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					DUI Roadblocks & Checkpoints
Did you and a bunch of your friends go out and have a great night on the town, only to be scared
when you see a bunch of flashing lights down the road. What does this mean? Most likely you
have just entered a DUI roadblock or a checkpoint set up by local or state authorities. The
orlando DUI checkpoints and roadblocks are a legal way in which police can test for people who
are out driving when they should not be.

Orlando DUI Checkpoints
   •   A DUI checkpoint is where all traffic going through a section of the road are filtered down to
       stop near a police official. The drivers are asked questions and then the police can determine if
       they have been out drinking and should not be behind the wheel or if they are safe to proceed
       on. Checkpoints are common during peak drinking holidays, such as New Year’s Eve or even
       regional holidays, like Mardi Gras. Checkpoints can also be set up outside of stadiums of concert
       halls where a large concert just got out.

What they are looking for at Orlando DUI Checkpoints

   •   The checkpoints are looking for people who have had too much to drink and should not be
       behind the wheel. People arrested during the DUI checkpoints are treated like anyone else who
       is arrested or pulled over for a DUI. Their first offense, second offense or any other related
       offenses will all be handled with the same amount of care like if they were to be pulled over in
       front of an officer.

   •   When the police officer suspects someone of being over the limit or having been drinking, they
       will ask them to pull over to another part of the road where more tests will be administered.
       The driver might be asked to step out of the vehicle and a field sobriety test will be
       administered. There will still need to be the twenty minutes of observation required before a
       person can submit to a breath test by police.
•   The results are then read and the person is either read their rights or they are let go if they are
    under the limit for drinking. For people who are over the limit, they are arrested and taken to
    the jail for processing. For people who refuse a breathalyzer test, they are automatically
    arrested and taken to the jail, where they will be given additional charges if they are suspected
    to be drunk.

•   Since the police know they will have a roadblock set up, they will take extra care to have their
    machines calibrated properly. It will be harder for a DUI lawyer to have the case thrown out on
    those facts, but there will still be plenty of other areas where they can investigate and make
    sure the test and arrest was handled in a legal manner. Since there are so many people being
    processed, there are many lawyers who claim it is illegal and trapping people in to submitting to
    a test, therefore allowing the judge to throw out the cases and the results of certain Orlando
    DUI Checkpoints.

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