; Tips for purchasing a Jumping Castle in Brisbane
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Tips for purchasing a Jumping Castle in Brisbane


The pdf document provides some tips and information on whether to buy or hire a jumping castle. The information is provided by Castles 4 Hire, a jumping castle hire company based in Brisbane, Queensland.

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									Tips on buying your own jumping castle
If you're looking to buy a jumping castle in Brisbane this how to doc should help you with your
purchase decision.

Purchasing a Jumping Castle in Brisbane
Whether you plan on going into the jumping castle business, or just need something for family parties
or community functions, purchasing a jumping castle is a fantastic way to add a little excitement and
fun to any gathering, and not only are they a lot of fun, but they are also a fantastic way for your
children to keep fit. You can purchase jumping castles in many different sizes, and can find one small
enough to fit inside your home, or a larger size that can be placed outside. Brisbane is a great city for
outdoor parties as the climate in Queensland is generally always warm and what better way to spend
a sunny weekend afternoon than to have a jumping castle party!
Keeping Fit & Having Fun
In today's society many children are not as active as they should be. Owning a jumping castle is a
fantastic way to encourage children to move away from the computer games and television and have
some fun. But the best part is, they will be keeping fit while enjoying themselves. Jumping up and
down in a jumping castle is very similar to jumping on a trampoline and will give many muscles in the
body a good, healthy work out.

Types of Jumping Castles
The jumping castle, or bouncy castle shape was one of the first designs for these inflatable structures,
but today you can find many different shapes and styles to purchase or rent including:
      Slides
      Obstacle courses
      Games
      Sumo Suits

Places to Use Jumping Castles
There are many different places and situations where you could use a jumping castle in Brisbane. If
you purchase a smaller one, you could set it up in a room inside your home, or outside in your garden
for your children and their friends to enjoy. But typically jumping castles, and other inflatable devices
are used for functions such as:
      Birthday and other parties
      School festivals
      Church functions
      School fetes
      Block parties

Buying Versus Renting
If you are thinking about using a jumping castle, one of the first things you will need to decide on is
whether you want to purchase the structure or rent it from a local Brisbane distributor. Of course, there
are benefits and disadvantages with both options.

Buying a Jumping Castle
If you purchase your jumping castle, you will own it and therefore will be able to use it as often as you
like without having to pay any rental fees. However, you will be responsible for maintaining the
structure and repairing any damage should it occur. You will also be the person responsible for
transporting it, setting it up for use, and deflating it again when it is no longer needed, unless you plan
on leaving it up all the time in your garden or on another piece of your property. Brisbane has many
options for buying jumping castles and simply doing a Google search will provide you with many
suitable results.
Hiring a Jumping Castle
If you decide to rent your jumping castle, you will be responsible for making rental payments for as
long as the structure is in your possession. However, you will not be responsible for maintenance and
repairs, although, if you have the structure for a long period of time, you should inspect it regularly for
damage ,and contact the owner if you find anything that needs to be repaired. When you rent a
jumping castle, the company you rent from will deliver the castle to your property, inflate it for you, and
then when you are finished with it, come back, deflate it, and then take it away. The only thing you will
be responsible for is ensuring that the castle is used correctly and having fun.
As you can see, there are definite pro's and con's to both renting and buying. Because of this, you
should carefully consider what option works best for you before committing to anything.

If you buy your jumping castle, and plan to use it in any public setting, you will probably have to
purchase some kind of insurance. Even if you only plan on setting it up in your garden, but plan on
allowing your children's friends to use it, you may still need insurance. So, before allowing too many
people to play on your new jumping castle, or other inflatable, contact your insurance company to find
out if you need to purchase any additional coverage.

To Sum It Up
Jumping castles, and other types of inflatable's are a lot of fun, for children and adults alike. But,
before purchasing any form of large inflatable, you should have an idea of how you plan to use it, and
whether you will need to purchase additional insurance. Once you have this information readily
available, you are then better able to make an informed, educated decision as to whether purchasing,
or renting a jumping castle is the best option for you and your specific circumstances.
How to provided by:

Castles 4 Hire
32 Turbot Street, Brisbane, Queensland, 4000
Phone: +61 7 3040 9977
Website: www.jumpingcastlesbrisbaneqld.com.au

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