirement. (based on survey findings) Development of promotional materials (brochures, leaflets, documentaries etc.)

Explore possibility of approaching new markets. Secure existing market share. Carry out promotional activities (job fairs, seminars etc.) in selected countries. Assist to skills development of prospective migrant workers in terms of market requirements. Increase skilled/trained representation of labour migration in order to reduce social cost and increase foreign exchange earnings. Assist to minimize undocumented labour migration and thereby ensure protection of rights of migrants .

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